"I got a new student today."

He glanced up at her with avid eyes, processing her words as she pushed the last bit of clothing down over her hips and stepped out of the gauzy fabric. He gave her completely nude form a greedy once over, smiling as she pulled back the covers to snuggle in beside him. He turned onto his side, pulling her close into him to ward off the chill.


She nodded happily. "Really. He starts tomorrow afternoon. He found me in the market today because one of his friends had told him about me. Apparently," she sniffed haughtily, "I am 'the best there is.'"

Aang chuckled, leaning in to press biting kisses down her neck. She moaned softly as he nibbled on the tendon sweetly, his beard tickling the sensitive area.

"You are the best there is," he murmured against her skin. She smiled, her eyes falling shut in contentment at the feel of his soft lips.

"I suppose you're right. When your first student is the Avatar, that sets the bar pretty high going forward." She wrapped her arms around his bare shoulders, twining her naked legs with his. He straightened and pressed a soft kiss to her mouth.

"Lucky for you I was an impeccable student." He grinned cheekily. She grinned back.

"Lucky for me you were," she whispered, rolling him on to his back and straddling him, leaning down to capture his lips once again.