Chapter 2: Surprise Austin!

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Austin's POV (Didn't see that coming did you?)

As I watch the news on the couch, I see myself and the well-known model, Cassidy Davis on T.V.

I heave a sigh and roll my eyes. Cassidy and I are just dating. We weren't really boyfriend and girlfriend, besides I am not really into her.

I get up from the couch and walk to my kitchen.

I live in Los Angeles as a 21 year old singer. You may also know me as "the internet sensation", or "the international pop star".

I write my own songs, instead of songwriters helping me with writing them for me and I have a record label under Starr Records.

So, yeah, I am pretty famous.

When I reach my kitchen, I get a bag of microwave popcorn and pop it in the microwave.

I set the microwave for 1 minute and wait.

When I hear the ding I open the microwave and carefully take the bag of popcorn out of the microwave.

I get a bowl to put the popcorn inside.

After I get the bowl and fill it with popcorn, I set it on my coffee table in my living room and fished my cellphone from my pocket.

I scroll through my contacts until I see Cassidy's name and dial her phone number.

Unsurprisingly, Cassidy answers after the first ring. "Hey, Austin…" she says.

"Hey Cass, want to come over to, uh, watch a movie?" I asked her.

"Sure. Be there in…10 minutes." Cassidy says and hangs up before I do.

"Huh…I thought guys are supposed to hang up first." I muttered to myself.

(Line Break)

When Cassidy gets to my place, she gives me a kiss on the lips and says, "Hey there, so what movie are we watching?"

As she enters my house, she looked hot in her pink top and designer jeans. I was basically drooling over her to even answer her question.

She turns to look at me. "Austin? You okay there?" she asked worriedly,

"U-um yeah, what was the question again?" I asked sheepishly, blushing.

Cassidy laughs lightly and says, "What movie are we watching?"

"Oh! I thought we can watch Pitched Perfect (1)…" I said looking at her nervously.

"Oh my gosh! You totally picked the movie I wanted to see!" Cassidy said, smiling widely.

Her smile was contagious as I smile as well.

"Well, have a seat right here and I will get the movie started." I said guiding her to the couch.

As she sits on the couch, I pop in the movie in my DVD player.

(Line Break)

Cassidy and I were halfway through the movie and so far we've laughed and laughed at some parts for the movie.

As we were watching, I shifted closer to Cassidy and filled the gap that was between us.

So far so good. I thought and started to put my arm around her.

Cassidy seems to sense my arm, because soon she puts her head on my shoulder.

I smile lightly and we continued watching the movie.

(Line Break)

When the movie was over, Cassidy gets up and stretches.

"Wow…amazing movie!" she says, laughing a bit.

"Yeah! Fat Amy? Hilarious!" I said, waving my hands to add affect.

Cassidy laughs and smiles, looking at me; I look at her admiringly and took two steps closer to her.

I take her hand and entwine it my hand.

I smile at her once more and lean in.

She leans in too, and before you know it we were kissing.

The kiss was passionate and sweet and I even felt her smile while we kissed.

When we broke away from each other, gasping for air, Cassidy smiles at me and waves goodbye.

I wave goodbye, dumbfounded in my position as Cassidy leaves.

When she leaves, I had a goofy smile plastered on my face.

Little did I know I was falling in love with Cassidy bit by bit.

(Line Break)

The next morning, I was in a rush. Jimmy Starr, owner of Starr Records respectively, called a few minutes earlier to come to his office as soon as possible.

So here I am, rushing out of the door with a pancake in my mouth and coffee in my hand and my cellphone in my other.

I exit my penthouse and enter the elevator, pushing the button to go to the lobby repeatedly like a crazed person while chewing my pancake in my mouth.

When the elevator reaches the lobby, and opens its doors, I run out and found the paparazzi waiting for me, cameras ready to go.

"Aw, COME ON!" I said, throwing my head back in annoyance.

As my head fills with curses, I take my cellphone and dial Jimmy.

When Jimmy answers his phone, I scream, "Seriously Jimmy?! Who called the press? Who did this?!"

Jimmy was silent on the other end and says, "I have no clue…someone must have leaked where you were residing…"

I sigh, and we both hang up. I call my bodyguard and I put on my sunshades with no choice but to head out those doors.

When I went exited the hotel, I almost thought I was going to be murdered by the press as the huddle around me.

"Austin Moon! Is it true you are dating the Cassidy Davis?" a spokesperson from Entertainment Tonight (2) said.

"No comment." I reply and kept on moving through.

"Austin Moon! Is it true that Ally Dawson was you ex-girlfriend?!" a spokesperson from TMZ (3) said.

My heart stops beating for a second as I heard the familiar name.

"No comment." I reply to the spokesperson and kept on moving.

My bodyguard pushes them out of the way and I safely enter my limo.

"Where would you like to go to sir?" Benny, my driver for my limo said.

"Oh, um, Starr Records please…" I said and Benny nods.

As Benny drives, I was deep in thought in what the spokesperson for TMZ said.

Ally Dawson…Ally Dawson… I thought as the name sounded familiar.

When Benny reaches to Starr Records, I step out of the limo and fished a cigarette from my pocket.

As the stress came from the fame and everything, I started smoking and drinking sporadically again.

I light the cigarette and closed my eyes and sucked in the dirty air and blew it out.

I did it a couple times, enjoying my smoke, and threw it away when it turned into a nub.

After I threw away my cigarette, I walked in the doors of Starr Records.

(Line Break)

When I entered Jimmy's office, Jimmy had a smile on his face.

"That's either a good sign, or bad sign, Jimmy." I said as I closed his office door behind me.

Jimmy laughed heartedly and said, "Austin, I have the most AMAZING to tell you! Sit, please, sit so I can tell you everything."

I sat down, uncomfortably and squirmed in it, nervous at the news Jimmy was going to tell me.

"Well Austin," Jimmy said after I sat down. "You are going on tour! It is going to promote your next album coming this spring and it is going to be a hit!"

I jump up in my seat and smiled enthusiastically.

"So where are we going to go? Where˗" I started, my head filling with so many questions.

"Now, now," Jimmy said. "Before you get carried away, you're going to start tour tomorrow and the first stop is…Miami, Florida! Your hometown! Isn't that great?! You are going to stay there for a 2 to 3 weeks, so you can see family and stuff. Then we move on to other cities and states!"

The smile on my face grew bigger as Jimmy mentioned that we were going to Miami.

It was nice to know I was heading home, once more.

"And that is not all Austin! You are going to bring Cassidy with you! This tour is going to be a serious hit, Austin!" Jimmy added.

My smile faded a bit and I nodded. "Wow, thanks Jimmy…this is…really awesome!" I said, giving Jimmy a stiff smile.

Jimmy laughs in response and I walk out his office.

When I walked out and closed the door, I groaned at the fact that Cassidy was coming along on tour.

Could this day get any better? (Note the sarcasm.)

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