"WAKE UP!" someone yelled. Jason just snuggled deeper into his bed.


"Mmmm, I don't wanna."

"THE LEGION HAS BEEN BREACHED, THE LEGION HAS BEEN BREACHED!" That got Jason up. He jumped out of bed, flipped his coin, and shouted, "WHERE ARE THE MONSTERS!"

He then turned and nearly took a dark-haired girl's head off, but she expertly dodged it. "Reyna, what was that for?" he whined. Reyna just smirked.

"Its 4:45, we need to look over some papers." She said her playful demeanor changing into a serious one.

"Fine." He grumbled. He put expertly flipped the sword and as it landed back into his hand, it was a golden coin once more.

"How did you get in?" he wondered, seeing as his room was locked.

"Picked it." She said simply. "Now get dressed and come down to the principia." She added gesturing to his bare chest and legs, all he wore to sleep was his boxers. Now most girls would blush at this, but not Reyna. She woke him up in the morning way too much; she was his alarm clock as well as fellow praetor.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah." He said pulling some jeans and a t-shirt on. He fastened his purple cloak, and ran a comb through his head.

"Ready!" He announced, twirling around. Reyna laughed as they went down to the principia.

"So what is it now?" Jason asked. "Just a few reference papers have to be checked, and we need to write a report on that quest in Kentucky."

"Do we have to? That mission was a failure." Jason groaned.

"You at least got the hydra killed." Reyna tried suggesting optimistically.

"Yeah, well at least we burnt down the courthouse in the middle of a trial!" He said, his voice dripping with sarcasm.

"On the bright side, you're going to be writing the paper, while I read the reference papers!" Reyna said, as Jason tried to protest but Reyna just surged forward and sat in her chair, at the desk. Aurum and Argentum, Gold and Silver, flanked her impressively. How come she gets to have the dogs, and the Pegasus, while I don't get anything? Jason thought. They growled when he sat down in his chair, they never liked him for some reason.

"So what happened while I was gone?" he asked. Jason with a few other Fifths, went to Kentucky while Reyna and the rest of the legion stayed at camp. He had just gotten back yesterday.

"Nico di Angelo showed up again." She said dismissively.

"What did he want?" he asked curiously.

"Just to talk with Hazel." She said. Few minutes later of writing reports, and reading papers, they were interrupted by a flash of gold light.

Lord Jupiter, as well as Lord Pluto, Lord Mars, and Lady Bellona were in our principia. We (obviously) were on our knees in less than a second.

"My lords?" Reyna asked humbly, her head down.

"We have a quest for you." Jupiter said in his commanding voice.

"What kind of quest?" Jason asked curiously.

"Both of you, as well as the son of Mars, and my daughter, must go investigate a school." Pluto said in his gravelly tone.

"Which son of Mars, my lord?" Reyna asked wondering whether Mark, Tom, or Dan was going.

"Frank, from the 5th Cohort." Jupiter announced. Frank? A son of Mars? That was ridiculous! But the gods looked serious.

"Praetors, do you accept this quest?" Bellona asked.

"We do." Reyna answered her mother.

"Your supplies are in the trunk." Jupiter said, as they flashed out.

"Well, we better go, then." Jason said. He walked over to the trunks and saw that there was a piece of paper stamped on one,

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Scotland.

"Witches and Wizards exist!" he exclaimed.

"No duh! They're blessed by Trivia, remember!?" Reyna told him.

"Well, we better go get Levesque, and Zhang." Reyna added, while picking up a microphone, "HAZEL LEVESQUE, AND FRANK ZHANG FROM THE FIFTH COHORT, REPORT TO THE PRINCIPIA!"

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