The long-awaited story about Allen and Kanda ! -clap clap clap-

Rated M (Oh yeah some action!)

Summary: While helping out Komui in the lab, Allen starts to drink milk when slightly parched. He didn't know that there was a…substance inside of it. Next morning he is a WHAT?

Pairings: Yullen, KomuiLavi

Warnings: Language(tsk tsk Kanda~) Yaoi! –drools- Possibly violence?

Well here it goes….(Also I've might of suffered of beginning story writers' block)

Chapter 1: Prologue

Allen walks over to the Mess Hall to calm his growling stomach before it eats itself. Today, seems like a rather happy day. Entering the Mess Hall, Allen could see a rather long line of people ordering their food. Groaning, Allen steps behind a Finder.

After 5 long minutes of waiting, Allen orders his long list of food and sits by Lenalee and surprisingly Kanda and Lavi.

"Allen! How are you today", Lavi asked happily.

"Nothing much Lavi."

"Well,Yu here have to ask you something", Lavi said grinning ear to ear.

'Lavi been saying this everyday but Kanda never ask me anything', Allen thought.

"Baka Usagi! What have I said about you calling me by my first name", Kanda yells unsheathing Mugen. "Not to say it…"

"Calm down you two," Lenalee says breaking up the upcoming fight.

"Hey! Allen," Reever yells walking up to their table, "Supervisor wants your help. So finish up and come to the lab."

"Sure." Allen finish quickly and hurries off to help out Komui. Not noticing a sad look on Kanda and Lavi's faces.

The Lab

Entering the lab, Allen notices how messy it is. 'So that's why Komui need my '

"Ah! Allen, good to see you. Well anyway,you see here is a very messy lab. So I kinda need your help to clean it', Komui says giving Allen the puppy dog eyes.

"No," Allen said keeping a relaxed face.

"Pleeeaaassseee? I really need to clean because I have something VERY important to do later. And we can also bond a little."

'Bond? The heck?Sigh oh well.' "Fine I'll help…", says Allen sighing loudly.

"Yay! Thank you very much Allen!"

After picking up some papers and letters, Allen asks "What do you have important to do, to have this cleaned up now?"

"Uh..well..um I don't want to be scolded by my dearest sister," Komui said awkwardly.

"I guess." Moving to another shelf, Allen notices some milk on top of it. 'Well I am slightly parched, but why is milk on a shelf in a lab?' Allen walks over to the shelf and grabs the milk.

Licking lips, he drinks it all the way down. Komui notices this and…GULP.

Next Morning

S . .Shake shake.

'Nya! Who keeps shoving and pushing me!'

"Allen! Allen, wake up!"

"Come on Moyashi wake up already!"

Allen slowly opens his eyes seeing Kanda, Lavi, Lenalee and Komui standing by his bed. All of the had worry and concern written on their faces.

"Nya. What do you guys want?I'm trying to sleep", Allen hissed.

"Uh..well remember that 'milk' you drunk yesterday?"

Seeing Allen nod Komui continued to explained," Well, that 'milk' was on my ongoing experiments shelf. So, um now you are a…", Komui stopped explaining and handed Allen a mirror.

Allen sat there,his eyes widening at his reflection.



Oooo a cliffhanger :3. Well that's the prologue(too short I guess). Hoped you enjoyed it. The next chapter should be up by tomorrow 'kay? Bye-Bye~