Here is a special chapter for you guys,that I really hope you will enjoy!

OMAKE: Dream Of Kittens

Allen opened his eyes blinking slowly to adjust to the sunlight. He felt warm because he was sleeping next to Kanda. They had a wonderful night last night filled with passion. Allen cuddled with him and sigh. He was so happy…..

"MOMMY!DADDY! We're hungry," Allen heard, he looked up and couldn't believe what he saw. 8 kittens that looked identical to Kanda and Allen. Allen sat up quickly completely freaked! The white-haired male noticed something long, fluffy and white. He turned his head slowly, seeing his cat tail. Allen touched the top of his head to feel for cat ears. He felt them alright.

"Mommy! Hurry! We're hungry," the kittens said in unison.

"Alright kittens, just hold on. Your mommy is pretty tired from last night," Kanda said rising up from the bed.

"Okay Daddy," the kittens yelled, jumping off the bed into the kitchen.

'Wait kitchen? When did we get that', Allen-kitty thought.

"Mmm..good morning Allen," Kanda said kissing Allen's knuckle.

Allen-kitty blushed and looked at his knuckle noticing a golden ring with a diamond on top of it.

'Oh my god…,'Allen thought to himself while he asked Kanda.

"When did we get m-married?" Kanda chuckled and kissed Allen again.

"We got married two years ago, then we had those half human half cat children," answered Kanda

Allen-kitty mouth open in shock. 'How did this happen?! I should remember when I had gotten married and had kittens.8 of them too! And when did Kanda get so happy and sappy?!'

Kanda led Allen to the kitchen to start breakfast. In the corner, you see a large table having 8 kittens sitting in the chairs.

Allen learned that their names were: Aneko the first child and girl with dark hair with white streaks. Akihiko the second child and first son with blonde hair. Jiro the second son with brown hair. The fourth child was Akiko. She had dark blue hair just like Kanda.

After her is Hana,she had white brownish hair. Hoshi the sixth child, she had bluish white hair almost like a star. The seventh child is Ken. He had blue hair just like Kanda's too. The last one is Yuki. He had bright white hair.

Allen and Kanda made breakfast which was steamed rice, miso soup, tamagoyaki and grilled fish. Mitarashi Dango for Allen-kitty and tempura soba for Kanda-man. The kids and the two adults slaughtered there breakfast. And the adults excuse the kids from the table to go out and train and play.

'I don't know what happened but I kinda like it. It makes happy to be married to Kanda and have 8 kittens…'Allen thought,' But I do hope not want to have an 9th child.

Kanda walked behind Allen into the room and shut the door….

Next Day

Right now, Allen-kitty cat was sitting on an hospital bed extremely nervous. Yesterday when Kanda and Allen went to the room to relax…things got a little steamy. Allen-kitty meow also found out that Komui and Lavi got married and Lavi was a usagi(1).They had only one child.' Lucky them', Allen thought with an snort.

Next to Allen was the kids and Kanda grinning for Komui and Lavi to come back with results with how Allen is doing and feeling. Almost on cue, Komui and Lavi walked into the room and over to where everyone else was.

"Well, what are the results Komui," Kanda asked. Allen gulped.

"Congratulations! Allen you are pregnant with your 9th child," Komui yelled excitedly. Everyone cheered while Allen had a look of shock on his face.

"N-No.N-not again!AHHHHHHHHHH," Allen screamed.

"AHHHH," Allen yelled and sat up in his bed with a jolt.

"What's wrong Moyashi," Kanda asked while he sat up with him.

"Oh i-it's nothing just a bad dream," Allen answered while thinking' I can't believe that was just a dream!'

Kanda and Allen laid back down. Suddenly, Kanda said, "Moyashi, let's get married and turn you back into a cat so we can have kids."

"What," Allen yelled before he fainted.

Oh Allen, I would never ever turn you into a neko again…..(1)Don't worry the sequel will come! Anyway here are the meaning of the kids names.

Meaning Of Names

Aneko-older sister

Akihiko-bright boy

Jiro-second son

Akiko- iris;light and bright



Ken-strong; physically healthy

Yuki-snow or luck

Well there you have!

Stay tuned to the sequel!