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The Thousand Sunny truly was a magnificent ship. However, the ship was twice the size of the Going Merry with a lot more rooms and places for a directionally challenged swordsman to get lost in making Nami's search for the moss haired moron that more infuriating so that when she finally found him having a nap inside the bathroom of all places, she did not whether to just slug him like normal, drown him, or toss his lazy ass over the balcony into the ocean.

"Hm? Morning already?" Zoro muttered tiredly as he rubbed one eye seemingly oblivious to the swollen lump on his head, courtesy of the angry navigator in front of him, before nodding off again making Nami see red and bring her foot down- literally.

"WAKE UP, YOU MORON!" She snarled as she drove the heel of her sandal into his abdomen effectively waking the swordsman up and hurting him at the same time which was a definite bonus in her book in her current mood.

Grimacing in the pain the mikan haired witch just put him in, Zoro took a moment to get his breath back before standing his full height to glare down at Nami whose own glare was just as terrifying.

"Any reason why you're disturbing my nap?" He growled.

"In the bathroom?" Nami retorted as she looked around the room wanting nothing more than to have a nice relaxing bubble bath once this current problem was taken care of.

"It's supposed to have been the stockroom but I couldn't find it. The perverted shipwright screwed up when designing this ship" Zoro snorted as he looked away from Nami.

Nami just rolled her eyes at the idiot. Sure, he could take on a hundred bounty hunters or the right hand man of a Warlord of the Sea, but let him lead people to a certain location and you're more likely to find yourself a hundred miles in the opposite direction.

"Well, your pathetic sense of direction aside, I need you to do something for me" Nami told him earning another hard stare from the swordsman.

"Go get snail-brow to do your dirty work" He told her as he picked up his swords and made to leave the room.

"It's about Chopper"

Upon hearing what, or rather who, Nami needed help with, Zoro stopped in his tracks causing the navigator to smile briefly before dropping it as he turned around. It was no secret to the crew, minus Franky who had just come aboard, that the swordsman had a soft for the blue nosed doctor. While some of them did keep an eye out for Chopper as well, someone would have to be pure nuts to harm the reindeer under the Santoryu practitioner's watch.

"What's wrong?" Zoro asked a slight hint of concern in his voice.

"He's been down ever since he got his wanted poster" Nami explained sadly.

Nothing else needed to be said. When they all were given bounties, or updated in the case of Captain and first mate, a few of them were not really chuffed about certain parts of their poster be it their picture or in Chopper's case the amount of beri for his head- and the fact that he had been dubbed the Straw Hats pet.

While Nami would normally have gone and cheered up the lovable reindeer herself or asked maybe Robin or Usopp, she remembered that time back from Long-ring Island after Chopper had been taken by the Foxy Pirates and how he had done a complete one eighty after hearing Zoro's little speech about being a real man. As much as she hated to admit it, Zoro did seem to be the better person to ask.

Zoro seemed to have been thinking along the same lines, as when Nami looked at him again he was sporting that annoying smirk of his as he looked down at her- oh, how she wanted to wipe it off his face permanently. Sure, he was great for putting between herself and the enemies, but for anything else he was as useful as a chocolate boat- to all but Luffy for obvious reasons.

"Just get your butt moving before I move it for you!" She growled wondering if he were a masochist at times as he walked out with that obnoxious smirk still plastered on his face. "The other way, baka!"


After circumventing the lower levels of the ship and somehow ending up in the crows nest, the wandering swordsman finally found the little reindeer sulking in a corner of his infirmary with his wanted poster lying in front of him as if mocking him.

"Quit sulking, Chopper. We already have one emo on this ship without adding you to the group" Zoro told him recalling how snail brow had practically curled in on himself over his poster and whenever he saw that old hag.

"At least Sanji has a proper bounty on his head!" Chopper shouted at Zoro picking up the piece of parchment and waving it like some rag he just wanted to get rid of. "I fought alongside all of you, did my share of the fighting! How come I'm described as the pet of this crew and not as a member?!"

While looking stoic and uncaring on the outside as Chopper continued ranting until he used up all the energy in that tiny form of his, Zoro was slightly amused on the inside about all this. As far as the swordsman could tell, Chopper had been called monster and freak both by his herd then by people after he ate the Devil Fruit. To be now throwing a temper tantrum over being called a pet, it definitely counted as ironic no matter how it was diced.

Finally running out of steam, Chopper panted heavily as if suddenly experiencing a terrible heat wave. With the blue nosed reindeer now done with his rant, Zoro walked over and sat crossed legged in front of him.

"Feel better now?" Zoro asked him receiving a nod of the head from Chopper. "You shouldn't really be so upset about this, Chopper. This poster shows just how much they underestimate you"

"Under-hic-estimate?" Chopper asked trying hard not to cry in front of the man who told him not too long ago about how a real man should act.

"Yeah. You're kinda like Nami: she may look all cute and innocent on the outside, but get on her bad side and she is a witch you don't want to mess with" Zoro explained going from personal experience with the woman in question. "Just like her, you don't look at all more dangerous to the enemy until you go all…tough guy on them in your human form"

He had almost slipped up there and called the little guy a monster. Had he not been quick enough, Zoro was sure the cries from Chopper would have ignited the tempers of several of the crew- including the witch he just talked about.

"Besides, you're role in our crew is to heal injuries not make them. You let me and Luffy take care of the enemy, we need you to be there for us after the battle's over, Doctor"

"Z-Zoro…" Chopper sniffled eyes all watery as he stared up at the swordsman. "You…You…You jerk! Don't think for a second that you can make me feel better with those lies, you idiot!"

Zoro merely grinned back in reply to Chopper who was now back on his feet doing his little happy dance.

Seeing as his work here was now done, the Santoryu practitioner quietly left the infirmary, under the knowledge that the little doctor would soon be getting to…whatever it was that he did during the voyages from island to island whenever he was not with Luffy and Ussop. He had barely made it out onto the main deck of the Sunny when he bumped into Nami again who had apparently been waiting for him.

"I could hear him calling you a jerk from here. Who'd have ever thought that Pirate Hunter Roronoa Zoro was just a big softy when it came to kids" She joked smiling happily at the thought of Chopper being himself again.

"We're nakama, we're supposed to look out for each other" Zoro curtly replied as he leaned against the side of the ship staring out over the sea. "Just because we all have our own dreams and goals, doesn't mean that we don't care about each other. We wouldn't have lasted this long if we didn't"

"So…does that mean you care for me also?" Nami asked in a curious fashion as she stepped up to beside the swordsman. "This witch as you like to call me?"

"Seeing as I'm always the one saving your ass…" Zoro began as he snaked an arm around the navigator's waist and pulled her against him. "What do you think"

Nami pretended to think about his question while quickly glancing round to see if there was anybody around to spot them being intimate.

"I think I'll wait until you can find your way around the ship before properly getting back to you on that" She replied softly pecking his lips before slipping out of his grasp. "Perhaps, if you hadn't gotten lost, we might have been able to meet up sooner"

"Well, maybe if Franky hadn't screwed up in designing this ship, you would've found me sooner" Zoro countered a slight blush marring his frowning features as he looked away.

"Why don't you go tell him that yourself?" She suggested as she walked off knowing full well that Zoro would not dare do so for fear of the cyborg spreading word about the crew about the two of them- there would be no peace from them, especially the cook.

"Tch! Always has to have the last word in things!" Zoro grumbled under his breath as he watched the mikan haired navigator walk away from him knowing full well that that extra sway of her hips was done on purpose.


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