Two seasons. That was the period which Layla and Sora could keep Kaleido Star full, thanks to the Legendary Maneuver. Due to this magnificent work, both were called to Paris for a regional contest, but only Sora was able to go.

Unlike Sora, Layla thought she should stay in Kaleido and act on the new play created by Mia as a tribute to Yuri and she, because of all the wonderful roles played in favor to the fabulous circus.

All the cast was in the auditorium and only Kalos, Layla, Yuri and Mia were on stage, presenting the new play.

- Silence, please. –Kalos said, on his own authoritarian way. When everyone stopped talking and paid attention to him, he proceeded. – This play, as everyone has already heard, will be a tribute to Layla and Yuri. "Two hearts, one Destiny" is an adapted romance by Mia, who will explain us the details. Mia?

- Ah? Yes! – Mia stepped forward so she could explain. – After several times Reading Shakespeare, I've had great new ideas for new plays. As this is about Miss Layla and Mr. Yuri, I wrote a romance in which they would last together in the end.

Whisperings and smiles had appeared between everyone. Layla and Yuri only smiled back, without being affected by any comments.

- Well, the story is the following: – Mia said, pausing. – A peasant woman lives an ordinary life in a village near a large kingdom and discovers she is the daughter of the king and queen of this very Kingdom. Despite the great life she would receive, she would have to learn all the duties of a real life and also to be perfect in all things, especially in her social life, since she would have to marry one of the two candidates her father would present to her in order to keep the kingdom a prospered land. As time passes, both suitors fall in love with her, because of her determination, courage and optimism, but only one of them wins the heart of the princess. The other one, as he knows the feelings of the princess, rebels waging a deadly battle with the future husband of princess. Defeated, he flees and the couple lives happily ever after. End.

The whole cast clapped to Mia as she ended the story. Layla, then, stood up to say a few words.

- I am sure that none of you will disappoint us, as this is a very well-made play.

- Yes you're right, Layla – Kalos said. – Besides, this is a play as important as any other one we have already had, therefore, train until the next auditions so the characters can be decided and...

Kalos was interrupted by the recently opened door. Someone very familiar, and who should already be present for that reunion, but was rather to get there late.

- So... The new play will be a pure romance, with a happy ending? Ridiculous... - Leon slurred.

- Leon, good that you decided to join us. Have you heard all of Mia's explanation? – Yuri replied in solemn way, while Layla kept looking at him with censure.

"How dare he...? He arrives late and take all the time he's got for criticizing the play?!", Layla thought, but said nothing.

- And what role do you expect me to do? – Leon asked with a dry voice.

- You will be the defeated prince, Leon. - Kalos calmly answered.

Leon censored everyone, staring Layla at the end, since she had that disgusted look in her eyes.

- Does that mean that I will have to act with other people - Leon emphasized the last two words – instead of Sora?

- Of course, since Sora will be away for two months – Kalos answered him. – And you can't be this whole period without acting; it's against your contract.

- Well, I deny it. – Leon said coldly, without thinking twice.

- But, Leon... - Mia started, but he didn't even listen to her.

- Don't, Mia – Layla interrupted – I'd rather do more auditions than the necessary so we can choose the second prince than to accept someone who doesn't want to be on stage because of his own distemper.

- Distemper? – Leon censured her. – What are you saying?

- You heard me. If you don't accept being on stage only because your official partner isn't here, you are in the wrong career. – Layla answered him with the most negligible way she could find.

- If you have not noticed already, your opinion means nothing to me. – Leon angrily answered and everyone else held their breaths. – Nothing attracts me to stage but Sora. Especially you.

- And may I know where this despicable affirmation comes from? Aren't I good enough to you, or maybe it's the opposite you're afraid of? – Layla provoked him.

- You will never be enough to satisfy my needs. – He answered, and she soon got off the stage and walked through everyone to get close to him by the door.

- Is that a challenge? – She muttered while close to him – Well then, it will be a pleasure to show to you how good I can be to anyone on stage, including you.

- You have got one day. – He answered with the same tone h used to give to any of his challengers before Sora - One day to convince me.

- I think you should be prepared to be fascinated by the true demon, then. – She stared at him, while he let a trace of surprise escapes from his facial expressions.

"What the hell was this hesitation about...?", Leon thought with himself while he let her pass, and then stared to everyone before disappear too.

- It's decided then. – Yuri said with a dry voice. – Tomorrow they'll settle this up.

- Yeah... – Kalos agreed, but he didn't look like his mind was there at all. – A new challenge to Layla. Everything she was looking for.

"I will show him the power that a Phoenix may have... Or my name won't be Layla Hamilton anymore!"

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