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Training Once More

Kimiko's POV

"You sir have met your match, I will be doing the kicking to your butt!" Omi shouted.

"It's kicking your butt," Raimundo said.

"That too,"

Soon the two boys began to battle just like usual. I looked over to Clay to no surprise he was eating . . . again. I sighed and continued to watch as Raimundo and Omi fought. They always challenged each other to see who the best is, but they always end up in a stalemate. Even though Raimundo is the leader Omi still challenges him to see who should be the leader. Boys will be boys I guess. I decided to go inside and meditate. After a while I was at peace, that is until Raimundo and Omi came in and started arguing.

"It seems my friend is confused. It is I who obviously won the battle," Omi said.

"No way I totally one and you know it," Raimundo argued.

This went on for about 30 seconds until I couldn't stand it anymore. I got up and turned to face them and took a deep breath.

"Knock it off!" I screamed.

They turned and zipped their lips. Soon Clay in wondering what the ruckus was about. They pointed to me, and I just groaned. Soon Master Fung and Dojo came in.

"Hello my young students, we have much to do," Master Fung said.

"We do?" We all said at the same time.

"You didn't think your training was over did you?" Dojo said.

"No, but there hasn't been any attacks in the last week," Raimundo spoke.

"True, but there is still evil larking about and we must put in end to it once and for all. Which is why we begin your new training today," Master Fung explained.

"Today you'll all be able to control your element without Shen Gong Wu. You may know how to use your element, but you'll be able to use it at full strength. Plus once you can use your element at your full strength you all will discover something within you," Dojo said.

"Alright!" I yelled.

"Sounds easy," Clay said.

"Not as easy as you think young one, using your element maybe easy, but controlling it is the hard part. So as part as your training today, Dojo will be putting each of you in the Spirit World where you will face many challenges I have set up for you and you must find your way out. Use all the skills you know. Be warned that what you see is not real," Master Fung explained.

Soon we all got ready to go. We climbed onto Dojo's back and Master Fung opened the Spirit World and we entered. First we dropped off Clay near some rocking place which suited him for his element. Then we dropped off Omi near a stream. I started to shiver. This world seemed really cold. Suddenly I began to feel a weird presence that I couldn't shake off. I felt Raimundo touch my shoulder.

"You ok?" He asked.

"Yeah just a little cold is all," I said.

"Don't worry once you use your element you'll be warm in no time,"

I gave a warm smile and hoped he was right. Soon we arrived on top of a mountain. I looked down and saw how high up we were. Raimundo got off and looked back toward me.

"This is my stop, see you on the other side," He waved.

"Yeah" I replied.

Shortly after we left and I was the last one. I still felt myself shiver from the cold or at least I think it's because of the cold. Suddenly I felt a weird presence again. Soon Dojo landed on the ground and I realized I was in a bamboo forest.

"This is your stop," Dojo said.

"Thanks I'll see you on the other side," I waved good-bye.

After Dojo left I looked around to see where exactly I was. As I kept walking I felt like I was lost. It was kind of lonely out here. Suddenly I heard a noise coming my way. I quickly jumped on top of the bamboo and listened closely. The noise stopped, just when I was about to climb down, something shot at me and nearly got me. I turned to see two shadows coming toward me. I started to jump from bamboo to bamboo, until one of them knocked me down, making me fall. I quickly got back up and started to fight. They were fast, but I was faster. Soon I was able to attack them, but then I saw more shadows come.

One grabbed my arms and pulled me up to the air. I struggled to get down, but then I remembered all the stuff Master Fung had taught me. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath and concentrated. I opened my eyes and saw the shadows moving slowly. I built up my chi and kicked the shadow that was holding me and fire blasted at it and some other shadows.

"Nice!" I yelled.

Raimundo's POV

"That was easy," I said.

I looked at all the shadows I beat and then saw a light beaming in the distance. I used the new wind powers I got and flew over there and soon I was back home. I saw Master Fung smile at me.

"You did well Raimundo the others should be here shortly," He said showing portals that showed my friends battling the shadows.

I saw Omi gloat in victory and used his powers to show off a bit. I saw him go toward the light and soon he was here next to me. He started to go on and on about his victory and new powers. Then Clay showed up with a smile and used his powers to make the earth rumble which was pretty cool. I looked over to Kimiko's screen and saw that she was still fighting, but kicking butt at it. I saw as she used her fire to defeat all those shadows. She was awesome the way she used her fire! Soon after she started to cheer, but suddenly the portal closed and we couldn't see her anymore.

"Hey what gives?" I asked.

"Something isn't right; the portal doesn't just close like that. I'm the only one who can close it," Master Fung said.

He got the portal back up using some weird powder he blew into the air. All we saw was pitch black. Kimiko was nowhere to be found. I felt panic rise inside me. I saw everyone was worried just as much as I was. Kimiko where are you!?