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As they talked, Draco knew that this was a sure way to repay his life debt; but how would he trick Potter into accepting it? He was bound to get all noble and protest about not wanting Draco like this. Little did he know, for Draco, nothing was a too big a price to pay for being free from this gratitude. And as Draco studied Potter's appearance, he admitted to himself that Potter was very handsome and sleeping with him would be far less difficult than parting with some ancient Malfoy artefact. Actually, Draco would be lying if he said he had not thought what it would be like… He quickly abandoned this train of thought. To succeed he would just use his charm, beauty, Slytherin manipulation and Malfoy powers of persuasion.

Draco shifted his chair so that he would be closer to Potter, who was rambling on about something insignificant: the school days. As Draco clasped his hand, Potter stopped mid-sentence and said:

"What are you doing?" He did not pull his hand away however, which Draco took as a good sign.

"Giving you what you want," Draco said simply and moved closer. He studied Potter's face, his long eyelashes, the stubble on his chin. Draco licked his lips. Potter shifted in his seat uncomfortably.

"Just relax, Potter," Draco said and leaned in for a kiss.

Before he knew what was happening, Potter jumped out of his seat, his wand pointing at Draco's neck.

"What are you doing?" said Draco, not amused.

"I'm not sure," Potter answered, lowering his wand. "It's just, it shouldn't happen like this. I know that you're doing this only because of me saving your life."

"Here we go," said Draco in a tired voice, "So predictable. I wouldn't be doing this if I did not want to, Potter. I'm not some sort of martyr who doesn't care about himself, like you!"

"I'm not a martyr; stop saying that!" Potter bellowed. Draco, exasperated, wanting to shut him up, to hex Potter but also to make him understand, reacted instinctively and crushed Potter's lips with his. Potter tried to move away, but Draco rammed him into a wall and continued kissing him, slightly less vigorously than before. A split second later he felt Potter relax into the kiss and participate more. As he did, Draco had to admit that Potter was not a bad kisser; Draco liked the feel of Potter's lips, soft and lush, and did not hesitate to explore his mouth with his own. Draco slowly moved one of his hands to Potter's chest, touching, stroking and with a satisfied smirk he felt Potter's erection against his body. Without delay, Draco started to move his other hand towards it, when Potter, with a sharp intake of breath, tensed up and pushed Draco away.

"What's the matter, Potter?" Draco said, exasperated, "I know you want me," and glanced meaningfully towards Potter's bulging trousers.

Potter's cheeks reddened. "I can't do it like this."

Draco felt too impatient for scoffing. "Why not? Did it not feel good?"

"No, it did," Potter said and blushed some more.

Draco flashed him a smile and came closer so that their bodies were almost touching, but not quite. Potter blushed even more fiercely and his breaths quickened. Draco extended his hand, unhurriedly, and touched Potter's waist, fingertips moving towards his hips, again, trusting his slow motion not to scare Potter away.

"No," Potter said and removed Draco's hand. Draco growled in frustration.

"What the hell is the matter?"

"Look, fine, I do want you. However, I not sure about you, but I do not want to be a slave to my biological urges." Draco would have sniggered at Potter's elegant phrasing, had he not been so aroused.

"Well then what do you want?" Draco asked, willing Potter to name something that could be given, fast, so that they could resume their earlier activities.

"I want this to be meaningful. I don't want to be just another one-night stand for you, or a… a cock with me attached to it." Draco smiled at his language – clearly it took a lot of effort for him to say 'cock.'

"You're not," said Draco, thinking of different ways to reassure Potter. And then he made a decision to be honest, which should have appealed to Potter's Gryffindor ways.

"What you said before, about thinking about me at school, well, you weren't the only one. I was jealous of you and I was angry at you for rejecting me and how you were always able to get away with things. But when I was older, I would catch myself thinking about you, before I fell asleep, imagining what this moment would be like…" Draco's mouth felt very dry. These thoughts were something no one else knew about and as reluctant as Draco was to admit them, it was necessary. Could it be that trying to make Potter happy over the past few months turned Draco's feelings into something more than just a secret school crush? "So perhaps this is not all about the life debt," Draco voiced his thoughts out loud.

"I wish things could be simple," Potter said inconsequently.

Draco rolled his eyes. "Things are never simple; surely the Boy Who Lived knows that." And with these words, the exasperation turned into lust for Potter once more and this time, it seemed like both wizards leaned into each other.

While the first kiss was slightly more forceful than was necessary, the ones that followed were far more delicate, yet still passionate. As clothes were falling off, both of them seemed to let the desire that was building up for years out; finally coming to terms with it, accepting it.

And though the gap of unshared thoughts and horrors that they lived through between them was vast, they overcame it with their passion, with each sweet lingering touch, lick, and kiss they landed on each other's skin. As they fell to the floor in a tumble, with Draco on top, he was as caring and gentle as a Slytherin could outwardly be, and he delighted at each moan, groan and gasp from Potter.

Later, when they climaxed, forming an intimate infinite connection with each other, Draco did indeed feel free, but as Potter smiled, a happy, wide, not a care in the world smile, he knew that it was not because of the debt, but because he finally got his secret heart's desire. And if Potter's satisfied look was anything to go by, the gratitude was being felt by Potter, now.

Before Draco fell asleep, he thought whether he should start calling Potter 'Harry', and as weird as that sounded in his head, he knew he would get used to it if time allowed. One thing he vowed though was that Potter, 'Harry' – Draco corrected himself, – would spend far less time in the Ministry in the future and far more time with him.