A little fan fiction of the two champions who I consider soul takers. While I do not know if I captured their personalities exactly, or if this is how they would react to one another, I've always wanted to do something with Ahri. Since Thresh came out not long ago, I began to plan, however only recently have I had the idea of the two being a couple.

I do not own League of Legends, work for Riot, or any of the champions. All pairings mention in this fan fiction are either my own thoughts or from the fan fictions of others that I enjoyed reading. I hope everyone enjoys.

The Soul Takers

His chains scraped against the ground, his footfalls silent as ever, as Thresh, the Chain Warden as his title called him, was impressed beyond words. The wonder, strength, freedom, and power of all around him were far more than he had ever imaged. It was how the expression went, like he was a kid in a candy store.

Only his candy was not food. It was the people that he saw.

While the buildings for the Institution of War and League of Legends were grand structures, it was the people who roamed the halls that most captivated him. From the northern, icy lands of Freljord to the seafaring port island of Bilgewater to the uncharted jungles and deserts, he could hardly believe his eyes.

And yet, here he was, a specter brought back to live from the accursed Shadow Isles among the most powerful and influential men, women, children, avatars, robots, and… well, he didn't know what else, but they were all wonders before his eyes. While Thresh could not understand why ones such as children or robots were involved with the League, it mattered little; though the ones called yordles were quite strange to him. What did matter was that he was here, among them, and in their eyes he was no more than another champion selected to represent his home. What a laugh!

However, there were those who did know who he was and what his intentions were. Mordekaiser, the warrior necromancer, and Hecarim, the risen centaur, knew him well and had even had dealing with him. Others, such as Yorick and Evelynn, knew only enough to stay away from him. He'd have to be careful so as to not give his "fellow" representatives reason to warn the other champions. Such an act could very well ruin his plans for the future of this gathering of the strongest.

Thresh smiled to himself, his mind going over the dark thoughts he would soon exert onto these unknowing souls. As he thought, he raised his lantern to his face, peering into it and through the eerie green light of it. At the center of the light, where only the dead or those who dealt with death could see, the swirling, pained souls of those he had captured screamed out in pain and fear. Whenever he narrowed his eyes on one, that one would shriek and flee to the center of the lantern, preferring the pain of the light to his attention should he wish to resume a previous session.

Yes. This would be a grand chapter in his afterlife. As it went on, he'd only enjoy it more. Perhaps he should get one of those diaries or journals to keep notes in. After all, with such a wide and diverse selection, some methods may be useful on more than one, and with a different reaction for each.

Over joyed by the possibilities alone, Thresh began to swing his chains in a hand each, one connected to his lantern of souls and the other to his sickle. There was no one in this hallway, for whatever reason, so he even closed his eyes so as to focus his dark thoughts on the mental images he had for each of the champions he had already seen.


A sudden sound caused him to stop, his eyes snapping open. In front of him was a girl, her eyes staring intently at him with an odd wonder to them. She had the ears of a fox, several tails behind her, whiskers on her cheeks, beautiful raven black hair atop her head, and tiny fangs procuring from her mouth. She wore a bright red and white robe-like dress, the top of it revealing the tops of her fleshy breasts, the middle held tight with a cloth belt, and the lower half with a slit at its side to reveal her legs. The sleeves appeared to be different articles of clothing yet matched well with the rest of it, intricate orange and yellow patterns decorated the whites and sleeves of her outfit, and there was a tassel connecting to the top half of her outfit. Finally, an orb was bounced back and forth from among her tails, its color changing from a green to blue.

Something about that orb seemed familiar to him, but he could not place why. As far as he knew, this was the first time he had seen this girl and her orb.

His eyes found their way to her golden, curious eyes. The two stared at one another, looking into the other's very soul with calculating gazes. The only sounds between the two were the orb being tossed from tail to tail, the gentle noise whenever her ears twitched, his chains falling down to his sides and lightly swinging, and the otherworldly sound of his lantern.

The two of them stood like this for minutes, holding one another in that tense gaze, until one tail missed the orb. As it hit the floor, bouncing like it was made of glass but not breaking, they both watched it as it bounced twice, and then rolled to Thresh's left leg and paused.

Without thinking, he crouched down, placed his lantern on the ground, and picked the orb up. He stared into it for a moment, and then looked to the fox-like girl and held the orb out to her.

She turned her head to her orb, breaking the stare on him, and then, slowly, reached out. As her delicate, small, smooth, and flawless hands took the orb, the small fingers of her hands grazing his hand, the orb suddenly turned a bright red. She then lifted it from his palm and looked back up into his eyes. "Thank you." She said, a smile forming on her features. It was oddly soothing.

Before he could bend down to pick up his lantern, one of her tails moved over its handle, not the chain, and lifted it in front of him. He took hold of it by the chain, and then waited for her tail to release its hold before he let his arm and lantern fall slowly to his side. "Thank you." He heard himself say.

The awkward silence returned, but it did not last. "You are a soul thief too?" She asked, the two tiny fangs in her mouth revealed themselves as she spoke. It was not a threat or warning, but seemed somehow kind and happy.

"Yes, of sorts I suppose." Thresh said. Though it was a kind way of putting his profession, technically he could be described as such. He saw no reason to go into detail as that was close enough. "Is that orb the item you keep your captives prison?" He asked.

She giggled, a delightful sound to even his ears, and covered her mouth with her right hand. "It is where I store the essence of my victims, yes." She answered. She tilted her head, a frown forming as her eyes went to his lantern. "What do you mean by captives? Is that some kind of holding cell?" She asked.

He felt himself swallow, odd as his throat was no longer what connected his head to his body. He held up the lantern and tapped the side with his sickle's point. "I was once a prison warden. In here are my prisoners." He explained.

She leaned forward, and then turned her head, putting her ear close to the glass but not touching it. After a few seconds, she leaned back, turning back to him. "They're screaming." She stated.

Before he could respond, she lifted her orb to him with her left hand. He repeated her action, leaning the side of his head to her orb. After a few seconds, he pulled away and looked at her. "They are… screaming?" He asked.

Again, she smiled. "Moaning." She corrected. She took note of his express and began to explain. "I do not collect souls, but the essence of others; their life essence."

She collected their life essence, not souls, and this act made them… moan? Whenever he collected a soul, it was pulled, screaming in anguish, from the dying body. "What is the reason for them to be moaning?" He asked, unable to hold the question back.

She smiled, closed her eyes, took a deep breath, and opened her eyes before she spoke with a seductive tone and slightly red cheeks. "I cannot tell you. It's kind of… private." She said with a voice a little louder than a whisper. She tilted her head to the side, a playful look on her face. "If you tell me the reason for your souls screaming, I will tell you the reason my essences are moaning." She offered.

Thresh looked to his lantern, recalling only a few of the tortures he had delivered onto a few of his victims, and then looked at the fox-girl before him. His eyes went to her orb, still a bright red, almost pink, color, before looking back to the girl's eyes. Finally, he nodded, agreeing to her deal. "These souls," he began, "are the prisoners I have acquired over the course of my afterlife. I have tortured them to the brink of death, and then, when their bodies could no longer hold them to this world, ripped the souls from their bodies and trapped them in my lantern." He informed his voice malicious and proud of his dark deeds.

Surprisingly, to him, she did not back away from fear, but frowned. She straightened, standing to her full height, and placed her hands behind her back as he orb floated before her. By the look of indifference on her face, he knew she had killed before. She reached out to her orb with her right hand, her index finger trailing along its surface as she spoke. "I had sex with my victims." She began. "Each essence taken with the orb, I had extracted from their bodies as my victim and I engaged in sex. At the end, the climax, they died with a smile, with a blissful, pleasurable end." She finished.

Both of them stood in silence, watching the other. The warden was a taken of souls who tortured the living to death before ripping the soul from the nearly lifeless corpse, prolonging the suffering he would cause the individual indefinitely. The fox-girl was a thief of essences who pleasured the willing and unknowing before sucking them dry, sending them to heaven before trapping them forever. They were soul takers, even if their methods were directly opposed to the other, and what they collected was different.

After a minute, their eyes met once more.

"You're a succubus." Thresh claimed.

"You're a torturer." The fox-girl claimed.

Both had spoken their accusations at the same time, and with the same deadly, warning tones. The looks each gave the other suddenly turned to glares. The orb turned a dark red; the lantern's glow grew brighter. One could almost see sparks flying between their eyes. After several tense moments, their scowls turned to smiles as they both took a step back.

Thresh began swinging his lantern and sickle haphazardly by the chains that connected them, twirling them around him and preparing his attack. While his lantern was intended for capture and storage, he could demand the souls within to protect him from the attacks of others. Luckily for him, unluckily for the souls, it did not destroy them or end their torment, only enhanced it with another's touch. His sickle, on the other hand, was purely for the living's pain, and painful it had proved to so many people.

The fox-girl, however, seemed unconcerned. Her orb floated just over her right palm, swirling a variety of colors ranging from red, green, blue, and everything in between. Her tails danced behind her back, a warning to predators to stay away; in this case, him. She showed no fear in her eyes as she took her stance, nor hesitation for that matter.

Thresh smiled, pleased to see that this girl would not break like others. "My name is Thresh." He said.

The fox-girl smiled, her golden eyes shining. "My name is Ahri. It's a pleasure to meet you." She said.

"Likewise." He added.

And then they lunged for one another.

Thresh swung his sickle vertically, but hit only air, and then the carpet floor. A few strands of raven hair drifted in the air, along with white fur, as his eyes turned to the right, he saw Ahri there. She had dodged, but not by jumping out of the way, merely sidestepping away.

Ahri crouched down for but a moment, and then jumped into the air with a twirl, aiming a kick at Thresh's head. She felt the heat of the specter flame that burned around his skull, but did not make direct contact. He had ducked, leaving an inch or two of space between her foot and his head.

He loosened his grip on the chain half that held the sickle, and used the extra length to wrap around her extended leg. He pulled her to the ground, forcing her to grunt as he knocked the wind from her lungs, and brought his hand back, making a fist.

As the blow came, she raised her left hand and caught the blow. She moved it to her left, keeping him away from her, and pushed herself up. Her forehead collided with his, the heat hardly registering to her, and then she forced her orb into his face, blocking his vision. The bright lights forced him to back up a couple of inches, giving her time to regain her footing and recompose herself.

When she looked up, a blinding light was all she could see, cries of pain were all she could hear, and a flash of pain in the right side of her face was all she could feel. She faintly heard the sound of glass shattering as her mind went blank.

Several seconds later, Ahri realized she was outside on the grass. She flinched as sharp pains stung the left side of her face and shoulder. She reached up and found it to be glass poking painfully into her cheek. After quickly but carefully removing them, she felt the relieving magic of her orb healing her wounds.

A whistling sound was heard, and she leaned to the side, narrowing avoiding the chain sickle before it struck her back or head. She gripped the chain in both hands and gave a mighty heave, pulling Thresh outside as well.

He let out a gasp as he was dragged through the window frame, and then grunted when he felt something hit him in the back. Looking up, he saw Ahri's knees as one of them drew back. He was blinded when it came back, smacking him in the face. This was no succubus, he was finding out. She was fighting like a cornered animal.

Ahri grunted as the fires around his skull hurt her knee, but then recovered and backed away. She readied her orb and tossed it at him, but the attack was blocked by a shield of green, swirling souls. The source appeared to be his lantern, so she aimed her next attack at it.

Before she could, Thresh recovered and threw his chains at her legs. As soon as she was caught, he pulled, tripping her. He crawled over her, dragging his lantern with him, and held it in front of her face. Ahri, in turn, moved her orb to his lantern.

The two containers fought one another for the soul or essence of the one wished harm onto their master. Ahri's orb fought Thresh's lantern for his life essence, and his lantern fought her orb for her soul. Screams of agony and moans of pleasure were all that sounded as the two containers cried out in protest to the other's resistance.

"What are you two doing?" Came an unfamiliar voice.

Both heads turned to the tall, metallic Nautilus. To his left, under his arm, was Nami. The Titan of the Depths and the Tidecaller were several feet away, along a path leading away from the Institution of War. It was only by chance that the two had come across the two soul stealers, and it took away the seriousness of the situation almost immediately.

Thresh pushed himself off Ahri, retrieving his chains, sickle, and lantern. He then helped Ahri up, dusted himself off slightly, and then returned her orb to her. He then put his hands behind himself, hiding his sickle and lantern, and shrugged. "Oh, nothing really. I was only introducing myself to this lovely lady. By the way, I am Thresh." He said, introducing himself.

Nautilus and Nami looked to one another, and then to the two of them. Nami spoke. "Would the two of you like to join us? We were just on our way to the park for the couples' special lunch." She blushed, hiding herself behind the giant sailor, before continuing. "I've never been to one of these Valentine dates, but Nautilus said it was only a lunch." She whispered, embarrassed.

Ahri shot a glare at Thresh before turning to the couple. After a moment, she smiled playfully, and then grabbed Thresh's left arm, putting her head on his shoulder. "Of course we would! Spooky here was just showing me what was inside her lantern." She explained.

It was the Chain Warden's turn to glare, but he was silenced by her hand pinching his arm. One of the disadvantages of having this kind of body was that he could feel physical pain. They met with evened glares. After a few moments of silently arguing through eye contact, he turned to the couple and smiled. "If the two of you are busy, or planned this to be private, then we will have to politely decline." He said, earning him another, harder, pinch.

Nami's eyes turned to Nautilus. Reluctantly, he sighed before looking to the two new people. "You two may come. In fact, I insist." He said. Ahri smiled and began to move toward them, but he held up his hand, halting her. "A warning: No life taking! This is a date, not a brawl." He threatened before adjusting his anchor on his right shoulder.

The warning was clear: Mess up this date, and I sink you both.

Led by the fox-girl Ahri, Thresh was pulled behind Nautilus and Nami when they turned and continued down the stone walkway. It was aggravating, irritating, embarrassing, and maddening to know that he had no control over the situation. Somehow, this girl holding his left arm, the one containing his lantern, had completely taken away his control and now, enforced by the giant with the anchor in front of him, was at her mercy.

He leaned his head to the side, whispering as he spoke to her. "Might I ask who these two are?" He asked. If he was a partial captive, for now anyway, he might as well test the length of his chain. Besides that, he was curious about these two.

One was a massive man in metal and rubber, effortlessly carrying a large anchor of steel in one hand with a short length of chain on it. He did not appear at all to be a normal person and the look in his eyes and color of his face told him such. The other one, a much smaller female under the giant's arm, had a tail and traveled on a small current of water, yet did not leave the ground wet. Her scale-like clothing and jewelry let him know she was from a place he had never been to, and she was clearly unfamiliar with her new environment.

Ahri blinked, her eyes turning to him for a moment, and then spoke her answer. "The big guy is Nautilus, a former sailor that the Institution employed long ago. The woman is Nami, a Maria and the Tidecaller of her people; some kind of champion to them. They are both Champions of the League of Legends." She answered. She assumed that he had picked up she was a champion too as she thought the same of him. "It's Valentine's Day and the League is holding a special brunch for couples. I have no idea why these two are together. Nautilus never showed interest in anyone before." She added.

The Titan turned his head to the two of them, one eye peering at them. "We're old acquaintances, and that had better be all the rumors say." He warned, glaring. Thresh was indifferent. Ahri merely smiled. Nami's hand gently, lovingly, touched his hand.

After a few more minutes, the four arrived at a large park within the grounds. All around, there were groups of champions from the League eating a variety of foods. Thresh was shocked to see so many of them, each table containing two "people". Ahri let out a whistle, amazed to see that so many had showed up. Nautilus led Nami to a stand with a small, furry fellow behind it.

"Hey there, are you four a double date?" The little fellow asked. He wore a tuxedo with a white undershirt, his hair was combed back, his facial hair tended, and he had a bouquet of pink, red, and white roses next to him. He looked like the groom at the most important wedding of all time.

Nautilus turned to Thresh and Ahri, then Nami, and finally back to the little fellow. "I suppose so, Rumble. Do you have any tables for four?" He asked.

The yordle pulled out a notebook from his pocket and began scanning over it. Finally, he nodded. "Table number 37 is open. You can get the chairs from table 38 if needed, but 37 has benches." He said as he looked up. "That'll be 5 gold per couple." He said.

As he held out his hand, Nautilus lowered his anchor behind his back and removed his hand from Nami's shoulders, and then removed the glove from his left hand, revealing it to be as dark as his face. With his ungloved hand, he picked out ten gold coins, three of them bent and two with smudges on them, and placed them into the yordle's waiting hand.

Rumble looked at the coins strangely before looking up with a confused face. "You'd be surprised what you find traveling through the oceans of the world. An example would be a chest of gold coins." The Titan explained.

Rumble nodded his contentment and then sat down. He turned to the side and began moving, revealing his mecha suit from behind the stand. "Follow me." He said as Nautilus placed his glove back on, lifted his anchor, and then gently put his arm over Nami's shoulder. She smiled up at him, her eyes sparkling for a moment before she looked back to where she was going.

Thresh and Ahri followed the two. He had missed the loving, silent exchange in favor of watching the others around. She, on the other hand, had caught it and smiled playfully. She hugged herself closer to her specter date, causing him to avert his eyes from those around and focus on her. Before he could speak, they had arrived.

Nautilus pulled out the chairs from the table labeled 38 and stood behind one of them. Nami looked at him, confused for a moment, and then sat down in the chair. When he carefully pushed her up closer to the table, she looked back over her shoulder before quickly turning and looking at her hands; she was blushing. He then took a seat on the bench next to her; his anchor being dropped on the ground behind him.

Thresh merely sat down on the other bench, letting his sickle and lantern sit beside him. He put his hands behind his head and began to look around. He paused when he saw Ahri glaring at him.

"You're supposed to hold the chair out for me, your date, and then sit down yourself." She explained, tapping her foot in anticipation. It was clear she was annoyed at this point.

Thresh shrugged his shoulders, smiling at the look on her face as she pouted. "Ah, but why should I? You are not my date, but my rival." He said truthfully. He then watched as she 'huffed' and pulled the chair out herself before plunking herself down. "As rivals, I do believe we can date. I will pay for our meal." He said, and then laughed as she puffed up her cheeks and glared at him.

Nautilus tapped the table, gaining their attention. When both of them looked at him, he proceeded to speak. "Could the two of you please not start a fight until after the summoners are about and calling us to their matches?" He requested. He then turned to Nami. "I've heard they have a large selection of sea food, if you prefer that to our surface food Nami." He informed, his voice losing the threatening tone and changing to a more caring one.

Nami had been staying out of the commotion until she heard her name. She thought about it for several seconds before answering. "What is steak? I've heard of it being grilled and cooked in many other ways, but I've never tried it." She answered.

The Titan thought, considering what to tell her, before looking back to her. "It's a type of beef that is tough and chewy, to some anyway." He explained.

While the two watery champions spoke about what they were going to order, Thresh turned the Ahri, sitting at his right. She appeared to have calmed down considerately, but still had a scowl on her features. "And what will you be ordering?" He asked.

The girl looked at him, and then her face began to soften as she turned her mind to thinking of his question. As a specter, he did not need to eat, but she appeared to need the nourishment. Finally, she spoke. "I'll wait until the waiter arrives." She said with a smile. She was thinking of revenge.

Instead of human, yordle, or otherwise waiters, it appeared small robots with TV heads were waiting the tables. Each one appeared yellow, held small computer tablets, and went from table to table. Delivering the orders were the two robotic Champions Blitzcrank and Orianna. The large, yellow robot launched the orders to the tables with the use of his rocket propelled hands, held them there for a few moments, and then retracted them if he got a tip or when he realized there would be no tip. The smaller ballerina robot danced toward each table to deliver an order, and then to return and await a new one. The two seemed happy enough to be with one another and helping the others in this way, earning awes and cheers now and again. The Ball, Orianna's companion, watched like a mother hawk would its children, keeping an eye on its charge.

When one of the little robots found its way to their table, Nautilus and Nami were still talking about what to order for themselves so Ahri ordered for herself. "I'll take a salad with everything in it, a bottle of sour cream flavored ranch dressing, a side order of kiwi and pine apple slices, and a bottle of red wine, cherry or raspberry flavored." She said, and then glanced to Thresh.

He showed no reaction until the robot turned its head to him. "Get me the soul of a bar wench." He said plainly. The other three turned to him when he said this as the robot typed out the order. He looked up and shrugged before looking back to their waiter. "With sparkling water." He added. The robot put in this as well without question before looking to Nautilus and Nami.

"We will take the seafood special with steak for two, a glass of lemonade, and a bottle of rum." Nautilus said. As the robot typed this in, the Titan turned to Thresh with a questioning look in his bright orange eyes. "The soul of a wench? Are you a mystic animal too?" He asked.

The warden made a sly smile and began to hum what sounded like a nursery rhyme. He made it obvious that he would not answer so Ahri did for him. "He's a soul thief, like me, but tortures his victims." She said, unusually pouty. Normally, she had control over whoever she chose, but, with this specter with chains, she was unable to establish such a control over him. Though she had made him come with her, he was making it a game just as much as she had planned. Who the winner would be was still undecided and contested.

The Maria Tidercaller frowned as she looked from Ahri's face to Thresh's before finally settling her eyes on Ahri. "You two were fighting when Naut and I found you both. Why?" She asked.

Ahri rolled her eyes as she leaned back in her chair. A thought came to her, along with a sly smile. "It's a little embarrassing, but…" She leaned forward, put her elbows on the table, her head in her hands with the palms on her cheeks, and blushed; her tails fluttering excitedly. "Spooky bumped into me in the hall, causing me to fall back and drop my orb. Like a gallant knight, he sheathed his weapon and extended his hand to help me up, calling me "Lovely lady". I blushed as I took his hand, and then he lifted me to my feet. He took me by the hand, bent forward, and kissed it while he reached for my orb. As he returned it, he smiled the most sincere smile I've ever seen, and then said "Please forgive my carelessness. I hope you are not harmed, and do not be afraid of my outward appearance". He was sooooo sweet!" She exclaimed.

"And then reality broke her fantasy when I smacked her out of the window with my lantern." Thresh said as soon as she stopped.

Nautilus and Nami, intrigued by the story, were now very confused. When they had come across the two, they were holding their glowing weapons to one another on the ground. Had it not been for Ahri's tails, they would not have even known it was her under the bright light.

"Order-Up." Came the mechanic voice of Orianna, holding out two trays of food. She sat the seafood tray in front of Nautilus and Nami, and then the tray containing Ahri's salad in front of her. "The-Wench-Will-Be-Here-Shortly." She added before turning and dancing away.

Thresh let out a sigh as he reached for his drink of sparkling water in a glass. "I can wait." He called out before taking a sip, a little bit of steam rising from his lips when the water made contact with his lips. "How fares the abyss Nautilus? The last time I was there I was on a sinking ship pulling one of the sailors from the doomed vessel. He wishes he had been eaten by the sharks as well, but I had other plans." He asked, speaking causally.

Nautilus shook his head. "I am not a creature of the abyss, but one of its victims." He said.

"A shame. I had been hoping they were more than mutants." The warden added.

Nami leaned in a little at the mention of her people's rivals. "You know of the creatures of the abyss?" She asked, curious. These monsters had plagued her people for generations. Any help she could return to her people would be a great help until she found the moon stone to protect her people.

Thresh took another sip of his drink before answering. "Nothing, really. I've only had the chance meetings, but I do know they are quite the vicious creatures. We have nothing, absolutely nothing, like them in the Shadow Isles. Honestly, I'm more afraid of them than I am of those I live with, and I live with the risen dead!" He said, making it out to be a grand explanation as he spoke.

While Thresh told his stories to a captivated audience, Ahri's eyes took in all of the couples who were present. She was surprised to see a few same gender couples, but most were the average couple.

Akali and Shen sat under a tree, appearing to talk to one another as they ate traditional Ionia food. Teemo and Tristana lay on a blanket watching the clouds, eating sandwiches and drinking from mugs. Soraka and Trundle, an odd pair, relaxed near the fountain, watching the fish swim as they spoke. Anivia sat perched on Malphite, both of them helping the two robots by keeping food cold or pounding certain foods. The laughter of Annie and Nunu could be heard around the park, the two being seen now and again as they played; even Tibbers and Willump seemed to be having fun. Ashe and Tryndamere, of course, sat together enjoying food from their homeland, but it seemed homemade; as though they had made the food for the other.

Across the way, in another part of the park, Caitlyn, wearing a new, beautifully crafted necklace walked arm in arm with Taric, who beamed with a smile. Up in a tree, Cassiopeia slowly trailed one of her slender fingers along the chin of Shyvana, who in turn ran the fingers of one of her hands through the scaly temptress's green hair. The sounds of fighting signaled a duel in progress between Darius, the Hand of Noxus, and Fiora, the Grand Duelist; by the smiles, both were only sparring. Further from them lay the form of Dr. Mundo, face down in the dirt, with a smiling Vayne leaning on a tree near him as she read a heart-shaped card; her crossbow hung from her arm without an arrow.

Among the other tables were Draven and Sivir, Evelynn and Shaco, Ezreal and Sona, Fizz and Riven, Olaf and Sejuani, Graves and Janna, Jarvan IV and Karma, Jax and Sarah (Miss) Fortune, Jayce and Vi, Kassadin and Irelia, and Kog'Maw and Morgana. Many of the pairings seemed odd to Ahri, but, then again, here she was with a glowing, green specter with a floating, flaming skull. Suddenly, Nautilus and Nami did not look so strange in her eyes. It must be due to Valentine's Day, or Twitch had taken Cupid's job and arrows and was spraying and praying.

"Here-Is-Your-Wench-Sir." The voice of Orianna brought her back into the real world and out of her own private thoughts. The female robot placed a one-foot tall, three-inch wide vial down in front of Thresh. It was clear, an eerie fog within it, and was closed with a rubber stopper. "Do-Be-Careful-When-You-Open-It. That-Is-Our-Only-Wench." She informed.

As she left, Thresh picked up the bottle, removed the stopper, and then put the top to his lips. As he drank (?) it, the fog within began to retreat into his mouth. When it was all gone, he removed the bottle from his face and let out a satisfied sigh. "A good wench! A shame there was only one. Haha!" He laughed before setting the bottle down and retrieving his drink. The three staring at him gained his attention. "You will judge me for my taste in spirits?" He asked.

He turned the bottle around, letting them see the label. It did say wench, but it was a drink exported directly from the Shadow Isles. "A little bit of home away from home, and a little something I've been trying with the help of a fellow called Singed." He explained. He leaned forward, smiling as he did. "It was intended to be a meal and a drink, a soul and a spirit, all in the form of a convenient, single serving drink. If nothing else, it has paid for my traveling expenses here. Haha!" He added, laughing once more.

Ahri picked up her spork and stabbed at her salad, twisted it once, and then took a bite. She savored the taste as her date spoke, describing his meal, and then to him laughing as he spoke. She only half listened to him. When he finished, she put her hand over his glass of water, forcing him to turn to her. "You said you traveled here?" She asked. He nodded. "How, if I may?" She asked. The smile was back on her face, but this time there was no scheme behind it. If he wanted control, he could have it for the time being. She'd just take it back later on.

Finally, Thresh frowned, like he had been playing a game and was suddenly no longer having fun. He released his grip from the drink and leaned back, forgetting the bench he sat on did not have a back, and fell backwards. "Damnit." He muttered.

Instead of the fox-girl's laughter, like he had been expecting, he saw her hand in front of him. For several seconds, he stared at it, as if it were a trap, and then reached for it. Surprisingly, she merely helped him up. When he was up, he saw that she was still smiling, but it was not a large smile of humor or a smirk, just a smile. "Thank you." He said, suspiciously.

Ahri only winked, and then turned back to eating her salad. Her strategy had changed.

After bidding Nautilus and Nami a farewell and thanking them for the invitation, Thresh and Ahri waited until the two were out of sight before turning to one another. Both smiled at the other as their eyes narrowed; sparks could almost be seen as their eyes locked.

"Thresh?" A sudden, familiar voice caused the warden to startle, breaking eye contact. "What are you doing here?" Asked the voice.

Thresh slowly turned around, and then smiled his biggest smile at the speaker. "Mordekaiser! Have are you my friend?" He asked as he extended his hand with his eyes closed. He felt someone take hold of his hand, so he began to shake. "I have to say, this place is far grander than you or that pony had described to me. And the people here, the Champions of the League, all look like they would make fine soldiers in your army of the damned." He said, forcing the enthusiasm in his tone.

"I am not a pony." Thresh opened his eyes to see a different speaker. "And the master asked you a question. Answer it, you whelp!" There was no question in the tone of Hecarim. He was a fiercely loyal soldier of the necromancer, almost to the point of admiration.

The warden, his smile never fading, released the hand and held up both of his, gesturing around them. "Why, I wanted to see the Institution of War and all its grandeur. Is that so wrong?" He asked. He held out a hand to Ahri, as though in introduction. "While I was exploring the halls, I found this soul stealing vixen. She had been kind enough to offer me a tour." He explained.

Both residents of the Shadow Isles looked at Ahri, suspiciously, appearing the weigh the words of their comrade. It was a losing wager, as the two knew her as well, but she thought to play along so it would not turn into a three-on-one battle. "Oh yes, Spooky showed me his little green lantern of wonders, and I showed him my essence orb. After talking for a time, and going to the special brunch today, we've been finding out so many things we have in common!" She said with her beautiful smile beaming as she spoke.

The two were obviously, and truthfully, surprised. Even Thresh appeared to have not expected this as he did not so much as glare at the mention of her given nickname for him. Finally, Mordekaiser spoke, but not before clearing his throat. "I see." Was all he said before turning to his warden comrade. "Remain discreet should you feel the need to indulge in your pleasures." He ordered, and then tapped Hecarim's shoulder. "We are leaving." He said.

As the two left, Thresh leaned toward Ahri, still watching the two walk away so he could straighten in case one of them turned around to face them. "We've more in common than the simple reaping of living lives and keeping of their souls?" He asked.

The fox-girl giggled lightly, two of her tails wrapping around his arm to draw her closer to him. "Do we? I just did not want them staying around." The grip tightened, though it did not hurt. "And we both enjoy control over your partners." She added, a dark look appearing in her eyes.

The warden was then aware of his right hand hurting from the grip he held on his sickle. His eyes moved from the two armored champions in the distance to the girl's face, and then to her orb behind her head. It was a brilliant green. It appeared to be time to finish their little squabble from earlier.

He wanted her soul; she wanted his life. His lantern began to glow as he took a step away from her; her tails released him as her orb moved to her hands. Their eyes locked once more. This was going to be fun for the both them.

Or it would be if people quit interrupting. "Hey Master! There is a fight going on!"

Thresh and Ahri turned their heated glares to a smiling Wukong, and then to a startled Master Yi when he emerged from the path. "A fight? Who is fighting who? I thought the conflict between Nidalee and Elise was over." He said. His goggles narrowed on the two before him. Wisely, he stepped to the side, out of sight. His hand emerged and gestured for his student to come to him.

As the monkey went, jumping from tree to tree playfully and using his extending pole to pole-volt over the final distance, he landed lightly on his feet. He was then pulled behind the tree, out of sight of the two soul takers. There were muffled whispers, startled reactions, and then silence.

Ahri crossed her arms over her chest, pouting as she glared at the tree the two were last seen behind. Thresh relaxed his stance, looking at the tree as if hoping it would explode in a rain of splinters and blood. If looks held power, these two could burn down forests.

Finally, after an agonizing five minutes, there were retreating footfalls. They did not last long.

Thresh released his right grip, letting his sickle fall to the ground, and then began twirling it around. When he threw it, the sickle and chain went past the tree. A resounding thud was heard; he'd caught someone. With two harsh tugs, he pulled Wukong out from behind his cover. A third, stronger, tug brought him in front of the specter.

He reached down and gripped the monkey by the throat, hauling him to his feet, and then let go. He brandished his sickle before the monkey's face as he spoke. "Are there any more people about?" He asked. Before he could answer, the warden moved the blade closer to his face. "On second thought, make sure no one else appears. You seem to be a quick footed lad, and you seem to know the area well. Keep others away and I may not rend the soul from your body." He said with his voice restrained by rage and a cold, merciless threat in it.

Master Yi came in running, but suddenly stopped when Ahri's orb appeared in front of his face. In a matter of seconds, he was on the ground, his sword out of reach, with the fox-girl over him.

He could feel her warm breath on the back of his neck. "If you see anyone else, tell them to just stop and turn around if they see me today. I'd very much appreciate it if no one else disturbed us." She warned.

When he nodded, she released his hands and got off him. The pleasure of her assets pressed against his back had been completely lost in her warning, threatening tone.

Thresh and Ahri watched as both champions, one the student and one the master, went to do as they were threatened. When they were out of sight, the two turned to one another again. Suddenly, the fight was gone in their eyes. "Is it always this difficult to capture a soul?" He asked.

She let a depressed sigh before putting words to her own thoughts. "Normally it isn't for me. I just pick someone, seduce them, get them in a bed and alone, and then they are mine." She said, moving toward a tree. She sat down, her legs in the bright sun light, and leaned her back against the bark with her orb in her lap. "How do you hunt?" She asked.

He moved toward her, placing his chained sickle and lantern down before sitting down as well, only sitting with his legs out of the sun. They sat with their backs to the same tree, but there was not a conflict nor angry between them. "I travel, single one out, bide my time as I make a few key detours for them, get them alone, and then snatch them up and take them to the Shadow Isles. From there, I torture, mock, break, and, finally, rip the soul from their screaming body and store it in my lantern." He answered.

She turned her head to him, her golden eyes full of emotions he could not read. "I use them to become human; it's how I keep this form." She began. She turned to her orb, peering into it as the colors changed, and brought her hands to it. Each finger that touched it drew in a small portion of the fog within to that digit. "Before I came here, all I did was kill them and take their life essence. I guess I am not really a soul stealer, but an essence thief. They died all the same, though." She said, whispering the last part with regret.

Thresh turned his eyes, not his head, to watch her. Subconsciously, his hand found his lantern. Instead of the light being drawn to his touch, it weakened slightly, the souls within fearing him. "I just like to torture. To hear their screams of pain is music to my ears. To taste their dread is the sweetest sensation to grace my senses." He said. There was no regret in his tone; only joy as if recalling a cheerful memory.

Ahri's hands paused over her orb. "You're a sadistic madman." She said plainly.

"And you are still a succubus, although I commend you on no longer killing your victims." He commented.

She smiled then, her hands moving back over her orb. "Maybe we are not so different." She said. He turned to her the same time she turned to him. She could see he wanted her to explain. "I thought we were as different as night and day, but now I believe it is closer to noon and evening." She said.

"Noon and evening?" He repeated, looking up at the noontime sun, a glimpse of it showing itself through the windblown leaves now and again. "I'll take evening, if it's alright with you. Best I represent the fading light than the high point of life." He chuckled.

She nodded as she turned back, closing her eyes as she placed her head on the bark of the tree. "I'm the high point of life." She agreed. Her smile slowly turned sly and playful as she looked back to him. "And that makes you the afterglow." She said. After a few moments of it sinking in, they both started laughing.

The both of them shared the humor for a time, and then she startled, bringing him to awareness as well. Her orb fell out of her lap as she rose, causing him to move away with a start. "Oh shoot! I'm being summoned!" She exclaimed.

Thresh felt an odd feeling overwhelming himself, like he was being pulled somewhere. "Summoned? To fight?" He asked. She nodded.

He reached for her orb, which had bounced and rolled away from her and closer to him. As he did, she reached to pick up his things. As they both stood straight, holding the other's weapons, their forms began to fade quickly until…


Ahri, dazed by the sudden summon into one of the Fields of Justice, was barely able to keep herself up. She felt strange, like there was something missing from her but could not place what. Around her, she recognized the members of her team. What caught her attention was that they were staring at her in a way she was unused to. "Is there something wrong?" She asked.

Ezreal, the attack damage carry as it was called, pointed to her hands. "Those." He said.

She looked down at her hands and realized what the problem was: She had Thresh's chained sickle and lantern instead of her orb. "Hey, Summoner! You need to call off this match! I do not have my orb!" She thought aloud, using the connection to the summoner to speak.

There was silence, and then she heard his voice in her head. "Your abilities have changed too. Ahri, if I may ask and please forgive me if I am wrong, but why do you have Thresh's weapons? Is there some kind of problem with the two of you?" He asked through the mental link

You don't know the half of it, is what she wanted to say, but did not. "I ran into him before you summoned me. As I was brought here, I must have grabbed his weapons by mistake." She thought. Wait, he said her abilities had changed?

The summoner's voice came before she could ask. "I cannot end the match; it is too late for that and too early to surrender. If the others allow it, the match will end in twenty minutes." He offered. By the way he sounded, he was also speaking to her and the other four summoners with him. "Until then, you will have to bear with it. I can tell you your abilities, if you like." He offered.

The match was already starting. Urdy ran forward into the jungle, Nasus was already halfway to the top lane, and Ezreal and Sona were searching the bottom half of their team's jungle for the other team. Ahri was left alone in the base fountain. "Alright, let's hear it. I will wait for the match to ead one way or another." She thought to the summoner. She grabbed a crystal flask, a ward, and a potion with her starting gold as she spoke.

"Your passive is Essence Capture; you gain ability power with each random essence that is left behind by defeated enemies. Lash is your first ability; a skill shot is fired that damages the first enemy hit a set amount plus a percent of your ability power, and targets around receive true damage and single targets take true damage with no splash. Your second ability is Essence Shield; your lantern is thrown out and allies around it are protected by a shield based on the number of essences you have captured. Next is Fox Flayer." He said, informing her of the changes.

Ahri smiled. "Great! At least that one is unchanged." She thought. There was silence as she waited by her turret. "Summoner?" She asked.

"No, Fox Flayer, not Fox Fire. You appear behind your target and stun them for two seconds, dealing physical damage plus the number of essence you have captured. Finally, your ultimate ability is Whirling Flare; your sickle catches fire and your begin to swing it around it in circles, enemies hit by the blade are feared and run from you while enemies hit by the chain are charmed and walk toward you. That's all." He said.

Ahri was stunned. "All of my abilities are different? That's crazy!" She screamed in her head. Suddenly, she regretted ever meeting that specter Thresh. But, if she had his weapons, then that had to mean he had… "Oh no." She said to herself, slapping her forehead. He must have her orb.

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Thresh grumbled a string of curses as he realized the grass had turned to a rejuvenating, wet stone. He looked and, instead of Ahri, he was saw the ones called Kayle, Lee Sin, Kha'Zix, and Elise; all standing. He also saw that he was within the Field of Justice Summoner's Rift, a place he found far too green and lively to be anything but magical. Minus the jungle creatures within, he hated the place.

He rose then, having been on his knees before and after being summoned to fetch Ahri's orb, and realized his sickle, chains, and lantern were nowhere to be found. Instead, Ahri's orb, its color white, lay before him.

"Magical assistant!" He called out, indicating his summoner. "End this match immediately so that I may find my sickle and lantern from where you plucked me!" He demanded, paying no mind to the other champions as they bought their starting items.

The summoner's voice came to him in his head, another voice in his mind as it were. "I can't. If I do, then you will just be sitting there and I could go to the tribunal for poor sportsmanship." It sounded like whining to the warden. "Besides, I've never summoned you before. What's the problem?" The summoner asked.

Thresh raised the orb above his head, as though the summoner were watching from above him. "Does this look like a sickle, chain, green lantern, or any variation of the three?" He asked sarcastically. "Return me to whence I was, or, better, put me into the lane to… wait a minute. How am to collect the souls of those little blue and purple gnomes with this thing?" He asked, the last part more to himself as he looked at the glass-like ball. It produced a white fog, rather than the different colors he had seen Ahri bring out of it.

The summoner was silent for a time, as though checking something, so Thresh went ahead and heeded the mortal's commands of buying items before going to the bottom lane with the Void bug. Finally, the summoner's voice came. "It looks like your abilities were changed since the PTB." He said.

"The what!?" Thresh asked, confused.

"The public testing battles for summoners. It was before your reflection and judgment." The summoner explained.

"You mean those weren't part of the whole 'become famous by all of Runeterra' battles?" He asked. "Is that why I am no longer gray?" He asked.

"Yes and no. The first battles were to determine how best to limit your abilities to make them on par with the other champions. As to your color, didn't you change that yourself?" The summoner asked.

Thresh thought for a few moments, and then snapped his fingers. "Ah yes, I did do that part. Something about terrifying the children or some such nonsense, or are they called yordles?" He questioned. He shook his head. "Let's hear the abilities while I keep this insect from dying." Thresh said. Kha'Zix, either him or his summoner eager for blood, had made his way into the enemy jungle.

The summoner's voice was a long time in returning and only after the warden and bug had chased off the other two champions. "Your passive is Soul Enforced; you are able to collect the souls of the dead and gain armor for each one. Your first ability is Love Tap; you throw out your orb and, after a few moments, you can switch places with it. Enemies are stunned if hit by the orb and drawn toward you for two seconds." The summoner said.

Thresh responded before he could continue. "Sounds like fun, get it!" He commanded. Apparently it had a second effect as the orb began to change colors. What started as white turned green, then yellow, then red, and finally a bright pink. A quick strike on a one of the enemy minions revealed his bonus damage, that and a short term charm effect. "Interesting…" He muttered, watching the effects.

The summoner continued his explanation of his chosen champion's new abilities. "The second ability is Spirit Army, and that one appears to be flat damage based on level and the number of souls you have gained. Every fifteen creates an extra magic damaging flame that will strike the nearest enemy; prioritizing larger foes. The third is a charm; strike in a cone in front of you, based on your ability power, and enemies hit are charmed and walk toward you aimlessly. Finally, your ultimate is The Sphere." The summoner said.

Thresh obeyed his summoners commands as he fought and moved, eagerly watching his new abilities take effect and listening to the explanations. Finally, the summoner explained. "The Sphere creates a circle around you, protecting you from enemy attacks, damaging enemies that go through it, and slowing them for two seconds. It seems to heal allies within it up to a maximum amount." He said, adding the healing bit.

The warden let out a hearty laugh. "So I am a support, healer, and tank, is that it? Haha! Oh I cannot WAIT until this match is over!" He said cheerfully. As much as he was unused to the orb as a weapon, he was able to bind it to his will thanks to his experience with his lantern. As it turned out, the two were not that different to him.

To himself, however, he wondered if Ahri had his weapons. Whatever the case, he hoped, oddly enough, that she would not be upset with his using her weapon.

After a rather enjoyable fifty minutes, the match was finally over.

Ahri strutted through the halls, swinging the lantern by its chain in her left hand as her right rested on the sickle's handle. She was looking for Thresh to return his weapons and get her orb back. As much as she missed it, however, she had managed to form a connection with the lantern. Where it once emitted an eerie green light, the light was now a bright, red light shown from it, changed by her handling of the new souls within it. If one could hear the souls within, they would find that the souls were screaming in bliss, not pain. She had enjoyed the change in pace from her basic fighting style, but she missed her orb.

Thresh, walking down the hall around the corner on his way to find her, causally tossed the orb back and forth from one hand to another, hummed to himself as he listened to the moans within the orb. It was a brilliant, glowing green color. The souls within were not in pain, not like he was use to inflicting onto souls, but were in more of an exhausted and weakened state. However, there were a few in there that moaned in bliss, pleased by the pain he had given. It was such an odd thing for him to hear, a soul to moan in bliss, whenever he tortured it, but he ignored it.

As they both arrived at the corner they would meet, both continued to walk until…

They collided with one another.

Ahri dropped the lantern and chain as she fell backwards, the otherworldly object hitting the floor but not shattering or breaking. Her landing was somewhat painful due to the chain under her, so she adjusted herself so it was not so painful.

Thresh's hands locked the orb in his grip, and kept it from falling to the floor as he landed on his rear. It was odd not hearing the rattling of his chains when he made a sudden movement, like there was something missing from him.

When their eyes came up, both stared into the other's eyes. After a time, Thresh looked down to his lantern. At the same time, Ahri looked down to her orb.

"They're moaning." She said.

"They're screaming." He said.

He handed the orb to her and she, in turn, handed the lantern and sickle to him. With their own weapons back, each peered into their own container for their past victims, putting their ears close so as to better understand the nature. Both appeared greatly confused by the reactions despite the sounds being so familiar.

Their glares returned as they turned to one other. The fight was back in their eyes.

"They're screaming in blissful pleasure, you bitch!" Thresh roared at the same time she spoke.

"They're moaning in painful anguish, you bastard!" Ahri hissed at the same time he spoke.

"Decades, some centuries, of careful practice to attain the desired states have now been ruined because you have made them think life enjoyable again! I can see hope in several of them!" He yelled as he rose. He could not even see the ones who still feared him for the torments he'd burned into their very souls through the ones she had brought to the front. Even they did not cower away from the casing of the lantern, but pushed against it as though accepting and expecting some joyous fate.

"I've spent decades collecting very specific emotions from essence, teasing out such emotions with very delicate measures! Many of these took months, some years, to get! How are they moaning in pleasure when they are in pain!?" She demanded. The art of seduction was not easy, each victim requiring its own specific, some very specific, touches. She had to learn, date, and support many before they finally trusted her to express longing, much less love. Now, some were in pain yet seemed happier.

Thresh held up his lantern for her, the light almost blinding to her. "You tell me! Some people actually enjoy pain! I've had to go through great lengths to make them suffer and scream and plead for death!" He said, his tone heated with anger. He brought the lantern back and tapped the glass with his sickle, indicating a small amount of souls near the corner. "And why are these cowering, trying to hide themselves? I've never seen them so frightened as they would hide in the corners, rather than seek the comfort of the group!" He questioned.

Ahri's tails stood straight like she was about the pounce as she growled in a low, warning before answering his question. "I don't know! You've twisted them so much they think pleasure is the worst kind of torture! They asked, pleaded with tears, that I claw, flay, and maul them until they were could no longer stay away!" She hissed with her tone laced with malice.

There was silence for several moments as they each glared at the other, comprehending what was said. The warden looked to his lantern, hearing the screams within it and the fright-filled wails of the damned souls, while the fox-girl looked at her orb, listening carefully to the moans laced with pain and joy. In a way, they were still the same, just the source of the sounds reversed. In a few ways, the emotions each had worked so hard to bring out were enhanced.

Their eyes turned back to each other.

They stared at one another for minutes; the only sounds were her breathing, the cries coming from the lantern and orb, and the slight rattle of chains.

Finally, after near to ten minutes, they leaned away from each other, straightened, and… Thresh began to chuckle as Ahri began to giggle. And then, they both laughed.

"I commend you! You've done what I've never thought of: You've added a new voice to my chorus of suffering. Bravo!" He said, hooking his sickle to his belt before reaching over and bringing her in for a one-arm hug.

Ahri brought her left arm around his waist. "And you've brought pleasure to the essences of people I've thought were crazy. Bravo!" She said in between fits of laughter. "Do you think you can show me how you did it? I may come across someone who enjoys pain, and I want to make sure I satisfy them to the fullest." She asked.

Thresh laughed at her words. "Of course, but only if you show me how to bring pain to those who wish to be hurt." He answered.

It was a… questionable truce.

Thresh and Ahri returned to the park, this time without an escort. There were new couples around the tables, many odd.

Diana and Zed, Syndra and Ryze, Galio and Poppy, Garen and Katarina, Lux and Skarner, Kalye and Lee Sin, Kennen and Zyra, LeBlance and Vladimir, and Leona and Nasus all sat at their own tables and talked, ate, and whatever else they did. While they were not all at the tables, some along the way to the park, Ahri had given a little of their details to Thresh. His dark smile and wicked thought-filled eyes seemed brighter to her now.

"It's kind of odd." She said, looking around.

"What is? The little girl with the crystal scorpion?" He asked.

She shook her head. "No… well, yes, but I had thought two others would be here. I heard from Trundle that Nidalee and Rengar were dating, but I've not seen them together to be sure." She explained.

Meanwhile, in the Kumungu Jungle, a large bush shook vigorously. Image the song, 'In the Jungle', playing as you contemplate this short cutout.

"The cougar girl and trophy hunter?" He asked. When she nodded her head, he went on. "I've heard about that, but not really seen them. The woman was having some trouble with spiders or something." He said, trying to recall the exact rumor.

Ahri nodded her head once more. "She and Elise were having a feud that eventually drew in the League, the Institution, several of the other champions, and even trade routes. Finally, the matter was settled, but I do not know the exact details. I few of the summoners I've slept with did know a little about it, and that's how I know of what I do." She explained. She left out that the relationship she had pieced together herself from her own experiences. Trundle had tried to hide it, but she had other months to talk in his place.

When they arrived at their table, number 14, the warden pulled out a chair for Ahri, who blushed slightly and smiled coyly at him before sitting down. He even pushed her up before sitting down himself. "A shame I did not show up sooner. I could have helped solve the problem and gotten three more souls out of it." He said, and then let out a dark laughter.

Ahri giggled a little bit at his humor, finding it more accepting now. It felt like it had been years since their fight the same morning. "Six, actually. Kha'Zix, Teemo, and Tristana were involved as well. I really wish I could find those two tonight. Maybe, with your help, I can get the full details." She said, showing off her own dark side.

"Why not Kha'Zix and Elise?" He offered.

"Too much trouble, and not enough details." She said. "Elise would poison me with venom and Kha'Zix would try to eat me." She added, answering his unspoken question.

Thresh put his hands behind his head and leaned his head back in a more comforting position, closing his eyes as he did. "I see. If they are dating, I am sure they are somewhere in the woods. Animals tend to hunt in packs, and, from what I've heard, they would enjoy each other's company." He said.

"Who would enjoy whose company?"

Thresh shrugged his shoulders, adjusting the chain around them. "That Nidalee and Rengar couple. I would love to meet them and personally introduce myself." He said.

"And who would you be, exactly?"

He opened his eyes and turned his head toward Ahri, thinking it was she who had been talking. Instead, he found her smiling and looking in a different direction. He turned his head and saw a beautiful woman in animal hide clothing around her chest, arms, and waist and wearing animal skin boots; she had a spear on her back, an emerald on her forehead, and a bone necklace and belt. Near her was a well-built beast man, about a head shorter than her but larger in muscle mass, wearing leather armor. At his hips were two, large hunting knives, on his left wrist was a claw-like weapon, and he had an eye patch over his left eye.

The woman smiled, her skin tone brown or tanned. "I am Nidalee, and this is Rengar. Who are you?" She asked.

"Thresh, the Chain Warden." He said.

The woman, Nidalee, leaned toward him, putting her face close to his. "It's nice to meet you, spirit snatcher." She said.

Out of the bush fell Twitch, panting and breathing heavily from the effort of his assigned job. "I'm not getting paid enough for this." He said. He looked over his shoulder. "Hey, Heimerdinger! You can turn that off now." He yelled.

The music stopped, and out came a large and yellow headed yordle with a stereo system. "Excellent! This means we are done with this silly comedy portion." He said.

Both then began walking toward the path and on their way out of the jungle. "Why did Nidalee ask us t-t-to do this again?" Twitch asked, stuttering slightly.

The professor shrugged his shoulder that was not carrying the light-weight metal box. "She said it would be funny."

"Funny for who?" Twitch asked.

With the feral couple sitting at their own table, Thresh and Ahri sat and talked. They had each ordered a light meal and were now discussing what to do about their own methods of capturing souls. To both, it was nice to have someone who shared the life-long passion, even if Ahri did not kill people any more.

To Ahri, she only wanted to keep absorbing the essences of others to achieve her goal of becoming human. The League had provided her with a strong and resilient supply of victims, some even immortal, which she could feed on. While she would not become human quickly, she would in time. While she did wait, she developed social skills, but retrained her desire to please people. Either she would be the best wife to some lucky guy, or she would be the most popular lady in any town or city she chose.

To Thresh, it was like learning his craft all over again. He had no intention to stop, but the ability to keep his victims alive and hopeful was an intriguing concept. Before, all he did was capture and torture his victims, and then ripped the souls from their bodies. Now, he was learning to keep them alive and on the line between sheer panic and questioning intent. He may even begin leaving the doors to cells unlocked and opened, even a boat at the ready, if he could master this. His victims would be conflicted between leaving hell and heaven to escape back into where they knew others assumed them to be dead.

What started as a fight for the right to the souls of the League Champions had quickly turned into an agreement between two businesses. Which one would thrive, however, was still in question.

Hours later, when night had finally arrived and the summoners were leaving or retiring for the night, Thresh followed Ahri to her room. She wanted to thank him for his advice, apologize for her actions, and show him some of what she had described. The warden had said he'd wanted to do as much as well.

Once inside her large, two room apartment within the Institution, she locked the door. "Now then, shaw we begin?" She asked, strutting toward him with a sly smile.

Thresh reached toward her with his hand, delicately running his fingers over her flawless face. He pushed some strands of stray hair out of the way of her face. "Indeed. Which of us will go first?" He asked.

With a slight chuckle, she pushed him back into the bedroom, and then followed him in. She closed the door. "I'll go first, since you seem so eager to learn." She said, and then turned off the light.

What was Valentine's Day without a little love?

The next day, Ahri woke up with a start. She was sweating, covered in a sheen of her own sweat. She tried to move, to fan herself with her hands, but found herself bound. She began to struggle, panic even, and then scream.

It came out muffled. She had a gag over her mouth!

As she struggled, she could not make heads or tails of what was happening. All she remembered was that last night she had been with the new champion of the League, Thresh.

Thresh!? That's it! She had invited him into her room and now…!

"I'll undo that when you stop squirming." Came a voice laced with humor and inhuman vocals.

She froze at the sound of that voice. It was him!

Slowly, she turned her fearful eyes to see him. He was standing over her, near the bed, and with a wicked smile on his face. She could see that he was laughing at her plight.

"Now hold still." He commanded, gripping her by the wrists. It was then that she saw a sickle, sharper than any sword she had ever seen, in his right hand.

As he raised it, she began to crying in fright, fearing this would be her end. Why? Why now? She had not even had the chance to know what it was to be human!

He then brought the weapon of death down.

She shut her eyes so tight it hurt. And then…

There was the sound of something ripping. "Just hold still." He said calmly.

She was breathing heavily, her mind racing as to what he was doing to her. Was he cutting her back open? Did he intend to disembowel her from behind? Why did she not feel any pain!?

And then, the sound stopped. His grip released. "You're going to pass out if you do not control your breathing." He stated, chuckling at her distress.

Ahri felt that she could move her arms again. She sat up and reached to clean her face, and then found that she was wearing a shirt with long, long sleeves on it. She looked down the length of the sleeve, and then to her back. It was the same color; a pale white.

"That Shaco fellow, the Demon Jester I believe, will be upset I cannot return this to him." He said.

Shaco? Return something to him? And then it clicked: She was wearing a strait jacket. Relief washed over her like a cool, refreshing waterfall on a hot summer day.

Still, she was confused, so she turned to the smiling Thresh, who was still watching her. At least he put his sickle away. "Why am I in a strait jacket? Last night's kinda… blurry to me." She said.

Thresh began to explain. After she had showed him a little bit of the art of seduction, he had offered to show her the art of torture. He had promised to not hurt her, a relief in and of itself, but she would likely feel panicked. The strait jacket was the best substitute for his chains, which were normally used to bind his victims and give them a sense of helplessness. She had panicked and lost consciousness during the demonstration, and he did not want to disturb her while she slept.

She had changed into a normal shirt and a short skirt at his recommendation so she would not ruin her favorite clothes if she began to scratch and claw them or set them on fire. The clothes were covered in sweat from her panic, fright, and the temperature of the new day. His flaming head, adding to the heat of the room, did not help.

"Will you open the window?" She asked, finally able to fan herself with her hands. "It's stuffy in here." She said.

He did as he was asked, opening the window, and then began to gather his chains and lantern. "I will be leaving now. Mordekaiser came by last night while I was getting the jacket and wanted to speak to me. I managed to 'convince' him to wait until the morning." He said, stressing the word 'convince'. The tone made her shutter. "I look forward to seeing you again… Ahri." He said.

She smiled, a blush coming to her features. She heard the door to the bedroom open, and then saw him walk out. Before he could make it to the room down to leave into the hallway, she called out. "Wait!" He paused with his hand on the doorknob. "Until next time, Thresh." She said; without hiding neither her smile nor her blush.

He turned to her and smiled. That look made her heart flutter. "If you are willing, I can show you more of my craft tonight." He said.

She took a deep breath, composing herself should her voice fail. "Only if I can show you more of mine." The seductive ring in her tone would only be missed by the deaf.

With that, he opened the door and, before closing it, their eyes locked in a silent 'good-by for now', and then he closed it.

Ahri let out the breath as she sagged backward, into the table. She found the chair and sat down, placed her hands over her heart, and began to calm her breathing. She still wore the strait jacket, and the smell was the last thing on her mind.

And that was my Valentine's Day special fan fiction. A few things: 1.) I do not intend to do a lemon with the two because the undead and specters in the lore are unknown to me. 2.) There will not be a part two explaining what happened during the night when Thresh and Ahri were alone in her room. Seduction you can use your own imaginations for that, and the torture is a little out of my style. 3.) This was not intended to be released so soon as I had intended to wait a few more days, but I found out that there would be things outside of my control over the course of next week and I did not want to release this after Valentine's Day. 4.) Finally, please do not bash my fan fiction. Criticism is one thing, but I do not reviews absolutely hating on this like it is a plague upon the world.

With all that said, I hope everyone who reads this has enjoyed it. And I wish you all a Happy Valentine's Day.