Author's Note:

Here it is, and it only took... a year? A year and a half? I have no idea why it took me so long.

I blame life though. Speaking of which, this is how Thresh deals with his:

After a minute of this manic giggling, she stopped and closed her eyes, hugging him to her once more. "I'm here Thresh... waiting for you and only you." A tear runs down her cheek and onto his back. "I'll wait as long as it takes. I will not abandon you. I'll die before I do." She whispered.

Raising his arms, he wrapped them around her body, placing his palms on her shoulders and pulling him to her. He felt her freeze, as though she were surprised. "I have a request." He whispered.

Ahri softly nuzzled herself into his chest. "Anything." She said simply, her body shaking from slight crying.

"I want you to take my life essence, and return my essence of undeath to me." He said.

She looked up at him. "What? You want me to kill you?" She asked.

He pushed her away a little, and then moved his right hand to caress and hold the side of her face. "Do not let me live with any more pain that I must. Please, just return me to what I was before: a specter." He says.

She raised her left hand to put on his right, and then her right hand on his left shoulder. She then looked into his eyes as hers filled with tears. "If that is what you want, I will, but I only know how to do that one way." She replied.

He nodded, and then smiled, either an intentional or unintentional wicked smile; either way, it frightened her. "So long as you do not mind a little pain being inflicted." He said.

Ahri nodded her head slowly, understandably nervous, fearful of the unknown, but… aroused, for some reason. She had seen him torture his prisoners before, even watched him and quietly wondered what it would be like if she was the one strapped to the torture devices, completely at mercy to which he had none to offer.

"You mean… you're going to- to hurt me?" She asked with a shaky voice. It was not from fear, but more anticipation. She felt a desire for this, like her desire to be human.

And her want to steal and absorb essence again.

She had begun doing that again, with Thresh's prisoners, but it was only because they would otherwise have died in pain. Yet, it was that pain that held her, gripped her even, and left her… curious.

Thresh's warm, living hand moved down toward her neck, and he squeezed.

Ahri's eyes went wide, but she then closed her eyes and let herself feel his grasp. He wasn't squeezing very hard, which left her to wonder what he was thinking, but, gradually, she felt his grip tighten ever so slightly until it was just on the edge of her not being able to breathe.

And then his grip tightened just enough to be pushed over that edge…

Yet, she did not open her eyes. She only knelt there, on her knees in front of him, arms hanging on her side with her head pointing upward and her eyes closed, as she felt herself running out of breath, her lungs burning and aching for it.

He then released her throat, causing her to let out a gasp and take in several breaths of much needed air, but it did not last for long as Thresh pulled her toward him and locked her lips with his, kissing her roughly, also causing her to widen her eyes n surprise.

It was not the type of passionate kiss she preferred, but the Nine-Tailed Fox was able to tell that he was not inexperienced at kissing. At one point in his life, she knew, he had shared another, kinder side of himself with a woman.

He breathed air into her lungs, sharing his breath with her.

She found herself closing her eyes once again only to reopen them, wide, when she felt him push the fingers of his left hand into and up against the inside of her ribs, causing her a great deal of pain. With his mouth against hers, she couldn't even scream out and was only just able to gasp. Her eyes rolled back into her head slightly as he pushed harder, increasing the pain, but… she did not move to stop him. Instead, she only felt herself becoming more aroused by his actions.

Suddenly, he separated from her, breaking away from their rough kiss and removing his hands from her throat and waist.

Immediately, Ahri gasped and took in sharp, rapid breaths before beginning to cough violently as she leaned forward and used her arms for support.

"Still up for this?" Thresh asked with a wicked smile on his face.

Ahri took a deep breath before straightening and looking at her. She was still trying to catch her breath, but she was also smiling with a hopeful look in her eyes. She nodded her head slightly.

Thresh raised an eyebrow at her. "Indulging in the agony, I see?" He asked.

Her response was a smile, and then she began to strip, removing her clothes and tossing them off of the bed.

When she finished, her raven black hair fell down her back with two strands teasingly hiding the peaks of her breasts, her golden eyes met his green eyes, and she brought her hands to his face. "I prefer to let actions speak." She said, and then leaned forward to kiss him.

She was surprised when her expect tongue met an experienced one. She had expected Thresh to be new to oral play, but it was a pleasant surprised.

As she sat on his lap, her hands keeping his head near hers and sharing, what one could say, his second first kiss, she felt his hands, warm but not as warm as her body, move across her back with a gentle but noticeable touch. The tips of his fingers traced along her shoulder blades and the bumps of her spine.

It felt good, causing her to moan into his mouth and close her eyes to focus only on the kiss and his skilled, cool, and steady hands on her warm, smooth skin.

She felt two fingers press against both of her shoulder blades, and then groaned from the mild pain as he continued to apply pressure before massaging the skin around the two spots. She had known to expect pain during this particular session of love-making, but she hadn't expected for him to get right into inflecting pain.

Still… it felt good to her. It wasn't painful in the way of hurting her that would make her want to stop, but painful in a way that made her wonder what else he'd do to her. She did not feel threatened as though he was going to break her arm or strangle her until she died, but it was just enough to take her out of her comfort zone and show her a new way to experience pleasure; or at least his sadist version of it.

Finally, Ahri broke the kiss as his hands moved to the lower half of her spine. She breathed a sigh of bliss as she leaned toward him and placed her chin on his left shoulder. She closed her eyes to focus only on his hands along her spine as those digits traveled lower…

She yelped, her eyes going wide, when she felt him grab and squeeze both her bottom cheeks. Despite not expecting it, she found herself relaxing as he began to squeeze and release her cheeks, leaving her to moan as he played with her ass.

She began to take short, rapid breaths as he squeezed, released, pulled apart, and squished together her ass cheeks. It wasn't anything new to her, but it felt good regardless. Foreplay before sex was always fun and teasing always made the inevitable feel so much better.

"I think it's time we try something more interesting." Thresh said, causing her to raise her head a little. He lifted her by her bottom, his strong, firm grip making it easy for him to do so, and made her slide down his front.

She was surprised by this, and smiled both outward and inward when she felt his manhood push her right breast and come to rest between both, giving off an unexpected but pleasant feeling.

She then felt him adjust his grip to lift her up, over, and onto her back; she helped him by not struggling and lifting some of her own weight with her arms. She kissed the tip of his penis as her head passed it, and then lay down on her upper back, legs up with her ankles on his shoulders, and her rear end up and at the mercy of his hungry mouth.

Or so she had assumed.

He held her up by her left leg with his right arm, hand on her thigh and her right leg on his left shoulder, and reached with his left hand to something she had to raise herself up to see.

She frowned curiously as she watched. "What are you planning?" She asked, holding her upper half up with her arms.

He paused and looked at her. "What do you mean?" He asked her.

"I thought you were going to eat me out." She said simply with a hint of anticipation and disappointment, though she did feel herself becoming warmer in her lower regions above her. She stuck out her tongue and made a licking motion for a few seconds before blinking at him. "Like that." She said, and then glanced to her wetting nether regions.

Thresh, slightly perplexed and a little confused by her request, leaned toward her. "What is my favorite item in this world?" He asked her with a coy smile as he hid what was in his left hand. However, the rattle of his favored weapon and method of torment and the look in his eyes gave away the answer to his question.

She smiled seductively and licked her lips in a lusty manner. "Chains leave marks." She stated with false terror, though it was impossible to take her serious with that sly smile on her face and a small giggle from her lips. "If you're going to put those inside me, could you lube them first?" She asked as she raised an eyebrow.

"Oh, I trust it will be fine." He said as he finally revealed the instrument of torture he was so well known for. It was two foot long lengths of chain with a rounded link every sixth inch and a spherical at each end. They were shiny, new even, and looked to be as smooth as a marble.

He laid the chain over her right thigh, the coolness of it making her shiver slightly, and placed one of its rounded ends at the entrance to her anus, which sent a shiver up her spine. She took a deep breath through her nose as she felt him begin to insert the metallic, multi-linked object into her small, sensitive hole. It was cold, hard, and forced its way into her body, but, with every link he pushed in, she felt herself heating up as her breathing became more rapid.

When he pushed in the second round link, she held her breath, and then let it out with a relieved sigh. With each new link that went in, her muscle contracting and relaxing to swallow the chain with slow, calm breaths to make it as painless as possible, it felt like her insides were shrinking and she began to moan softly.

Ahri had to close her eyes against the painful pleasure Thresh was administering to her, and, when she did, she felt him adjust her position, changing her from lying on her back with her lower half being supported to being on her knees and her face down. She gripped the sheets of the bed and tried to relax as best she could, but she couldn't hold in her moans any longer. With each link that went in, she would moan and her tails would twitch.

Finally, after what seemed like hours, she felt him rubbing her cheeks with his hands, spreading them apart and squishing them together, either knowingly or unknowingly being the reason why she bit her lower lip to quiet herself. It felt amazing, sending jolts of pleasure and pain through her until…

Her vision turned white, her hips shook vigorously, her tails stood up, and she shrieked into the sheets as a climax wracked her body, spraying her vaginal fluids over the sheets between her legs and some part of the living Thresh.

Ahri began to breathe heavily through her mouth, trying to catch her breath, but that breath was caught suddenly when she felt a hand at her sensitive lower lips. One finger rubbed between her lips… two fingers rubbed at a lip each… two fingers rubbed at the lips and one rubbed between her lips… and, finally, she felt two fingers penetrate into her body as another one pressed her love button.

"I hope you weren't thinking we were finished." She heard him say from behind as he teased her sex with his fingers. "It's not over until I say so." He said before roughly removing his fingers from inside her and causing her to gasp sharply. "And even then, not until I am once more among the undead." He added with a dark chuckle.

Ahri held in her breath, biting down on her lower lip to stiffen a shriek, and then she let out a sigh and rubbed the side of her face into the soft sheets of the bed as she recovered from the orgasm that had rocked her body so. Despite it having been a painful, dry entrance, she couldn't help but wiggle her butt at the feeling of that length of chain still inside her.

She closed her eyes and smiled with a blissful expression on her face. "Do you still remember how to do this?" She asked. Her tone was a mix between seductive and superiority, as though she were the one calling the shots and telling him what to do with the promise of the reward he sought. She was in such a position, having his essence of undeath in her orb and he wanted that, but she was also eager to see how much control he would give her.

In response, Thresh smirked, or so she guessed by the sound he made, and smacked her right cheek, hard, causing her to whelp from the shock of it. "Of course I remember. I just have a different form of foreplay." He informed her, and then began to massage her sensitive folds with his fingers.

She moaned at the action, and then groaned when he stopped. "Don't be gentle." She whispered. "My orb will heal me, as long as you do not do anything lethal to me." She added as she snuggled the side of her face into the sheets of the bed.

Ahri opened her mouth as though to moan, but produced no sound as she felt him begin to lick and tease her vagina with his tongue. Over and between her labia, parting her lips and collecting her juices, Thresh was proving that he knew exactly what he was doing, and she was having trouble guessing just how experienced he was.

With one last lick and a slurp, he removed himself from her lower lips and smacked her right ass cheek, causing her to gasp and then groan when he roughly parted that check from the other. She then felt him grip her other cheek and part that one before quickly and mercilessly thrusting himself into her.

Ahri cried out at the sudden invasion, but she gasped instead of screamed when he pulled her up by her arms and held her as he began to thrust in and out of her, earning a sharp gasp with each thrust in.

While he did this, she closed her eyes and began to take analysis of his member and to adjust her body to his length. His girth was average, maybe a thicker as he was a muscular man in life due to his craft, but what surprised her most was his length; ten, maybe twelve, inches of hard man meat ramming into her. Coupled with the chain still inside her ass, it was the roughest sex she had ever felt…

And she liked it.

After only a few thrusts, Ahri opened her eyes again and began to moan and whimper as he continued to ravage her. Her eyes glazed over, she breathed through her open mouth, and her large breasts bounced with each violent thrust.

A minute later, she was pulled closer to him, her back meeting his chest, and he moved his hands to her breasts, grabbing, squeezing, fondling, and pulling on the large, fleshy mounds as he continued to thrust into her.

"Oh yes! Oh yes!" Ahri nearly screamed. She moved her hands to his sides, and then began to feel him from down to up, admiring his toned figure and the occasional scar here and there. Even if she didn't know how he had scars with this new body, she didn't care at all. If anything, the scars added a charm she rarely saw from other partners.

As her hands roamed up, she had to take them off and turn her body slightly to the right. When she did, she felt him stop thrusting, so she began to grind her hips against his, grind her lower lips against the base of his manhood. She moaned in bliss and reached around to the back of his head and was surprised to find that his air was… braided(?) as though it were a chain with a hooked end. "Oh my…"

Thresh paused from his molesting of her breasts, and glanced at the braid she held. In the past, he would have tied in real hooks at the ends of those, but, given that he didn't have a choice, he was delighted that it didn't run his appearance. "They're not the way I like them, but at least the hooks are there." He said.

He then roughly squeezed and pulled her breasts away from her chest, making her hold her breath and squeal and squirm, and then watched them bounce back into place. "Move yourself." He ordered, and leaned back with one arm and placed the other one on her lower back. "Get to it." He said before patting and rubbing her left cheek.

Ahr turned her head to him and smiled before nodding. She leaned forward, placing her hands down on the sheets of the bed, adjusted her legs so she was on her knees and straddling his hips, and began to move at her own pace. "Your size is much different than I thought it would be." She moaned as she moved, sliding up and down his length.

Thresh moved his hand from her butt cheek toward her ass hole, where the chain had been inserted, and quietly counted the links that had been pushed out so far. "How so?" He asked in a smoothing tone that betrayed his intentions. Her tails were not in his way, but moved to the sides to allow him not only access to her posterior but vision as well. If he wanted to, he could pick them out individually where they met left her body, but he didn't; he had other plans.

She moaned her answer as she returned to a grinding motion, wishing to know what he had planned and waiting with a smile. "It's thick, hard, and pulsing, but I can feel the tip right at my cervix." She then stopped with his cock at one particular area inside her and visibly shuddered. "Just a little more… and you'll be inside…" She managed to say with a shaky voice.

She wanted him inside her deepest recesses so badly, but she also wanted this to last as long as possible…

"Having some trouble getting that first odd link out, I see." Thresh said, seemingly out of nowhere.

Ahri paused from her motions and looked over her shoulder at him with a questioning look. "What?" She asked with a breathless face.

He glanced up at her as he began to coil the links of chain around his fingers. "Oh, nothing. Lean forward more." He said and ordered. When she did, a smile on her face as she knew what he wanted to do, he began to pull the chain out of her at a pace that bordered between uncomfortable and arousing. "There was a point when I used this in my routine of torture, only with pointed ends and jagged links." He explained as he pulled.

"Ahhhh… what made you- oh… change your- ah! mind…?" She managed to ask. It was an amazing feeling, and one that was quickly bringing her over the edge. She would never have imaged that it would feel so good to be filled in both holes, and then have one of them quickly emptied as was happening now.

When the last inch, the final ball-rounded end, was left inside her, he began to push in the second to last links before slowly pulling them out, prolonging her enjoyment and pleasure. "The mess mostly, but there was also rupturing of inners and bleeding out from the inside." He explained as though it were matter of factory.

When he swiftly tugged out the last of the chain, Ahri lost it and came with a series of orgasmic shudders before leaning her head forward, tails slouching and falling behind her as well, and breathing heavily.

Thresh, in the meantime, sat the chains to the side, actually dropped them off the bed where they landed with a series of metallic clings, and pushed himself back up. He wrapped his arms around Ahri, who moved her hands up and locked her fingers with his, and turned her head to kiss him.

He returned the kiss before moving his lips downward, delivering gentle kisses along her neck as he did, and then straightened to gain access to her fox ears, which he nibbled on, drawing a moan from her lips.

She opened her glazed eyes to check on her orb. While he wasn't hurting her too much, she was a little worried about the damage he could cause to her body. Upon investigation, she noticed that her orb was only draining his life essence, which was what he wanted but likely did not know. That was how her former essence thievery worked: her orb would steal the essence, but it would also provide a magical substitute, allowing the victim to live on without knowing their life was ending. Until she cut off that substitute, she could keep a headless victim's body alive indefinitely.

She looked back at him when she felt his hand between her breasts, the nails of three of his fingers scratching the smooth skin between them, and her lips met his. She closed her eyes and turned more toward him to deepen the skin, and was then sitting on his lap, his erect member still inside her engorged vagina, and brought her arms under his and placed her hands on the backs of his shoulders.

And then heard the sounds of chains rattling and opened her eyes.

She broke the kiss and turned her head to see him holding his scythe by its handle. She turned to him with a confused look on her face, and he smiled at her. "Lean back on your arms." He said. She did so, leaning back as far as she could and letting her arms keep her body up, and took slow, calming breaths as she watched him raise his scythe to her chest.

She was frightened as he moved the blade's tip between her breasts, but excited as she moved her hands and locked her fingers behind his neck. She waited with anticipation as the blade scratched her skin… and then held her breath as he carefully and expertly pushed the blade into her chest.

She looked up from the blade and back into his eyes then back to the blade, and then let out a breath when he stopped and began to pull the blade out.

When it was free from her chest, she let out a sigh of relief as her orb began to heal the wound… but then he put the scythe down and brought his hand up to the hole. She gasped in pain when she felt him insert two fingers into the wounds, and then a third followed by a fourth, and, finally, began to push his hand into her chest as she stared, wide-eyed, and breathed heavily.

When his hand disappeared inside her chest, she gasped when he began to move his hand around inside her. He acted calmly about this, even getting a pillow from behind and placing it behind him so as to be comfortable, and then brought that hand up to stroke the side of her face in a soothing, reassuring gesture. "Don't worry; I'm not going to kill you." He said reassuringly. "But this will likely continue to hurt." He added.

She breathed slowly, moving her hands from his neck to the biceps of his arms, and staring at his arm that was inside her. She felt the fingers of his hand graze her heart, caress it even, before moving to her right lunch and rubbing the side of it, and finally to her left lung. She closed her eyes and let out a breath as she felt him turn his hand over and then again when she felt him begin to piston his arm out then back into her chest.

"You're being remarkably calm." He noted as he found her heart again. He wrapped his fingers around the vital organ, but did not do so tightly, and then gave it a light squeeze, causing her to tense up until he released her. "If this because you do not think I will kill you?" He asked her, and then be pull his hand from her slowly, but kept two fingers in so as to tease and inflict pain.

She half-opened her eyes, having closed them before against the pain, and looked at him with a small, loving smile; at the same time, her wound began to heal but stopped around his fingers. "I… I guess I'm just- ah! –excited." She said, gasping lightly when he removed his blood-covered fingers from her chest. His hand was, for the most part, not covered in blood, but there was some on it.

Thresh then raised her fingers toward Ahri lips, and so she opened her mouth and sucked them free of the blood. When she finished, he pulled her closer to him, and put his face to her chest, then began to lip her clean of the blood as she moaned and ran her fingers through his hair and along one braid. After, he began to lick around the nipple of her left breast, took it into his mouth, lightly bit it, and then moved to her other breast and began to suck on the nub.

"Ah! Oh yes…" She moaned. "But, I think we're forgetting something." She said.

As he continued to play with her breasts, she began to move again, grinding her hips on his lap and moving up and down his length. "Oh yesssss! It's right there… right at my cervix. Can you feel the entrance to my womb?" She asked softly as she felt him continue to play with her breasts, now using his hand to manipulate her other breast.

She continued making love to him until he decided to take charge and leaned forward, surprising her, and then positioned her legs so they were bent toward her. "Yes, I could, and now I'm going to fill it." He said, and then began to thrust into her with more force than previously. "You have- ugh- good control- argh- over your- ugh- muscles." He complimented her, referring to her ability to make herself tighter.

She smiled and moaned as he fucked her. "You're much- ah!- bigger- ah!- and longer than- oh yes!- most." She replied as her breathing and arousal reached new heights. She loved every second of being with him, and it was only getting better as he continued.

"AH!" She screamed suddenly. "You're through! You're through and inside!" She said quickly. "I can feel your head in my womb! Harder! Faster! Please!" She nearly screamed. "Fuck me more!" She added.

And Thresh did not disappoint her as he placed his hand into the folds of her bent legs, tightened his grip, and began to fuck her harder and faster. At this point, they were both sweating with tears of bliss filling Ahri's eyes and drops dripping from his chin onto her chest and running down her legs.

His thrusts were relentless, and they both felt their own climaxes quickly approaching. "I'm cumming! I'm about to come! Thresh! Cum with me! Cum with me!" Ahri screamed as she felt herself coming closer and closer to her climax.

Thresh groaned as he continued, his pace quickening to as fast as he could go. "I'm almost there too." He confirmed, and then fell on top of her as he intended to finish.

Ahri wrapped her arms around him and he did the same. "Cum with me! Cum with me and inside me! But then you'll-" She began to say, but couldn't bring herself to do so. She knew he wanted to be undead again, but she wasn't sure if that would work.

"Take it! Take my seed! And my life essence!" He said as he began to slam into her with quick thrusts. "And don't forget to do it!" He said with a threat in his voice.

She nodded. "I will. I'll take them both! Just please sum inside meeeeee!"

She screamed. He groaned. She came. He came inside her.

Ahri shut her eyes tight as orgasm rocked her body and squeezed and contracted as she felt his essence, both sperm and life, warm her core. In that moment, she was filled with a familiar warmth in her lower reigns, but she was also able to fully and completely indulge in her taboo practice… and for once it rocked her to her very core.

She felt Thresh's warm but lifeless body on top of hers and cried. In the moment of bliss, desire, and need, she had forgotten that absorbing the essence of her victim could also bring a flood of their memories, and these memories had been very personal ones for him.

The love he had for his wife was true, true and greater than that of his love for torture, victimizing, and inflicting pain unto others. She knew how badly it hurt him to know that, even in death, he had waited for her… but she had not. To understand and sympathize was one thing, to truly know was another.

For several minutes, all she did was hold the body and rest, waiting for Thresh to return in his undead specter form. As she waited, she slowly drifted into slumber… and into the realm of dreams.

Let's skip ahead about, oh I don't know, maybe 50 or 60 years?

Ahri opened her eyes slowly, and her small smile grew and tears began to form in her eyes. "You're back." She said meekly.

Thresh's skull-like face turned into a smile. "Indeed I am, but I cannot stay for long." He said with a hint of something she had heard only once.

"Could I… go with you?" She asked slowly, hopefully.

He gestured next to her, and she nodded once, so he joined her in the chair next to her. "You always seem to get more beautiful every time I see you."

"You're the only one who's told me that in a long time."

"Oh? In a world of the blinded, it appears I'm the only one with sight, and I've been dead for centuries then decades."

They both laughed a little at that, until Ahri began to cough.

"Don't push yourself."

"I'm fine… since you're here."

She reached over and took his hand in hers, and he reached over and took her other hand in his. They stared into one another's eyes for a time, and then spoke again. "Will you take me with you this time?" She asked.

He stared into her eyes, considering her request, and then raised his hands to cup her face and began to lean toward her…

Back to the past:

"How long do you intend to hold that corpse?"

His voice shocked her, bringing her back into the waking world and making her remember where she was.

Ahri leaned her head back to see Thresh in his spectral form standing over her, and then looked back down to see the back of the head of his human body, now cold from several hours of being dead. She closed her eyes again and moved her hands along the body's back. "You were so warm just a little while ago." She said sadly.

"Yes, and now I'm dead again." He said and made his lantern drift over to the body. There was a low flash, and then the body began to move on its own, but sluggish and stiffly. "Are you alright? For a few times, I thought you were dead or crazy." He said as he controlled the body like a puppet and moved it toward the wall, where he made it sit with its back to it.

Ahri laid there, her naked front exposed to the warming, morning air of the Shadow Islands. She felt dirty, from both the activity last night and the humidity, but she just laid there on the bed with her arms above her head and her eyes closed. She took slow, easy breaths, Thresh silently watching and looking between her face and her rising chest, before she opened her eyes and spoke. "I'm fine. I feel like I'm coated in grease and I hurt all over, but I'm fine." She informed him.

He nodded. "You are free to stay here for as long as you like, but I need to take this to Yorick and have him dispose of it. I can't image what the others would think if they saw I just came back to life only to die again." He said with a dark chuckle.

As he went to pick up the body, Ahri sat up and put her knees against her chest. She watched him as he bent down to lift his body, saw that he had returned to the form of a specter as he was best known to look throughout the League, and watched as he walked toward the door.

He turned the knob, and she spoke. "Can I go with you…?" She asked.

He turned toward her, and she smiled as she looked away without turning her head. "To dispose of this?" He asked, indicating the body.

She looked back at him and leaned the side of her face against her hands on her knees. "Next time… will you take me with you?" She asked.

Now he was confused. "Take you where?"

Into the future:

He pulled her up to her feet as he held her head and kissed her, and then parted and took her hands in his.

Ahri smiled with tears in her eyes and embraced him in a hug. His arms circled around her, and he held her close. "I love you Ahri…" He whispered. "I never thought I'd ever love another, but-"

He was silenced when she raised a finger and put it against his lips. "It's okay." She said. Her voice was clear and lively. "I love you too Thresh. I never thought I'd find it, but I-"

She stopped speaking then, and only leaned toward him to kiss him again.

When they parted this time, Thresh broke away from the hug and took her hand in his. "It's going to be an interesting eternity with someone by my side." He said before turning and leading the way away.

Ahri waved her tails behind her in true happiness. "For eternity and beyond, I'll never leave you alone." She confirmed.

Neither of them even looked back at the body as it lay slouched against the chair.

Days later… Ahri's body would be found and buried. She was unharmed, but, by the smile on her face, she had finally been taken by the reaper she had said had long ago claimed her heart.

"You know… you made me pregnant that day."

"Oh? And you never told me I had children?"

"~hehe~ Like you didn't know. I've seen you a few times, and I've always known you were watching them."

"Hmm… I did what I could for them."

"I had only good things to say about their father, and, even if you never talked to them, they knew you were there too."

"I never was good at sneaking around."

"You just weren't good at it when people expected you."

"It was… nice… to see them there."

"They'll be alright without us, they are our children."

"And those are the only children you ever had?"

"I never loved anyone else to carry a part of them inside me for so long. You're the only one."

"You know, I like how you taught them interrogation."

I do not plan on making a sequel to this about Ahri's and Thresh's children. I just added the last bit because I thought it would cute. The original ending is Thresh returning for Ahri when she is near death, but I also wanted something like Thresh being fatherly-ish toward kids.