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"Ring ring! Ring ring!"

Ugh…It's midnight. Who could be calling this late and why are they bothering me? Raven reluctantly sat up from her queen sized bed and looked over at her ringing phone, which was sitting on her nightstand. She picked it up and moaned before answering it in her monotone voice. "Hello?"

"Raven! It is Kori!" Raven sighed when she heard her best friend's cheerful, loud voice over the phone.

"Is there a reason why you are calling me at midnight? I am trying to sleep." Raven threw the covers off of her body and hopped out of the bed. She walked outside her room and towards the kitchen, her portable house phone pressed to her ear as she grabbed a glass from the cupboard and filled it with water.

"I am going to get the married!" Raven almost did a spit-take when she heard her friend say those words.

"Oh Azar Kori! That's amazing! I am so happy for you. I can't believe after nine years that Richard has finally proposed to you." Raven put her glass of water down and smiled. She didn't think that Kori and Richard would ever get married. But after nine years of dating, here they are, getting married.

Kori clapped her hands together before speaking into the phone. "Oh yes, I am elated that he finally asked me the question of marriage! We were wondering if you would like to join us for dinner when we get back to Jump City. Victor, Karen, Jinx, and Wally are joining us as well and we think that it would be marvelous for you to join us!"

"I don't know. I mean, I would be the…" Raven stopped to count everybody who was going. "I would be the seventh wheel and I think it would be somewhat awkward." Then she fully registered what Kori had just said on the phone. "Wait, when you get back? Care to tell me where you are?"

"Oh yes, I forgot to inform you. Richard surprised me yesterday morning by getting a jet of privacy to take us to Tokyo. He did the proposing in front of the comic building, where we had our first kiss when we were merely teenagers. It was extremely romantic." Kori sighed dreamily when she remembered how loving Richard had been when he proposed.

"Kori, that is so amazing. Congratulations." Raven just couldn't believe it. Jinx was pregnant with a baby girl and married to Wally, Karen and Victor were already married, and now Kori and Richard were engaged. She felt so alone. Everybody was in love, except for her.

"Thank you friend. I also wished to know if you would be my maid of honor? Richard said that I needed one for the wedding a month away from present day, and that she was to be my best friend. And since you are my best friend, I thought that maybe you would so kindly accept my request for you to be the maid of honor." Kori's cheerful voice seemed optimistic and hopeful.

"Of course Kori. I'd love to be your maid of honor." Raven was touched that Kori thought so highly of her to make her the maid of honor. "Hold on a second, did you say that your wedding was in a month?"

Kori nodded, even though Raven couldn't see. "Oh yes. We wanted to become wed as soon as possible. Richard has made reservations for eight people at a small bed and breakfast for the week before the wedding. The day before the wedding, we will go to Bruce Wayne's mansion, and we will marry there in the afternoon."

"Oh wow. Sounds nice. Did you say eight people, Kori? There's only seven of us…" Raven was confused. Eight people? Was Richard expecting Raven to bring a date or something? Raven began to walk back to her room.

"Yes. I also forgot to mention to you that Garfield will be joining us for the bed and breakfast and the wedding. Robin has made him his best man." Raven stopped dead in her tracks when she heard Kori say Garfield's name.

"G-gar is going to be their? How did you get a hold of him? I haven't seen or talked to Gar in about five years. After the he turned twenty-one and the Titan's broke up." To say that Raven was shocked, was an understatement. Garfield was Raven's best friend before they Titan's broke up. She remembered when they said their goodbyes before leaving the Tower, that her and Gar had a fight. That's the last time she spoke to him.


"Hey Rae." Beast Boy leaned against the frame of her open door and watched her as she taped up some cardboard boxes.

"Hello Beast boy. I know that you've only known me for about six years, but my name is Raven, not Rae." Raven turned around and looked back at Beast Boy, expecting him to be standing up straight with a cocky grin on his face. Instead, he was leaning against Raven's door frame with his hands in his jean pockets and his eyes downcast. "I expected you to be gone by now."

Beast Boy looked up and then pushed of the wall, walking towards Raven. "Dude! You thought I was leaving without saying goodbye?"

Raven shrugged and then continued to tape up the rest of her boxes. "Well it was abnormally silent around the Tower, so I just assumed that you were gone."

Beast Boy didn't take any offense to that tiny insult Raven had just given him. It was typical Raven behavior. "Hey, I think you should be a little nicer to me, considering we aren't going to see each other for another ten years."

Raven rolled her eyes. "Come on Beast Boy, don't be so dramatic. We will see each other all the time. I took a job at a company in Jump City and starting in a week. I will be a book editor's assistant. And I'm sure whatever job that you have managed to find is nearby."

Beast Boy looked down at the floor. "I don't know how to tell you this Raven, but I'm not staying in Jump City."

Raven stopped taping boxes and looked up at Beast Boy. "Oh? Then where will you be living? Gotham City?"

"No." Beast Boy turned away from Raven and continued to stare blankly at the floor. "I'm moving to Africa. I'll be there for about ten years. I'm doing some research there for the same company that my parents used to work for. The company is letting me take off from my parents' old, incomplete research."

Raven stood there, feeling angry, shocked, and a tad bit sad all at the same time; yet she somehow managed her to keep a calm composure. She took a deep breath before speaking in her monotone voice, which was now beginning to shake a bit. "How long have you known about this?"

"I've known about it for a couple months now. I knew right after it was decided that the team would separate." Beast Boy turned around and looked up at Raven. He wasn't shocked to see that she maintained her usual deadpan expression.

He was shocked to hear just a hint of hurt in her voice. "How could you not tell me? I thought we were friends."

Beast Boy felt extremely guilty and looked back to the ground. "We are friends. We're best friends, Rae. We always will be. It's just that this is really important to me. I get to go back and finish what my parents have worked so hard on. And I'm sorry I told everybody else and not you. I just couldn't tell you. I didn't want to tell you. Saying goodbye to you is hard…"

Raven tucked a loose strand of lavender hair behind hear ear. "It's Raven. And I understand why you feel like you have to do this, but you don't have to move all the way to Africa. Everybody will miss you if you leave for a whole ten years. I'll miss you."

"Come on Rae. I'm not leaving forever. I'll be visiting at least once a year, and I'll write you all, and then in ten years, I'll be back before you know it! But uh…maybe you could come?" Beast Boy looked up at Raven, a hopeful glint in his eyes.

Raven thought about visiting Africa, images of well-known African landmarks and jungles forming in her head as she hesitantly nodded. "Maybe I could come for a visit every once and a while."

Beast Boy shook his head, feeling awkward and upset that she had misunderstood his question. "No, I mean maybe you could move to Africa with me."

Raven's eyes widened with shock. "You're asking me to move to Africa with you?" When Beast Boy nodded and sheepishly grinned, Raven shook her head, her eyes darting to the floor in attempt to avoid eye contact. "Are you crazy? Beast Boy, my life is here, in Jump City. I could have an actual future here as a book editor. I can't just pick up and move to Africa with you."

Beast Boy's hopeful expression quickly shifted to an angry one. "You're acting like I'm not good enough for you or something."

Raven rolled her eyes and crossed her arms around her chest. "Beast Boy, stop. You are acting ridiculous. I'm not moving all the way to Africa with you. That's not something you ask a friend. That's something you ask somebody that you're in love with."

Beast Boy just stormed over to the exit to Raven's room. He turned towards her before exiting the room, his eyes becoming watery as he spoke. "I wish you weren't so oblivious. I wish that for once you wouldn't ignore everybody's emotions all the time. That instead of reading all those stupid books you would actually live in the real world with the rest of us. I just wish you could see it."

Raven just stood there, starring at the spot where Beast Boy had been standing before leaving her room – before leaving her life. She just stood there, wondering what it was he had meant by her being oblivious.

**Flashback Ended**

Kori took a deep breath before explaining everything. "Well we simply just called him. Friend Garfield and Richard have become closer over the years. Whenever Garfield comes back to Jump City, he and Richard always do the hanging out. He does the visiting about 3 times a year."

Raven felt as if somebody had just thrust a jagged knife into her chest. Garfield visited Jump City all the time, yet he never visited her. He didn't even call her! He could have easily gotten her address and phone number from Richard. Was he really that mad from all those years ago? She pushed her thoughts concerning Gar to the back of her mind and continued her phone conversation with Kori. "Oh, okay Kori. So when are we leaving for the bed and breakfast?"

"In a few weeks. We will be spending a whole week up there." Kori was excited for the bed and breakfast, and Raven could tell. Everybody would be together for a whole week. Raven decided that despite having to deal with Garfield's presence, the week would be quite enjoyable.

"Okay. I'll see you later then. I just need to tell my assistant that I'm taking a week off. Bye Kori." Raven hung up the phone after she heard Kori squeak out a goodbye. She went back into her bed and tried to fall asleep. She couldn't for some reason. Even though she had attempted to suppress her thoughts about him, she was busy thinking about a certain green challenging.

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