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Gar woke up to find a seemingly content Raven curled up against his side, a grin spreading across his cheeks as he studied the ghost of a smile on her lips. She seemed so at peace – he wasn't used to this, but he liked it a lot. He was tempted to kiss her awake, at war with himself as to whether he should or shouldn't for a good five minutes. He decided that he would kiss her awake, however before he could enact on his desires, Amy barged in with their breakfast. After waking up Raven with a gentle nudge (much to Gar's distaste) Amy informed them to be ready for the beach by noon.

"Yes! I've been waiting so long for today!" Gar exclaimed, pumping his fists into the air before going back to his previous task of shoving two towels into a mesh beach bag.

"And why is that?" Raven called from inside of the bathroom, her voice muffled by the closed door that granted her privacy as she changed into her brand new bikini.

"Becauseeeeee," Gar dragged out the word like it was obvious as to why he was excited for their beach day. "We're going to the beach! That means we get hours and hours of sunshine and the ocean, not to mention that there's going to be a million hot girls in bikinis there!"

Even if he couldn't see her, Raven rolled her eyes at Gar's immaturity – perhaps it was out of habit. "You can't hit on any girls Gar. We're engaged, remember?"

Gar almost laughed - he could of sworn her sensed some jealousy in Raven's voice. "Don't tell me that you'd be jealous Rae."

"I'm not jealous." Raven plainly stated, slipping on a simple black sundress to cover her bikini before exiting the bathroom to initiate a hunt for her misplaced flip flops. "I'm just saying, engaged men don't hit on single girls at the beach when he's supposed to be with his fiancé."

Gar shrugged, dropping the conversation as he grabbed Raven's flip flops from under the bed and tossed them in her direction. "Come on, let's go."

When everybody arrived at the beach, not including Victor and Karen who were back at the bed and breakfast preparing dinner, each couple set there towels up so that they were distanced from everybody else's. Amy relaxed into her beach chair and cracked open her scandalous adult novel as John stalked off towards the snack bar in order to get the two some lemonades. Kori and Dick both headed straight towards the water while Jinx had settled in her beach chair, Wally talking her ear off as he set up an umbrella over her so that she her fair skin wouldn't burn. Even though Dick did not want to go in the water, and Wally did not want to sit on the sand all day, they both put up with it because it made Kori and Jinx happy, which in turn made them happy.

Gar unloaded a couple of towels and a bottle of sunblock from his beach bag, setting up the towels so that they were next to each other. With the bottle of sunblock in his grip, he looked up, only to squeeze the bottle of sunblock so tight that its contents flowed out onto Gar's hand. His jaw nearly dropped at the site of Raven wearing a plain dark blue halter bandeau bikini top with plain dark blue bikini bottoms that tied at the side. Despite them having at beach back at the Titan's Tower when they were younger, Raven never wore a swimsuit or anything for that matter that revealed so much of her skin. She usually just laid down on a beach chair and read a book. He starred at her, a blush on his cheeks forming that he could always claim to be sunburn.

"Hey Gar, are you going to use all of that sunblock?" Raven asked with a smirk, pointing to the overflowing pile of sunblock that continued to grow as it leaked from the bottle in Gar's hands.

"Yea." Gar gave an awkward chuckle before lamely slapping his sunblock covered hand to his abs and slathering the skin protective substance all over his body.

"Well do you mind sharing?" Raven quirked an eyebrow at Gar as she approached him, seizing the bottle of sunblock from his hands and proceeding to apply the sunblock all over her own body. After applying the sunblock everywhere she was able to reach, Raven looked back to Gar. "Could you do my back for me? I'll do yours."

"Sure, hand it over." He took the sunblock from Raven and squeezed some onto the palm of his hand. Gar gently massaged the sunblock onto Raven's back and shoulders, that blush on his cheeks only growing darker when his hands made contact with her soft skin.

Raven twisted around and grabbed the sunblock. "Thanks." She squirted some of the sunblock into her own hands, throwing the bottle into the bag before making her way over to Gar and rubbing it on his back.

"No problem." Gar waited patiently for Raven to finish wiping the sunblock over his back. "So I'm guessing we aren't going in the water?"

Raven laid down on her towel with the book she had brought just for that occasion. She sighed into her opened book, knowing that it was only a matter of time before Gar brought up swimming in the ocean. "I suppose if you really do want to, that we could hop in for a little while. Just let me relax for a couple of hours."

"Great! How about we do something until then?" Gar sat down on his towel next to Raven, smiling excitedly as he took the book from her hands and placed it in the beach bag.

"Maybe in an hour. I just want some peace and quiet." Raven rested her head on her folded arms in front of her, absent-mindedly gazing at the grains of sand before her.

Gar pouted, laying down on his towel thinking of things he could do that were quiet. An idea popped into his head, causing him to write in the sand with his pointer finger. Hey Raven, this is quiet. Gar nudged Raven and flashed her a smile as he pointed to his message in the sand.

Raven rolled her eyes, running her hand across the sand in order to smooth it so she could write back. Yea. So?

Gar spent a few minutes attempting to write a response in the grainy sand so that it was legible. Sooo, you said you wanted some peace and quiet. This is quiet and peaceful.

Raven shook her head before erasing Gar's message with her palm. Peaceful for you maybe.

Please, I'm going to die of boredom. I'm begging you. Gar pouted and looked at Raven with puppy dog eyes, clasping his hands together staring at Raven.

Knowing very well that Gar would continue to badger her no matter what, Raven decided that perhaps if she were to entertain him now that he would leave her alone later. Fine.

They were together for an hour writing pointless little messages to each other in the sand - until Gar got hungry that is and decided that he would head off to the snack bar to get some fries.

As he was waiting for his order of fries at the snack bar, a girl about his age with lengthy blonde hair framing her familiar flawless face approached him. "Hi there."

Her big blue eyes seemed to brighten when he noticed her addressing him. "Terra?"

"Tara." The girl politely corrected, putting an emphasis on the first a. "You're that boy from Jump City, right? The one who tried convincing me I was a super hero and then threw mud in my face? Beast Boy, right?"

Gar sheepishly grinned, scratching the back of his neck and nodding as he spoke. "I actually go by Garfield now, Gar for short. And I'm sorry about that."

"It's totally okay. Turns out, you were right. Over the last few years I've been regaining my memory from who I used to be, and I realized that you were telling the truth. So what are you doing all the way out here?" Tara's head was titled to the side, her eyes searching his.

"I'm actually here for a pre-wedding vacation sort of thing." Gar informed her, his hands motioning towards the location of his friends behind Tara.

"You're getting married?" Tara asked in disbelief, her eyes wide with shock. Her shocked expression soon transformed into a knowing smirk. "I always thought you and Raven had a thing, but I didn't really think you'd get married. Congratulations."

Gar shook his head vigorously, shaking his hands in protest. "N-no. I'm not getting married. And what makes you think I would get married to Raven? We don't exactly see eye-to-eye."

Tara shrugged, her fingers absent-mindedly fiddling with a strand of blonde hair. "You know how you guys always had that hate-love relationship. I doubt she'd ever admit it, but I could always tell she really liked you." She then tossed her hair back, biting her lip flirtatiously as her fingers grazed Gar's bicep. "So do you think we could get together soon?"

Gar's face became flushed at the touch. Sure most would say it was innocent, however when a beautiful blonde girl is standing in front of you with her sun-kissed skin just barely being covered by the stringiest bikini in the world and she's touching you while biting her lip, it's hard not to think inappropriate thoughts.

It didn't take much convincing for Gar to agree to go out with her, informing Tara that he'd only be in town for a few more days. They stood there and chatted for a few more minutes, Gar telling her some lame joke that he hadn't told anyone since he was just a teen. She laughed before grabbing a pen from who knows where and writing down some digits on his palm.

"I have to go. But call me, okay?" She didn't wait for an answer before pecking him on the cheek with her pink lips and walking past him.

Just then the snack bar's cashier shouted his name, handing him his fries as well as packets of salt and ketchup.

Raven's eyes followed Gar to the snack bar, watching him as he placed his order and waited patiently. She became intrigued though when she noticed a girl approach Gar, her lengthy blonde hair golden draped down her back so that it reached the small of her back. The girl had burst out in laughter, doubling over and clutching her flat tanned stomach in reaction to Gar probably telling him one of his corny jokes. Allowing curiosity to get the better of her, she silently watched them talk, taking note of her flirtatious body language the way her fingers made contact with his muscular arm. She didn't notice when a scowl formed on her face, or when her mood shifted from pleasant to rotten. She did however notice the pang of jealousy and hurt she felt when the girl whipped out a pen and wrote down something – probably a telephone number – on Gar' s hands.

"Do not feel any worry."

Raven nearly had a heart attack at the sound of Kori's voice. She stood up from her spot on the towel, facing her friend and shrugging. "I don't know what you're talking about."

Kori brought Raven into an embrace, stroking her hair as she spoke softly to her friend. "It is okay to feel the emotion of envy. You and he have been spending much time together, and it's normal to feel that way when the one you care for is no longer providing you with the amount of attention you are accustomed to."

"I don't feel anything, Kori." Raven struggled to squirm free of Kori's grasp and glanced in the direction of snack bar to see Gar approaching them happily with a half-eaten plate of fries.

"Hey Kori, what's up?" Gar greeted his friend happily as he shoved a handful of the greasy fast food into his mouth.

Kori waved, giving Gar a nervous giggle before explaining herself. "Nothing! I was not over here with Raven having the girl talk regarding y-"

"She came to see if we wanted to swim." Raven cut Kori off, causing Kori to slap her hands over her mouth with a yelp and to nod in agreement.

"Oh?" Gar turned to Raven and tugged on her arm, giving her a pleading look. "Can we please go Raven? Pretty please with tofu on top?"

Raven bit her lip and reluctantly nodded. "Fine. Just don't splash me, dunk me, or throw me into the water or I'm getting out. Got it?"

"Great, let us go now friends." Kori walked ahead of the pair, leading them towards the portion of the ocean where Dick was waiting for her.

Gar however was much too eager to walk behind Kori with her slow pace, so he made the decision to grab Raven's hand and drag her along the beach as he plunged into the ocean. "Oooo this is gonna be so fun! Let's go!"

"Whoa!" Raven yelped as Gar pulled her into the freezing cold ocean. "Oh Azar, that's cold!"

Gar smirked before coming up behind Raven and wrapping his arms around her waist. He rested his head on her shoulder and whispered in her ear, "Warmer?"

A faint blush crossed Raven's face. She almost pushed him away but she noticed Amy and John starring at them. Her blush became an even deeper red when she heard Amy speak. "Remember when we were like that John?"

Raven relaxed in Gar's arm, tilting her head upward to make eye contact. Rather than her eyes sporting their usual icy glare, they seemed warmer. "Actually, yes."

Gar gave a goofy grin before kissing her on the cheek and lifting her up. He released her when a wave came and laughed when a soaking wet Raven shot him an angry glare. "Sorry Raven. My bad."

"It's. Not. Funny." Raven said in her monotone as she made her way over to Gar and dunked him into the cold ocean water.

When Gar resurfaced the water, he splashed Raven. "Did you really just challenge me to a water fight?"

"What? No I didn't-" Raven was interrupted by Gar splashing her again, the salty water almost getting her eyes. "Gar stop."

She didn't know why, but she was expecting Gar to listen to her and cease his foolish actions. So she was quite stunned when Gar came up to her, picked her up bridal style, and threw her into a deeper part of the ocean. She popped up from under the water and glared at Gar, her eyes nearly turning red with anger. She swam towards Gar with an intention of dunking him under the water again, but she realized that she couldn't just attack him blindly. He was much stronger than her and could easily prevent her attack. She needed a strategy.

A seductive smirk appeared on her face as she approached Gar, gently placed her hands on his bare chest. She leaned forward so that her lips were brushing against his own, certain that if this strategy didn't work, than nothing would. "Hey Gar?"

"Y-yea Raven?" Gar stuttered his words, taken aback by Raven's odd behavior. He was certain that Amy and John were no longer watching them. She should be screaming at him, threatening to throw him out into the middle of the ocean, however instead she was acting intimate towards him?

"I just won this little water fight of ours." And with those words, she pushed him down into the water and swam as far away from Gar as possible so that he would not splash her.

Gar popped up to draw in air, starring after Raven in disbelief. "Hey Raven! That was so not cool!" He swam after her, determined to get his revenge. However he wasn't able to avenge himself due to Kori and Dick swimming over to them, Kori requesting "a fight of the chickens" with him and Raven.

With much hesitance, Raven and Gar agreed to face Kori and Dick in a chicken fight, Gar propping Raven on his shoulders as she balanced herself and prepared to fight.

Due to Kori's excessive height, Kori and Dick towered over Raven and Gar, and thanks to Kori's boundless alien strength, Kori and Dick beat Gar and Raven hands down. Gar didn't mind that they lost though. He had a blast balancing Raven on his shoulders and hearing her laugh slightly as she and Kori wrestled above his and Dick's heads.

After getting out of the water and drying off, Amy and John announced that they would have a little sand castle contest before heading back home. While Dick and Kori plastered broken seashells on a pathetic looking lump of sand, Raven got Gar to actually try to sculpt a good looking miniature castle. However their tiny castle didn't stand a chance against the massive sandcastle Wally created out of pure boredom as Jinx dozed off under her umbrella. Even if their castle didn't have a moat and drawbridge like Wally's Gar and Raven were still proud of their own little castle. They exchanged a high-five over the top of their sandcastle before packing all of their beach things away and heading home.

When they got back to the bed and breakfast, everybody ran to the showers and got ready for dinner. Karen and Victor had cooked up a whole barbecue themed meal - there were ribs, burgers, hotdogs, and a bottle of mustard - special for Kori. Karen made Gar two tofu dogs and Gar thanked her, knowing that if it weren't for her he would have starved to death since Victor would have refused to touch the fake meat. After dinner, everybody decided that they were pretty tired from the beach and decided to go to bed while Amy and John cleaned up.

"So Rae, did you have fun today?" Gar climbed onto his side of the bed and flicked off his light.

"It's Raven." Raven also slipped into the bed and turned off her light. "As a matter of fact, I did."

"Good. I think you should loosen up like you did today every day." Gar told her, poking her in the shoulder playfully.

Instead of retaliating with some witty remark, Raven nodded as she closed her eyes. "I guess I could try."

Hearing this caused Gar's face to light before he adjusted his pillow and closed his eyes.

Raven stared at Gar's face as he nodded off, thinking about how for once she did have fun. Actually, she had been having fun all week, and it was all thanks to him. She was finally enjoying herself and it was all because of Garfield Mark Logan. She silently gave thanks that he was in her life again as she pulled the covers closer to her body and fell asleep.

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