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In the middle of the forest, Tobirama and his genin team were having a harsh training since they tried to pull a prank on their sensei. Leaned on a tall and rough tree, Tobirama shouted teasingly:

"C'mon, is that all you got?! Show me what you are really worth it!"

Hiruzen, confident of his abilities, jumped and charged against his sensei, preparing to use a Katon jutsu on Tobirama. Seeing that coming, the white-haired made some seals, making the brown-haired flinch a bit but then he released his jutsu making a small water prison and catching Hiruzen.

"Hey, let me out, sensei, that's not fair!" shouted Hiruzen while he tried to escape from the jutsu, making Tobirama smirk.

His more cautious girl student was making up an ambush with his smart teammate, quickly placing explosive tags all over the place near their sensei while Homura tried to draw him to the trap.

The future 2ยบ Hokage pretended that he didn't know the plan, went in the plan and in the moment he exploded. Surpriseded to know they got their master, they celebrated (even if Hiruzen was still in the jutsu) but soon realized that their partied too soon.

When the smoke went away, a quick water prison jutsu got them and they were caught by Tobirama just like their naive teammate.

"Never party before the guests come, kiddos. " said Tobirama, with a stern look but inside he was laughing while watching his pupils struggling to get free.

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