Title: Where Love Began Characters: Hashirama S./ Mito U.

Hashirama and Mito were going on a nice walk, the moon shining on the starry night. Hashirama was walking with Mito, leading her to the top of a big hill, making her a surprise. He held a strong grip on her small hand to make sure she wouldn't fell on the rocks that were all over the hill.

He walked until he was on top and up there he took a deep breath and then he kneeled down, took a small bag of silk and out of it he took a beautiful ring of rubies, shocking the petite woman. Whispering with a sweet voice, he said:

" Mito Uzumaki, will you marry me?"

Mito blushed so much that her face looked like it was going to explode, her heart beat was so fast, it could be heard from a mile away from there. Hashirama, was nervous too, started shaking a bit with the fear of rejection, still kneeled down. Mito looked away for mere seconds, contemplating the night sky and her thought could be seen on her eyes but then she looked Hashirama in his eyes, smiles and answered with a lovely voice:

"Yes, I will." she answered softly.

Hashirama smiled back and stood up, walking near his wife and wrapping his arms around her waist while Mito wrapped hers around his neck and then...they kissed.

A/N: Oh, I just love this pairing, they are just so cute. I'm trying to make Hashirama the romantic type of guy, I hope it's not too OOC but oh well.

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