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He just stood there immobile, the feeling of emptiness filling up his heart, no, it was more like...guiltiness, a deep suffocating feeling of guiltiness was making him breathless and just one thought was rolling on his head over and over again: " I wasn't able to protect him...I'm still not strong enough".

Madara was sitting in the grass, near the edge of the Naka river with that thought repeating itself on his head. He was so angry with himself because he couldn't protect Izuna and now he was..he was...dead.

He couldn't believe his brother was really dead, he didn't deserve death, he was still too young, too naive, too soft to the others; and Madara should have said that he couldn't go to battle, he should have said he wasn't ready even if he would never be ready to battle eyeless, yes eyeless because he trusted Madara so much he gave his own eyes for the good of the clan...he trusted Madara would protect him but, he didn't, and instead he let him out, and now he is no more here to tell the story, and Madara was so angry and ashamed and...sad.

But the worst part was, that now that everybody knew about Izuna's death, everyone gave him pity looks instead of the usual fearful ones or even glares, and when he saw all those pity looks he got even angrier and just wanted to start shouting and punching everyone, that feeling of madness taking over his body, he didn't want their pity! It wouldn't bring Izuna back! " I don't need your pity!" was what he said when Hashirama apologized for his lost to Madara.

So, he just stood there, wearing his usual stoic face with a hint of sadness, and just stone skipping, something he learned to like since he was really young, and he remembered how badly he wanted the rock to get to the other side but didn't matter how hard he tried, it never would reach, and right now, he still throws the rock and it still doesn't go as far as he wanted.

But suddenly a rock flies beside him and just keeps jumping in the water as it surpasses easily the place where Madara's stone drown.

"You need to throw them with a little more passion..." said that familiar voice with a smirk on his face "...that's the trick behind it."

Madara smiled but it was such a small smile that normal people couldn't see it, but, he could. "Duh, like, I already know that..." Madara said while standing up and grabbing another stone " ..I could really send it further if I actually tried to."

"Really? Well, when you were a kid, you could never really send it that far " Hashirama smirked and threw another stone as Madara rolled his eyes and somehow pouted.

"Tch, well I'm not a kid now, Hashirama" Madara threw a rock so hard that it went even further Hashirama's and after some jumps it drown like all the other stones. "Not anymore" he thought. " Don't worry Izuna your death won't be in vain..I'll protect your honor"

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