"We're back!" Wheeler called. He opened the door with his foot, as he had a heavy box in his hands. Linka followed him with another box. "I'll get the rest." He told her.

"Thank you." She placed hers down, wondering why the single uniform she carried was so heavy. "Hello! Uniforms arrived!"

No one seemed to be present in the building. She decided to go back out and help Wheeler get the rest. When she went outside, she saw Ma-Ti and Kwame carrying the last of them.

"What on earth are these clothes made of anyway, cinderblocks?"

"Well only one way to know."

Gi was the last to show up, having been busy in her cabin analyzing the evidence she and the boys found.

"This is so exciting." She said happily. "I winder what mine looks like."

Wheeler opened the second box, looking to see which one was his. The shades of green gave away that it was obviously Kwames box. In his however, there was an evvelope.

"Looks like Moosejaw left us a card."

Wheeler picked up the envelope, which turned out to have a pretty lengthy message.

"What did they say?" Gi asked.

"It says, 'Hello Planeteers. We hope you love your new uniforms because we designed them with you in mind. The lighter jackets you have received are our greatest achievement to date. These jackets have been designed to keep you warm when it's freezing and cool you down when it's toasty. They are waterproof, windproof and fireproof. When you're out at night and need to hide, the jackets fabric can darken to help you blend in better. And there are pockets for everything. The jackets close by both a zipper and snaps and the ladies have an optional belt with theirs. The sleeves are removable, converting your jackets into vests. The hood is also an option. For the jackets look, we were inspired by the arena wear from the Hunger Games. These jackets look almost exactly like their jackets. Just don't go killing each other."

He turned to Linka and grinned. She was instantly reminded of the time they were watching that movie in the theaters and Wheeler said, "Hey, that District 1 bitch looks just like you." Later on, they saw her get stung to death by genetically enhanced wasps.

"Go on." She ordered.

"The colors of your jackets match your rings. Kwame gets forest green, Wheeler gets fiery red, Linka gets oxide blue, Gi gets ocean blue, and Ma-Ti gets golden yellow. With your jackets, we provided matching t-shirts and sweaters with your team logo. You each will also get a pair of shorts and pants. As for footwear, each of you get four new pairs of shoes; hiking boots, rain boots, snow boots and sneakers. This is all a big thank you for your efforts. And thank you for giving us this opportunity. Enjoy. Your friends at Moosejaw."

"Yeah, but they pronounce that last one 'Moooooooooosejaw.'" Gi corrected. "They always do that."

"Yeah, when you call the store that's how they answer the phone." Said Wheeler.

"There has to be at least ten thousand dollars worth of clothes." Kwame breathed. He took his clothes out and piled the plastic casings over each other.

"Well lets rip these open and see what we got."

As Wheeler was going to rip open another box, a purple aura illuminated the room. Gaia walked over to them with grim concern on her face. "Planeteers, you're going to have to change into those quickly. We have an eco emergency in Tokyo."

Gaia would have told them they looked like tributes for the Hunger Games, but didn't have time. On the screen was Verminous Skumm. Linka crossed her arms and sighed.

"Vermanous Skumm is spreading another disease. It's called the Cupid Virus because it works like cupids arrow. Whoever gets infected falls deeply for the first live object they see. As you know, hormones in young people are powerful enough on their own."

Gi turned her head to Linka and Wheeler who were both paying close attention.

"It's spread by injection. Even though biting someone won't pass it, it's dangerous enough with half the population running around with pink eyes. This will cause a rapid rise in STDs, HIV, unwanted pregnancies or even worse, rape. Girls, I need you to take extra caution. Boys, I need you to keep an extra eye out on them."

"Of course." said Ma-Ti. Gi smiled, now that they had three muscled guys instead of two.

"No one's gonna touch 'em." Wheeler added.

"Da, because we have rings." Linka snipped. "We will be fine." Suddenly she was acting negatively like she did in the morning.

Gaia nodded. "Ok, go! Tokyo is in real trouble!"

"Are you sure you can handle this?" Wheeler asked as they ventured to the Geocruiser. Linka zipped up her jacket.

"Da, of course." She replied. But the vendetta she had for the rat just kept getting stronger and tenser, the more they met. Linka threw the hood over her hair, feeling once again the strong need to confront him herself. "Why wouldn't I be?"

"You know."

Of course she knew. Too well unfortunately, she thought. But she had duties as a Planeteer to fulfill.

"He is going to get what is coming to him." She hissed. Even if she had to do it herself.