Notes: As part of the process of refreshing my memory as to why I like the Kim Possible series so much, I decided to write down a few random ideas for very short scenes. And here, "random" is code for "all about Hana," just so you know. So I took the hint and wrote this lead-in for them. We'll see how it goes. With any luck, it'll give me some additional inspiration or ideas for finishing up The Primal Primate. By the way, next chapter of that is in final edits as you read this, if you read it.

Summary: Hana Stoppable has many names, and each is as true as the next. The only thing stopping her from being a supercharged Kim Possible is Kim's blessing. And wouldn't you know it, she has that, too.


A Kim Possible Fanfic by

Nate Grey (xman0123-at-aol-dot-com)

Chapter 1: The Destroyer

Mr. Stoppable checked his watch again and looked at his wife. "Well, it's officially midnight. She's actually three hours late."

Mrs. Stoppable made a half-interested noise but did not look up from her knitting. "Really? That's never happened before."

And it hadn't. Despite everything else that she was, Kimberly Ann Possible was known, first and foremost in their home, as being a top-notch babysitter. It made a certain kind of sense: an energetic child was simply no match for a person who spent much of her time dodging plasma fireballs, grappling with monkey ninjas, and basically being a walking problem solver.

Which was rather convenient, seeing as how Hana Stoppable had quickly become known as the one child in the neighborhood that only Kim Possible could handle. This, too, made a certain amount of sense: Hana was freakishly strong for a baby, rarely seemed to know her own strength (or at least when not to use it), and already had a taste for death-defying that had nearly given both of her adoptive parents mild heart attacks. Worse, Hana had actually been nicknamed "The Destroyer" by all the babysitters who now refused to take the Stoppables' calls... and really, nobody blamed them, including the Stoppables. Hana was a little much (well, a lot much) for anyone to handle, and not even hazard pay up front could convince the unprepared to tempt fate after a while.

Kim had been different from all the others, of course. Though the Stoppables had reassured Kim that her being their son Ron's girlfriend in no way influenced their expectations, she had taken up the job without being asked, and without pay. Naturally, Hana adored Kim, as everyone generally did. All this really meant, however, was that the list of things typically broken around the Possible home got a little longer, and between their spirited twin boys, they were admittedly used to it already.

But Kim had never been late returning Hana home. If anything, sometimes she was early, either because she had other obligations, or because even she needed a break from Hana-sitting at times. Still, the Stoppables were less worried that something had happened to Hana, and more worried that something had happened to Kim.

At precisely 12:16 AM, Kim's violet car pulled up to the curb, and less than a minute later, there was a rather frantic scratching at the door.

Still the very definition of calm, Mr. Stoppable stood up from the couch, walked to the door, and opened it, only to find Rufus, Ron's pet naked mole-rat, standing on the welcome mat. Kim and, oddly enough, her mother, were extracting Hana from her car seat as a team. More curious was the fact that Kim was in her usual mission gear of a form-fitting purple top and black pants. Even from that distance, Mr. Stoppable could hear his adopted daughter babbling excitedly, occasionally inserting recognizable phrases like "Kim cool" and "Mama P" and "I fly good" here and there. At the time, he thought nothing of the latter phrase, but probably should have known better.

Mrs. Dr. Possible shared a few words with Kim, waved to Mr. Stoppable, and then headed for her own house next door, no doubt exhausted from helping out with Hana. He made a mental note to walk over before leaving for work tomorrow and thank her in person.

Kim trudged up the front walk with her precious cargo, seeming more drained than Mr. Stoppable had ever seen her in recent memory. As Hana caught sight of him, her babbling began to include "Daddy, I home!" with increasing frequency, and she practically flew out of Kim's arms and into his once she was within leaping distance (which her for was about six feet, but only if she lacked a running start). He gave Hana a big kiss on the nose that made her giggle, and smiled at Kim, who had finally reached him. "Don't look so down, Kim. You're a little late, but Hana's home safe and sound, so I'd call this another success story for your website."

Kim gave him a weary grin. "I appreciate that, Mr. S. I just hope you still feel that way once I explain why we're so late. You should probably be sitting for it, though. Any chance Ron was up waiting for us?"

"No, he went straight to bed after he finished his homework." Noticing Kim's disappointment, he was quick to add, "I'm sure that was only because he had just as much confidence in you as we do."

"Sure," Kim replied, clearly not buying that for a minute. She looked down at Rufus, who was sitting at her feet, and pointed into the house. "Rufus, go fetch your boy. No way he sleeps through this."

Rufus gave a tiny salute, darted into the house, and headed upstairs.

"Was that really necessary?" Mr. Stoppable asked as he led Kim into the house.

Kim nodded. "Ron is a decent boyfriend, but he could always stand to learn a few more things about women, present company included. It's one thing if he had faith in me, but it's another entirely if he wasn't at all concerned about me and Hana both being late. Especially since there actually was... an incident you should all know about."

"Sounds ominous," Mrs. Stoppable said from her seat on the couch.

"It's less ominous and more incredible," Kim disagreed. "It's not bad, exactly. Just... irregular. But you should still both be sitting for it."

Giving Kim a curious look, Mr. Stoppable returned to his seat and passed Hana to his wife. "Okay, we're listening."

Kim took a deep breath. "As you know, I was watching Hana at my house today. Rufus decided to come along, which was no problem at all. But they started playing Tag in my bedroom, Rufus dodged when Hana leaped and... um... this is the really hard part."

"I'm sure it's not as bad as you're making it seem, dear," Mrs. Stoppable added in a reassuring tone. "You're going to tell us that Hana hit her head, right?"

"I wish," Kim sighed. "Hana... sort of... well, exactly... flew out of the window."

The Stoppables traded confused, but not yet alarmed glances. But they all knew that Kim's bedroom was on the second floor of the Possible home.

"Why was your window open?" Mr. Stoppable asked, genuinely curious.

Kim paled a bit. "Okay, I phrased that wrong. Hana flew through the window."

"Like a ghost?" Mrs. Stoppable questioned.

"Like the window was closed, and Hana smashed through it headfirst like it was paper," Kim corrected.

Mr. Stoppable cleared his throat weakly. "I see. And she landed on...?"

"Her bottom. On the lawn." Kim paused to gauge their reactions. "You can imagine now why I worried about telling you, but that's only half of the story."

There was a brief shout above them, and then Ron Stoppable practically tumbled his way down the stairs seconds later, landing in a heap at the bottom. Hana squealed and clapped her hands, obviously amused.

"Nice of you to join us, Ron," Kim sighed. "I was just explaining to your folks why I was late dropping Hana off. Maybe you'd like to hear this, too?"

"Actually, KP, I was sound asleep when something bit me," Ron explained, scratching his head, "so if it's all the same to you, I think I want to go check my bed for, uh, pests."

"I see." Kim narrowed her eyes. "Ron?"

"Um... yeah?" he asked, sensing he was in trouble.

"I think you should sit. Right now."

Ron blinked slowly. "Kim, is that an order?"

"Would you prefer that it was only a strong suggestion?"


"Then yes, it's an order."

Not surprisingly, Ron sank into a nearby armchair. He was a little surprised when Kim insisted on squeezing in with him, and he automatically tried to put his arm around her. She shot him a glare to stop him. But she did, however, get a firm grip on his hand and refuse to let go.

"As I was saying earlier," Kim continued, "Hana flew out of my window and landed on the lawn."

Ron stared at her in total disbelief. "What do you-?"

"Of course," Kim interrupted with more force than was necessary, "I rushed her to the hospital. Mom had just finished up with a patient, so she was able to look at Hana right away, and she even got some other doctors to weigh in, just in case."

"Which is why you were late getting here?" Mr. Stoppable guessed.

"Mostly. We were actually late because I insisted on some extra x-rays."

Mrs. Stoppable smiled. "Kim, it was sweet of you to be so worried about Hana, but as I'm sure you've noticed, she really is a very resilient child."

Kim glanced at Ron. "Um, Ron did tell you that Hana was-?"

"A super ninja baby? Yes, it was quite a revelation. Is that what this is about?"

"That's... part of it," Kim admitted. "But if you were okay with that, I guess you'll be okay with what I found out today: Hana is in perfect health."

Mr. Stoppable chuckled and reached over to tickle Hana's chin. "Well, that's a relief."

"I don't think you understand, Mr. S," Kim added. "When I say perfect health, I don't mean that she isn't hurt at all right now. I mean that according to the x-rays and every single doctor that looked at her today, she has never, as far as any of them can tell, ever received a single wound of any kind. And if she has, there's certainly no trace of them now."

Mrs. Stoppable glanced at her husband for a moment. "So, let's review, Kim. You came here worried because you dreaded telling us that our daughter flew out of your window, but she wasn't hurt then, isn't hurt now, and likely never has been or will be hurt?"

Kim frowned at her. "I realize you're trying to make me feel better, but-"

"If this your idea of bad news, young lady, then all I can say is that your good news must be nothing short of spectacular."

"Has anybody stopped to ask Han how she feels about all this?" Ron asked.

"This is no time to be funny, Ron," Kim snapped.

"Wasn't trying to be, KP." Ron turned to his mother. "Let her down, Mom. Han knows more than you all think."

Mrs. Stoppable carefully lowered her daughter to the floor, and Hana immediately walked, unsteadily but with unmistakable intent, to Ron, who lifted her into his lap.

"Han, did you have fun with Kim today?" Ron asked.

"Kim cool," Hana replied with a big grin. "I fly!"

"Did you get hurt? Owies?"

Hana stared at him blankly.

"Remember owies, Han?" Ron lightly rapped his knuckles on his forehead. "Owies?"

"Brother owies?" Hana whimpered, reaching up to rub his head.

"No, not me! Did Han get owies?"

Hana stared at him again.

"I can't tell if that's a no, or if she's trying to protect me," Kim murmured.

"Kim cool!" Hana cried at once, almost indignantly. "Kim protect!"

"Hana, sweetie, it's okay to tell the truth," Kim told her, gently squeezing Hana's hand. "You can tell them I let you get owies."

Hana frowned, clearly confused. "No owies," she muttered. "Kim cool?"

"Oh, sweetie," Kim sighed sadly, kissing the top of Hana's head.

Hana wrapped her short arms around Kim's neck and hauled herself into Kim's arms. "Kim cool," she said once more, burying her face in Kim's shoulder.

"I don't suppose next you'll try to tell is this is one of those situations where cool is bad?" Mrs. Stoppable asked.

"What? No, cool was always good, Mom," Ron assured her. "Hot was good, cold was bad. Very subtle difference. I think."

"The point is, I'll completely understand if you don't want me watching Hana anymore," Kim explained.

Mr. Stoppable glanced at his wife, who was clearly thinking the same thing he was. "Kim, you realize that might have more impact if you weren't cuddling her right now."

"Actually, it wouldn't," Mrs. Stoppable added. "At least, it wouldn't change our minds about this. Kim, I don't think you really understand the situation. Hana basically can't be hurt. You're the only one that can keep up with her. She adores you. And frankly, you're the only babysitter that will get within ten feet of Hana anymore. We couldn't let you quit even if you wanted to."

Kim stared at them in shock. "But... I just told you that-"

"Dear, we've already trusted you with one of our kids for years, and he wasn't indestructible. I hardly think you'll be able to convince us that you can't look after one that is. And if it's a matter of money-"

"No, no!" Kim insisted. "I told you before, you guys are like family. I could never accept money from you, not for this."

"And you wonder why we want you, instead of someone less qualified, who would charge us a king's ransom to watch Hana?" Mr. Stoppable asked. "Maybe you had your mind set on quitting tonight, but we were actually going to ask if you would be Hana's exclusive babysitter. There simply isn't anyone else that can. Other than Ronald, of course. But that's less babysitting and more brotherly love, since we'd never dream of paying him for this, either."

"Was that a shot at me?" Ron whispered loudly to Kim. "I feel like that was a shot at me."

Kim ignored him. "Are you guys really sure you want me, though? I could probably put you in touch with a very qualified babysitter in Japan."

Mrs. Stoppable chuckled. "When we could just walk next door? You're not even trying now, dear. Besides, the most important thing is that Hana wants you. And I think you want her, too. So what's the issue? You can think of it as practice, if you want."

"For what?" Kim asked warily.

"For when you have a baby girl of your own, of course," Mr. Stoppable replied.

Kim turned bright red, and Ron immediately began whistling far too loudly, and looking anywhere but at Kim or his parents.

"So, let's just mark this one time down as a learning experience for everyone and move on," Mrs. Stoppable suggested. "Maybe you two could put Hana to bed together. I'm sure she's very tired from her big day."

Kim glanced at Hana, who had fallen asleep and was now drooling slightly on her shoulder. "That's a good idea. Come on, Ron."

"So you were going to quit and leave babysitting Hana totally up to me?" Ron hissed before they made it out of the room. "Check my name, KP!"

Mr. Stoppable waited until their voices faded before turning to his wife. "I don't think that could have gone better if we'd planned it. The 'practice' bit was a very nice touch."

Mrs. Stoppable smiled at him. "Thanks. But I have to admit I am a little worried. With all those dangerous missions, I can't help thinking that eventually, one of them will decide they don't want to die with any regrets and do something foolish."

"I'm not sure I'd consider it foolish, so long as we got a grandchild and a daughter-in-law out of the deal. And if worst comes to worst, we know the Possibles have excellent life insurance policies, contingency plans, and high-powered favors to call in. I know for a fact that should Kim die, and we can prove that Shego woman was within fifty feet of her at the time, she'd spend the rest of her life in a Global Justice-run prison, sixty feet below ground level. And that's before you factor in all her warrants."

"So between that, and Hana basically being immune to... everything, we have nothing to worry about?"


"I see." Mrs. Stoppable closed her eyes and took her husband's hand. "Dear?"

"Yes?" he asked.

"I'm worried."

He gave her hand a squeeze. "That makes two of us."

End of Chapter 1.

Next Chapter: The Intruder

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