Tickle Fits

Sun pierced through the clouds lighting The Warren with its marvelous glow. Easter eggs wondered around the forest socializing with each other from time to time. All was at peace…that was until a figure quickly ran pass a couple of bushes startling several of the eggs.

Huffing and puffing the figure is revealed to be a young woman in her late teens.

Making her way up the hill, the startled girl pulls her long beautiful blonde hair away from her face as her piercing green eyes quickly glare around The Warren as if she were searching for something.

"Now where could he be?"

A rustling sound coming from behind forces her to turn around just in time to see the Pooka pouncing towards her.


Tackling the girl, they both tumble down the hill in such a childish state that several eggs were forced to run for their tiny lives just to get out of the way.

On her back, Sophie couldn't help but laugh uncontrollably as the Pooka held her down.

Flicking her head, Bunny smiles over his tedious victory.

"I believe that's 5-0 now. Am I right? What I tell ya ankle-biter? Pooka's are the best when it comes ta hide and seek! "

Exasperated by the score board, Sophie brushes the Pooka's hand away from her forehead.

"First off! What did I tell you about calling me an ankle-biter and secondly…you cheated!"

Surprised, Bunny stares down at her with a quizzical look.

"Cheated? Come on now? Nah need ta be spiteful. Just admit it. I won."

Feeling courageous, Sophie stares the Pooka in the eyes and boldly says,

"Make me."

Staring up, her eyes soften as she makes direct eye contact with Bunny's beautiful amber green eyes. Their eyes had lingered a bit too long making the Pooka a bit uncomfortable. Taking charge he brings their attention back to the conversation at hand.

"Threats are not taken lightly here at The Warren. I guess I have nah choice but ta, tickle the truth out of yoos! "

A shocked expression fills the girl's face.

"Bunny! NO! No tickling!"

Ignoring her pleas, he reaches for her sides and begins to tickle her.


She aggressively pushes the hands away and gets up, leaving the Pooka behind to wonder exactly what he did wrong.


The girl walks over towards one of the painted ponds and abruptly takes a seat on a nearby rock.

As of late Bunny couldn't understand what exactly was going on with Sophie. Every little thing now and then would set her off and she would get angry with him, yet she would never tell him exactly what he was doing to set her off in the first place.

Getting up he takes a seat by the girl. Not one to deal with such things, he pulls out an egg and begins to paint it. It was his way of dealing with uncomfortable situations such as this one.

"What's wrong?"

Flustered, she lets out a loud sigh.

"Nothing…forget it."

Now it was his turn to be annoyed.

"Wh- Nothin'? How could ya be mad at nothing when you're obviously mad about something?"

"Like I said! It's nothing!"

"Come on Soph! We can't be doin' this every time we meet. It's like all of sudden I can't do nothing right!"

"Maybe it's something you're not doing. Ever think about that?"

"What is that even suppose ta mean? "

Just as Sophie was about to yell out in frustration, a vision of the Northern Lights fills the sky.


She points up towards the sky so that Bunny could see what she was seeing.

Turning around, his voice takes on a more serious tone.

"You need ta go. I'm needed at the Pole."

Thumping his foot a portal appears beneath him.

Sophie runs up and wraps her arm around his.

"I'm coming with you."

"This could be serious Soph. You should really head home."

"No fair! Jamie's probably already on his way over to the Pole with Jack. Come on! You never take me with you! Just this once. Please?"

Knowing the Pooka all too well she began to stare back at him with those puppy dog eyes.

Wincing he rolled his eyes and growled,


Cheering, she quickly jumps on the Pooka's back and wraps her arms around his neck.

Looking over his shoulder with a concerned look he asks,

"Remember how this is done?"

"Of course! It's only been 10 years since I've ridden your back."

"Alright then! Hold tight!"

Not sensing the sarcasm in the girl's voice, Bunny jumps into the tunnel with no warning.

"BUNNY! Wait!"

Laughing, Bunny runs at full speed, confusing the girl's screams for cheers.

With the Pooka 'cheering' along with her, Sophie had no choice but to hang on to his neck for dear life.


The Northern Lights lit the way as the pair hastily made their way towards the Pole.