"They're back!" Henry said, looking out the window. He tore past Charming and Snow and pulled open the door. Killian and Emma had just made it to the top step when they were tackled by Henry, almost knocking Killian back down as he was holding most of the luggage. "I missed you!"

"We missed you too, kid," Emma said, hugging her son tightly. Killian put down the bags and joined the two in their embrace.

"Did you bring me anything?" Henry asked.

"Of course, lad!" Killian said, pulling the bags into the loft. "If you'll just help me with the rest of these, one of these is full of treasures for you. I think we left some of our stuff in Hawaii to make room." Henry helped pull the rest of the suitcases into the loft. Emma greeted both of her parents, who were very eager to have her home.

"How was the honeymoon?" Snow asked.

"Adventurous!" Killian proclaimed, which got a glare from David. "What?"

"It was amazing. Maui is so beautiful," Emma said, sitting on the couch. She pulled out her camera and started flipping through pictures to show Snow. Killian and Emma spent two amazing weeks exploring the Hawaiian islands for their honeymoon. Killian had planned it all, except for the plane part, he needed Snow's help for that. It was a wonderful way to start their marriage- they almost didn't want to come back, except to get home to Henry.

"Oh, Emma, it's so beautiful," Snow said as they looked through the pictures.

"Did Henry behave himself?" Emma asked as Henry slide down in the seat next to her.

"Of course! As always. He stayed with Regina for two nights and last weekend, Neal stopped by and took him camping," David said. "Although, he did want to take the Jolly Roger out while you were gone."

"Sorry, mate. I love you a lot, but don't take my boat out without me," Killian said to Henry. "She can't sail without me." Killian started to unpack the bags and handed Henry souvenir after souvenir. Snow and Charming left after a while, wanting to hear as many stories as they could before they left. Henry helped take the last of their bags to their room.

"First night as a family," Henry said, dropping the last bag by the closet.

"That's right, mate," Killian said. "Did you have anything in mind?"

"Can we watch Peter Pan?" Henry asked.

"That depends, which one?"

"The Disney cartoon."

"Absolutely not," Killian said. "That version of me is completely incorrect."

"I don't know, you can be sort of a codfish sometimes," Emma teased. Killian got a look in his eye and a grin spread across his face.

"Take that back, Mrs. Jones," Killian threatened playfully. Emma let out a small shriek as he lunged for Emma and grabbed her around the waist. Henry jumped off the bed and onto Killian's back.

"Unhand her, pirate!" Henry yelled. Killian pulled Henry off his back and gently flipped him onto the floor.

"An ambush is it?! I'll take you both with one arm behind my back, if my name isn't Captain Hook!" Killian proclaimed, lunging to chase his family around the room.

Author's Notes: Thank you to everyone for reading my story. I really hope you enjoyed it. Thank you also to everyone who wrote reviews, even challenged me a bit, which I think made the story better for it. This has been quite an experience. Maybe someday I'll write another one!