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It was pretty depressing, having the home that you occupied for more than 3 years destroyed. Nero felt shitty, really fucking shitty. Dante had insisted that he come and live with with him, and Nero had taken the offer, seeing as he had no-where to go back too. Before they left, Nero had managed to scavage a few books that were not horribly harmed and readable, and a few older memories of his time in Fortuna...

Shaking his head, Nero let out a sigh and leant back into the couch. Dante had gone out to a nearby resturant to pick up some pizza, whatever that was. Nero had honestly never had the luxury to eat a lot of diffreent things, seeing as he lived in barracks with other soliders who were reqruited for demon hunting. Speaking demoning hunting, Nero made a mental note to seriously fuck up those demons if he ever came across them. He sneered to himself as he scrtatched the side of his face. The placed Dante had was nice, sort of clean, lots of fond memories (as much as Nero could see). On Dante's desk was a picture of a blonde women with a red and silver amulet around her neck and kind blue eyes. Nero wondered if this was his mother...

With a snort, Nero got off of the couch and looked at the pictures on the walls. There was a few of that blonde haired women, a few of a man who looked like Dante but with slicked back hair. Some had a black haired women with a mean scowl and miss match eyes. And finally another blonde, but she was dressed in leather and had darker blue eyes than the other women. Nero turned away from the pictures and sat back on the couch, he hand a hand down his face and rolled his head to look at the door. Thinking about the pictures on the walls sort of reminded Nero of the 'family' that he tried hard to forget. The ones that betrayed him, severed all ties with him...

"Hey Nero, want to go to the beach to day? Its nice and sunny, maybe Credo will come with us too!"

Pulled out of his thoughts by the door opening, Nero turned to see Dante juggling two slim boxes and a few bottles of some liquid. He gave the other hunter a smile and closed the door with a kick of his foot. He waddled over and placed the boxes on the table and drinks on the table. Dante put his hands on his hips and bowed a bit. "I bestow the great meal called 'pizza'."

Amused, Nero sat up a bit as Dante opened the box and took a piece of 'pizza'. Suspicious, Nero looked at it and then to Dante. "What is it?" He asked. Dante licked his lips and swallowed the food in his mouth. "It's uh, it's dough, squished tomatos, onions, meat, peppers and mushrooms. I don't like olives so they aren't on the pizza." Dante took another bite of his pizza and gestured to the box, "go on, take a piece, it's great." Dante resumed stuffing his face and sat down heavily on the couch.

Hesitantly, Nero took a precut piece and took a small bite. Nero could pick out the individual flavors that Dante had listed off, and it wasn't too bad. Tasted pretty good actually. The younger hunter let out a quiet purr of pleasure as he took another bite. Dante chuckled beside him and smirked. "Good yeah? It's from either Italy or Greece, never cared to really learn where." Dante shrugged. "Favorite dish of all time, I tell you. Way better than anything else. Its easy to make too, but I prefer having it made for me instead of making it."

'Lazy.' Nero's devil side commented with a laugh. He couldn't help but smile as well. Nero wondered what other meals they had around here, especially pasta dishes. Back when he lived him Fortuna, pasta was one of his favorite dishes, and it was popular too, seeing as the place was of Italian origin. He absolutly loved Lasagne, best pasta in his books.

"So, here's the deal. If you're gonna stay here, which is the best option, you've got to pull your weight." Dante said seriously to Nero. The smaller hunter paused as he went to take another bite of his pizza. "What do you have in mind?" He asked.

Dante shrugged. "A little bit of hunting and coming with me on some jobs. My partners are away on a trip to some snowy place. Nothing too hard for you." Dante winked and took a bite of his pizza. Nero shook his head and munched on his pizza as well. He turned his attention to the drink on the table and grabbed it, he flipped it over and read the label. Finding it to be just ale, he popped off the cap and took a sip.

"Hey Nero." Dante said suddenly. The smaller hunter turned to him and stopped drinking. "I was wondering... Why did you live alone out there? I mean, surely you had to have someone or a family somewhere?"

"Uh, well, lets just say that I wasn't welcome anymore and leave it at that." Nero clenched his jaw and grinded his teeth. Family was always a touchy subject. Dante grunted. "Sure kid."

Nero glared. "Don't call me kid. I'm not a 'kid', I'm an adult." He growled. Dante smiled and leaned over to ruffle the smaller hunter's hair. "Still shorter and younger than me, so you get to be called kid. Think of it as a pet name." He laughed and dodged a smack from the kid. Nero crossed his arms and scowled (pouted). "Fine, then you get to be called old man, seeing as you are older than me."

Dante leaned back on the couch and placed the heel of his foot on his knee. "Whatever helps you sleep at night kid..."

Nero shook his head and turned to the side, hiding a small smile.


"You are beeing charged with treason."

"For what?! What have I done that could be considered 'treason'?"

"Harbouring demonic power, threatening a civilian, possible plans to destory our beloved town..."

"Thats bullshit! All I've done is protect this town! And it's not my fault that I have a possessed arm!"

"Doesn't matter. You are still charged with treason and sentenced to death."

"You can shove that scentenced up your ass, I'm leaving."

"You think we will let you?"

"Well, you're gonna have to. I'll kick your ass with my cursed arm."

"Stop him!"


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