AN: Okay, so this was something I wrote a while back. The first couple stanzas were originally based on nothing, and then I read Or Haven't You Noticed by Mello's Favorite Reject and wrote the rest of it mostly based on that.

It'll make a lot more sense if you read that fic first, so…yeah, go read it ;) Just be prepared for an onslaught of angst

Disclaimer: I do not own Death Note.

Silence, silence, drawing nearer,
Who's that monster in the mirror?

Bloody fangs and darkened eyes,
I think it's me, all in disguise.

Mirror, mirror, tell me please,
Is it darkness that you seek?

If it is, then have it all,
It'll only be my downfall.

Society wants,
And society needs,
But just who is this guy called "me"?

I think I lost him,
On the way,
And then my heart tore in the fray.

I want to love, but I just can't,
I yearn to laugh, but I'm so sad,

"It's all okay," I start to chant,
I wish it wasn't all so bad.

I'm not depressed,
I'm not insane,
I'm just so tired of this game.

It's no fun,
All said and done,
And not once have I ever won.

I think I drowned, I know I'm lost,
My fingers feel as cold as frost.

But that's a good thing, ain't it swell?
At least I haven't gone to hell.

Ragged clothes, a daunting face,
It's me that God wants to replace.

I'm His first and one mistake,
So real and yet I feel so fake.

The world, it crumbles,
The land, it sleeps,
All with faith must take the leap.

And those that did,
They fell so fast,
I always knew faith wouldn't last.

Heightened senses,
My mind's set,
I'll finally get my kiss from Death.

I've tried it once,
I'll try again,
I'm simply not quite sure of when.

And now time's up,
From dawn 'till dusk,
Say goodbye to all your luck.

Playtime's over,
The day is done,
Wasn't it all so much fun?

I'm just kidding,
It was not,
And yet so hard you always fought.

Never once,
Did your eyes blink,
I swear, at you the Reaper winked.

Say your farewell,
Don't you wait,
I promise we'll meet at the gate.

And if we don't,
Then hear me out,
I loved you then, I'll love you now.

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P.S. The line "I'll finally get my kiss from Death" was inspired by The Chosen by Stefanbane on Wattpad because he has this story about a guy who's in a relationship with Hades. Get the ref? Lolz yeah, I'm creative xD