"Father, is it really you? Are you truely alive?" Sesshomaru asked still in shock.

"Snap out of it Sess! This ain't our old man! Our old man is dead remember!" Inuyasha yelled trying to snap Sesshomaru out of his daze.

"Relax my son. It is me and I am alive." Taisho said to Inuyasha.

"But how?" Sesshomaru asked.

"This is how." Taisho said holding out the sacred jewel that was now a dull white color.

"How the hell did ya get that?" Inuyasha asked suspiciously. He still wasn't completly convinced that this man was really his father.

"I'll explain it to the best of my ability. I was visited in the afterlife by a beautiful miko. She told me her name was Midoriko and she was going to return me to the land of the living. She said she was granting a wish that Sesshomaru's mate unknowingly made. That is how I stand before you today." Taisho said smiling.

"Mm..." Noriko moaned as she came to. When she opened her eyes and saw who held her, she gasped.

"Hello dearest. Have you missed me?" Taisho said smiling at Noriko.

"My Taisho! You've returned to me!" She cried as he held her closer and kissed her deeply. He pulled away and sat her on her feet. He smiled at Sesshomaru and surprised him by giving him a tight hug.

"It's been so long. I've missed you my son." Inuyasha, who'd been watching the interraction between Taisho and his brother finally decided to put his sword away.

"So, you really are our old man huh?" Inuyasha said. He stood still as Taisho walked over to him.

"Yes. It's good to finally meet you my son. Let me look at you." He said placing his hands on Inuyasha's shoulders as he looked him over.

"Keh. Do ya have to keep starin at me dammit! I don't like to be fuckin stared at and judged!" Inuyasha said growling.

Taisho frowned. "I'm not judging you my son. I'm just looking at a son who I never got a chance to see before I died. Why would you think otherwise?"

"Keh. Let's just say that half breeds weren't always welcomed in this family."

Sesshomaru sighed. "I thought we put that all in our past Inuyasha."

"Yeah, yeah. I know."

Taisho looked at Sesshomaru. "What is he talking about Sesshomaru?"

"I'm sayin that lord fluffy over here, is an asshole." Inuyasha said smirking. Taisho growled and flicked his ear.

"Ow! What the hell was that for old man!" Inuyasha yelled.

Taisho glared and flicked his ear again. "You will refrain from using such language. And I am NOT an old man pup."

"Keh. Whatever." Inuyasha mumbled.

"What's going on out there Sesshomaru?" They heard Kagome yell.

"Just a moment love." He replied.

"Is that your mate?" Taisho asked smiling.

"Yes, she is."

"Well bring her out. I want to meet the woman who stole my son's heart."

"I'm afraid she can't come out right now. She just gave birth moments ago."

"You mean I'm a grandfather?" Taisho asked smiling.

"Yes. We have twin sons." Sesshomaru said proudly.

"Is it alright if I meet them? Or would you rather I wait until she's able to get out of bed?"

"It's fine father. Come with me." Sesshomaru said as he went back to the room that held Kagome and his pups.

Kagome looked up when she heard Sesshomaru come back in the room. She smiled as he leaned down to give her a kiss.

"What was all the noise about Sess?"

"I'm afraid that was my fault my dear." Said a tall man that had been behind Sesshomaru.

"Who are you?" Kagome asked.

"I'm Sesshomaru's father. It's nice to meet you. I owe you my life. The priestess of the jewel said that you unknowingly wished me back to life."

"Thank you for what you did love." Sesshomaru said caressing her face.

"But I didn't wish for anything." Kagome said confused.

"Actually Kagome, you did. I believe when we were talking about my father, you said that you wished he could be here so that you could meet him and he could be here for his grandpups." Sesshomaru said.

"I guess I did, didn't I?" Kagome said smiling.

"Speaking of the pups, may I see my grandsons now?"

"Sure!" Kagome said. She handed him Maru.

Taisho smiled. "He looks just like you Sesshomaru."

"That's why we named him Maru." Kagome said smiling.

"Now where's the other little one?'

Sesshomaru smiled. "Right here. You may be a little surprised at his looks though." He said as he carefully traded his father Maru for Tai.

Taisho gasped. "He looks like me. Well except for the blue eyes that is."

"That is why we named him Tai, in honor of you." Sesshomaru said.

Taisho smiled. "That truely is an honor. Thank you." He said.

Kagome and Sesshomaru smiled as they watched Taisho fuss over his grandsons. Sesshomaru leaned over to Kagome and gave her a kiss.

"I want to thank you for everything you've done for me." He said nuzzling her neck.

"What do you mean?" She asked.

"You became my mate and gave me your love. You've blessed me with two beautiful pups and you've given me my father back. I love you so much mate."

"I love you too Sess." She said smiling. Kagome couldn't be happier. Yes in the begining Inuyasha had hurt her, but in the long run she was glad he did. She had a mate that loved her and was now a mother. Life couldn't be better for her.

A/N: I know this isn't much of an ending. Sorry for that. And for those of you who are wondering, there will be NO sequal.