Out by the rocks

AN: I'm really sorry I haven't updated Jump City High and I really should be working on it but this idea came to me after looking at a picture on tumblr. It's just a one-shot but if you liked it or want more like this please review or pm me. Anyways this is right after the episode "The Beast Within". It's one of my favorites because of all the Bb/Rae moments. Well I'm rambling so here's the story.

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"Then maybe you should call me Beast Man from now on" Beastboy told Raven after her little speech.

"Where having a moment here don't ruin it" She warned him.

"Beast Dude?" he asked hopefully. She just groaned.

After a long awkward pause she got up and was about to leave. "Wait Raven" he called out "would you please just stay with me for a little while?" She gave him a confused look but then nodded. This time though she sat closer to him without her arms crossed.

While to anyone else in this situation silence would be awkward, to them it felt perfectly normal and calming just being in each other's presence. They sat there for hours gazing at the moon and the stars occasionally talking about their teammates or anything else that came into their minds.

Then when there was just silence he looked over at her. For the first time he really looked at her. He noticed how hair was a beautiful shade of violet. How her gray skin and chakra stone fit in perfectly with her face and just enhanced her beauty. But to him her most breath taking feature where her eyes. They resembled amethysts. They especially looked beautiful under the moonlight. He was so lost in looking at her that when she spoke he jumped.

"What are you looking at?" she asked him in a timid voice much unlike her own.

"I want to kiss you" he stated looking directly in her eyes. Her pale cheeks flushed cherry red and she looked down at the water.

"Can I kiss you" he asked hopefully.

Her timid demeanor now gone, but still looking away, she sarcastically asked him "I don't know, Can you?".

Knowing she was only avoiding the question he grabbed her chin softly making her look at him and just barely said "I can". Then he lightly gave her a peck on the lips.

It only lasted 3 seconds but they both could feel the sparks. She then surprised him by scooting closer to him, she then placed her head on his shoulder and he rested his arm on her shoulder. They stayed like that until sunset neither ever saying a word. After the sun had risen they both got up and he walked her to her room, quietly so the others wouldn't wake up.

"Goodnight, or is it morning never mind, see you later Rae" he said to her once they arrived at her door.

"My name is Raven, Garfield, not Rae" she scolded him. After opening her door she turned back to him gave him a peck on his cheek and whispered "I can to". She then went inside her room and left a smiling Christmas colored Beastboy outside with a goofy grin.

A/N: I know the character may be a bit OOC but this is after the whole beast thing so Beast boy is a bit more serious and ravens sweeter because he saved her life. Anyways PLEAASEEEEEE review it will mean a lot. Anyways thanks for reading.