Be John

"Jake? Do you really love me like that?" You couldn't help but ask, you couldn't help but wonder if maybe that was the reason he was acting so strange, maybe it was to get your attention, or to get some kind of reaction out of you.

"Sure I do, couldn't you tell?"

You looked up at him and sighed softly. "Well, not really" You weren't really sure what to say. This was both reliving and inappropriate, but the fact that it was inappropriate kind of just added to the excitement.

"I guess I'll just have to try harder than, won't I?"

You were about to ask him what he meant, but you stopped feeling the wet, warm, slimy feeling of his tongue press against your neck and then trail down to one of your shoulders. He flicked his tongue at it ever so slowly, as if he was trying to erase every last one of your freckles with the wet organ. You couldn't help but squirm a bit, by no means did you hate it, it honestly just kind of tickled. The room seemed to grow warmer by the second, you figured it was because of Jake, his body heat was practically radiating off of him, covering every inch of your body. You were pretty sure that even if someone stood in the farthest corner of the room Jake's body heat would probably reach them some how.

"Jake? I don't…I mean I don't think we should be doing this"

You whispered softly. You couldn't help it, you would feel guilty if you didn't at least pretend like you didn't want this to happen. I mean Jake was your cousin for God sakes. It wasn't right, hell it wasn't normal, you were sure Jake knew all of this, but then why was he doing it? You were pretty sure he had at least some kind of a conscious you know you did, and your conscious would never let you forget it if if you did something like this, but there was no stopping Jake. You would rather deal with your conscious later than deal with Jake after denying what he obviously wanted. The room was still warm, but your body still shivered when your T-shirt, your favorite T-shirt you might add, was pulled from your small torso.

"Don't think about it then"

His voice sounded distant and kind of shaky, like he was nervous. You didn't see why he had any reason to be nervous, you were a different story. He slid a hand across your chest gracefully and carefully, as if he was worried that if he touched the wrong spot you would blow up or something. You wanted to remind Jake that you weren't some kind of wired bomb, but it appeared as if you wouldn't have to. Jake picked up the pace a bit more, probably realizing how silly he was being. That wet organ of his flicked away at your chest, much like it had done with your shoulder, but it felt different. It felt better. Your lips parted, and your eyes closed a bit when he found those soft pinks buds of yours that you were pretty self-conscious about, mostly because they were unbearably sensitive, and a little bit to pink for your liking. He rolled his tongue around one before moving to the other and pulling it into his mouth sucking softly and then pulling away, leaving you at a loss for words. Your brain felt foggy and your eyes had probably started to glaze over. Jake smirked at this, but his smirk faded away when you stared up at him, staring directly into his strange green eyes. You weren't so afraid anymore.

"John? I really want this, more than anything. I don't think I could stop myself even if I wanted to. I would say you have a choice, but I don't think I can give you one. I want you, and I will have you John Egbert"

He sounded a little bit like your Jake now. His words were selfish and possessive, but the tone was soft and gentle. You couldn't say anything, you didn't know what to say, so you stayed quiet and kissed him. You kissed him with as much passion as you could muster up. By no means were you attracted to this…Trickster Jake, but you did love the real Jake. Deep down you always knew you kind of liked him, and maybe if you participated in whatever Trickster Jake wanted you to do, a sliver of your Jake might shine through, and that was all you wanted. The kiss was suppose to stay gentle and passionate, but Jake ruined it. The kisses were now quick and sloppy and when he pulled away you were left with small spots of saliva on your cheeks and around your mouth.

"You're disgusting"

You whispered softly a hint of amusement in your voice.

"You think that's gross? You should see the other stuff I do"

He grins proudly, and you can't help but to scoff and roll your eyes.

"My Jake would never do something like that, he's a gentleman"

You crossed your arms, only for Jake to pull them away from your chest and pin them above your head.

"You don't know 'Your' Jake that well then"

He smiled pushed his hips against yours and grinding down into them. You wanted to argue back, you kind of wanted to kick him in the face, but whatever he was doing with his hips felt amazing. The delicious friction was far too much for you to handle and your body wanted more of it. You pushed your hips upwards meeting each twist of dip of Jake's hips. You tilted your head back a bit and let out a shaky breath that seemed to make the tent in Jake's pants grow even more than you thought possible.

"I thought you said you didn't want to do this"

It was more of a statement than a question, he was laughing at you, throwing your words back in your face. You didn't know why you were surprised.

"I don't want to do this"

You mumbled back glaring up at Jake, you turned your attention to your hands trying to free them from the other's grasp, but to no avail. The sound of a zipper being pulled down filled the warm air and soon your movements stilled completely. The elastic of your boxers were stretched until they weren't touching your stomach anymore, but touching the wrist of Jake's hand. All of a sudden you were very clear of how fast your heart was beating, it was ringing in your ears. The butterflies in your stomach had also stopped for a moment.

"J-Jake, what are you doing?"

"Are you sure you don't want to do this?"

He asked with a tilt of his head. His face seemed expressionless, it was like if he had given you some kind of expression whatever surprise was in store might be given away.

"I'm Sure?"

But you honestly weren't sure anymore.

Be Jake

You listened to the other's words carefully, he had said them. He had said he was sure, he was sure that he didn't want to do that. Well you would change his mind, it wouldn't be hard, not if you did this right. You watched John carefully as your hand found what it was looking for and wrapped around it gently. There was a loud gasp from John and you could see the confusion in his eyes, but there was also lust in them, and soon there would be more.

You stroked him, moving your hand up and down slowly at first, but your movements gradually became faster, and soon John was not only gasping, but moaning as well. You had never heard such beautiful noise in your life. It was addictive, you wanted to hear more, what else could you make him do?

You pushed his legs apart, spreading them out a bit more. John didn't complain, and didn't even seem to care. You pulled his boxers off as quick as you could, maybe a bit too quick, they probably had rip in them now, but you would worry about that later.

"Are you sure John? Are you sure you don't want to do this?"

You raised an eyebrow and continued your stroking listening to John gasp incomprehensible words and make sounds you yourself didn't think you could get him to make. When you thought you had proved your point you pulled your hand away just as soon as John was going to lose it. Even in the dark you could make out how flushed his face was and how wide and glazed over his eyes were.


He panted softly, trying to speak but also trying to catch his breath. It was adorable, and you felt kind of proud knowing you were the one who made him like that. It was one of the hottest things you had ever seen or heard.

"Jake, I kinda..I wanna do this. I want you"

Scratch that, that was the hottest thing you had ever heard. You had waited for this moment for God knows how long. The time had finely come, and you would make sure that this would be just as good for John as it would be for you. You quickly rid yourself of your clothing and positioned yourself on top of John. You pulled one of legs over your hip and let out a shaky breath when his bottom half rubbed against yours. Just the contact itself made you wanna-


You looked down at the younger lad and raised a green eyebrow.


"You uhh, you have some soft of lubricant right?"

You honestly didn't think to get any sort of lube or whatever. You kind of just forgot about it. A part of you wanted to take John dry just to see him scream and squirm under you, but you figured he was going to do that anyways, and you did want this to be some what comfortable for him. You moved away from the bed and looked around your room.


You hissed softly and ran your hands through your hair annoyed. You turned your attention back to John who was sitting up looking at you nervously. You sighed and made your way to the kitchen. You pulled open the fridge and grabbed what you thought would work before joining John back on the bed.

"What's that?"

John raised an eyebrow curiously and reached for the bottle in your hand. You pushed his hand away and held the bottle away from him. You pushed him back down on the bed before squirting the substance of the bottle on your fingers and rubbing a bit on your erection.

"So you know how this works right?"

You grin down at him and he looks away probably blushing madly.

"It's not going to hurt will it?"

You shrug and smile a bit.

"I don't know, I've never been on bottom. It will probably hurt a little, you'll be alright though"

"Gee thanks Jake, how kind of you"

He hissed. You laughed softly and kissed his head before inserting a finger and putting the bottle to John's lips. He squealed a bit at the finger and slowly opened his mouth taking the red sticky substance that you squirted out of the bottle and into his mouth. You added another finger and pushed the two fingers in and out listening to him gag on the red syrupy stuff.

"Jake. Is that cherry ice cream syrup?!"

He gagged again and pushed the bottle away. You leaned down kissing him sliding your tongue past his lips and into his mouth.

"It would seem so"

You smirked licking the rest of the syrup from your lips. John opened his mouth, probably to scream at you or something stupid like that, but as soon as you added the third finger he shut up. Which you were quite happy about.

"That feels really weird Jake"

He groaned softly his eyes closed and his bottom lip stuck behind his buck teeth.

"It doesn't hurt?"

"No, it just feels weird"

He mumbles. You pulled your fingers out and get lined up. You weren't really sure if your stretched John properly or not, you didn't care at this point. The voices in your head were driving you crazy, you weren't thinking straight. You slammed into the Egbert boy receiving a loud cry of pain and surprise. The syrup was working rather nicely, for you that is.

John clawed at your chest screaming at you to stop or to at least slow down, but you couldn't it just felt to good, and the voices in your head were oh so happy with you. You grabbed the back of John's head and pulled his head back by his hair. Your breathing was labored and your thrusting was out of control, there wasn't any sort of rhythm that you were following that you were aware of. John continued to scream but you shut up pushing your tongue in and out of his mouth. Eventually he started moaning again, which you were pretty grateful for, his screams were sexy and all, but if you had to listen to them anymore you would probably go deaf.

"Do…you know how long I've wanted to do this?"

John only moaned in reply and tilted his head back. His arms fell from your chest and gripped the bed sheets instead.

"Fuck kid, come on say something"

You jerked your hips forward and back a bit faster. You watched as John's eyes rolled in the back of his head, and you almost lost it. You leaned your forehead against his shoulder and hooked one of his legs around your hips.


You reached down and gently started to stroke him slowly. This was obviously his first time, and you knew he wouldn't be able to last much longer. You kissed his neck and then his mouth. His moans were getting louder and you knew any moment now he was going to spill. He let out one more chocked moan before releasing, you released only seconds later groaning in response. You collapsed down beside him panting softly and closing your eyes.

"You're green hair is gone"

You slowly opened your eyes and ran your fingers through your hair and smiling.

"Yea, uhh thank god for that"

You laughed softly smiling at him and pulling him close.

"I really did miss you Jake"

He whispered softly and you couldn't help but grin. The voices in your head just seemed to disappear they were gone, and so were you candy cravings, everything seemed back to normal again. Everything was like it should be.

"I missed you to, I'm sorry if I was acting strange or whatever, I actually can't remember what happened before this"

You looked down at John sheepishly.

"Remind me to fill you in later"

You nodded slowly and let out a soft yawn. It was good to be back, and it was good to be back with John right beside you hugging onto you like you were what mattered to him most in the world. He fell asleep, and after a while so did you. You had never slept so peacefully in your life. There were no voices, no insane laughter, and no candy. Just John and you wouldn't want it anyway else.

(Sorry for the long wait! Also sorry if it seemed it bit rushed. I really wanted to get this posted tonight)