Proluge: Sakura Haruno, an average twelve year old girl with adnormal pink hair, and beautiful emerald green eyes. When sakura was born her parents left right after and gave Sakura up to a married couple who offered to adopt her. She's never met her real parents and doesn't even know she's adopted. Sense Sakura's birth her eyes would turn from green to a beautiful gold and the return to normal no one ever noticed tough because it happened in a split second. Sakura's grown up in the leaf village her whole life, and when she turned six she decieded she wanted to be a ninja, She started going to the Acadomy for future shinobi. Its now been six years in the acadomy and she will have a graduation test if she passes she can actually start as a low ranked ninja with a squad.

"Sakura you better get up honey you wouldnt want to be late for school, today is the graduation test after all." Sakura's mother called a little to cheerful for the morning if you would have asked Sakura.

"Im up, Im up." Sakura replied quickly to her mother.

After Sakura quickly got up not wanting to see the wrath of her mother, she showered and then got dressed in her usual clothes which consisted of, the blue ninja sandels with a red skirt that went about two inches below mid thigh, and a while and red short sleeve shirt. The cloths were modest enough to cover up her chest which was a bit larger than the other girls her age, and it showed off her perfect legs but not too much to look like a whore fangirl. The shirt showed off her hour glass figure.

Sakura was very beautiful that's why she had her own fanboy clubs, Sakura didn't encourage the boys in anyway she actually wanted them to leave her alone. Many of the girls she went to school with were envious of her beauty and body, so they made fun of her hair and her intelligence some people didnt want to be friends with Sakura tough because they feared they would get made fun of too if they accepted her.

Sakura was okay by herself tough because people only wanted to be friends with her because of her beauty not because they acually saw who she was or her personality, which is a shame because her personality was the best part about this girl, Sakura was intelligent, brave and daring, but mostly kind and had an amazing humor.

It took Sakura about fifteen minuets to get to school and when she did arrive she was greated with a crowd of fanboys waiting for her much to her delight. She also saw a group of girls crying and sulking to themselves and each other, her best guess was that sasuke rejected them yet again, she smirked at that tought.

The fanboys spoted her much to her dismay and started yelling things like

Sakura go out with me!

No Sakura go out with me not that loser.

Be mine

marry me.

The list goes on and on.

Inner Sakura: Hey wake up and get us out of here before they rape us or something!

Sakura speaking to her inner: Oh sorry, yeah if I dont hurry im going to be late.

The boys momentarily forgot about Sakura, and started arguing which lead to a fist fight, giving her the perfect chance to escape.

Sakura got into the classroom and saw Ino her old best friend trying to get Sasuke's attetion, and scowled.

Sakura recalled the events that took place when they were around seven, she had told Ino that she had a crush on Sasuke and Ino got angery because that's who she liked. They then proclamed each other as rivials. Ino constently chased sasuke and bothered him when Sakura just said Hi every now and then.

Sakura had went to her seat without saying anything to Ino or Sasuke. She sat by a boy named Akio who was to her right and another boy named Hikiru to her left. Hikiru was a fanboy of her's, he was always staring at Sakura. Akio wasen't, he was normal or at least acted normal he didn't drool over her and constently ask her out.

"Okay class quiet down and take your seats, I know your all nervous for todays tests, only fourty percent of you will make it, while the other sixty percent will go back to the accadomy for another six years or get normal jobs.

This only made the class more nervous and eveyone erupted in talking.

Sakura's inner: ONLY FOURTY PERCENT.

Sakura: Damn, sakura mentally cursed.

Sakura's inner: We can do it! we can beat Ino or at least show her what we're made of!

"Quiet." Iruka demanded.

The classroom became deadly silent.

Iruka sighed then contiuned." Okay you'll have three tests the first test will be the hand writen part."

Some of the students cheered mentally, while others groaned.

"The second test will be to create three to five shadow clones." Iruka stated and then paused.

Naruto became very pale at this statement, That's my worst jutsu he tought.

"The third and final test will be... The Transformation jutsu, you will transform into me." Iruka informed them.

Iruka passed out the papers for the first test and then let them begin, they were ordered to leave the room when they were done with there written test, to start test number two. Sakura was done first then, Sasuke and Naruto was last.

"Let the second test begin." One of the judges annoced.

Sakura was fourth to go and made Five perfect shadow clones of herself. While Ino made a snide comment about how "it was bad enough to have one but now Five, the world is ending."

Ino made three and some of the fangirls only made one or two, Shikamaru made four. Hinata Hyuga made three. Chouji made four. Shino made three. Kiba made five.

Now it was Sasuke's turn he made five perfect clones and fangirls screamed compliments.

"Naruto yelled I could do better."

"Hn prove it dobe." sasuke coolly replied.

"I will," with that Naruto steped up and preformed the three hand signs used to preform the jutsu, poof... there was one very pale wobbling Naruto, the clone of naruto fell on the ground face first and then poofed away.

The judges and Iruka were angry and offended thinking Nauto did it on purpose as a joke.

Iruka yelled " Naruto you baka don't you take this seriously at all."

Naruto just made a noise and scowled at his failed clone.

They moved on the the third test, everyone went and passed with flying colors except for some fangirls and fanboys. Then it came time for Naruto's.

Naruto steped up determindly and made the three hand signs Dog, Boar, Tiger. and poof a transformation fail of Iruka sensi. Naruto was so upset when he released it he got angry, and then he yelled " I can do better than Iruka sensi." with that another poof of smoke and a tall hot blonde apeared the judges had nose bleeds and wanted to kill Naruto. The girl version of naruto was naked with only a like smoke covering her fenimine parts.

"Naruto you FAIL." Iruka yelled furiously.

Naruto pouted and ran out of the classroom.

The now shinobi's who passed are...

Ino Yamanaka, Shikamaru Nara, chouji Akimichi, Hinata Hyuga, Shino Aburame, Kiba Inuzuka, Sakura haruno, Sasuke Uchiha.

Fangirls and fanboys were sad because they didn't get to be with there beloved sasuke and sakura any longer.

Sakura was down right thrilled, yeah no more fanboys!

Sakura's inner: Yes we did it, we kicked ass go us!

Children meet with their parents outside the accadomy, and Iruka told everyone to meet in the morining tommorow for that's when they will be put into groups.

Naruto walked the streets sulking about not being a ninja, when Mizuki showed up beside him and explained to hi about a second way to becoming a ninja.

Naruto quickly became determined to get the scroll and become a ninja, for it was his last resort to accomplish his dream without wasteing another six years. Naruto got to the shack in the woods, and got the scroll and started reading it.

After an hour of many ninja searching for Naruto, Iruka found naruto panting and exhausted in the forest, Iruka tought has he been practicing jutsu this whole time?

"Naruto what are you doing out here and with the forbinden scroll? Iruka questioned.

Naruto panted out " Eh sensi so you found me, I've been practicing Mizuki told me i could be a ninja if I learned a jutsu from the scroll."

Iruka looked surprised then looked around and sure enough mizuki was leaning against a tree and a fight broke out to protect Naruto and the scroll. Sadly Naruto in the proccess learened that he was the nine tailed demon fox that destroyed the village tweleve years ago and that's why everyone hates him and will always hate him. Naruto ran away angry with the scroll.

"Eh stupid kid, im going to kill him and take the scroll ill be back for you Iruka." Mizuki laughed a dry laugh and then left.

Naruto overheard Mizuki and Iruka talk about him and Iruka stood up for him and was about to die, that's when naruto popped out and preformed the multi shadow clone jutsu the one he learened from the forbidden scroll.

" Don't you lay a hand on my sensi or ill kill ya." Naruto shouted and then attacked Mizuki with all his shadow clones beating him to death, then returned the scroll to Iruka.

"Naruto." Iruka said in bewilderment.

"You pass. lets go out for ramen." Iruka said and Naruto got a ninja head band and ramen!

After ramen Iruka told Naruto to not be late and be at the acadomy in the morning for the groups to be assigned.

"Never Mistake knowledge for wisdom. One helps you make a living; the other helps you make a life.". - Sandra Carey.