This idea came to me as I was working on the third chapter of Opportunities and it would not leave me alone. Warnings include sex, multiple partners, language, and incest. Yes, incest, but not for a few more chapters. With all of that out of the way, I hope you enjoy reading this new story!

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The Potter Family Chronicles

Chapter 1: Reassurance

"Can you please come to bed, Daphne?"

Daphne Potter removed her eyes from her reflection in the mirror and turned to her husband, Harry Potter, who was sitting up in their large bed. He looked at her with those amazing, emerald green eyes that she fell in love with many years ago, eyes that held so much care and passion in them. She could see the worry in his eyes and she felt guilty for causing him such distress and depriving him of sleep. It was a little after midnight and Harry had to go to the Department of Magical Law Enforcement early in the morning. He needed his rest, but he stubbornly remained awake until she told him what was wrong.

"I'm not tired, Harry," She lied and forced down the urge to rub her tired eyes.

Harry gave her a look that said 'I don't believe you'.

"Uh-huh. Sure you are. Now…" He ran a hand through his messy black hair and sat up straighter, "Will you please tell me what's wrong?"

Daphne turned away from him and returned her gaze to the mirror.

"It's just…" She clutched the edges of her night robe. She couldn't tell him. It was too embarrassing.

"Daphne, you're my wife. My wonderful wife, who I love with all my heart and soul, and been married to for almost twenty years. You can tell me anything," Harry said, and he meant every word. This was the woman who pulled him out of his depression after his final battle with Voldemort. This was the woman who first showed him true love. And, most of all, this was the woman who gave him two beautiful daughters he cherished and loved. He would do anything for her, including listening to every one of her problems.

Daphne felt tears leak at the corners of her eyes. Even after all these years, her Harry still knew how to make her heart race, how to make her feel like a young schoolgirl. He was a caring and amazing husband, always treating her with respect and making time in his busy schedule to be with her and the children. He deserved to know her worries.

"Can I ask you a question?" Daphne asked, fiddling with her robe nervously. She still remained facing away from him and her eyes were cast down, staring at the carpeted floor.

Harry perked up a little. Maybe he was getting somewhere.

"Anything, my love."

She turned around and opened up her robe, letting it fall to the floor and revealing her body to him. She was clad in only a light purple bra and a pair of panties of the same color.

"Do you still find me attractive?" She asked nervously.

He gave her a disbelieving look.

"Why would you ask that, Daphne? Of course I find you attractive! You're the most beautiful woman in the world."

She blushed and shook her head, causing her long, blond hair to twirl around her head like a golden halo.

"No, I'm not. I'm fat…I've gained weight since Lily was born. See?" She grabbed at the slight fat around her waist. Her hands moved to her rear and cupped each cheek, "My arse is huge! Look!"

Harry did look and a lecherous grin spread across his face.

"All I see is a sexy, fantastically-shaped bum that's just begging to be grabbed by your handsome husband," He said, his eyes drinking in the image of her jiggling cheeks.

Daphne blushed even harder.

"B-but it's big!"

"So? Maybe I like how it is. Turn around and give me a better look at that wonderful arse."

Daphne shivered. Oh, how she loved it when he talked like that. She gave him a good look of her panty-clad bum and thrust it toward him, wiggling it a little for his entertainment. Harry couldn't take it any longer. He jumped out of bed and his hands immediately assaulted her fleshy rear.

"Oh! Harry!"

Harry kneeled behind her and groped her plump butt. He marveled at the softness and mass of the two cheeks. Yes, Daphne had gained some weight since having Lily, but it went to the most wonderful of places. Her pair of underwear was trapped between the two cheeks and Harry felt that they needed to go. Removing his hands from her bum, Harry gripped the pair of knickers and pulled them down her luscious thighs. Once the article of clothing was down to her ankles, Harry's hands resumed worshipping her lovely rear. Daphne couldn't stop herself from moaning at the feeling of her husband's groping hands on her butt. How could he find her big, fat bum so arousing and sexy? Was he just trying to make her feel better? Her eyes widened when she felt something wet and warm make contact with one of her ass cheeks.

"H-harry! What are y-you doing?"

Harry sucked on the meaty flesh of her butt cheek, lathering it in his saliva and groping the other cheek with his hand.

"Appreciating my wife's amazing assets," He replied, continuing his ministrations on her rear. He spread her cheeks, exposing her puckered hole to the cool air of the bedroom. Daphne flushed with embarrassment as he stared at her dirty hole.

"Don't…don't go there! Harry, that's dirTY!" Harry probed her anal entrance with his index finger, "You…You…have to…stop…" Harry slid a second finger inside of her rectum and pushed deeper inside. He had never done this before. It felt alien to Daphne, but oddly, and she was ashamed to admit it, naughty and sensational. Having his fingers stretch her small hole and his mouth suck on the flesh of her arse made her feel young and adventurous again, back when they were still nervous teenagers experimenting for the first time. But despite all they had done, the couple had never tried anything this dirty. Sure, there was that time they made love in the garden, completely covered in dirt and mud, but that was after Harry had to go away for a few weeks to investigate reports of a dark lord in Romania and Daphne was desperately horny and longed for her husband's touch. Harry had barely made it to the garden before Daphne threw him to the ground and proceeded to make love to him multiple times. But that was when they were in their early twenties. Now, they were in their late thirties, with two teenage daughters who slept just down the hall…

"We can't d-d-do this now, Harry. Selena and Lily will hear…"

Harry removed his fingers from her rectum and stood up to his full height. He wrapped his arms around her waist and pressed himself against him, giving her a good estimate at his current state of arousal. He leaned his head forward and nibbled on her earlobe, causing her to moan.

"They're both sound asleep. Besides, I don't think I can stop myself from ravishing my goddess wife," He whispered huskily, his warm breath sending shivers down her spine. The way he spoke and the feeling of his rock-hard erection against her teased bum made her opening drip with arousal.

"I'm…I'm not..." Harry turned her head and captured her lips. His tongue asked for entrance, and as always she complied. Their tongues danced together with practiced synchronization only achieved after years of practice and refinement. They knew each other's weak spots like the back of their hands, and every scrap of knowledge they contained went into this passionate, love-filled kiss. Daphne spun around without breaking their kiss and fisted his hair. She desperately wanted more, more of the feeling of him wanting her and he happily obliged her request. She grinded her glistening womanhood against his boxer-covered erection and Harry's hands descended back to her bum. She moaned into the kiss and pressed her large, clothed breasts against his naked torso. Both of them were burning with lust and passion, ready to be released into the highest altitudes of ecstasy. Finally, the two soul mates' lungs burned for oxygen and they reluctantly pulled away. They rested their foreheads together and stared into each other's eyes, emerald green meeting sapphire blue.

"I love you…" Daphne whispered.

"I love you, too, angel…" Harry whispered back. He placed a kiss on forehead and wrapped his arms around her waist. Daphne leaned her head against his chest and listened to the sound of his heart beating. The two lovers stood there in the middle of the room in a comfortable silence, embracing each other. After several minutes of quietness, Harry spoke, "Now, what prompted you to question my attraction to you?"

Daphne looked up from his chest and sighed. She snuggled into his warmth some more.

"Remember that waitress who took our order at lunch today at the restaurant?" He nodded, "Well, she was flirting with you the whole damn time," She said with a low growl.

Harry looked at her confusingly.

"She did?"

Daphne giggled.

"Yes, my horribly dense husband. She bent over to pick up her 'accidently' dropped pen in front of you at least five times. Also, she wrote her number on the receipt and winked at you."

"Ok…I think I saw her wink, but I didn't see her number on the receipt."

Daphne placed a kiss on his lips and smiled mischievously at him.

"I may have ripped that part off of the receipt. Oh, and I may have sent a discreet stinging hex at her bum. You know, just to let her know who she's messing with."

Harry laughed.

"She was a muggle, honey. She was probably wondering why her bum hurt so much," He continued to chuckle for a few more seconds, "But seriously, that was why you felt insecure? Daphne, she had nothing on you."

Daphne sighed.

"She was young, Harry. Young and skinny and-"

"-And nothing. You're ten times more beautiful and wonderful. You're just as sexy as the day I first laid eyes on you. You may have gained a little weight, but that's only added to you're already goddess-like beauty. Trust me, Daphne, you have nothing to worry about," His voice was honest and full of love, and Daphne couldn't stop the tears from trailing down her beautiful face. Harry brushed a few of the tears away and Daphne smiled at him.

"Thank you, Harry…"

"I'm just being honest, Daphne. Now," His hands once again dropped down and cupped her bum, "How about we continue, Mrs. Potter?"

Daphne smiled seductively and reached her hand into his boxers. She found what she was looking for and Harry groaned.

"Sounds like a wonderful idea, Mr. Potter," She replied, lightly stroking his aroused head.

Without warning, Harry picked Daphne up bridal-style. She squealed in surprise and giggled like a schoolgirl as he walked toward their bed. He gently laid her onto the bed and positioned his head near her closed legs, "Spread your legs, love," Daphne's breathing picked up and excitement coursed through her core. She spread her legs immediately, giving Harry access to her sweet, glistening opening. Harry leaned his head forward and marveled at the sight of his wife's womanhood, dripping with her fluids of arousal. He softly blew a little of his warm breath onto her opening and Daphne shivered.

"P-please, stop teasing, Harry," Daphne whispered, a little bit of desperation in her voice.

Harry smiled.

"Anything for you, love," With that said, Harry dove his tongue inside her moist folds, causing Daphne to arch her back. She barely had time to recover from his sudden intrusion before his tongue started to dart in and out of her sweet honey pot at a fast rate, sending shockwaves of pleasure throughout her body. Daphne frantically tried to hold back her loud moans, but it was no use. She gripped the bed sheets hard; hard enough to make her knuckles turn white, and tried to stop her hips from bucking into his face. It felt so amazing and she knew her orgasm would be coming soon.

Harry continued tasting his wife's sweet core, relishing in the delicious flavor and enticing aroma it emitted. He loved doing this to her, making her feel pleasure and sexually-aroused. He briefly looked up from his spot between her legs and saw how flushed her face was and how heavily she was breathing, which caused her large bust to bounce up and down erotically. The two big, fleshy mounds were tantalizingly covered, and Harry made a mental note to remove her bra and give them the proper attention they deserved once he was finished servicing her lower opening. After drinking in the image of her bouncing orbs, Harry's eyes landed on the small nub just right above her folds and he grinned against her opening. He moved his lips a little higher and captured her clit between his lips. He applied a little suction and glided his tongue over the small nub.

The results were instantaneous. Daphne let out a very long moan and wrapped her legs around his head, pushing his face more into her soaked entrance, "Oh, Harry! I'm going to cuMMMMM!" She screamed. Her juices literally gushed out and Harry tried to lap up every single drop of the sweet liquid. Her legs tightened around his head and her hips bucked into his face as her orgasm hit full force. Finally, after almost a whole minute, Daphne's body sagged and her leg death-grip around his head loosened. Harry continued to lick and kiss her dripping pussy for a few more minutes, letting his wife come down from her orgasmic and ecstasy fueled high. After thoroughly cleaning her glistening opening, Harry raised his head up and grinned at his wide-eyed wife.

"How was that, my beautiful and wonderful wife?" He asked, scooting up further onto the bed to lie beside her.

Daphne weakly propped herself up on her shaking elbows and moved herself on top of him. She smashed her lips against his and proceeded to give him a toe-curling kiss that left him speechless. When she pulled away, she gave him a sexy smile, "Absolutely amazing, my handsome and sexy husband. I don't think I've ever came that hard…" She noticed his eyes were on her covered breasts and she smirked at him, "Oh, see something you like?" She reached behind her back and unhooked her bra, letting fall to his chest and revealing her large breasts in all their glory.

His answer was to bury his face into her breasts and latch his mouth onto one of her large nipples. Daphne moaned and cradled his head against her bosom, softly stroking his messy black hair as he lavished her breasts. He caressed one of the large orbs of flesh with one hand, teasing the erect pink tip with his fingers, and using his mouth to stimulate the other one. Feeling his erection pressed against her stomach, Daphne pulled his boxers down, freeing his cock from its constrictive cover. She gripped the large appendage and began to slowly jerk-off the head, his pre-cum making it easier for her to slide her hand up and down the top half. She felt him groan against her breasts, so she quickly picked up her pace. Harry's cock twitched a little and more pre-cum guzzled out from the increasingly arousing stimulation.

"Merlin, Daphne…" He murmured from between her breasts and she smiled at her ability to bring him pleasure. His hips started move with her jerking hand and his ministrations on her globes became more arousing. Removing his hand from her head-size mound, Harry's fingers moved down to her once again dripping opening and he slid in two fingers. Daphne's grip on his cock tightened as he started fingering her and her breathing became heavier. Her hand became a blur as her pace increased on his member, the copious amounts of pre-cum acting as an excellent lubricant. She focused mostly on his large cockhead, which she felt twitch every time her soft, skilled hand brushed over its sensitive flesh.

Harry felt like he was in heaven. With his head sandwiched between Daphne's breasts and her hand working wonders on his cock, Harry hadn't been this sexually aroused in a long time. But that was by no means Daphne's fault. He worked a busy schedule, with him being the head of the Auror Department and all. He barely had any time to relax and enjoy such pleasures with his beautiful wife, but he resolved to fix that. Maybe he could take his two-week paid vacation a little earlier than planned. After all, he had been considering taking Daphne to a lovely beach in the tropics…

Harry felt a familiar stirring in his balls and knew his release would arrive soon.

"I'm going to cum, Daphne," He said from his comfortable spot.

Daphne moaned.

"Me too, Harry…" The combined efforts of his fingers and mouth had already brought her back to the edge of an orgasm. Hearing her declaration, Harry inserted a third finger and teased her clit with his thumb. That was enough to send her over the brink again and her pussy clamped down on his hand, accompanied by a large splash of her sweet juices and a loud moan. At the exact same time her release came, Harry's cock erupted and blasts of thick cum shot into the air. Harry let out a groan and buried his face further into her breasts as his cum completely coated Daphne's hand and stomach in its stickiness. A few long ropes of the creamy white substance landed on her arm and shoulder, and Daphne shivered at the feeling of his warm cum covering her body. Both of their orgasms finally subsided after several minutes and they clung to each other in the afterglow of their powerful releases.

Harry removed his head from her breasts and looked at her with a goofy grin on his face.

"Twice in a row, darling?"

Daphne blushed and she refused to meet his eyes.

"What about you? Look at all this cum!" Daphne exclaimed. Her hand finally let go of his soft member and she brought it up to her mouth. Slowly, she stuck her tongue out and began to lick her cum-covered hand clean.

"Wow…That's hot," He said, his eyes wide.

Daphne smirked and sucked on each cum-covered finger. Once cleaned, she gathered some of his spunk that was splattered on her stomach and resumed her actions.

"Mmmm…Very sweet…You taste delicious, Harry," She commented, and Harry's cock twitched at her seductive tone.

"I'm about five seconds away from shoving every inch of my cock inside your pussy, pounding into you mercilessly, and putting you into an orgasmic coma," Harry said, and Daphne was surprised to see his rod already hardened and fully erect again. She decided to tease him some more.

"Oh, such naughty words, Mr. Potter. Do you think you can back them up?" She asked teasingly, not seeing the mischievous glint in his eye.

It happened without warning. Harry grabbed her by the waist, lifted her up, and skewered his entire length, an impressive nine inches, inside of her pussy.

"HARRY!" Daphne yelled as he began to pound inside of her. She quickly wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist to stay securely in his lap.

"Ah! So fucking good, Daphne! Your pussy's amazing!" The way her pussy gripped his cock felt heavenly and he started to thrust into it with great speed, desperate to feel more of the wonderful feeling. Daphne's eyes widened when she felt the tip of his cock enter her womb and her body was immediately assaulted and overloaded with massive amounts of pleasure. Her mind literally shut down from the intense, pleasurable feelings, and all she could do was loosely hang onto her husband as he proceeded to reshape her inner walls, "Let me do all the work," He whispered in her ear, and she happily complied, for her senses were too overloaded to do much else. His grip on her hips tightened and he used his grip to raise her up and slam her down onto his pelvis, meeting his well-coordinated thrusts. With every thrust his cockhead entered her womb and sent shockwaves throughout her body, and it wasn't long before her third orgasm of the night was triggered, 'Orgasmic coma…' Daphne thought as she saw stars. If Harry continued to pummel her pussy this hard, she had no doubt such a thing would happen, 'But what a wonderful way to pass out…'

Harry felt her inner walls clench around his cock, attempting to milk him for every drop, but he wouldn't let himself cum just yet. When Harry Potter says he going to put his wife in a orgasmic coma, he meant it, especially when said wife challenged his ability to do so.

"How about we go for four?" He whispered to her.

Daphne looked at him dreamily. He noticed some saliva trailing down the corner of her mouth.

"Y-yes…More…" Her sapphire blue eyes were filled to the brim with lust.

"Let's cum together, love," He leaned in toward her ear and gently nibbled on her earlobe, "I'll cum inside of you, filling your womb with my thick spunk. Do you want that?" He asked huskily. Harry felt her body shiver against him.

"Yes! Harry, cum inside me! Fill me with your cum! Send me into an orgasmic coma!" The burning fire in her eyes and demanding voice only served to turn him on further, and he increased his speed tenfold. His hips became a blur as he pounded inside of her mercilessly. Daphne's big breasts and tits bounced enticingly in front of his face and he couldn't resist capturing one in his mouth. Soon, he felt his balls stir and her walls tighten. Raising her up until only the head of his cock was inside of her, Harry slammed her back down onto his cock and exploded inside of her. Daphne screamed in ecstasy as his thick cum splashed against her womb and filled it to the brim. Her fourth orgasm was the longest and most powerful of the night. Her eyes rolled into the back of her skull and she fought to stay conscious. Harry couldn't believe the amount of cum he was releasing inside of her. He couldn't help it; his cock literally would not stop spewing the thick cream, 'Oh, crap. We forgot the contraceptive spell…' But the current feeling of euphoria outweighed the possible repercussions, so he decided not to bring it up. After all, in the state Daphne was in, he doubted she was currently capable of coherent speech. Finally, after what seemed to be an eternity, he stopped cumming and sagged against his wife. Daphne, who was still somehow miraculously conscious, weakly wrapped her arms around his waist and gave him a hug, holding his head between her breasts.

"I love you," She told him softly, a smile on her face.

Harry looked up from between her breasts with a small grin on his face.

"I love you, too," He shifted from his comfortable spot and gently dragged her further up the bed. He pulled back the cover and, still having her wrapped around him and his cock buried deep inside of her; he laid down on the bed and pulled the sheets over their naked bodies. Daphne snuggled into him and placed small kisses on his muscled chest. He stroked her long hair and kissed the top of her head, "Good night, beautiful."

Daphne placed a quick kiss on his lips.

"Good night, handsome."

Both thoroughly exhausted and spent, the lovely couple closed their eyes and quickly let sleep claim them. Completely unknown to the now sleeping lovers, the door to their bedroom was slightly open. And equally unknown to them were the two sets of eyes watching them.



"Did you…did you see the size…?"

"Yeah…" Selena Potter was at a loss for words. The scene her and her younger sister just witnessed was the single most hottest thing she had ever seen. Almost half an hour ago, Selena and Lily had heard some strange noises coming from their parents' bedroom. Never in her wildest dreams did she expect to see them both having sex.

"How…how did it fit in there?" Lily asked with wide green eyes. The fifteen-year-old looked as shocked as she was.

"It…uh…" Selena felt childish for being so stunned. Honestly, she was sixteen. She knew her parents had sex, but to actually see them doing it…She felt weird, disturbed, and…intrigued…and a little hot…'That's disgusting! Don't think such things!' But the image of her father's large penis penetrating her mother's vagina made her legs weak. A blush formed on her face as she idly wondered if such a large penis would fit in her…

"Selena?" Lily's whispered voice brought her out of her perverted musings, "You're blushing."

Selena's blush intensified.

"No, I'm not!" She whispered back harshly.

Lily Potter frowned at her older sister and pouted.

"Don't be mean. I was just telling the truth."

Selena pinched the bridge of her nose.

"Well, forgive me for being a little snappy. I only just saw my parents have sex," 'Multiple times…'

"I did too, drama queen. You don't see me freaking out," On the inside, Lily was just as confused as her sister, but she tried not to show it.

"Fine. I'm sorry. Just…just let me think…"

"About dad's large penis?" Lily asked innocently.

"No! Why would you think that!?" Selena quickly slapped her hand over her mouth and peered inside the bedroom. Luckily, her parents were exhausted and nothing short of an earthquake would wake them up. She sighed in relief, "That's disgusting, Lily. He's our father."

"I thought men could only do it once? At least, that's what Rose told me," Lily said out loud, mostly talking to herself, "Is that normal, Selena? I mean the size and girth…"

"How would I know? It's not like I've had any experience with such things," It was true. Despite having a jaw-dropping figure and being the prettiest in her year, Selena had never engaged in any sexual activities with a guy. Hell, she hadn't even had her first kiss yet. All the boys at Hogwarts only focused on her 'assets'. They weren't interested in getting to know her.

Lily frowned.

"And mom's breasts…" She grabbed at her small chest and sighed, "I wish mine were that big," Lily had just as little experience as her older sister. She had a pretty, heart-shaped face and long, black hair that went all the way to her butt. Her breasts were still a little underdeveloped, but her bum was not. She prided herself on her magnificent rear, 'Of course, it's nothing like moms,'

Selena placed a comforting hand on her shoulder.

"Don't worry. They'll grow. Just be a little patient."

Lily nodded gratefully at her sister.

"Do you think dad wouldn't mind small breasts?"

Selena stared at her like she grew a second head.

"What? It's an honest question!"

"Lily, just…Let's just go to bed and forget about tonight."


"To bed!"

Lily crossed her arms and huffed.

"Fine," She muttered as she followed her sister back to their room, but not before sneaking one last glance inside their parent's bedroom, 'Daddy…' She thought dreamily. That night, neither of them was able to get any sleep.

Wow, that was longer than I expected, but the words just kept flowing. If you want to know the ages of the Potter family, here they are:

Harry Potter: 36

Daphne Potter née Greengrass: 36

Selena Potter: 16

Lily Potter: 15

Here are their descriptions:

Harry Potter: Loving husband and father, and director of the Auror Department. He married Daphne when he was twenty, despite protests from his friends. They had met right after Voldemort's demise and started dating. Harry's friends, Ron and Hermione, didn't approve of his choice of a girlfriend since she was from Slytherin House and a prominent pure-blood family. But he loved Daphne and ignored their biased assessment of her. He loves his wife and two daughters more than anything in the world, though he does tend to spoil his youngest daughter Lily.

Daphne Potter: Long blond hair and blue eyes. She has a large bust and a plump rear, as described in the scenes above. She comforted Harry after Voldemort's death and eventually became his girlfriend. Her and Harry married when they were twenty after dating for almost four years. After Harry got his job at the Auror Department, she became a housewife to raise and support their two daughters. She loves her husband dearly and sometimes feels she is not enough for him, even after he reassures her countless times.

Selena Potter: She gets her looks directly from her mother. Blond hair and blue eyes, though they are more a sparkling blue than Daphne's. She shares her mother's well-developed chest, but has her father's short-temper. Known as the more mature sister, Selena is intelligent for her age, but lacks basic social skills.

Lily Potter: She has black hair and green eyes. Her chest size is underdeveloped compared to her sister's, but her rear matches that of her mother's. She is her dad's little princess and he spoils her a lot, much to the jealousy of her older sister. She is out-going, cheerful, and is very competitive with her sister.