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The Potter Family Chronicles

Chapter 3: Father-Daughter Day

Selena never really understood the appeal of attracting the opposite sex. For years she had witnessed her dorm mates at Hogwarts toil over their makeup and hair just to look good for their fellow male classmates. While Selena could see the importance of maintaining a clean and organized appearance, she did not see the gain of going to such extremities for a bunch of immature and rude boys who couldn't keep their eyes up. She wore makeup and did her hair, of course, but she didn't go above and beyond like many girls her age. Her natural beauty made this unnecessary, but that wasn't the only reason. Selena already had many boys vying for her attention, every one of them unwanted, so why should she encourage them by wearing provocative clothing and gallons of perfume? She hated the attention she received. Other girls envied her, some even hated her, but none understood the negatives of being more developed and beautiful for her age. Every boy she ever talked to couldn't keep their eyes on her face, they always drifted further down to her large chest within two seconds of the conversation.

All of this unwanted attention had caused Selena to slap and hex many male students during her time at Hogwarts, whether for their blatant ogling or dirty pick-up lines. Her powerful stinger hex had become legendary for its ability to bring a young man to his knees in pain via contact with his private area. Once Selena Potter turned you down, you better stay far away from her. A first time was excusable, a second was ill-advised, and a third was suicidal. After years of turning down every courter, Selena was nicknamed the Ice Queen of Hogwarts, a title her mother apparently held some twenty years ago during her own time at the famed school. It was a title she held with pride. Like her mother, Selena wouldn't settle for some simpleton or perverted lecher. No, she envisioned her future lover as a handsome, talented, charismatic man who knew how to properly treat a lady. And, like her mother, she had found a man who embodied every one of these fine qualities. Unfortunately, it just so happened to be the same man her mother married and her own father: Harry James Potter.

To say Selena was shocked by this revelation would be an understatement, but there could be no denying it. After much careful thought and deliberation, the sixteen-year-old witch came to the conclusion that she had been nursing romantic feelings for her father for quite some time. She had, before coming to this conclusion, dismissed her feelings as nothing more than a passing fancy and vigorously suppressed any idea of fancying her father. She locked those feelings behind an iron gate of willpower and threw away the key, forever praying that such feelings would never return. After all, not only was he her father, but also a married man! The morals forbidding this were astronomical. Sure, pureblood families practiced incest, even during this era of progressive reform, and even dabbled in polygamy when circumstances permitted, but Selena had never been raised with those beliefs nor had her father or mother. With all of this, Selena had no problem ignoring her growing feelings toward her father and severely discouraged Lily from pursuing her own.

But all of this changed not merely a day ago. Last night, while watching her parents in the acts of pleasure, something deep inside Selena came out. It was as if the iron gate she built was blown open and destroyed within the span of a few minutes. All of those feelings were unleashed and Selena struggled valiantly to suppress them, but it proved to be futile and the conclusion was met: Her father, the densest man in the world when it came to woman, the man who killed Voldemort, the most powerful Dark Lord to ever walk the earth, and the champion of universal rights for all sentient creatures, had stolen her heart without even realizing it. And, to make matters worse, he had successfully stolen her younger sister's heart, again without realizing. The whole affair would put a Shakespearean play to shame.

But, having embraced her newfound feelings, forsaken all consequences that may embody such a life-altering decision, Selena was ready to show her father just how deep her love for him ran. This 'father-daughters' day' at Diagon Alley would be the perfect opportunity and that was why she currently stood in front of the large mirror in her and Lily's bedroom, putting on outfit after outfit, searching for the perfect one that would catch her beloved's eye. Her previous notions of dressing up to impress were gone. She now fully understood why her dorm mates worked so hard to look perfect. A purpose drove them, and now she had one as well.

"I know what you're doing!" An accusing voice yelled, getting her attention. Selena turned her head and saw her younger sister sitting on her bed, arms crossed underneath her small bosom, eyes narrowed, face contorted in cute anger. The sight caused Selena to giggle, further irritating the young girl. Honestly, it was hard to take Lily seriously when she pouted or had a little temper tantrum. The girl was too cute and too small, standing a few inches shorter than most in her year. Her lips stuck out when she was angry, giving her an adorable look. Selena knew Lily got out of much trouble with their parents just with that look alone. You would have to be a cold, heartless bastard to punish a little girl that adorable…

"You're trying to dress up like a slut to seduce Daddy!"

…Or a teenage girl who was just called a slut by said adorable little girl.

'Keep calm, Selena. Don't hurt the midget. She's just trying to get under your skin.' Selena calmed herself down and ignored Lily. She turned her attention back to the blue blouse she was holding, debating whether or not it would go good with a black skirt.

Lily Potter did not like being ignored and pressed on.

"It won't work!" Lily exclaimed. Selena decided to humor the girl with a response.

"Oh? And why is that?"

"It won't work because I'm going to seduce Daddy first!" She declared proudly, puffing her chest up.

Selena giggled, amused by her younger sister's words.

"And how are you going to do that? I don't think Teen Witch Weekly is going to help you here."

Lily grinned.

"You'll find out!" With that said Lily got up from her bed and ran to the closet. Opening the door, she began to go through several boxes.

Selena watched her with a frown. What was she up to?

'Oh, what am I worried about? She's just a kid. Now, the blue blouse or the white one? Blue matches my eyes, but white compliments my hair…'

"I'm all for this idea, but how on earth are we going to convince Harry?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well, you know Harry. Even if you gave him permission, he would still feel bad about sleeping with another woman."

"But it's you, Tracey. If it was anybody else, yes, but you're different."

Tracey blinked.

"I am?"

"You are." Daphne affirmed, nodding. "Do you honestly believe that after all these years Harry hasn't at least once fantasized about you? You're beautiful, he's known you for years, and you're always around. There would have to be something wrong with him if he didn't."

"That's good and all," Tracey said, running a hand through her brown hair, "but I think you are underestimating Harry's devotion to you. That man has never given another woman the time of day ever since you two first met."

Daphne stopped to think. Tracey was right. One of Harry's best qualities was his loyalty to his loved ones. Twenty years of marriage and not once had Daphne even suspected Harry was interested in another woman. The incident last night was only because of her own insecurities. Harry would never cheat on her, she knew that for a fact, but if she gave him permission and it concerned Tracey…

"What if I'm there?" Daphne blurted out.


"What if I'm there when you and Harry have sex?" Daphne suggested with a blush.

A mischievous smile spread across Tracey's face.

"Oh, a threesome? I never knew Daphne Potter was so kinky."

"Quit it, will you? I'm just saying it might be easier for Harry if I'm there to encourage him. I never suggested a…threesome." Daphne's entire face was now one big blush. "I will be clothed and out of the room when the mood is set. Don't get any ideas, Davis."

Tracey winked at her best friend.

"Sure. Whatever you say, Daphne, but aren't you curious?"

"Curious about what?"

"What it would be like pressed against each other naked while Harry ravishes the both of us?" She asked innocently. Before her blushing friend could protest, Tracey continued, "You've never thought about the two of us kissing or groping or even more? After spending seven years together in a dorm room at Hogwarts, you never toyed with the idea?"

"Well…I…" Daphne stammered.

"Ha! You should see the look on your face! I'm just messing with you, Daphne…Or am I?" Daphne almost jumped when she felt Tracey's foot rubbing against her leg. Tracey shot her a grin and continued her teasing. "I've thought about. I used to have this one particular fantasy involving you, me, and Harry together in the girls' shower room. You and I would be sensuously rubbing soap on each other, with the water cascading down our bare chests and backs, and Harry would come up from behind me and-"

"OK! I get it! You like the idea of a threesome!" Daphne interrupted. Her face and neck were a very dark shade of red and her breathing was heavy. "Now, can you please remove your foot from my thigh? It's moving up at an alarming rate."

Tracey pouted at having her fun ruined and reluctantly removed her foot.

"Ahhh…you're no fun, Daph."

"Anyway…" Daphne started, finally controlling her blush, "…what are you afraid of? It's not like he's going to reject you."

All playfulness left Tracey and her face adopted a sad expression.

"I know you think that, but…remember when Granger and him had that falling out seventh year?"

"Yes. How could anyone forget? It was gossiped about for weeks."

"Well, then you know why they stopped being friends. She asked him out and he…rejected her. He told her that he only saw her as an older sister and didn't want to ruin what they had. The argument that followed was legendary, even by Hogwarts standards…" She trailed off, "…and they were never the same. They never spoke to each other again, as far as I know."

"Is that what you're worried about? Tracey, I can guarantee that won't happen."

"It's not just that. Granger may have been a know-it-all, but she was very pretty. And Harry rejected her, all because he saw her as a sister, not a potential lover."

"What does that have t-Oh…"

Tracey smiled sadly.

"You see? He saw Granger as a sister. He sees me as a sister. What makes you think history won't repeat itself and him and I end up not talking to each other? I don't want that to happen, Daphne. Merlin, I really don't want that to happen." To Daphne's surprise, tears were forming at the corners of Tracey's eyes. "I just…Daphne, I love him so much. The idea, the mere thought of not being around him anymore makes me sick…I don't think I could handle it…"

"Oh, Tracey…" Daphne got up from her seat and hugged her sobbing friend. Tracey accepted the hug graciously and wrapped her arms around Daphne. She buried her face in Daphne's shirt and tried to fight the tears rolling down her cheeks. Tracey was sitting, so Daphne had to settle for cradling her head. She gently rubbed her scalp and ran some circles on her back in a comforting matter. "Tracey…" Daphne started. Tracey looked up from her spot with watery eyes, having to crane her neck to see past Daphne's breasts. Daphne smiled, "You don't ever have to worry about that, Tracey. I know Harry; he would never do anything to hurt you. The thing between him and Granger was different. She was bossy and tried to run his life for him. You are different, Tracey. He loves you, I know it. He talks about you all the time and always with a smile on his face. You mean a lot to him, Tracey, and I know he will accept this if I agree to it."

"Do you really mean that, Daphne?" She asked hopefully.

"Of course I do. Now, I don't want to hear any more doubts. Okay, Tracey? You have nothing to worry about. I promise."

Tracey nodded, smiling, and wiped the remaining tears from her eyes.

"I believe you, Daphne. Thank you. You're really a great friend," Tracey said gratefully.

"You're my best friend, Tracey. I'll always be there for you." To add to her statement, Daphne made to kiss the top of Tracey's head. However, Tracey saw what she was about to do and raised her head just in time to capture Daphne's lips. Daphne's eyes immediately widened, but she didn't try to pull away. The kiss wasn't deep nor was there tongue involved; it was a chaste kissed; a simple touching of lips. They stayed that way for what felt like eternity, but in reality only several seconds. When they finally pulled away, both of their faces held brilliant blushes, yet their eyes never left the other's gaze. Their hearts were beating at a hundred kilometers an hour as they stared. The two women attempted to say words, something to convey their emotions, but ultimately they were at a loss of what to speak. They most likely would have stayed this way, if not for the sound of the kitchen door opening.

"Daphne, you in here?"

Both females jumped at the masculine voice and separated from their compromising position. With lightning speed, Daphne moved to the other side of the table and took her seat, pulling a plate of biscuits in front of her person, all in the span of a few seconds. Tracey remained in her seat, frozen and in awe at the speed of which Daphne moved. They both turned their heads to the door just in time to see Harry enter the kitchen. He wore a gray t-shirt and khaki shorts, complete with a pair of black running shoes. Around his wrist was a gold watch that Daphne had gotten him for Christmas, charmed to contact home with a tap of the protective screen. She had gotten it for him in case he ever ran into an emergency and needed help. Though Daphne was a housewife, she was also powerful with a wand.

Harry smiled when he saw Daphne.

"Good morning, love," He said, voice filled with love.

"Good morning, Harry," Daphne responded, smiling at the sight of her beloved husband.

He saw Tracey, "Oh, good morning, Tracey. How have you been?"

Tracey smiled and got up from her seat. She hugged him and kissed him on the cheek.

"I'm good, Harry. Thanks." She giggled when he kissed her forehead.

"It's always good to see you, Tracey," Harry said fondly. He frowned. "Have you been crying? Is something wrong?" He asked, concern filling his voice.

Tracey shook her head.

"No, Harry, I…" She wracked her brain for an excuse. "It's allergy season, Harry. You know how I get during this time of the year. My eyes start itching like crazy." To emphasize, she scratched furiously at her left eye. "I must look a mess…"

"No you don't, Tracey. You could never look anything but beautiful."

Tracey's face warmed up.

"Thanks, Harry," She said quietly, turning to hide her blush.

Harry smiled and walked over to Daphne. Bending down, he placed a gentle kiss on her lips, "And how are you, Daphne?"

She smiled seductively at him and pulled him in for another kiss.

"Still a little sore, love." She replied, whispering in his ear once she pulled away.

Harry winked at her.

"Wait until tonight…"

"Hey, I'm still here!" Tracey exclaimed, and Harry and Daphne laughed at their friend.

"We could never forget you, Tracey," Daphne said, still laughing. "What about you, Harry? Are you excited about going to the Alley with your daughters?"

"Yes, but I have a feeling our vault might be a few galleons emptier by the time were through. Those girls and their shopping…" He shuddered. "But I love spending time with them. I barely get to see them during the school year and with my position at the Department."

"I'm just glad you're not out capturing wannabe dark lords in Albania or killing rampaging giants in France," Daphne said, grimacing when she remembered all the restless nights waiting up for him, "You being director means no more dangerous missions. I can sleep easier at night knowing you're safe behind a desk inside a heavily guarded government building."

"True, but I miss the excitement. The most exciting thing that's happened at the Department since I got promoted was the time an intern tried to flirt with my secretary. He dropped like a ton of bricks when she hexed his…well, you get the idea."

Both women giggled.

"And that's all the excitement you need, Harry. Well, at least as far as work is concerned," She said, grabbing his hand. "At home…well, that's a different story."

"Ha! You're right as always, Daphne. What would I ever do without you?" Harry asked, catching the undertone of innuendo in her statement.

"That's a good question. Hopefully, you'll never have to find out, my dear husband."

"Don't worry, Daphne. I would never dream of leaving you." He said playfully.

Daphne squeezed his hand and let out a condescending laugh.

"Harry, Harry, Harry…you're lucky I put up with you. I still remember the day you got on your knee and begged me to marry you. I almost said no, but you looked just so pitiful, I had to agree. You were so emotional back then."

"Oh? I think you have that backwards, dear wife. I seem to recall you tackling me to the ground and demanding a ring. I believe your exact words were, 'Harry, we have been together for four years now. If I don't see a ring soon, I'm cutting you off!' Five minutes later, we went to a jeweler. Ten minutes later, I was a few thousand galleons lighter. Fifteen minutes later, you placed a sticking charm on my engagement ring that only you could release. Twenty minutes later, you set a date. Now, who begged and who's emotional?"

"What was that, Harry? All I heard was 'cutting you off'."

"Uh…never mind. I begged you."

"That's what I thought you said."

Tracey snickered, earning a glare from Harry.

"Man, you're so whipped!"

"I'm not! I'm just being smart!" He defended.

"Very smart," Daphne agreed, "Because you can barely go five minutes without trying to jump me."

"What can I say? My wife's hot."

"Good answer."

"Dad, are you ready!" Selena yelled from the living room.

"I guess I better go. See you tonight, love." Harry said, kissing his wife briefly.

"I'll have a surprise for you when you get home," Daphne whispered in his ear, "Don't be too exhausted."

"Sounds like a plan!" He turned to Tracey. "You take care, Trace. Stay out of trouble." He gave her a kiss on the cheek.

Tracey smiled.

"You too, Harry. Have fun shopping!" She giggled when she heard him groan and both women watched him walk out of the kitchen. Awkward silence settled in the kitchen.



"…Um…that kiss…" Daphne started, "Why did you kiss me?"

"Well, why not? You're very attractive. I may be into guys, but I still appreciate the female beauty."


"I mean, come on. You haven't ever thought about it?"

"I have." Daphne replied. She looked thoughtful for a second. "And I wouldn't mind a repeat performance."


Daphne smiled at her best friend.

"Why don't we give Harry a real surprise tonight?"

"Oh…OH!" Tracey looked excited. "Now you're talking!"

As Harry walked out of the kitchen, he was greeted with the sight of his eldest daughter standing near the stairs, tapping her foot impatiently and arms crossed. She was staring up at the top of the stairs as if she were waiting for someone.

"Ready to go, Selena?" He asked.

Selena turned to face him and smiled brightly.

"Yes, dad, but Lily is taking forever!"

Harry chuckled, but stopped when he noticed his daughter's attire. She wore a black, low-cut blouse that revealed a good amount of cleavage and fit snug around her…well-developed chest. Below she had on a white skirt that went mid-thigh, showing off her long, toned legs. Physical education had been introduced at Hogwarts after the war with Voldemort, to help young witches and wizards not depend solely on a wand. The class covered the basics like any other school did. Examples included running, push-ups, jumping jacks, and weight lifting. What used to be only for Quidditch players was now available for every student. That, Harry thought, was a very good idea as he blatantly stared at her legs. He mentally berated himself for checking out his own daughter and tore his eyes away from her body, instead forcing himself to concentrate on her face. That didn't help much either. Selena, like her mother, had a heart-shaped face and blonde hair, which was freely flowing down her back. Blue eyes that reminded him so much of Daphne's sparkled in the light, looking at him with such intensity and love that Harry couldn't look away. Her lips were pink and looked supple, and the kiss she gave him earlier came to the forefront of his mind. He tried to tell himself that it was disgusting to think of his daughter in such a way, but his thoughts weren't listening.

Selena watched with triumph as her father's eyes roamed her body. She had spent a long time deciding which outfit would garner his attention. Clearly, she picked the right one. His eyes lingered on her chest and she pushed it out discreetly, adding an extra affect to her already impressive and enticing bust. His eyes shifted from her blouse to her skirt, and she fought down the urge to smirk as they drank in every inch of exposed flesh. She saw the inner turmoil brewing inside him, the struggle to resist his obvious attraction to her as his eyes tore away from her figure and to her face. She barely contained a blush at his intense gaze, his green eyes staring deep into her blue ones. Her heart beat and breathing quickened. Forcing herself to remain calm, Selena smiled seductively and said, "Is everything okay, Dad?"

Harry snapped out of his stupor.

"Y-yes. I was just thinking…"

"About what, Dad?" She asked innocently, leaning forward curiously. Harry gulped. The way she was leaning gave him a perfect view down her blouse.


"I'm ready, Daddy!"

Both father and daughter quickly turned their attention to the top of the stairs.

"Lil…Lily?" Harry asked uncertainly, not believing his eyes.

"You…" Selena was at a loss for words.

Lily smiled at the both of them and began her climb down the stairs, deliberately going slow to give her daddy a good look at her attire. Just like the schoolgirls she had seen in the many anime she watched and manga she read, Lily was wearing a button-up white, short-sleeve shirt and a black, patterned skirt to match. Of course, the skirt was shortened considerably than its original design, being even shorter than Selena's. And no schoolgirl outfit is completed without a pair of knee-high socks and a pair of black dress shoes. The shoes had a thick heel, giving her some added height, something she was grateful for considering her shorter-than-average height. Her black hair fell to her shoulders, framing her beautiful face with two bangs on each side. She had a cute red bow on the top of her head and a turquoise blue necklace around her neck. Though normally the young Potter girl did not worry about make-up, she had on lipstick and mascara that did wonders to bring out her emerald eyes. Her appearance was flawless, but more than anything, she favored her skirt. It brought attention to her plump derriere instead of her small chest.

Finally reaching the last step and successfully gaining her daddy's undivided attention, Lily stepped forward and wrapped her lithe arms around his waist. She rubbed her face into his chest lovingly, closing her eyes in contentment. She could hear his heart beating faster from her actions, especially when she subtly grinded her hips against his. Lily glanced to the side and saw Selena giving her a death glare. Lily responded by sticking out her tongue and holding her daddy tighter.

"I love you, Daddy," Lily whispered, looking up at him with shining green eyes.

Harry gazed down at her with a large blush. He was sure she didn't realize that her soft thighs were grinding against his privates and beginning to elicit a reaction. His cock was starting to get semi-hard and he knew that if he didn't get himself under control soon, she would feel it. Using every ounce of self-control he could muster, Harry smiled at his youngest daughter and returned the hug.

"I love you too, my little angel," He replied, using the nickname he gave her when she just began to talk many years ago. "Why are you so dressed up today?"

Lily grinned.

"Just wanted to look nice, Daddy. Why? Do I look pretty?" She pulled away from him and did a little twirl, giving him a full look of her outfit.

Harry nodded dumbly.

"Yeah…you really look beautiful, angel."

She blushed prettily.

"Thanks, Daddy."

"What about me, Dad?" Selena asked, cutting in between Harry and Lily.

"You look beautiful too, Selena," He replied, eyes drawn to her bouncing chest. Merlin, she really took after her mother. He shook his head and checked his watch. "We better get going. It's almost noon. We want to get to the Alley before the rush."

"Right! Let's go!" Lily exclaimed, grabbing his arm.

"I'm ready when you are, Dad!" Selena said, grabbing his other arm and trapping it between her breasts.

Harry groaned. How was he going to survive a whole day of this?

"Let's go get some ice cream, Daddy!"

"No, let's head to the candy store!"

Harry found himself dragged around Diagon Alley by his two daughters. When he said they should have a father-daughter day, he didn't know they would drag him to every store in sight. They had already been to Flourish and Botts for some new school books and reading material, the pet store to look at exotic animals and a few foods stands to purchase popcorn and cotton candy. Those alone already made Harry a few galleons lighter, but he had little to complain. He had plenty of money, more than he or his descendants would ever need, and he enjoyed spending some time with his two beautiful daughters, but his arms were starting to go numb from their tight grip. The two young women had only a handful of times actually let go of his arms, those times only being when they spotted something of interest or grabbed a peculiar item. People at the Alley barely stifled their laughs as they watched one of the most powerful men in Britain get dragged to dozens of shops by his two teenage daughters. Some men and teenage boys, who did not know Harry or realize that Selena and Lily were his daughters, glared daggers at the man who had the undivided attention of two incredibly beautiful girls. Yeah, it was great to be Harry Potter.

"But what about Hadrian's? I hear they have the best furniture…"

"Lily, you don't have any more room for new furniture. You're side of the room is packed. Instead, we should go to the Arcade. My friend Caroline told me they have a new game."

"Didn't you two want to get some clothes shopping done?" Harry questioned.

Their grip on his arms seemed to tighten as he saw excitement fill their faces.

"Thanks for reminding us, Daddy! We almost forgot."

"Yeah, that would have been bad. I really need a new swimsuit."

"Me too," Lily said, for once agreeing with her sister.

"Well, how about Madam Malkin's?" Harry asked. His question was met with laughter. "What?"

"Dad, we're not getting fitted for robes."

"Yeah, Daddy. Madam Malkin's is okay, but we're looking for clothes more…muggle. Plus, Madam Malkin's doesn't have a swimsuit section."

"Oh," Was all he said.

"Besides…" Selena started, pressing his arm further between her breasts. Harry felt his face heat up. If he didn't know any better, he would think she was doing this on purpose. But that was ridiculous. Selena was his daughter. Why on earth would she do something like that? "…robes cover too much. Don't you think so, Daddy...?" She whispered in his ear.

Harry gulped and gave her an uneasy smile.

"Yeah…I guess."

After a few minutes, they arrived at a store called Modern Attire, a place that had opened after Voldemort's death and at the beginning of the Progressive Era twenty years ago. The Progressive Era was what historians called the rapid advancement of the Wizarding World after a series of reforms were passed, destroying all laws banning certain Muggle consumer goods from the Wizarding market. Clothes, books, electronics, and food flooded every market in Britain and the economy expanded rapidly. Thousands of new stores opened almost overnight, providing these now legal products. It turned out electronics worked just fine around magic as long as their inner workings were specially insulated with non-magically conductive material. Now, every witch and wizard had electronics, save for a few die-hard purebloods that refused to embrace the future. Harry took pride that he had helped create the so-called 'Progressive Era'. He was glad his two daughters could grow up in a world where discrimination was not part of the culture.

"Excuse me?" Harry snapped out of his thoughts to see a woman wearing a uniform standing in front of him and the girls. She looked about his age, but that was hard to tell considering he still looked to be in his early twenties, despite him being thirty-six. The more magic a witch or wizard had, the better they would age and the longer they would live. "Welcome to Modern Attire. Is there anything I can help you with?" She asked politely. Harry let his daughters do the talking.

"I'm looking for a new swimsuit," Selena said.

"So am I." Lily piped in.

The woman smiled.

"Our swimwear section is over there. Feel free to browse." She barely finished the sentence before they bounded off toward the many racks of swimsuits.

Harry sighed in relief when the pressure on his arms ceased and feeling started to return. He chuckled at how fast they abandoned him in favor of doing some shopping.

"Are you looking for anything, Mr.…?"

"Potter. Harry Potter."

The woman gasped.

"Harry Potter? THE Harry Potter?"

"Yes, though I normally don't go by 'THE Harry Potter'…"

"Lord Potter, it's an honor to have you in my store! Please, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Laura Tindle."

"Nice to meet you, Laura, but please just call me 'Harry'. None of this lord business."

She looked scandalized.

"But…all of us owe you so much. It wouldn't be proper to call you anything else, my lord."

"I insist. My friends call me Harry and I like to think the people of Britain are my friends."

"Well…okay. It's a great honor to meet you, Harry."

Harry smiled at her, causing her to blush.

"It's a great honor to meet you, Laura. And I'm not looking for anything. I just came along to accompany my daughters."

"That's very sweet of you, Harry. It's always nice to see a father spending time with his daughters. But are you sure you're not looking for anything? We have some clothes that I think would suit you. Maybe some swimwear?" The last part was barely a whisper.

"What was that?"

"I said why don't you let me show you?"

"Oh…well, alright, might as well since I'm in a clothing store. Lead the way."

The next twenty minutes were something of a blur for Harry. Laura would pick something out, usher him into a changing room, and tell him what she thought. So far, Laura had picked out seven shirts, three pairs of pants, and a pair of dress shoes. Harry had to admit, everything she handed him was very stylish and for once he was enjoying clothes shopping. He had just reentered the dressing room when her hand appeared through the curtain, holding a pair of blue boxers.

"Uh, those look like the right size. I don't need to put them on."

"Harry, we have to be certain. I can't have a customer buying something and returning it later because it didn't fit. I have a reputation to maintain," She said though the curtain.

"I don't think I feel comfortable…"

"I'm a professional, Harry. I do this type of thing every day. Now, you better hurry up. I think your daughters have picked their swimsuits."

Sighing and not quite too sure about the situation, Harry accepted the pair and put them on. They felt great, though they were a little snug around the groin area. One glance in the mirror proved him right. There was a very noticeable bulge where his privates were, but other than that everything was fine.

"Harry? Do you have them on?"

"Yes, Laura," He replied and, with some hesitation, pulled the curtain away.

"Let's see how th-Oh my Merlin…" A dark blush spread across Laura's face as she stared at the bulge in his boxers.

"Do you have to stare?" Harry asked, embarrassed.

"Daddy, I got my swimsuit! Wanna see?"

"I got mine too, Dad. How about we…"

"Ah!" Harry jumped back into the changing room, leaving behind a drooling saleslady and two glossy-eyed teenage girls.

"Damn, some women have all the luck," Laura muttered as she walked away to help a new customer.

Selena and Lily couldn't help but nod in agreement.

"Why do you need me to sit here?" Harry asked as his daughters pushed him onto a bench in front of the women's changing room.

"Well, we're going to need an opinion, Daddy!" Lily replied, giggling at his denseness.

"Which one do you want to see first, Dad? This blue one…" Selena held up a two piece bathing suit that looked rather revealing in Harry's opinion, "…or this red one?"

"Um…blue. It matches your eyes."

"Great! Blue one it is!" She went into the changing room.

"Black or purple, Daddy?" Lily asked, holding up two swimsuits.

"I guess the black one. It would go great with your hair."

"Thanks, Daddy!"

"Merlin, when did I become a fashion designer?"

"Can you come in here for a second, Dad? I need some help," Harry heard Selena ask through the curtain.

"Sure, Selena," He replied, not fully understanding what he was walking into. He got up from his spot on the bench and parted the curtain to the changing room. He walked into the small room and was greeted to the sight of a half-naked Selena clutching a blue bikini top to her breasts. Harry gulped when he fully took in her appearance. Selena had on bikini bottom, but her breasts were barely covered by a thin blue strip that she was holding up. The laces to the bikini top were dangling down her back untied. Her curvy body was on display for him to see, save for a few barely covered spots.

"Can you tie the straps, Dad? It's hard to reach around and hold it in place at the same time."

"Okay…" He stood directly behind her and with shaky hands attempted to tie it.

Selena couldn't believe how close she was to her father while almost naked. She could feel his warm breath on her neck and she shivered. Merlin, how tempting it was to spin around and capture his lips, but Selena had to maintain some self-control. She needed to wait patiently until the time was right, when her father couldn't take it anymore and decided to act on his lustful urges. She knew he was close to a breaking point. All she had to do was push just a little harder.

"There. I think I got it," Harry declared, stepping back to allow her room.

"Thanks, Dad," Selena turned around and faced her father. "Does it look good?" She asked, doing a sexy pose.

Harry nodded, his eyes following her bouncing breasts.

"Yeah, it looks great." Was it just him, or was it getting hotter in the room?

"Excellent! Now, I'm going to change, so could you step out of the room? Or do you want to stay and watch?"


Selena giggled.

"I'm just kidding, Dad. But…" She pushed her breasts against his chest. "…if you wanted to all you have to do is ask, Da-ddy."

"I…um…I'll just be outside!" He dashed out of the room, leaving a disappointed Selena behind.


Harry closed the curtain behind him and nearly crashed into Lily, who had an adorable, angry look on her face, "What were you doing in there, Daddy!?" She asked, crossing her arms angrily.

Harry was about to reply, but noticed the swimsuit she had on. It was the black one he picked, a two-piece that seemed to cling to his daughter's body like a second skin.

"Well?" She asked impatiently, tapping her foot on the ground much like Daphne did when she was angry. His two daughters really took a lot after their mother, but their quick temper they got from him. He tended to be a little irrational; a trait he had hoped would skip the next generation, but fate must have had other plans. But he was okay with that. He loved his daughters just the way they were and nothing would ever change that fact. This brought a smile to his face. "Why are you smiling?" Lily asked, curious. Then she realized he was staring at her bikini-clad body. She grinned. Her plan had worked. He was completely enamored with her body. "Does my bikini look that good?" She teased.

Harry snapped out of his thoughts in time to hear her last sentence.

"Yes, it looks very good, Lily. You look beautiful."

Lily blushed and scratched the back of her neck sheepishly.

"Thanks, Daddy. Why were you in Selena's changing room?"

"Oh, she asked me for some help with her bikini top. She couldn't reach around to tie it."

Lily frowned. She knew what her sister was up to, even if her daddy was too blind to see it. She would have to step up her game if she wanted to stay ahead of Selena. A plan started formulating in her head, "I'm going to change, Daddy." She went back inside the changing room, leaving him alone near the bench.

Harry sighed in relief.

"These girls are going to kill me."

"There you are, Harry," Laura said as she walked up to him. "We're not finished. I think we should go for some custom clothing. Now, would you please stand over here so I can measure your length? I think we should start at the groin area." She pulled out some measuring tape, a lecherous grin on her face.

"Merlin, help me."

Harry nearly collapsed by the time they got home. After almost eight hours of non-stop shopping and teasing, the legendary wizard couldn't wait to hit the bed and spend some 'alone time' with his wife. He needed it, especially after having two beautiful girls pressed against him the whole day. He wished his daughters goodnight, kissing them both on the forehead, and excused himself to the bedroom. The two teenagers thanked him for a wonderful day at the Alley and went to their shared room, each carrying at least half a dozen bags filled with new clothes, books, and other items. Unbeknownst to Harry, both girls would spend the night planning on how to successfully seduce him.

Harry reached the door to his and Daphne's bedroom, excitement coursing through his veins. Though he was tired, Harry was looking forward to a repeat performance of last night. A grin plastered on his face, Harry opened the door and entered the bedroom. "Daphne, I'm home! I'm ready for that sur…prise…" On the bed, entangled together, were his wife and her best friend, both completely naked and looking at him with lust-filled eyes.

"Well, hello, Harry," Tracey said, smiling seductively at him.

"What took you so long, love?" Daphne asked as she grasped Tracey's breasts, causing said brunette to moan. "We were just about to get started."

To be continued…

Sorry for ending the chapter just when it was getting good, but it was starting to get too long. The next chapter will have the full scene. I hope you all enjoyed reading! See you next time!