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The Potter Family Chronicles

Chapter 4: Overdue Passion

"I…uh…what?" Harry asked, not believing his eyes.

Daphne smiled at her husband's confusion.

"Harry, I think Tracey has something to tell you," She said, "Why don't you sit over here?" Daphne removed her hand from one of Tracey's breasts and patted the spot next to her best friend.

"Daphne…what's going on?" He asked, finally regaining full use of his voice, "Why are you and Tracey…"

"Naked?" She supplied helpfully.

"Having a good time?" Tracey added, laying kisses on Daphne's neck.

"Let's go with naked. Why are you two naked…in bed?"

"I told you I would have a surprise for you. And most men don't ask questions when their wife is in bed with her hot, female best friend. They just jump in and, you know, go with the flow."

"...I don't understand."

Daphne sighed.

"I figured you'd be difficult. Tracey, hand me my wand…thanks. Accio Husband!"

Harry went sailing across the room. Daphne and Tracey separated, creating a space between them. Guess where Harry landed?"

"Oh, Harry, you're so forward!" Tracey said happily. Harry landed on the bed, between the two sexy witches, face-planted directly in Tracey's breasts. Tracey ran a gentle hand through his messy hair which poked out from between her breasts, "Be gentle, Harry. My boobs are really sensitive!"

"MMm! Nomm!" Was his muffled cry.

"Oh? You're so sweet, Harry!"

"Tracey? I don't think he can breathe…"

"Oh! Sorry, Harry!" She let go of his head.

Harry immediately pulled away and took large gulps of air. His lungs burned from the lack of oxygen. He almost died, but, and this was his perverted side talking, what a way it would be to go! Getting a grip on his breathing, Harry realized he was face-to-face with Tracey's nipples, which stood out erect in the cold air of the room. Merlin, they looked delicious. All he wanted to do was lean forward and capture one of the large buds with his mouth. Tracey's breasts were very big, even bigger than Daphne's, he thought with a little bit of drool at the corner of his mouth. As he was about to act on impulse, he felt a pair of slender hands on his shoulders.

"You want to suck on them, right Harry?" Daphne whispered in his ear. Her breasts were smashed against his back as she nibbled on his ear. Harry shivered when her tongue slid across his outer ear, "I know you might think you're cheating on me, Harry, but I'm approving of this. I want you to give Tracey the same love and compassion you give me," She kissed his neck, "Don't just do it for me, do it for Tracey."

"Harry," Tracey cupped his face and brought him up to face her. They were eye level, so Harry could see the tears gathered at the corners of her eyes, "I've been waiting to say something to you for a long time. I've just never had the courage to tell you."

"Tell me what?" He asked, drawn in by her brown eyes.

Tracey bit her bottom lip nervously and grabbed his hand. Harry could feel her shaking.

"I…well…I've…" She took a deep breath, "I love you, Harry Potter."

Harry's eyes widened.

"You…you love me?"

Tracey smiled and nodded.

"Ever since fourth year when we first met, I've loved you. You remember, don't you? I dropped my books like a klutz and you stayed behind to help me pick them up, even though you knew you'd be late to Snape's class. Everyone just kept walking by, ignoring me, but you stayed and helped. You got detention for two weeks for being late."

Harry returned her smile.

"And you felt so guilty. You tried to explain to Snape that I was helping you, but it didn't matter. You bought me a couple of treacle tarts to cheer me up. How did you know it was my favorite?"

Tracey giggled.

"Everyone at Hogwarts knew about your addiction to treacle tarts."

"And you became my only friend that year because of the whole Tri-Wizard Tournament fiasco. You sat at the Gryffindor table with me even though everyone else had abandoned me. And you were a Slytherin. I know you took some grief for that…"

She shook her head.

"Daphne helped me through it. She was very supportive of my friendship with you. She wanted to be your friend too, but her parents forbid her from talking to you. They were worried that it would be too dangerous."

Daphne, who was still behind Harry, frowned at the memory. Her parents didn't want her caught up in the coming storm during fourth year. They meant well, but Daphne still held a small grudge to this day for keeping her away from her future husband. Only in their repeated seventh year, after Voldemort's defeat and the disbandment of the Death Eaters, did her parents allow it.

"I never thanked you for that, Tracey."

"And you'll never have to, Harry. I love your company and you were always a good friend. You and Daphne are really the best," She said, smiling at her best friend over Harry's shoulder, "But I always wanted something more. I desperately wanted to tell you how I felt, but I didn't think you liked me as more than a friend. Then you met Daphne and you two were the perfect couple and then…" She trailed off, "Well, I had to hide my feelings. I didn't want to ruin what you and Daphne had. It hurt, but I tried to move on…"


"But I couldn't. I still loved you. After you had that big fight with Granger, I became like your sister. It wasn't a romantic relationship, but it was still a relationship. I enjoyed all the hugs, kisses on the cheek and forehead, and hearing about your day. I loved every moment being around you…" She wiped at her eyes, "I need to know, Harry. Do you have any feelings for me besides friendship? Please, be honest."

Harry stared at her in shock. She had laid her heart out to him, showed him her true feelings. Now he needed to do the same thing, but he was scared. What would Daphne think knowing he carried feelings for her best friend for twenty years?

"Harry, I won't be mad no matter what you say," Daphne told him, rubbing his shoulders in support, "Tell Tracey how you feel and be honest."

He nodded slowly.

"Okay…Tracey…I…" He brushed a stray hair from her face and stared into her eyes, "Merlin, you are beautiful," He said, bringing a smile to her face, "I do have feelings for you, Tracey, that go far beyond friendship. I…I love you, Tracey."

Both Tracey and Daphne smiled happily at his admission.

"Y-you do?" Tracey asked hopefully, eyes shining with barely contained joy.

"Yes, I do. Daphne, I'm so-"

"Don't apologize, Harry. You have no idea how happy you've made both of us. Now, kiss Tracey and show her how much you love her!" She ordered.

Harry and Tracey laughed.

"Well, you heard the lady," Harry grabbed her by the waist and Tracey wrapped her arms around his neck. They leaned forward and the moment their lips touched, a spark was ignited. The sensations of a kiss twenty years overdue flooded their senses, and it wasn't long before a simple, chaste kiss turned into a full on snogging session. Tracey's lips parted slightly, giving Harry enough room to slip in his tongue. This intimate gesture added fuel to the fire. Their tongues met, dancing and swirling, and both longtime friends felt their bodies heat up with every passing second of blissful snogging. But soon, even this wasn't enough. The urge to be physically closer overwhelmed them. Harry tightened his grip around her waist and pulled her closer, earning a squeal of surprise from the brunette in his arms. Tracey's full breasts pushed into his chest, driving him wild with desire. Foregoing his caressing of her waist, Harry's hands moved up to her breasts. Tracey moaned against his lips as his hands squeezed each supple orb. He marveled at their size and weight. They felt so full and firm, despite their large size, and if he wasn't kissing her, his lips would be sealed around one of her erect nipples while he groped the other.

Tracey couldn't believe she was finally kissing the one she loved. She had fantasized about this moment since fourth year, but no fantasy could compare to the actually thing. Harry's lips were so soft and warm; she nearly melted in his arms. When he slipped his tongue inside her mouth and touched her breasts, Tracey thought she would faint from all the wonderful feelings bombarding her body. She loved it. Never before had she felt this way. No other man had ever, ever made her feel this good, and all Harry was doing was kissing her and groping her breasts! She shuddered to think what a mess she would be when it finally came time for the main event. Speaking of which, Tracey felt something poking against her stomach, something hard and pointy and…very big. Deciding to return the favor, she reached down and grabbed Harry's clothed erection. She stifled a giggle when she felt it throb underneath her grip.

'Ugh. I need to get these clothes off now!' Harry thought, but did not want to break their passionate lip-lock to do so. He heard the muttering of a spell and within an instant his shirt disappeared, followed by his shorts, leaving him clad in only his boxers. Next, he felt a pair of hands grab his shoulders and a tongue licking the outside of his ear.

"Thought you needed some help, love," Daphne whispered into his ear. Her naked breasts pushed into his bare back as she leaned against him. Now that he no longer had on a shirt, Harry could feel not one, but TWO pairs of magnificent breasts against his skin. It was every man's dream and his erection throbbed even more in Tracey's hand as he realized he was the meat in a threesome sandwich, smashed between two hot, curvy, and sexy women, whose hands were roaming his half-naked body. The disappearance of his last remaining item of clothing, his boxers, signaled the beginning of what was to be a very memorable night for all three adults.

"Tracey, lie down." Harry said when they finally broke their kiss.

"Okay…Ohhh! That feels good!" Tracey commented when his palm brushed over her nipples. She reluctantly removed her hand from his cock and scooted back. With a salacious wink, the busty brunette fell down onto the bed, causing her breasts to jiggle. She noted happily that Harry's eyes followed her every movement, especially focusing around her chest area. She watched as Daphne laid kisses on Harry's neck, occasionally nibbling on the sensitive flesh around his collarbone and nape. Her best friend's hand ghosted down his toned chest until it came to his erection, which she grasped firmly.

"Oh, someone's excited, isn't he?"

"You're killing me, Daphne."

"Does this excite you? Getting jerked off by your wife while staring at Tracey's naked body?"

"You know it does."

"Oh, you're a naughty boy," Daphne kissed his jaw. "I bet you want to cum all over her sexy body. Does that sound good, Tracey?"

"Sounds wonderful, Daph," Tracey replied, staring at Harry's cock. The thing was so big, so thick, that Daphne's hand looked tiny in comparison. Watching her friend give Harry a handjob, Tracey realized that Daphne had much more skill than she did. It was to be expected, considering Tracey had never really given a man a handjob, the exceptions being some quick grabs or gropes that never amounted to anything more than a few seconds worth of touching. It was either that or the fact that Daphne knew all of her husband's weak spots after twenty years. Tracey suspected it was a mixture of both.

"Look at her, Harry. Look at her big breasts. Don't you just want to cum all over them?" Daphne felt his cock twitch madly in her hand and grinned. He was definitely going to cum soon. She loved talking dirty to him and she could clearly see that he was enjoying it as well. "Maybe I'll lick off every drop while you watch. Do you want that, Harry?"

"Merlin, yes!" Harry groaned out, melting under her skilled touch.

"Oh, you're gushing pre-cum like a fountain! Are you going to cum soon? I think you are," She blew air into his ear, "Tracey, are you getting aroused watching me jerk off Harry?" Daphne asked, noticing Tracey playing with her pussy. The brunette's fingers were soaked with evidence of her arousal.

Tracey blushed.

"I can't help it!"

"Don't worry. It's hot. Harry, doesn't that pretty, pink pussy look hot?"


"Don't stare at me! It's embarrassing!" Tracey yelled, still blushing, yet she continued to masturbate.

"Hey, Harry's getting a handjob, but you don't see him getting embarrassed. Spread your legs, Tracey; let him see that tight little cunt."

If possible, Tracey blushed even more.

"I thought I was supposed to be the perverted one." Tracey muttered. She complied and spread her legs apart, revealing her dripping opening to Harry and Daphne. Was it weird that she felt more aroused with them watching her so intently?


"My words exactly, Harry."

"T-this is embarrassing…"

"Oh, god…"

"Oh, you're about to cum! Get ready, Tracey; he's gonna blow!"

"I'm close too!" Tracey declared, her fingers pumping furiously. She was excited. Ever since Daphne told her of Harry's ridiculously large loads, she had been dying to find out how much truth her words held. She watched Daphne's hand become a blur over Harry's shaft, sliding over his length with ease. Harry's cock was throbbing madly, indicating that he was indeed very close to an orgasm. His hips bucked into Daphne's skillful hand, desperate to seek more of his wife's soft hand.

Just as Tracey was about to experience her own orgasm, she heard Harry let out a long groan. A second later, a blast of semen rocketed out of his swollen tip and landed on her stomach. Tracey's eyes widened as she realized that it was by far the largest amount of cum she had ever seen in her life, and it was just his first shot! She barely had time to appreciate how much of his warm spunk covered her stomach before another equally large blast sprayed onto her inner thighs. Her own release hit right as two more shots covered her breasts, and Tracey arched her back as orgasmic euphoria coursed through her body. It was easily the best orgasm she had ever had, turning her into a quivering mess that stared in awe as more of Harry's cum continued to cover her stomach and breasts, shivering when a few stray drops landed on her cheek and near the corner of her mouth. Tracey never thought Harry would stop cumming until finally the onslaught ceased after what seemed like an eternity. A wonderful, orgasmic eternity, she thought with a grin.

"Whoa. You really let out a lot, Harry," Daphne commented, still tugging on her husband's softening erection.

Harry blinked once, twice, then a third time.

"I think I blacked out for a second…"

"You really know how to compliment a girl on her handjob, Harry."

"Well, you are the best," He turned his head and gave her a quick kiss. He faced Tracey, who was still breathing heavily from her orgasm. Covered in his cum and a light sheen of sweat, and hair falling down her shoulders, Tracey looked hot. She saw him staring and winked before scooping up some cum with her finger and bringing it to her mouth. She opened her mouth and sucked on the finger eagerly. 'Oh, that is so hot…'

"You're already hard again," Daphne said, feeling his cock harden in her hand. She looked over her husband's shoulder and saw the splash of cum covering Tracey's chest and stomach. Remembering what she promised Harry earlier, Daphne let go of his cock and scooted around him. She made her way to Tracey's side and marveled at the sheer amount of cum. Harry always shot huge loads, yes, but never this much. This was a lot, even for him. "How's it taste, Tracey?"

Tracey sucked each finger clean.

"Delicious. Have a taste, Daphne."

"Don't mind if I do."

Daphne bent over and captured one of Tracey's cum-covered nipples in her mouth.

"Ohhh…that's not what I meant, but this is fine…Wait…Harry!"

Harry moved between Tracey's legs and immediately went to work assaulting her post-orgasm sensitive opening. His tongue darted inside and his hands slid under legs. He cupped her firm rear and rose up her lower body, giving him better access to her sweet honey pot. Her pussy was still soaked with her juices and he enjoyed lapping up every drop and tasting the sweet-flavored nectar. As Harry focused on her vagina, Daphne was busy servicing Tracey's breasts. She made sure to suck on each erect tip, ensuring both received equal treatment, and savored the flavor of Harry's cum. She loved its taste; even back when she nervously gave Harry his first blowjob. He was as nervous as her, and she was worried that she would screw up and he would hate it. Sure, she was sloppy at first, and hadn't been able to take in his full length, but Harry still came within a few minutes. She had to admit, her younger self felt a bit of pride knowing that her own ministrations were able to bring her lover great pleasure and release. That was the same day Daphne found out that she absolutely loved it when Harry ate her out, so seeing Tracey receive servicing from such a skilled tongue made her own opening drip with arousal. From the moans and heavy pants coming from her friend, Daphne deduced that Tracey was finding out just how skilled Harry was when it came to cunninglingus. She suddenly felt Tracey shake underneath her. 'Oh, looks like Harry's using his special magic.'

"Harry! Oh…Ohhh…" Tracey moaned, "W-what is that?"

Daphne let go of her nipple with an audible 'pop'.

"That's Harry's special 'technique'."

"TechNIQUE?!" Tracey bucked her hips into Harry's face.

Daphne fought back a giggle at the flushed expression on her face.

"Yep. Harry uses Parseltongue. It causes his tongue to vibrate and-"

"Oh, dear lord!"

"-send a small shock of magic that feels fantastic!"

"I'm cumming!"

Tracey exploded all over Harry's face. Harry eagerly lapped up her gushing juices, still performing Parseltongue on her quivering pussy. He had to fight down the urge to smirk in triumph as Tracey continued to ride her orgasm. The old Parseltongue trick never failed. He discovered its extra use (best use) a year after Daphne and him got together. They had been the sixty-nine position, one of their favorites, when Harry decided to do a little experimenting. He spoke only two words in Parseltongue before Daphne screamed out his name and came hard. She nearly broke his neck when her thighs clamped around his head and begged him for more. Five times. That's how many times he got her to cum. She had actually screamed so much that the silencing wards they put on the classroom door shattered and her voice echoed throughout the hallways. That was the night they were discovered by a certain Hermione Granger, who fainted from the X-rated scene. When she came to, her tirade about indecent activities being against the school rules was loud enough to wake the dead. Daphne had managed to get her clothes back on before both teachers and students came to the scene, intent on finding out what was causing such a ruckus in the middle of the night, but luck was not on Harry's side. You see, his robes were taking forever to get off, so a frustrated Daphne banished them to Merlin knows where. All he had to cover his privates and bum was an old copy of Second Year Spells and a piece of parchment. The aftermath of the situation would be legendary. Almost all the girls present fainted-and some boys, to his horror-and Colin Creevey kept taking pictures with his camera. And McGonagall…oh, poor McGonagall. The headmistress of Hogwarts couldn't look him in the eye for a month.

Actually, she still couldn't look him in the eye. Even twenty years later, McGonagall was still the headmistress. Whenever he went to Hogwarts to visit for old times' sake, the older woman would still blush red from the memories of that tragic (yet hilarious) night. Detention for a month seemed like a small price to pay for successfully rendering the stern McGonagall speechless and flushed, but the chastity spell she cast on him was worse than death. He couldn't have sex for the whole month he had detention. Literally, the spell ensured he could not get hard whenever he and Daphne wanted to have sex. It was as if the spell could read his mind. Obviously, it left both Harry and Daphne sexually frustrated for the whole month. At least they could still perform oral on each other, but it wasn't the same as sex. When the month was finally up, Harry and Daphne ditched class for three days. No one could find them. They had completely disappeared. Truthfully, the two lovers had escaped to a love hotel in London, where they preceded to make up for missing a month's worth of wonderful sex. They had broken four beds, two couches, a chair and a desk. There was also something involving a bathtub and a lot of soap, but that was a story for another day.

Easing up on the Parseltongue as Tracey came down from her orgasmic high; Harry pulled his head back and removed his hands from her bum. He placed soft kisses on her inner thighs, the parts that were not covered in his cum, and gently stroked the still gushing opening with his thumb. He heard Tracey whimper when he traced over her clit. Looking up, he noticed Daphne playing with Tracey's breasts, while the brunette's hands were caressing his wife's luscious rear. It was hot; two beautiful women groping and caressing each other. Eventually, they noticed his staring, and he felt a chill crawl up his spine when both women grinned at him seductively.

What happened passed in a blur. One minute he was sitting between Tracey's legs, the next his back was on the bed, with Daphne and Tracey on top of his chest. Before he could formulate a response, Daphne pressed her lips to his and Tracey nuzzled her face in the crook of his neck. His mind shut down as two pairs of breasts pressed into his side and his member became trapped between Tracey's thighs. The only thing he could do was open his mouth and allow Daphne to dominate him while Tracey made sure to leave evidence of her kisses on his neck. He felt the sexy brunette suck and lick the tender flesh at his nape, occasionally nibbling on his earlobe. He wasn't going to lie; it felt damn good.

Their delicate hands roamed his bare chest eagerly, from his collarbone to his abdomen, giving him goose bumps. He managed to get his arms free from underneath their bodies and set to work groping every inch of their curvaceous forms. He didn't have any set goal; he just grabbed. He made sure to pay special attention to each of their bums. His hands glided over the smooth, silky flesh of their rears, groping and squeezing with the horniness of a teenage boy. Well, to be honest, he never grew out of his teenage horniness, which Daphne could confirm. He never turned down sex, not even when he was late for work or tired after a long day. But this time was different. He had not one, but two beautiful women in his arms, both naked as the day they were born. How on earth could he possibly not be horny? No, Harry was going to make sure Daphne and Tracey understood just how excited he truly was. He was just about to take the initiative and show them exactly how horny he was, but stopped when they pulled away.

"Hey, it was just getting good!" He whined, pouting.

Daphne and Tracey giggled.

"Sorry, love. But I think we're ready to move on to the main course. Tracey, would you like to go first?"

"Certainly!" Tracey replied excitedly. She released her hold on his cock and shifted until she was sitting on top of his pelvis. Harry's penis was pressed against her stomach, the tip nearly touching the undersides of her breasts, and Tracey's dripping cunt was just above his balls. Harry's eyes fell on her breasts and he made to rise up and suck on one of the pink tips, but Daphne pushed him back lightly. When he looked at her confusedly, she smiled.

"Tracey wants to be on top," Was her simple reply.


"That's right, Harry. I'm gonna ride you raw!" Tracey said confidently, but she was a little nervous. She had never had sex with a man with such a large penis. None came even close to this monster smacked against her stomach. The thing was so massive; it almost touched her breasts pointing vertically! She was scared the damn thing wouldn't fit, but her fear also excited her. What would it feel like being stretched so much and penetrated so deeply? 'Well, I'm not going to find out just sitting here.' She raised her hips and positioned her entrance above his swollen head, mere centimeters away. She used her fingers to spread her pussy lips apart and began her descent, but hesitated when the tip barely touched her opening. The size intimidated her and butterflies fluttered in her stomach as she hovered over his length.

"We don't have to do this now, Tracey. I can wait," Harry said, noticing her hesitance. His voice was filled with both understanding and comfort, and his emerald eyes told her he really meant it.

"Yeah, Tracey; we don't want you doing anything you don't want to," Daphne added, who was sitting by her husband's side.

Tracey felt touched at their concern, but also embarrassed about feeling so nervous. She wanted this for years, so why was she acting so afraid? 'There's no way I'm backing out now!' She thought determinedly. She looked at her two best friends and smiled seductively, "Worried about me? That's so sweet, but…" She grabbed Harry's engorged head and gave it a light squeeze, causing Harry to involuntarily buck his hips. Her fingers lightly traced the tip, almost reverently, "…I've been waiting for this for a long time, so…" She lowered her hips and allowed the tip to enter her womanhood. Even though it was just the tip, the wide head stretched her lower lips and Tracey already had to bite back a moan. She regained her composure and looked Harry right in the eye, "…get ready, Harry." All nervousness gone, Tracey plunged downward, spearing half of Harry's length inside her pussy in an instance.

"Oh, god, it's so big!"

"Damn…so tight…"

"Ohhh…I think I just had a mini-orgasm…"


"I'm impressed. I couldn't get that much in my first time."

"Wait…I only got half in!?"

"Wiggle your hips some more…Merlin, that feels good…"

"Just wait a little bit, Tracey. Let yourself get used to the girth."

Tracey couldn't believe how full she felt, and she only reached the half-way point! She stared down at their connected regions and her eyes went wide as she noticed the tube-shaped bulge visible through her skin. How could someone possibly be that big? How could anyone take in so much cock? Daphne could do it, yet she struggled with half his length. Just as she was pondering this, another inch slid its way deeper into her core and Tracey cried out in pleasure before clamping a hand over her mouth. She felt a wave of euphoria wash over her and realized with disbelief that she just experienced an orgasm.

"Did you just cum, Tracey?"


"Ugh…she did…her walls tightened up. God, I'm gonna cum before I even get it all inside of her."

"Well, I'm the one doing all the work!" Tracey said, blushing.

"Oh…why didn't you say something?" Harry gripped the sides of her waist. Giving her a roguish wink, he pulled her down, spearing the remainder of his length inside of her. Tracey threw her head back in pleasure as his massive erection spread apart her inner walls and settled into her womb.

"It's in my womb!" Tracey cried out, arching her back in ecstasy as her body struggled to adapt to the large appendage.

"I can't wait. I'm thrusting!"

Before Tracey could do anything, Harry picked her up using his grip on her waist, pulling his cock out into only the head rested inside her, and then slammed her back down, meeting her mid-thrust. She immediately let out a scream as Harry proceeded to mercilessly pound upwards into her pussy. She couldn't keep herself upright, not with him thrusting so furiously, and she found that all her strength left her as pleasure coursed through her veins, so Tracey leaned over him, using her arms to keep her propped up. This had the added benefit of causing her large breasts to dangle teasingly above Harry's face and it wasn't long before the well-hung wizard sealed his lips around one of the erect buds. Now that Tracey was on all-fours above him, Harry no longer had to hold her hips to thrust upwards, allowing him to use his hands to grasp each fleshy orb. He continued his upward thrusts, pounding his whole length inside of her with a satisfying, wet smacking sound that reverberated throughout the room. He felt Tracey shake above him as he increased his pace and smirked when he realized she was having another orgasm.

Tracey struggled to keep herself propped up as another sweet release washed over her. She couldn't believe it; two orgasms in the span of a minute! She didn't believe that was physically possible, but it happened. It wasn't her fault. Having a ten inch sausage stuffed thrusting into your pussy at a hundred kilometers an hour while having your breasts serviced by an expert tongue tended to do that to you. She shivered as his cock slid in and out of her, relishing every second of the wonderful feeling of having her walls stretched completely by the thick organ. 'In and out. In and out. In and out. Merlin, I never thought something could feel this good!' It took her a few seconds to realize she was drooling, but she didn't care. She was too busy enjoying this wild ride known as Harry Potter: Sex God.

What did immediately catch her attention, however, was the feeling of something wet and smooth gliding over her neck. Still cloudy with euphoria, Tracey turned her head and saw the top of Daphne's head nuzzled into her neck, laying down kisses. Before Tracey could say something, Daphne removed her head from her neck and kissed her on the lips. Tracey moaned into the kiss as her friends snaked her tongue past her lips and entered her mouth. Their tongues twirled around the other, dancing around the other with great fervor. Their lips separated briefly, leaving only their tongues connecting, still sliding around each other, along with several strands of saliva between their lips. They stared into each other's half-lidded eyes with overt lust and simply let their tongues caress. For Tracey, it felt like a dream. The combination of Harry's cock reshaping her pussy and this passionate kiss with her female friend put her on cloud nine. Caught in the moment, the words past her lips with ease between their kisses, "I love you."

She felt Daphne's hand gently slide down the side of her face and unconsciously nuzzled into it.

"I love you, too," Daphne said, smashing her lips to hers once more.

For these two women, they shared a bond strong and unbreakable. They shared many things: a fondness for sappy romance novels, a passion for scary movies, and an unfathomable love for the man that made both of their lives complete. Since first year, long ago, they were best friends. No; more than just best friends. On some unconscious level that they just now understood, they were like bond mates, connected in a way few could ever hope to achieve, a bond they now also shared with Harry. They were best friends, lovers, soul mates, companions, a perfect match…the list went on. These three, who were locked in the throes of passion, were destined to be together.

So when the time came that Harry's own orgasm hit full force, the magic inside all of them cried out joyously. It was as if the power of a million suns had been unleashed. Harry thrust inside of her one last time, a powerful and long thrust, earth-shattering in its force, strong enough to cause Tracey to collapse on top of his chest, taking Daphne down with her, and smashing his face between her breasts. The moment came not a second later. An explosion of cum painted the inside of Tracey's womb and clenching walls, sending the overwhelmed brunette into the arms of another mind numbing orgasm. She screamed loudly in pleasure, smashing Harry's face further into her ample bosom, and pressing herself against his toned torso. Daphne, who was lying on Harry's side, also cried out in pleasure. An orgasm the likes of which she never experienced washed over her, and she clutched her husband's arm between her breasts, feeling the unexplainable need to hold on to something as she shuddered in ecstasy. She could not understand why she was having an orgasm, but she didn't care. She rubbed herself against Harry's side, grinding her dripping opening over his thigh while her orgasm continued to ravage her.

Harry buried his face into Tracey's breasts as his hardened member continued to spew untold amounts of semen inside her pussy. He vaguely registered the feeling of another feminine body pressed into his side, but it was almost impossible to distinguish anything but the pleasure he was feeling. No, scratch that. Pleasure wasn't the right word. What he felt couldn't be described in words. His magic was singing loudly to him, loud enough for him to actually hear it. This only ever happened once before in his life, and that was when he and Daphne had sex for the first time. His magic, he realized, was merging with Tracey's, as it did with Daphne twenty years ago. Suddenly, it hit him. The pleasure he was feeling was not just his, but also Tracey's and...Daphne's? The power of three orgasms was coursing through his body, as was the same for Daphne and Tracey. 'Are we all…soul-bonding?' He had suspected for a long time that Daphne and he had such a bond, but could three people be soul-bonded together?

But thoughts were put aside as all three of them hit the apex of their releases. A bright blue, blinding light filled the room, and when it ended all went silent. Their magical cores had stilled and their orgasms subsided. They lay there, panting, covered in sweat, and exhausted. None moved or spoke for several minutes; the threesome just lay there, basking in the afterglow of the greatest experience of their lives. Tracey was the first to stir. She rolled over and settled in Harry's side, the one not already occupied by Daphne. Harry, who had somehow miraculously avoided suffocation from being headfirst between Tracey's large globes, shivered as his cock slid out of her pussy, as did Tracey. Cum gushed out of Tracey's now unoccupied pussy, drizzling down her inner thighs. If Tracey wasn't so utterly spent, she would have marveled at the sheer amount that flowed out of her.

"You're still hard," She heard Daphne say. She was about to ask what she was talking about, but saw Harry's cock pointing straight up, still hard and strong, and caught on.

Harry chuckled and wrapped his arms around their waists, pulling them closer. Both girls snuggled into his side and laid their arms across his chest.

"Well, I do have to naked women pressed against me, not to mention they're extremely hot. How could I not be hard?"

Both of them giggled.

"You still owe me a turn," Daphne said.

"You have any cum left? You sure came a lot inside me," Tracey asked. She could feel his warm spunk stirring around in her womb and still drizzling out of her opening.

"Only one way to find out!" Harry declared, pulling Daphne on top of him.

Their lovemaking continued into the night. Harry took both of the girls no less than three times each, bringing them orgasm after orgasm. Fulfilling Tracey's fantasy, Harry fucked both of them from behind as the two women enjoyed a passionate snogging session, which included groping, squeezing, and dozens of kisses. The threesome tried every position they could think of, ranging from sixty-nine to doggy-style, and even made up a few. Finally, after hours of non-stop sex, the three lovers collapsed on the bed, completely exhausted.

Harry wrapped his arms around his two lovers as he pulled the warm blanket over their naked bodies. He felt them snuggle against him and rest their heads on his chest.

"Good night, Daphne; Tracey," He said lovingly, placing a kiss on the top of their heads.

Both women smiled contently and kissed his jaw.

"Good night, Harry," They said simultaneously.

"I love you both very much," He said sleepily, his eyes beginning to close.

Daphne yawned.

"I love you too, love," She said.

"I love you too, Harry," Tracey said, yawning after Daphne. The three closed their eyes and sleep quickly overcame them. They went to sleep with happy and content smiles, exhausted and complete.

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