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The Potter Family Chronicles

Chapter 5: Game changers

Astoria Greengrass nee Malfoy sighed unhappily as her buffoon of a husband ranted about mudbloods and blood traitors for the millionth time in their long and unhappy marriage. She sat at the dining room table, picking at the supper she made an hour ago. She was never really much of a cook, that was more Daphne's department, but Astoria felt a little pride in knowing she had made such a delicious meal. Cooked ham, baked potatoes, and biscuits made up her meal, and she savored every bite of it until she was too full. Looking over at the other end of the table, where Draco normally sat, lay his plate of food, untouched. He hadn't even bothered eating. The moment her husband came home, he started yelling about how goblins and veela didn't deserve equal rights, that they were beneath proud purebloods such as him and her. Honestly, Astoria stopped listening five minutes into his little tantrum. She had grown used to this, of course. Complaining was all he did nowadays.

But really, ignoring your wife's hard-worked meal in favor of ranting? Astoria admitted to being more than a little hurt that he didn't even touch it, but she told herself not to be surprised. The marriage had been nothing but one continuing disappointment after another, each year seeming to get worse. At a time, before they were married, she genuinely loved him, but now…now all she felt was despair, disappointment, and…anger; anger at the man who had wasted twenty years of her life in a loveless marriage, anger at the man who never once complimented her, never once praised her on her good housekeeping or devotion to him. Why was she stuck in this hell? What had she possibly done to deserve this? She was a devoted wife, cleaning his clothes and supporting him through his crusade against magical creatures, even if it went against every bone in her body. She loved all sentient beings; she believed all of them had a right to live peacefully and without prejudice, but she put this aside to support him. She even gave up her promising career in spell-crafting because it wouldn't be 'proper' for a pureblooded housewife to work, which was a husband's job.

As all of the negatives of her marriage came to the forefront of her mind, Astoria felt cold fury build up inside of her. She stared at him with bright, icy blue eyes, cold as the frozen wastelands of Antarctica. The flames dancing in the fireplace in front of him flickered in her eyes menacingly while Draco continued to pace in front of the mantle without a clue in the world, still ranting.

"And you know what he told me? Live with it. Live with it! How can I 'Live with it' when those creatures have the same rights as us purebloods!"

She was stuck in this marriage, the magical bond between husband and wife ensured that. Til death do us part…til death do us part…

"That blood traitor Longbottom is making a mockery of the Ministry! Passing all of those bills that give equal rights to those barbarians! Can you believe he made every single member of the council swear an oath of loyalty to the Ministry? I can't even bribe one of them! Father used to get everything he wanted by bribing a few officials…"

That fireplace looked pretty hot. Probably hot enough to burn a body to ashes. If Draco tripped he would be consumed by the flames in seconds…or maybe if someone gave him a little push.

"Are you even listening to me, you bitch?"

Astoria snapped out of her murderous thoughts and frowned at him.

"Yes, I am, and must you call me such a foul word? I am your wife, after all."

"Don't talk back to me! I asked you a question and a simple 'yes' was all I needed! If I wanted the commentary, I would have asked for it."

Oh, forget the push. A shove was needed, she thought.

"Forgive me for speaking a few words, husband," She spat out the word with venom.

"Don't talk to me like that, you barren whore!"

Immediately after the words were said, Astoria drew her wand and stood up. She pointed her wand straight at him, a cold look on her face.

"Barren whore? Barren whore! I'm not barren; you bastard, your pathetic dick couldn't get a woman pregnant if she took twenty fertility potions!"

Draco could hear the fury in his wife's words and saw sparks fly out of the end of her wand. He found himself afraid, yet tried to keep a brave face.

"Put that away before you hurt yourself. You know you won't hurt me!"

"Reducto!" The curse impacted Draco's shoulder, shattering it instantly. Draco howled in pain and clutched his now useless shoulder.

"Y-you bitch! You broke my shoulder!"

"If you don't shut-up, I'll break a lot more!"

Draco wisely shut his mouth, save for a few pitiful moans as he cradled his arm.

"I have put up with you for almost twenty years! Twenty years! Twenty years of my life wasted! And have I ever not stood by your side? Have I ever refused to cook for you or do your dirty laundry as you threw insult after insult at me? Have I ever refused your advances when you decided to place your microscopic penis inside of me? No; I closed my eyes for ten seconds until it was over. Did I say no when you insisted on me getting breast augmentations? No, I did it because I cared about what you thought of my appearance, going through six months of potions regiments and daily check-ups. And you know what? You played with them for a few minutes and rarely ever did so again. I went through all of that while maintaining a clean house and you never even appreciated them!" More sparks flew out of her wand. "And making me workout everyday to keep this toned body you love so much. Why? You barely even look at me since you started spending time with those hussies."

Draco paled.

"How did you know about them?"

"I do your laundry, idiot. I can smell the cheap perfume. Do you honestly think I'm really that stupid? You may have made me play the dumb trophy wife all these years, but I'm smarter than you'll ever be!" She took a determined step forward and Draco backed up. He felt the heat of the fire smoldering against his back and started to sweat. He had nowhere to run and his wand was in his coat, which was on the coat rack in the living room. He desperately tried to come up with some way of getting out of the situation.

"And you know what? I'm tired of this marriage. I've been tired for years. Since we're bonded through marriage, there is really only one way to break it, eh husband?"

"No, Astoria, honey! I swear I'll change! I can be better!" He didn't mean a word of it, of course. Once he got his wand, he would show this bitch just who was in charge.

Astoria smiled and it unnerved him. This wasn't a regular smile; it was…maniacal. The smile quickly turned into a twisted grin that caused him to cringe.

"Do you honestly believe I'd fall for that? No, Draco, one of us is dying tonight, and it certainly isn't me."

"Please, Asto-"

"Save your breath. No amount of begging will save you," She used the hand not gripping her wand and blew him a kiss. "Goodbye, Draco. Say hello to your father for me in hell. Reducto!" The spell impacted on Draco's chest, sending the screaming man into the roaring flames. His body was immediately covered in flames and he tried to escape, but Astoria had already planned ahead. She cast a shield around the fireplace, preventing him from escaping. She even placed a silencing charm on it when his screams started to hurt her delicate ears. The beautiful witch watched as the man who made her life miserable was reduced to ashes by the magically enhanced flames. When barely a trace of him was left, Astoria released the shield around the fireplace and also the silencing charm.

"Oh no, my husband is dead! Someone call the aurors!" She giggled, still grinning madly. She felt the bond around her magical core release and a surge of freedom flooded her body. She was free! No longer was she bound to that git! She could do whatever she wanted, go wherever she wanted, and live how she wanted! But first she had to destroy the incriminating evidence. She had a backup wand, so she could discard this one and no spells could be traced to her. She would also put out a few empty bottles of firewhiskey, to make it look as if Draco had gotten drunk and simply fallen in the flames. Add a few tears and sobs here and there, and Astoria was scot-free!

"Officer, I don't know what to do!" Astoria said humorously, still giggling. Something caught her eye on the counter and she stopped her celebrating. It was a copy of today's Daily Prophet. She grabbed the newspaper and studied the front page, more specifically the large picture dominating the page, a picture that began her dearly departed husband's tirade. In the picture was the image of an extremely handsome wizard, one known by all of the Wizarding World. That wizard was Harry Potter, her sister's husband and brother-in-law. The moving picture showed him walking out of the court chambers victoriously after succeeding in passing a new bill, a wide grin on his face. His raven hair was wild and untamed, as it always looked, and his intense green eyes stared into the camera for a moment before moving on. Astoria felt her heartbeat quickening as his eyes seemed to meet hers. She watched the moving image repeat itself over and over again, each time his eyes never ceasing to make her knees weak. She thanked Merlin for the genius who finally added color to the moving images.

Astoria remembered first meeting Harry personally when Daphne had first brought him home to introduce him to the family. Astoria never said more than a few words to the handsome wizard, because anymore than that and she started blushing madly. She was only fourteen at the time, three years younger than them, and her mother and sister giggled when she nearly fainted when Harry took her hand and kissed it like a proper gentleman. He was always kind to her when he came over, and she quickly developed a huge crush on him. But after they moved away to start a life of their own, things changed. Astoria was distraught that she could never have Harry to herself, the devoted relationship he had with Daphne ensured that. So, when she turned seventeen, she married Draco because she foolishly believed he could be like Harry. Yeah, she found out how bad an idea it was a week into the marriage, and after Draco suffered an humiliating defeat due to Harry's influence, Astoria was forbidden from seeing Daphne or Harry, but it didn't matter. She hadn't spoken to her sister for years before that, a part of her still holding a grudge for claiming Harry before she did. If only she was older at the time…

Suddenly, the idea came to her. The death of Draco Malfoy, last male member of the Malfoy line and wealthy pureblood, would no doubt shock the world. Such an event would gain the attention of several high-ranking individuals, and Harry was the head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. Surely he would be thoroughly investigating this 'accidental' death. Maybe even come to the scene of the death himself, and no doubt he would want to interview her. Yes, her husband was already proving more useful in death than in life. She felt a pang of guilt knowing that she would be betraying her sister, but Astoria was tired of worrying about others. It was time for Astoria Greengrass to worry about herself and what she wanted.

Smiling as her plan took shape, Astoria set to work making Draco's death look like an accident. After all, there was no body to examine, barely ashes. And they would never force her to take veritaserum since it had been proven only 90% effective many years ago. She would play the part of the grieving widow perfectly and none would be the wiser to her part in her husband's death. And, if she played her cards right, she would be lying near the pool in a sexy bikini, with Harry's strong hands rubbing sunscreen on her back. She could picture it now; his hands groping her breasts before descending downward and…She shivered in delight, 'Hold yourself together, girl. Work on getting away with murder first.' She walked out of the dining room and set out to find some firewhiskey. She needed to plant the evidence before she called in the aurors.

"Mum, why is Aunty Tracey moving in?"

"Why? Do you not want her to?"

"Oh, no, it would be fun having her live with us. But why the sudden move?" Lily asked, tilting her head cutely in curiosity. She was standing in front of the stove, wearing a white apron, casually stirring a pot of stew while her mother diced the carrots and peeled the potatoes. It was a sight quite common in the Potter household. Lily had always held a talent for the culinary arts, a skill she inherited from her mother. Selena had once tried to cook, but the resulting disaster took days to clean up, so it was best for everyone if Selena stayed far away from the stove.

"Well, Tracey and I have been discussing it for years, and your father is all for it, so why not? It will be nice having her around," She put the carrot slices to the side and grabbed another one. "She'll be staying in our bedroom until we've gotten the guestroom ready. We have so much junk in there it's not even funny."

"Why don't you use magic?"

"We could, but I don't want to take the risk. You know how your father likes to tinker with magical items. What if we accidently cast magic on one of them?" Daphne shivered at the thought. "Thankfully, he stopped trying to make supersonic brooms years ago, but who knows what enchanted parts remain in there. Better safe than sorry."

Lily nodded in agreement, but couldn't help but wonder about something.

"Where is she going to sleep in your bedroom?"

"Uh…she will be in the bed with me."

"But where will Daddy be?"

Daphne stopped slicing carrots and wracked her brain for an excuse.

"He'll be sleeping on the fold-out couch in our bedroom. He offered his spot in the bed to Tracey," She lied.

Lily smiled.

"Daddy's so sweet. He's always thinking about others," She felt warmth spread through her body as she thought of her daddy. "By the way, where is Daddy?"

Daphne resisted the urge to sigh in relief as Lily accepted her little white lie. Harry definitely wasn't sleeping on some fold-out couch. No, he would be lying between two half-naked women the entire night, and hopefully engage in some nightly activities. Ever since the trio's threesome two nights ago, Daphne had been itching to have a repeat performance, but unfortunately they had been unable to, aside from a few quick romps on the couch or in the shower. They had to keep it from the kids. Daphne was worried how they would react to the news that their mother was sharing their father with a woman they viewed as an aunt. She knew they would find out eventually, but decided to keep it a secret for the time being.

"He's upstairs helping Tracey move some of her stuff in our bedroom," She sat down the knife, having finished her job. "Will you be okay finishing the stew? I'm going to go up and help them."

"Sure! It should be finished in half-in-hour."

"Thank you, Lily," Daphne cleaned her hands with a rag and walked out of the kitchen. She turned the corner and went up the stairs, cringing a little when she heard a few creaks. She would have to remember to replace a few boards later. Climbing the last step, she walked by Selena and Lily's shared bedroom, and noticed the door slightly open. Rays of light escaped from the slightly opened edge. Not being able to contain her curiosity, Daphne took a look inside and nearly broke out in a fit of giggles.

Selena was standing in front of a mirror, clothed in only bra and panties, posing as if she were some sort of supermodel. Daphne couldn't hold back a snicker as Selena put her arms behind her head and pushed out her chest provocatively. A seductive smile played its way on her eldest daughter's lips while she swayed her scantily-clad hips sensually. Selena trailed a dainty hand down her neck, tracing her fingers over her prominent bust, then moving lower to her navel. She placed a delicate finger at the tip of her mouth, trying to convey a look of beautiful innocence, while her hand softly rubbed the alabaster skin of her thighs. Daphne watched with both a mix of amusement and confusion. What was her daughter doing? Sure, being the mother of two teenage daughters meant Daphne had seen them run around in their underwear before, but nothing like this.

She nearly tore her eyes away and gasped when Selena roughly cupped one of her bra-clad breasts and kneaded the large orb. Was Selena…playing with herself? Daphne did this herself when she was around her age, but actually seeing her daughter doing it made Daphne very uncomfortable. Maybe like her husband, she still viewed her two daughters as little girls. Daphne had always thought herself the more levelheaded one in her and Harry's relationship, but apparently, like all moms, she wished her children would never grow up. Just as Selena's hand touched the top of her knickers, Daphne finally decided it was enough and pulled away from the door. Moving a good distance away from the door, Daphne found herself breathing a little heavily and flushed. She desperately wished to forget what she had just witnessed and attempted several breathing exercises to calm herself down. Why was she acting so flustered? Selena was a teenage girl; of course she would…do that. 'Oh, why am I acting like an old prude? I did the same thing her age. I only stopped because it was a poor substitute to what Harry could do to me.' And like that, Daphne's uneasiness was gone, replaced by the everlasting happiness she was filled with every time she thought of her husband. Shaking her head for worrying about such ridiculous things, Daphne made to walk away, but a single sound caused her to freeze. Scratch that. It was a voice, Selena's voice, but that wasn't the problem. The thing that caused Daphne to nearly have a heart attack was what Selena said, more specifically a certain name.


Daphne's eyes widened to comical proportions. Did she just hear right? Moving quickly back to the door, she peeked inside the room. Selena was no longer standing in front of the mirror. She was lying on her bed, her bra removed, breasts bouncing as she played with her now exposed lower region. Daphne watched her daughter's fingers pump in and out from between her lower lips, while a free hand played with her jiggling orbs. It was an erotic sight; one Daphne was ashamed to say turned her on, even if it was her own daughter. She brought a hand to her mouth to muffle a gasp when Selena uttered the name again.

"Daddy...More…" Her daughter's fingers were soaked and a brilliant layer of sweat covered her divine body. Selena arched her back off the bed when her fingers probed deeper and her thumb pressed on her clit, showing flexibility that Daphne found herself slightly envious of. "Your cock is sooooo big, Daddy…" Daphne noticed Selena's face was looking off to the side, staring at something just out of view. Pushing the door slightly, Daphne got a better view and realized with shock what her daughter was staring at so intensely, with such lustful eyes. It was a picture of Harry. Not a magical one, but a Muggle one. Harry was clad in only a pair of swimming trunks and smiling that roguish smile he always gave to the people he cared about. The background was one of the ocean and it was clearly a sunny day. Daphne remembered that photo. It was taken when the family had visited the Caribbean a year ago by Selena, who owned a muggle digital camera. Her daughter must have held onto the picture all this time.

It was then that reality came crashing down on Daphne. How long had Selena been doing this while staring at a picture of her father? More importantly, why was Selena screaming her father's name while masturbating? Daphne knew the answer, but she was afraid to admit it. Her daughter was sexually attracted to Harry; this became abundantly clear as she kept moaning his name every five seconds while staring at the picture. This was bad, very bad. Selena couldn't be attracted to her own father, but Daphne couldn't ignore what she was plainly seeing. A part of her was trying to rationalize that this was normal, that some daughters had crushes on their fathers, and that it would go away eventually. But seeing her daughter in such a state of ecstasy, while moaning out her father's name and staring at a picture of him half-naked, Daphne knew it was much more than that. How long had this been going on? How had Daphne not seen it?

Still reeling from this revelation, Daphne's mind wandered to the possibility that Lily might have such a crush on Harry. She felt her legs go weak as she realized how close Lily had been to Harry the last week, how the number of hugs and kisses increased. Harry, being the oblivious and loving father that he was, couldn't have possibly noticed. He just accepted each hug and kiss on the cheek with a loving smile that could only belong to a beaming father. Her mind put together everything, from the shopping trip to the physical closeness that seemed to increase overnight. Her two daughters were…were in love with their own father, Harry! Oh, Merlin, what was she going to do? The sheer amount of morals this went against were unprecedented!

Backing away from the door, Daphne hugged the wall, holding it to support her shaky legs. Steadying herself and regaining her composure, Daphne came to the conclusion that she would have to have a long, VERY long talk with Selena and Lily. Hopefully, she could solve this problem before Harry figured it out. Even he would see the growing signs of romantic affection from his daughters if they kept up. A part of her wanted to hold out hope that this would all pass, but that was irrational. She knew she had to get control of this situation before it got out of hand. Until then, she would need to forget about what she saw and go on with her normal life as if nothing had happened. Turning herself away from the door, Daphne continued her uninterrupted trip to her and Harry's bedroom, where he and Tracey were no doubt making out on the bed. Those two, they took every chance they could get to so each other some long overdue affection, and Daphne was happy that things were coming along swimmingly. Just before opening the door to her bedroom, a stray thought voiced its opinion. 'At least they have a good taste in men.' She shook the thought away and focused on the two adults having an intense snogging session on the bed.

"Starting without me?" Daphne teased.

Both Harry and Tracey looked up and grinned sheepishly.

"Sorry, Daph, but we saved you a spot!" Tracey said, patting the space next to the disentangled lovers excitedly.

"Yeah, it wouldn't be complete without you, love!" Harry chimed in, hands groping Tracey's rear.

Daphne smiled seductively at them. All thoughts of her two troublesome daughters left her as she went to work unbuttoning her blouse.

"Well, when you put it that way…" She pulled off the navy blue blouse, leaving her breasts only covered by a lacy white bra. Before things continued further, Daphne drew her wand and cast several locking charms on the door and a few silencing charms. Didn't want the kids to hear anything, especially after discovering such a shocking revelation, Daphne thought.

"Oh, I got an idea!" Tracey said eagerly. "Keep your bra on, Daphne. Harry, pull your pants down now!" She demanded playfully.

"Your wish is my command, milady," Harry pried his hands away from her rear, a sad thing really, and quickly unbuckled his pants. He slid them down to his knees and Tracey did the rest. She pulled them down his legs, growling when his shoes stopped her progress. From Merlin knows where, she grabbed her wand and banished the shoes and pants in one move.

"You know, if you and Daphne keep doing that, I'm going to run out of clothes."

"Well, if they would stop getting in the way…"

"I'm still looking for my shorts. Where did you banish them to?"

"Honestly? I don't know. I just cast the spell and they go somewhere."

"Same here. Sorry, Harry," Daphne said.

"You know I can't stay mad at you two…Whoa, there goes the boxers. I'll never get used to that feeling."

"See? I banished them to the other side of the room!" Tracey announced proudly.

"Uhhh…I think they're embedded in the wall, Tracey."

"Ah, man!" Tracey looked at Harry apologetically. "I owe you one, Harry."

"Yes, you do. How about you let me eat you out later?"

"Sounds great!"

"While you and Daphne make out."

"Even greater!"

"Do I get a say in this?"

"Are you against it?"

"Hell no!"

"Then we're good!"

"Now, why do I keep the bra on?" Daphne asked.

"Oh, almost forgot!" Tracey rolled off Harry. "Harry, sit down on the side of the bed…yeah, like that. Okay, now Daphne, you should get on your knees in between his legs!"

"I like where this is going," Daphne commented as she obeyed and settled between her husband's legs. His erection was pointing straight at her enticingly. Merlin, all she wanted to do was wrap her lips around it and hear him moan while she gave him head.

Tracey made her way onto the carpeted floor, kneeling beside her friend. She reached between Harry's legs, grabbed his long erection, and positioned the head just underneath Daphne's breasts, still covered tantalizingly by the lacy bra.

"Okay, I saw this in a manga…"


"Er…It's like a comic book, except it's from Japan. Anyway, put the cock here," She placed the head between Daphne's breasts. "Now you thrust, Harry."

"I know what a titfuck is, Tracey."

"Just do it! It's different, I promise!"

"Alright," Harry placed his hands gently on Daphne's shoulders. He used this leverage to gradually push his cock between her breasts, his head being the first part to experience the wondrous, tight feeling that always accompanied a boobjob from his wife. However, this time it felt noticeably different. With her bra still on, the level of delicious tightness was better than ever. Her breasts were pushed together more, a fact made clear as Harry had to work his cock between them, but the extra work was well worth it, in Harry's opinion. There was something utterly erotic about watching your cock, an impressive ten inch piece of meat, disappear between two heavenly breasts and watching the tip slowly appear out of the top of said clothed breasts. Also, aside from the extra level of sweet tightness, the bra had the added effect of rubbing against the top length of his member. It felt as smooth and velvety as silk, further stimulating his already aroused cock. Finally, after what seemed an eternity of never-ending tightness, the tip of Harry's cock touched Daphne's chin and the last of his length disappeared between her breasts, his balls resting just below them. Harry shivered when Daphne's soft chin glided over his swollen head.

"You were right, Trace. This does feel great."

"See? I told ya!"

"I can tell it feels good, your cock's about to roast my breasts! Ohhh…I can feel it throbbing," Giving him a sultry smile, Daphne blew some air on the head and relished the sound of his breathe hitching. His hips bucked involuntarily and Daphne giggled. "Does it really feel that good, Harry?"

Harry groaned.

"You have no idea."

"Think that's great? Watch this," Tracey moved behind her friend and pressed her covered breasts into her back. She reached her arms around Daphne and grabbed each prominent orb, causing Daphne to moan at the sudden ministrations. Grinning at Harry over Daphne's shoulder, Tracey smashed the pair of divine breasts together, adding a whole new level of pleasure as Harry's rod became sandwiched between them even tighter, "Merlin, these things way a ton!" Tracey joked, raising each fleshy globe with her hands and bouncing them. This had the unforeseen effect of causing Daphne's breasts to slide up and down along Harry's shaft. Harry threw his head back and felt his legs go weak as a glob of pre-cum shot out of his tip. The shot of pre had little of the strength as the real thing, resulting in it only coating Daphne's chin and the bottom of her lip, with a few large drops dripping down into her cleavage. Daphne shivered, both from her friend playing with her breasts and the feeling of hot pre-cum on her alabaster skin. Instinctively, her tongue darted out and seized a good portion of the pre-cum on her lips. The sweet taste of her husband's seed assaulted her senses and Daphne knew her panties were definitely getting soaked. Her hand slid down to her underwear and stroked her covered labia. Daphne moaned. Even though she was wearing underwear, her opening was now sensitive enough where it didn't matter.

But she still wanted to feel her own fingers touching her most private place. She slipped a few fingers into her underwear and quickly attacked her soaked vagina. She inserted two fingers and let her thumb trail over her clit. With her husband's hot meat thrusting between her breasts and Tracey squeezing and playing with her tits, it took little to get her close to release. Her breathing became haggard and her finger's pumping became more erratic as her orgasm rapidly approached. Feeling Harry's cock constantly hitting her chin, Daphne decided to further stimulate her husband's senses and sealed her lips around the head when he thrust upwards. Her actions had the desired effect. Harry stopped thrusting and simply let Daphne's mouth and breasts, combined with Tracey's breast bouncing, deliver pleasure to his throbbing erection. He still occasionally made a thrust here and there, but the intensity of his previous thrusts was gone, replaced with contentment. Daphne didn't need to be a genius to know that her husband was very close to cumming, if the twitching and throbbing were any indication. She could hardly wait to taste his voluminous load and added suction to the head to speed up his release.

The suction seemed to be too much for the well-hung Potter. Throwing his head back in pleasure and gripping her shoulders, Harry exploded inside of her mouth. The ropes of cum came fast and without mercy, coating the top of her mouth and taste buds within a few seconds. However, Daphne was determined to swallow every drop, but the timing of her orgasm caused her to involuntarily release Harry's cockhead from her lips. Her moan was long and loud, her orgasm coursing through her body at lightning speed. Still spewing out hot cream, Harry's cock blasted several large loads onto Daphne's beautiful face, coating each cheek. His orgasm was powerful enough to launch a few shots of Daphne's shoulders, and Tracey quickly took advantage of this opportunity and stuck out her tongue to catch a good sampling of the delicious spunk. Her hands had yet to cease their ministrations on Daphne's breasts as the sexy brunette shivered in delight when the rich cream landed on her tongue and assaulted her taste buds with an unbelievably sweet taste. How Harry's spunk tasted so good, she didn't know, but no way was she complaining. From the little head she gave men in her life, Tracey always associated semen with a bitter, salty taste that always left her struggling to swallow. On most occasions, she would spit out the disgusting semen whenever her partner wasn't looking. But this delicious, divine cream that warmed her stomach was the complete opposite. Despite such ridiculously large loads, Tracey never had a problem swallowing Harry's cum. Not only did it taste good, but she loved the man with all her heart. What was there to possibly complain about?

"Uh, that felt good!" Harry exclaimed happily as the last drops of his cum drizzled down between Daphne's breasts. Daphne, still slightly dazed from her own orgasm, could only nod in agreement.

"Do I have good ideas or what?" Tracey asked, still groping Daphne's breasts.

"The best ideas!"

"Tracey, my breasts are still sensitive from my orgasm. Are you planning on stopping your groping anytime soon?"

"Nope!" Tracey chirped, "These babies deserve some more attention!" To emphasize her point, Tracey gave them a little squeeze."

"That they do," Harry said, placing his hands over Tracey's smaller one and joining her in lavishing Daphne's breasts. His cock was still trapped between the two hot, sticky globes, and rapidly hardening even after just having an orgasm.

Daphne sighed in fake exasperation.

"You two…" She said fondly, "We only have a little while until dinner's ready. Can both of you sate your lustful urges in that time period?"

"Hmmm…probably not," Tracey admitted.

"Definitely not."

Daphne sighed again.

"Merlin, what am I going to do? My two lovers have turned into sexual deviants."

"Hey Tracey, wanna play 'how many times can we make Daphne cum'?"

"Sounds like a plan! First, let's get these pesky undergarments off this beautiful lady!"

"Oh, but she's covered in so much cum! Mind helping her clean up, Tracey?"

"It'll be my pleasure!" Tracey leaned over Daphne's shoulder and sensually licked the gathered cum off her cheek. Daphne shivered as her tongue glided over the side of her face, "Imagine me eating out your pussy after Harry releases his huge load inside of you." Tracey whispered into her ear, "And Harry takes me from behind while I'm doing it."

Daphne shivered again.

"We only have a little while," She protested weakly, her resolve crumbling.

"We have plenty of time," Harry insisted. "Now, why don't I use the banishing charm for once to get rid of your underwear?"

"Fine. Just don't banish them into a wall like Tracey did."


Needless to say, the three adults were a little late to dinner, much to the irritation of Lily, who worked hard on the meal and expected everyone to be on time. Both daughters noticing the trio's disheveled appearance, the three were forced to lie about it, saying that the sorting of Tracey's luggage took a lot more than previously realized. Lily bought it immediately, but Selena remained suspicious, if the look she was giving Daphne and Tracey was any indication to her inner thoughts. The fact that the two women were walking with a slight limp may have tipped her off to something amiss.

But after everything was settled, the Potter family sat down at the table and enjoyed a wonderful meal that they made sure to compliment Lily on. The poor girl seemed close to fainting when Harry complimented her on her cooking and kissed her on the cheek. While Tracey laughed and Harry remained oblivious, Daphne studied her youngest daughter's reactions and noticed the glare Selena was giving Lily for obviously receiving a kiss from their father. It painfully reminded Daphne that she would have to have a serious talk with her two daughters and soon. She just hoped when she did, things would be sorted out. 'But if it's more than just a crush, more than just simple infatuation, there is that old law…maybe I should…' But her thoughts were interrupted when Lily came up to her and thanked her for teaching her the recipe for the stew. Daphne smiled at her and accepted the thanks. When she saw Selena, who still looked miffed about Lily earning a kiss for something she herself was not that best at, thank her younger sister for the meal, Daphne couldn't help but feel relieved there was not total amnesty between the sisters. Maybe…maybe she could do something to help them. She would just have to brush up on her knowledge of old pureblood laws to make sure everything would work out.

When Daphne Potter went to bed that night, with her husband and best friend resting peacefully beside her, she felt immensely better of what she previously thought was a horrible situation. Sure, there could be some possible backlash, but she was confident her plan would work. Yes; Daphne went to bed with a feeling of happiness as she snuggled into her husband's chest and enjoyed the warmth radiating from her two lovers. Things would work out, she just knew they would.

Teresa Cameron sighed as she received the emergency notice from two Aurors, sent through the recently installed computer system that translated magically-created messages and turned them into simple text. What she read brought her some joy, and she wasn't ashamed to admit it, but she still needed to act professionally. This was, after all, a case of utmost importance. Draco Malfoy had gotten drunk and fell into a magically-enhanced fireplace, which incinerated his whole body. The Aurors stressed the phrase 'whole body' in their report. Apparently, Malfoy's body was nothing but ashes, leaving no evidence to go by, other than the word of his wife, Astoria Malfoy. The Aurors, veterans named Roberts and Cromwell, wrote that the wife's story seemed to check out. There were empty firewhiskey bottles in the same room where Malfoy perished and no sign of anything foul. The recently widowed Malfoy managed to croak out a few sentences through her sobbing, telling the Aurors that her dear Draco had come home angry and immediately began to drink. She told them that she tried to calm him down, even tried to take the bottle from him, but he didn't listen because he was drunk. She said she left him alone to drink, retiring to the bedroom, only to come running down the stairs when she heard loud screaming. By the time she got to the living room, Malfoy's body was already ashes.

The Aurors reported that she seemed genuine in her grieving and that the evidence supported her claim. They even ran several diagnostic tests on her wand to identify what spells she had used in the last twenty-four hours. There was no spell even remotely capable of harming someone, just a few cleaning charms. Everything pointed to a simple case of a man getting too drunk for his own good, but as Teresa read the report, she couldn't help but feel something was wrong with the whole situation. Call her crazy, but she believed the grieving widow had something to do with Malfoy's death. She really just wanted to write it off as an accidental death and leave it well alone, but the former Auror in her demanded she give this further attention. She hated to do this, especially since it meant calling in her boss, Harry Potter, while he was enjoying his long overdue vacation. The man worked far too much and he deserved to have some time with his family. 'Guess it can't be helped.' She grabbed the telephone on her desk to make the call, but stopped when she saw the green flames of the Floo in her office light up. A few seconds later, a red-headed woman wearing a jacket signifying her as a detective of the DMLE came through the flames.

"What's up, Teresa?" Susan Bones asked as she brushed the small wisps of green flame off her jacket. She had her ever-present smile on her face that seemed to light up the room and Teresa thought it illegal for a person to be so cheerful at such an ungodly hour.

"Hey, Sue. Just about to call in the boss."

Susan looked confused.

"Isn't he off for a few weeks?"

"Yes, but the notice I just received needs his attention. Take a look," She turned her computer screen.

Susan quickly read through the message and she nodded.

"You're right. Harry needs to know about this. It'll be all over the Prophet tomorrow. Can't say I'm too upset. Malfoy was a real bastard at Hogwarts."

"And he only got worse as he got older," Teresa added, remembering the impression the deceased man left when she first met him. It was not a pleasant one, "I do feel bad for his mother, though. She genuinely loved her son, even after he put her in that retirements resort."

"Narcissa? She doesn't look a day over thirty. How could she be that old?"

"She's not that old. She's in her fifties, but still looks like a young supermodel. When Malfoy inherited everything after his father passed away in Azkaban, he was quick to kick out his mother. What a bastard."

"That is sad…but I notice you don't mention Malfoy's wife. Astoria, right? She should be devastated, even though I can't imagine why a woman would grieve over Draco Malfoy."

"That's the thing. I don't think the recently widowed Mrs. Malfoy is devastated by his death."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, I think she had something to do with his death. Maybe he threw one too many insults at her and she decided she had enough."

"You really believe that?"

"I suspect it, and that's enough to warrant further investigation. I'm calling Harry," She pushed number one, his number was on speed dial, and waited as she heard the beeping noise on the other line.

"Astoria…" Susan began as her friend waited, "She's Daphne's sister, right?"


"Damn, this case just became a lot more complicated."

"Tell me about it…Hello, Harry. I'm sorry to bother you at this hour, but I have some important news. Draco Malfoy has died just a few hours ago. Aurors are already on the scene…Yes, sir. No traces of foul play…I do, sir…Alright. I'll meet you at Malfoy Manor…I'm sorry for interrupting your vacation, Harry…See you soon." Finishing her conversation, Teresa hanged up of the phone.

"What he say?"

"Apart from assuring me that he is not one bit upset about being called in during his vacation, Harry said he wants to go to Malfoy Manor and personally survey the scene."

"So Harry suspects something is afoul?"

"I don't know, but you know Harry. He treats every case the same: thorough investigation and unsurpassable diligence."

"That he does. That man is really something," Susan agreed.

Teresa stood up from her seat.

"I'm heading to the scene. Want to come? Harry and I could use an extra pair of expert eyes."

"Sure," Teresa and Susan walked to the Floo, grabbed a handful of powder from the mantle, and shouted out there intended destination. They disappeared in the green flames, determination etched on their faces.

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