Tried to get this done as soon as I could. Here are some answers to some popularly asked questions about the Potter Family universe:

Harry was a Gryffindor. He was just allowed access to the majority of the school, including the other houses' common rooms.

Draco and Astoria never had children. Draco was unable to get her pregnant.

Hermione and Ron never got married or had children, though this will be explained in later chapters.

If you have anymore questions, feel free to ask.

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The Potter Family Chronicles

Chapter 6: Investigation

Harry placed his cell phone down on the nightstand and resisted the urge to sigh. He barely made it a week before his job as director ended up interrupting his vacation, a vacation he had been looking forward to for a very long time. Turning away from the nightstand, Harry was met by two pairs of questioning eyes. Daphne and Tracey, still looking worn out from their previous nightly activities, looked at him with a mixture of curiosity and suspicion. Well, suspicion from Daphne. Having been married to him for twenty years, Daphne knew what these late night calls meant, and the look in her eyes told him that she was not pleased. Tracey looked clueless, gazing at him with warm brown eyes that melted his heart and made him wish that he could ignore the call and go back to bed with his two loves. Unfortunately, Harry couldn't simply just ignore his duty. He had taken the oath of director, sworn to dedicate his life to help ensure the peace of the Wizarding World and the justice that kept it from falling apart. No, his personal desires had to be put aside. He had to go and Daphne knew it.

"That was Teresa." Harry said.

Daphne sighed.

"It's your vacation."

"I know, love, but they need me."

"What are you talking about, Harry?" Tracey asked, sitting up. She leaned her back against the headboard, letting the covers fall off her body. This revealed her unclothed upper body, giving him a great view of the same pair of breasts he had lavished with attention no more than three hours ago.

"Teresa's my assistant, Trace. She just finished telling me that there's been a death."

Tracey crossed her arms underneath her bare chest.

"So she wants you to go down to the DMLE on your vacation?" Tracey asked, finally understanding what was going on. Harry watched her frown in displeasure and knew that he had to explain the situation, if he ever planned to leave the house. He wouldn't be surprised if Daphne and Tracey double teamed him to keep him home. Honestly, the idea of two naked women double-teaming him sounded very appealing, he thought as he gazed at Tracey's naked chest and Daphne's barely covered curves.

"Well, not exactly at the DMLE." He said, shaking away thoughts of sex, "I'm going to meet her and a team of investigators at the scene of the death."

"Who died, Harry?" Daphne asked, now curious about whose death could possibly warrant such investigating.

Harry knew this would be the difficult part, "Draco Malfoy." He said, and he was right. He watched Daphne's eyes widen, shock evident on her face. Then the shock let up, replaced by realization.

"You're treating this as a murder, aren't you? You think Asto-"

Harry quickly grabbed her hands to calm her down.

"No, Daphne! That's not it at all! We're treating this as any other investigation. I promise you that there is absolutely no evidence suggesting Astoria was involved. And I don't believe so, either." He ran his thumb over her palm, "Malfoy, as much despised as he was, still was an influential member of the government, albeit far less than he actually wanted. It's standard procedure. We have to get the story straight before the papers start coming up with their own conspiracy theories or speculations."

Daphne leaned forward and placed her head on his shoulder. Harry immediately wrapped his arms around her comfortingly and nuzzled his face into her neck, "What about Astoria, Harry? For reasons I will never understand she loved the bastard. She must be devastated. If it were you, I…I…" She honestly didn't want to think what would happen if her husband died. It was unfathomable to picture life without Harry. She didn't…she didn't know if she could actually go on without him. That was why she felt so upset for Astoria. Daphne never liked Draco, hated his guts since the first time she met him, but he was still Astoria's husband, "I couldn't care less for that prick, but I'm worried about Astoria. Can you…can you please make sure she's okay? Just talk with her or something. Let her know that I'm here for her if she needs anything."

Harry smiled and kissed her cheek.

"I will, Daph. And don't worry. We'll have this sorted out in no time. I should be back by morning. So…" He cupped her face, "Be ready when I come back, love." He placed a gentle kiss on her lips.

Daphne, despite worry for her sister's wellbeing, couldn't help but smile at her husband's words. She kissed him back and looked into his eyes, "Tracey and I will be waiting for you, Harry." As she spoke, Harry felt a pair of slender arms wrap around his neck and a pair of large breasts press against his back. He then felt a pair of soft lips kiss his neck, "If you come back soon, I'll make sure you give these babies some proper attention." She whispered in his ear, rubbing her breasts against him to emphasize her point, "And maybe I'll do that thing you've been dying for me to do." She suggested, sucking on his earlobe. Harry's eyes widened at the implications and felt his erection throb against Daphne's stomach.

"I'll hold you to that, you know. Now, will you two stop pressing yourselves against me? A few more seconds of this and I'll never leave this bedroom." Both women giggled and reluctantly disentangled themselves from their handsome lover. They watched him roll to the edge of the bed then throw his legs over the edge. After his feet touched the floor, Harry got up from the bed and made his way over to the bathroom. Couldn't go to work with a full bladder, after all.

Daphne and Tracey watched his naked form disappear into the bathroom, paying specific attention to his bum. They had a great view of it as he walked away from the bed, and savored every step he took that showed the toned muscles on his back and legs, giving the two horny women a good show. Simultaneously, they sighed in disappointment when their wonderful view ended and Harry went into the bathroom.

"Seriously, that is one delicious-looking bum. What does he do, squats? Or does he run?" Tracey asked.

"He loves to run. I think that keeps him so…"

"Delectable? Sex god-like? Drool-worthy?"

"I was going to say fit, but those work too."

"I mean, he could have been a model or an actor with those looks. Or with that huge dick, a por-"


"What? He could!"

"Are you suggesting my husband should give up being Director of the DMLE to be an…adult actor?"



"He'd make a lot of money!" Tracey said, but the mischievous smile on her face told Daphne that she wasn't serious. Tracey scooted closer to Daphne and grabbed her breasts, eliciting a cute 'eep!' from the blonde beauty, "How about we have a little fun while the stud is at work?" She asked, kneading her breasts gently, causing her female lover to moan.

"That sounds like a great idea, Tracey." Daphne replied, lying down on the bed to allow her best friend access to her naked body. But while Tracey caused her to moan and squeal in ecstasy, Daphne still worried about Astoria and hoped that everything would be okay for her younger sister. Harry said he would do everything in his power to help Astoria and her husband never went back on his word, 'Maybe, just maybe, Astoria and I can be friends, like we were before she married that arsehole.' She was hoping for a lot, but Daphne had faith that things would work out.

When Harry arrived at Malfoy Manor fifteen minutes after receiving the call, he was surprised by the amount of aurors on scene. There had to be at least a dozen, ranging from fresh-out-of-the-academy aurors to seasoned veterans. As he walked past the open gates, several aurors immediately saluted him, as if he was some sort of general and they were his loyal soldiers. He smiled at them, shook a few hands when necessary, and even patted a few he knew personally on the back. And they loved him for it. They returned each of his smiles times ten and seemed positively ecstatic to be in his presence, especially the new, younger aurors who grew up hearing the amazing feats of the great Harry Potter, the man who was said to rival Merlin in terms of magical prowess. Honestly, Harry didn't think he was that good. Undoubtedly powerful, yes, but as powerful as Merlin? He didn't believe anyone could be that powerful. Not even Dumbledore or Voldemort, two of the most powerful wizards to ever walk the earth, were that powerful. Then again, Harry had technically surpassed both of them. After spending his fifth and sixth year being trained personally by Dumbledore, Harry had finally beaten him in an all-out duel that left the Room of Requirement a total mess. Then, less than a year later, he defeated Voldemort in one of the deadliest duels in recorded Wizarding history. It had left him exhausted and near death, but he had done it.

Dumbledore had died a year before Voldemort's fall due to old age. That was what the medics said, but Harry knew it was a century of stress that had finally caught up to the legendary sorcerer that ultimately killed him. He mourned the loss of the man who was like a grandfather to him, but recovered and set out to bring down Voldemort's Death Eaters. After defeating Voldemort, and emerging as the unchallenged leader of the light, a title passed down to him by Dumbledore himself, Harry was hailed as a hero. Massive festivals and parties were thrown in his honor, raging for weeks, even months. Dozens of leaders from around the world, both Muggle and Magical, sent many letters of congratulations and hundreds of lavish and expensive gifts. Hundreds of different titles and positions were offered to him, from Minister of Magic to Supreme Mugwump, and when he was only seventeen! He had to politely decline every offer, stating that he still had to finish school before considering a career in politics. That didn't stop the thousands of marriage offers, though. Harry received offers from America, France, China, Egypt, Germany…the list goes on, each one including a picture of the women who sought his hand in marriage. He received them up until him and Daphne married, and that was only after Daphne threatened to seriously hurt any witch who wanted to steal her Harry away from her. It had always been a sore subject when they were dating, what with hundreds of offers arriving every week, and Harry never failed to assure her that he would never leave her for any woman. Though he did receive a hex to the groin when he received an offer from an American witch in California and he commented on her superb flexibility in the video tape she sent him. Yeah, he admitted he deserved that, but that witch sure knew how to bend backwards…

Anyway, Harry was seriously surprised that people were still treating him like the second coming of Merlin. It had been twenty years and the letters of gratitude never ceased. The gifts and compliments, the praise and worship he received had never stopped. The Wizarding World seemed to love him, not just Britain alone. Everywhere he went, from the Bahamas to Australia, the people recognized him and made sure his stay in their country was above anything he ever experienced before. When he would bring his family with him, Selena and Lily were viewed as royalty, as if the Potter name was more sacred than the Royal Family itself. If Selena and Lily were treated as princesses, then Daphne was treated as a queen, receiving countless offers from the latest fashion designers and hairstylists to try their new clothes or hairstyles free of charge. There were even dozens of offers for photo shoots, offering up to a million galleons for a few shots of her in sexy lingerie. Of course, Daphne had turned down the offers, but Harry knew his wife was flattered that so many popular magazines believed she was beautiful enough to star on the front cover. Harry didn't need to be told by a magazine that his wife was insanely beautiful, he knew that the day he first met her. But the point was Harry couldn't believe how much the public loved his family. Hell, he still couldn't believe the world loved him so much. 'Well, I did defeat Voldemort and revolutionize Wizarding Britain's government, and passed countless bills that protected and ensured the rights of all sentient beings, bills that have been adopted by many other countries. I incorporated Muggle subjects into the Hogwarts' curriculum, helping young wizards and witches fit in with the rapidly advancing Muggle World. I made it legal to allow technology in the Wizarding World and funded projects that made them function around a magically-saturated area without short-circuiting. I guess I deserve a little praise, but definitely not worship.' But try telling that to the millions who viewed him as a messiah.

Snapping out of his deep thoughts, Harry realized he was already inside Malfoy Manor, having walked up the long path to the mansion without realizing. He made his way to the dining room, nodding toward two aurors who were just outside the large room. Entering the dining room, Harry quickly spotted his assistant performing several diagnostics spells on the fireplace, no doubt scanning for magical residue, and a redheaded woman assisting her who he immediately identified as Susan Bones, a long time friend of his. As he walked over to his two colleagues, Harry did a quick survey of the room, his trained eyes looking for anything out of the ordinary. He had studied enough crime scenes to be able to spot large pockets of magical residue that was left behind from powerful spells, but his expert eyes saw nothing. As far as he was concerned, no spells above a mild stunner could have been performed in this room, and that was pushing it. Then again, proper use of several runic-enhanced cleansers could have left no trace of any magical residue, but Harry doubted that was the case. Those were immensely expensive, even for a Malfoy.

"Hey, boss!" The cheerful voice of Susan Bones yelled upon spotting him. Harry couldn't help but smile. He always liked Susan; she just had such a great personality, which was a godsend in this line of work.

"What have I told you about calling me boss, Susan? It's just Harry."

"Okay, just Harry." She replied, smiling deviously at him.

"*sigh* what am I going to do with you? Maybe fire you?"

"Oh, you couldn't fire me, Harry. You love me too much!" She said confidently.

Harry laughed.

"That's one way of putting it. Find anything?"

Susan shook her head, "Nothing yet, Harry, but I don't think we're going to find anything. Well, we did find the ashes of what we presume to be Malfoy's body, but that's about it."

"There is no magical residue on the fireplace, Harry." Teresa added after she finished the complex diagnostics spell, "Nothing except the charms that magically-enhance the fire to keep burning without fuel. And the room has no trace of magic being used in the last twenty-four hours."

Harry frowned, "Have you examined Astoria's wand?"

"Yes, and it's clean, nothing that could have remotely harmed anyone. And we've done a quick scan of the house for extra, disposable wands. Nothing turned up there."

"So, it appears Astoria had nothing to do with Draco's death?"

"That's what it looks like, Harry."

"But what do you two think?"

Teresa sighed, "Well, I initially suspected Astoria was involved in some way, but everything she told us checks out, right down to the last detail. There is no evidence of foul play. It honestly looks as if the bastard fell into the fire after getting drunk off his ass. I believe she's innocent, Harry."

"I'm with Teresa on this one, Harry." Susan chimed in, "Everything checks out. I've performed a sweep of the room at least half a dozen times since I got here and I've found nothing."

Harry nodded, digesting the information they had just provided him. He mentally sighed in relief. Astoria was innocent, that made things a whole lot easier. Draco's death was an accident, as proven by his two most trusted advisors and assistants. He knew they were thorough in any investigation and this one was no different. Now, when he went back home, he could tell Daphne that it was all just a horrible accident and that Astoria had nothing to do with it. However; there was something…wrong. It couldn't put his finger on it, but something in the back of his head was telling him that this investigation warranted more scrutiny. He played it off as paranoia that had accumulated over his years as director, "Well, at least we're not dealing with a homicide. That will save us a ton of paperwork." He said, causing them both to smile, "Where is Astoria? I promised Daphne that I would do my best to comfort her."

"She's in the living room, down the hall and to the left." Teresa said, "And I'm sorry for having to call you in, Harry. I feel horrible for running your vacation." She added depressingly, her eyes staring at her feet.

"Hey, you made the right call. I'm sure I'll have to go in front of the council and inform them of the circumstances of Malfoy's death. You saved me from having to read dozens of fifty page reports. Plus, I'd hardly call seeing two beautiful women in the middle of the night as ruining my vacation." He assured her, winking at the both of them. He turned around and walked out of the dining room, leaving the two witches blushing.


"Damn, girl! You're so blushing!" Susan said, laughing.

Teresa glared at her, "You're blushing too."

"No I'm not! I'm just…it's hot in here…" Susan said lamely.

"Yeah, I'm sure it is…" Looking quickly and seeing no one, Teresa placed a quick kiss on Susan's lips, which the hot redhead eagerly returned.

"I thought you said not on the job?" Susan asked against her lips, "Not that I'm complaining."

Teresa pulled away, smiling at her.

"Yes, but no one is around and that little flirting he did left me bothered." She placed another kiss on her lips, "After this, how about you stay at my place?" Teresa's hand made its way to Susan's bum and gave it a light squeeze.

"Sounds wonderful." Susan replied, "Shall I bring the body oil?"


Harry peered into the open door of the living room and saw a lone figure sitting on one of the large, lavish couches that dominated the room. He recognized this figure as Astoria, his sister-in-law, a woman he had not seen in a few years. She looked breathtakingly beautiful, just like her sister, except Astoria had black hair that seemed to shine in the light provided by the small lamp she sat next to. She was wearing a black nightgown that was moderately conservative, conservative enough to cover most of her breasts, but revealing enough to show a fair amount of cleavage. Though Harry had never viewed this woman as anything more than a sister-in-law, he couldn't deny that she was very attractive. Long, flowing black hair, mesmerizing blue eyes that reminded him of Daphne's, a heart-shaped face framed by bangs, supple lips that were a bright pink, and a body that belonged to a supermodel. He could definitely see why Malfoy had married her, but Harry also knew Astoria had more than just looks. She was smart, incredibly so. He remembered her constantly being in the top ten at Hogwarts, even challenging Hermione. She would have undoubtedly gone on to some big career if she never married Malfoy.

Deciding to make him known, Harry entered the room, immediately catching the attention of Astoria, who smiled brightly at him when she spotted him. She got up from the couch and walked over to him. Once she got close, her arms wrapped around him and she snuggled against his chest. Harry froze. He wasn't expecting her to just latch onto him like that. Taking a moment to regain his composure, Harry reciprocated the hug, wrapping his arms lightly around her waist. He couldn't for the life of him remember her ever hugging him before, not even back before she got married to Malfoy, which confused him. What had changed? Was she really feeling sadness over his death, enough to warrant such an intimate gesture? She must have, if the way she was holding onto him like a lifeline was any indication. She was noticeably shorter than him, the top of her head just barely touching his chin. When he realized the hug wasn't ending anytime soon, he rested his chin atop her head and a pleasant smell of strawberries invaded his nostrils. He deduced it was her shampoo, which made Harry briefly wonder when she had time to shower given the death of her husband. All suspicions were swept away as she pulled her head away from his chest, looking up at him with watery blue eyes that broke his heart, "It's good to see you, Harry. I just wish it was under…better circumstances." She said, blinking her eyes in an attempt to stop the tears.

"It's good to see you, too, Astoria. I'm sorry about Draco. You have my…" He was silenced by a delicate finger being pressed against his lips.

"Don't worry about it, Harry." Astoria assured him, smiling slightly, "Draco and me didn't have the greatest marriage. I'm upset, but not completely devastated." She removed her finger, "But I appreciate your concern and you coming here. I know things haven't been the greatest between us since Draco lost to Neville."

So she wasn't too devastated by Draco's death. Harry didn't find that at all suspicious. Malfoy never struck him as the caring husband type of guy. Astoria was obviously upset, the tears in her eyes gave him that much, but she wasn't sobbing her eyes out like the world just ended. Harry had dealt with hundreds of grieving widows who lost their husbands to tragic accidents. He had gotten pretty good at telling the genuine mourners from the fakers. The fakers would always be too over-the-top, sobbing uncontrollably and begging the aurors to take their husband's body away, for they could not bear to see it. The next day, they would file for the husband's will to be opened immediately. Yeah, not really subtle, but it made his job a lot easier. Then there were the genuine mourners, the ones who cried, but maintained their composure enough to tell what happened. And when it came time for the reading of the will, the genuine mourner never seemed enthusiastic or excited, just depressed that all they had left in the world was a few galleons instead of their beloved husbands. Astoria seemed to fit in the category of the genuine mourner. He detected no deceit from her, and he had gotten good over the years of spotting liars without resorting to mind probes.

"It isn't your fault, Astoria. You have nothing to apologize for. I know Daphne doesn't blame you one bit," The woman in his arms seemed to brighten up instantly upon hearing her older sister's name.

"How is Daphne? Oh, how about Selena and Lily? I haven't seen my two nieces in ages…"

"All three of them are good. You know them; running the house as they've always had." Both of them shared a quick laugh and Astoria pulled away from their long embrace, though she stayed relatively close to him, her prominent chest nearly touching his, "Daphne does miss you. She talks about you all the time."

Astoria nodded sadly.

"I miss her too, Harry. Do you think…do you think she wouldn't mind if I came over some time? You know, to talk…"

"Daphne would love to have you over and so would I. The kids would love it, too. So would Tracey."

"Oh, Tracey Davis? Daphne's old friend?"

"Yeah, she's staying with us. She's pretty much a member of the family."

"I never knew her very well, but I look forward to meeting her again." Astoria said, smiling, "Could you do me a huge favor, Harry?"

"Sure. What is it?"

"Well, not really a favor, but I want your opinion on something. You see, Draco never really paid me much attention, none really. Do you know what I mean?"

Harry blinked.

"No, I don't."

Astoria sighed, "Well, it's just…it's embarrassing, but Draco and I never really did anything together. No…you know."


"It was partially why we never had children of our own. He just wasn't interested. I just want to know; am I attractive? I'm sorry if this makes you feel uncomfortable, but I really want to know."

Harry chuckled nervously, "It's alright, Astoria. Don't worry, you're definitely attractive."

"Really?" She asked hopefully.

"Of course. Your husband must have been a tad insane if he didn't see it. You are a very attractive and beautiful woman," He felt so awkward saying this, but she obviously needed some assurance. Malfoy must have really hurled some insults at her and belittled a lot to make such a beautiful woman like Astoria feel unattractive. He was reminded of Daphne expressing her insecurities to him just a short while ago. It made her feel much better after he assured her she was indeed beautiful, though he wasn't going to use the same method on Astoria. Complimenting her would have to do.

"Thank you, Harry." She got on the tip of her toes and kissed him on the cheek, close to the corner of his mouth. He blushed at the feeling of her soft lips near his own and felt his heart beat a little faster. He noted that she lingered far longer than was necessary, but didn't make much of it as she pulled away.

"Harry Potter, are you blushing because of little old me?" She teased, "It is a confidence booster, but don't go turning into putty over one little kiss on the cheek. Oh, sorry! I got a little lipstick on you. Let me get that…" She licked her finger and gently wiped away the pink outline of her lips on his cheek. Harry froze underneath her delicate touch and felt his face heat up again. What was wrong with him? Why was he acting like this? "There. I got it all. Would you like to sit down, Harry? We could have a nice talk over on the couch."

"I should get going…" This had never happened to him before. A part of him knew that if he sat on the couch, there wouldn't just be a nice talk. His body was reacting so vibrantly to her touch that it scared him. No, it was best that he got out of there as soon as possible. He needed to get his bearings straight, "Daphne's waiting for me and I don't want her to worry."

Astoria pouted, her supple and delicious-looking lips puckering up.

"I understand, but don't be a stranger. Oh, would you and Daphne mind terribly if I came for a visit tonight? It's just; it's been so long since I've seen my sister. And I'm dying to see Selena and Lily."

"Sure…tonight sounds great." Why did things seem so hazy?

She smiled, a radiant smile that seemed to light up the room. "Thank you, Harry. Now, do I get a kiss goodbye?"

A kiss. Just one kiss goodbye. Nothing harmful about that.

"Sure, Astoria."

"On the lips?" She asked, leaning forward, her lips puckered up.

They really looked delicious. Every fiber of his body was telling him to give her a kiss. It would be just a simple, chaste kiss, quick and totally acceptable. No harm done. She did ask, after all, and who was he to turn down such a beautiful woman who was still grieving? He met her half-way and their lips touched. He felt her hand run through his hair and his knees felt like jelly. Her tongue glided across his lips, "Open…" She said against his lips and his body automatically complied. His lips parted and slipped her tongue inside his mouth. Harry shivered as he allowed her to explore his oral cavity, powerless to stop her. He felt her body press against him and her hand squeeze his bum. He even felt her hand give his groin a light squeeze. His tongue, unresponsive before, now circled and massaged hers. Without him knowing it, his arms encircled her waist and he pulled her close. Astoria moaned into their kiss and his body was flooded with a sense of accomplishment that he was making her feel good. The kiss, meant to be quick and chaste, probably would have gone on forever if Astoria hadn't pulled away.

"Did you like that, Harry?" She asked, leaning against his chest.

Harry nodded. His voice wasn't working at the moment.

"Good. Now, go home to Daphne. I'll see you tonight, okay?" She leaned forward and placed a quick kiss on his lips. He nodded dumbly, muttering his own goodbye before walking out of the room in a trance-like state. When the door closed behind him, Astoria allowed herself to smirk in triumph and she had to stop herself from letting out a squeal. Her plan was working, better than she could have possibly hoped for. During their long hug, when she was pressed against him, Astoria used the moment to place a small rune on the back of his neck, one nearly undetectable by even the most trained witch or wizard. However, it wasn't some ordinary rune. It was one of her own design, something she had created years ago back when she was only fourteen. She had completely forgot about it until looking through some of her old journals while searching for her runic-enhanced cleanser, a device which proved invaluable in this situation. Insanely expensive, but worth it. The Aurors and Harry didn't detect any magical residue in the dining room, no evidence to suggest she played a hand in Draco's death.

Anyway, the rune she placed on her soon to be lover was a powerful one, adapted to suit her current needs. It was originally created to make powerful suggestions to the person it was placed on, bypassing any mental defenses the person had and quickly influencing the person. But her original design could only handle a few suggestions. This one was self-adapting to what she wanted the person to do. And she even added a powerful a compulsion charm on top of that, with a strong attraction charm to go with it tied to her. When the time came, Harry wouldn't be able to resist her and he would be hers. She sighed happily as she pictured three children running around the manor with black hair and blue eyes, or maybe with green eyes. Finally, every thing she ever wanted would come true. A devoted husband, children, and a happy life. She shivered in anticipation as she imagined Harry pounding into her with reckless abandonment, releasing his seed inside her and getting her pregnant. From what she felt when she gave him a quick squeeze, he would not be disappointing her in that area. He was huge, probably ten times bigger than Draco! Oh yes, she looked forward to the time when Harry would be hers.

Harry returned home that night with barely any recollection of what transpired at Malfoy Manor. All he remembered was speaking with Teresa and Susan, comforting a distraught Astoria, and inviting her over for dinner so she and Daphne could catch up. It went much better than he was expecting and looked forward to the two sisters catching up after so much lost time. The wizard sighed in relief when he made it to his bedroom. He was exhausted and wanted to enjoy the few hours of sleep he could get. It was only...six in the morning. Merlin, he needed to get some sleep. Walking into the bedroom, Harry smiled at the sight of Daphne and Tracey in each other's arms, eyes closed and content smiles on their faces. Shrugging off his jacket and taking off his pants and shoes, Harry was left clad in only his undershirt and a pair of boxers. He slid underneath the covers and wasn't at all surprised when the two naked women latched onto his arms.

"We missed you, Harry." Daphne said tiredly, snuggling against him.

"We couldn't sleep without you." A tired Tracey said, resting her head on his chest.

Harry laughed, "Didn't you say you owed me something, Tracey?"

Tracey yawned and kissed his chin.

"Too tired. I'll do it tomorrow, stud."

Harry blinked, "Stud? I can live with that." He kissed the top of their heads and heard them both sigh dreamily, "Try to get some sleep, you two. I love you both." He shifted comfortably in between the two women and allowed himself to relax. The trio of lovers fell asleep in each other's arms, not one of them noticing the glowing symbol on Harry's neck. It shined a bright blue for several seconds before changing to a dark green that eventually vanished on his skin.

Omake 1: Office Fun Time

"Harry, here are those files you wanted." Teresa said as she entered his office. Her boss was sitting behind his desk, a pen in his hand, with a mountain of paperwork that more than intimidated her. It was almost as tall as her! Why did her boss put off paperwork until it built up to these ridiculous piles? Shaking her head, she placed the files on his desk.

"Thank you, Teresa. I appreciate you...uh..."

"Bringing the files?"

"Yes! Bringing the files. I really...Oh, Merlin!" Teresa watched her boss grow stiff and shudder, "The...oh, sweet lord..."

"Are you okay, Harry? Are you sick?" She made to go around his desk.

"No! I'm fine!" He said quickly, stopping Teresa in her tracks, "I'm just, uh, I hit my foot."

"Are you sure you're okay? You don't look well." He was sweating and she noticed the top buttons of his shirt were undone. Maybe he had a fever and was trying to cool down? And maybe he tried to hide his sickness because he didn't like calling in sick. Actually, Teresa couldn't remember the last time he took a sick day, "If you came to work sick, I'm calling Daphne." She warned. Daphne would have a fit knowing he came to work so ill.

Harry laughed.

"I'm fine, Teresa. Just ask maintenance to take a look at the AC. I think it's broken."

Now that he mentioned it, the office did feel a little stuffy. Maybe it was just the heat getting to him? "I'll do that, Harry. Oh, and their serving chicken in the cafeteria. Wanna join me for lunch? You look like you could use a break."

He gave her that damnable grin that always made her knees weak.

"Sure. Just let me get a few things done and I'll CUM!" She watched him grip the edge of his desk hard and his eyes screw shut.

"Uh...yeah. I'll meet you down there." Teresa said, exiting the office and closing the door behind her. 'I have such a weird boss, but at least he's easy on the eyes. Those green eyes...oh...' Her coworkers she walked past wondered why she had such a wide smile, but knew better than to question their superior.

Harry sighed in relief when the door closed. He looked down at his lap to see his beautiful wife licking the cum off his still hard member. She looked up at him with sparkling blue eyes and an innocent smile.

"The innocent act won't fool me, Daphne. We almost got caught."

"Almost, but not quite." She jerked off his cock a little and he moaned, "Besides, would it have been so bad if she caught us?"


"Nothing! Now, just sit there and let your wife do all the work."

"Ohhh...Teresa's expecting me soon..." His resolve crumbled when he hit the back of her throat and he shuddered, "Never mind. Damn, Daphne, you're the best!"

She already knew that, but it sure did boost a girl's confidence to here it.

Omake 2: Daddy Daydreams

Lily carefully placed the food on the table, adjusting each piece of silverware and plates until they were perfect. Satisfied that everything was in order, Lily grabbed a few napkins and placed them near each of the plates, which were at the ends of the table. The table only had two chairs, one at each end, and had a white tablecloth over it. In the middle of the table was an unlit candle and an unopened bottle of wine.

Taking off her apron, Lily made sure her black dress was smooth of all wrinkles and that nothing was left out of order. Her dress was skin tight, showing every one of her sexy and well-developed curves. It was especially tight around the chest and derrière areas, clinging to her like a second skin. Her breasts, bigger than Selena's or her mother's, was barely restrained by the thin fabric of the black dress. The dress did well to reveal an abundance of cleavage that would catch any man's eye, but there was only one man whose attention she wanted. The dress went barely mid thigh, revealing long, shapely legs that seemed to go on for miles, complete with a sexy rear that would leave men drooling.

Everything was perfect. Only one thing was missing...

"I'm home!" And now it was complete. Coming through the kitchen door, dressed in a white long-sleeve shirt and wearing a pair of black slacks, Harry Potter walked in the kitchen, looking every bit the handsome wizard he was. His hair was wild as always and his emerald green eyes were soul-piercing. He spotted her and he smiled. He walked up to her and placed a kiss on her lips, "Hey, beautiful. I missed you." He whispered to her huskily.

Lily felt her knees go weak when his arms made their way to her waist and he pulled her closer to him, her head resting against his chest. She felt his arousal poke between her thighs and shivered, "We haven't ate dinner yet, love." She said. He acted as if he hadn't heard her. His lips latched onto her earlobe, nibbling on it gently. She ran her hands through his wild hair and grind her pelvis into his.

"Let's skip dinner." He said, laying kisses on her neck, "And go straight to dessert."

She could never deny him. He lifted her up by her bum and sat her down on the table. His hands landed on her thighs, big, strong hands that sent shivers up her spine as they slowly glided over her skin and wriggled their way underneath her dress. She grabbed his pants and pulled them down, exposing the large bulge barely contained by his boxers. His hands grabbed her knickers, and as he pulled them down, she pulled his underwear down. His huge member sprung free from its confines and her hand grabbed the throbbing organ. It was so big and pulsating deliciously in her hand. She guided it to her entrance and Harry began to push forward, "Lily..." He said as his head entered.

"Oh, Daddy..." She moaned, feeling her tight entrance being stretched.


"'s so good..."


Lily snapped out of her daydreaming. She realized she was sitting at the table with her family, who were staring at her strangely. A deep blush colored her cheeks as embarrassment coursed through her, "Yes, Daddy?"

He looked at her curiously before smiling.

"How was your day, sweetheart?"

"Good! Just, you know, the same as always!" She replied happily, trying to fight down her growing blush. Her family was staring at her and her knickers were soaked...

"What were you thinking about?" Her sister asked, an evil grin on her face.

Lily shifted nervously in her seat.


"Yeah, you said something was good. What was it?" Her daddy asked, oblivious.

" food! It's really delicious, mum. Mind showing me the recipe sometime?"

Daphne smiled.

"Of course, Lily. Next time I make it you can help me."

"Thanks, mum." Crisis adverted. Her parents went back to their conversation, but Selena kept smiling at her, like she knew what she was really thinking about. Sighing to herself, the youngest Potter girl felt her small chest depressingly. If only she were a little bigger in the chest area, then maybe her daddy would turn her fantasies into reality. One day...

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