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"I found that spell you were talking about. What is your interest in it, if I may ask?"

Regina doesn't respond. She's barely even listening.

"It would be a careless way to off someone, if that's what you're thinking."

A long silence follows, filled only by the muted sound of waves crashing against the shore.

"How do you like your tea?" Her expression does not change, but there's a twinkle in her eye. Her mind is always working away at something. There's nothing she loves more than a complicated scheme, and she never met an ulterior motive she could not uncover.

But this is something Regina realized a long time ago. What she has only recently begun to notice are things like the fullness of her lips, her slender, elegant hands, and the rare flash of her ankle from beneath her long, flowing dresses. Regina wonders what it would be like to run her hands all the way up those long, long legs.

She doesn't know what to make of that.

She doesn't remember exactly when these thoughts began creeping into her mind, keeping her from sleep and invading her dreams. Once she finally accepted that Daniel was dead and that there was no way to bring him back, she'd sworn that she'd never love again. It hadn't seemed like a difficult decision at the time. The only men in her life were loathsome, and she was married to the worst of them all.

But then not long ago, late at night after Leopold had left her alone and she had drawn herself a bath, her mind conjured up images of the sorceress she'd met once on her way out of Rumpelstiltskin's manor, the woman with whom she'd formed an uneasy camaraderie and, strangely, the only person in her life who did not seem to be constantly trying to manipulate her.

At first she hated herself for those thoughts. They were a disgrace to Daniel's memory. What was more, she had never had such intimate thoughts about him. Their relationship had been innocent out of necessity, and Regina had been very much a virgin on her wedding night. Thinking about her friend in this way confused and frightened her. Unfortunately, no matter how hard she tried to push the thoughts out of her mind, they always came back more vivid than before.

"Regina," Maleficent says in the present, and Regina snaps to attention. She realizes she has been staring at Maleficent's lips and hopes that the hotness she feels on her cheeks is not manifesting itself in a telling blush. "Is something on your mind?" Maleficent's expression remains neutral, but the tone of her voice suggests that she knows she's onto something.

What terrifies Regina most is not the implications of her own sexuality. It doesn't matter if she is bisexual or a lesbian or just having confusing thoughts or anything else because she is married to the king and that is that. Regina is terrified because she knows that Maleficent will figure out her secret eventually, and she is not making it very difficult at all. Really, she thinks her only saving grace so far has been that Maleficent is one of those exceptionally clever people who think so hard about any given unknown that they overlook the most obvious answer.

Though Regina certainly trusts Maleficent more than most of the other people in her life, she is acutely aware of the imbalance present in their relationship. Maleficent knows a lot about Regina-probably much more than Regina has ever told her-and Regina knows very little about Maleficent. That is to say, she has no idea how Maleficent will react when she inevitably learns Regina's secret.

"Nothing more than usual," Regina replies quietly. Her mouth is dry and her hands are sweaty.

Maleficent puts down her tea and leans forward slightly. "Do you think you're going to get away with lying to me?"

Regina averts her eyes. "A girl can dream."

"So," Regina is staring at her hands, but she can hear the triumphant smirk in Maleficent's voice. "Are you going to spill or did you go to the trouble of visiting me to sit in awkward silence?"

Regina considers how she ought to proceed. She would like to skirt the issue or talk about one of the many other things weighing on her mind, but she reminds herself that she'd always known Maleficent would find her out. Perhaps it would be least embarrassing to get it over with quickly.

"Have you ever had...thoughts...about another woman?" Regina asks, head still bowed.

Maleficent chuckles softly. "Sometimes I forget how young you are," she remarks. "I've had more than thoughts, darling."

Regina looks up, eyes wide. Maleficent tilts her head and quirks one eyebrow in a silent question.

"But don't you feel...I don't know...guilty? Or wrong?"

"This coming from the woman who is plotting to kill her husband and step-daughter?"

Regina frowns, "That's not the same thing at all."

"No, it isn't. But there are people who think it is. Someone is always going to judge you for something. Why not simply do what you want to do instead of worrying about something as relatively harmless as whom you want to sleep with?"

"I didn't say-"

"You didn't have to say, my sweet, and frankly, I could have guessed with far fewer clues," Maleficent replies. Her words are crisp, but her voice is not unkind. "Really, for living the life you do I would have expected better."

Regina smiles sheepishly and tries to confine the signs of her nerves to the wringing of her hands under the tea table, but of course Maleficent notices that, too.

Regina looks down at the hand Maleficent has placed over her own. The way her long, slender fingers curl around Regina's clasped hands is strangely captivating. Regina's hands are mostly palm with small fingers, and they are always warm. Maleficent's hand is almost uncomfortably cold and it sends a shiver down Regina's spine. Regina unclasps her hands and takes Maleficent's hand between them.

"Are your hands always so cold?" Regina murmurs.

"Are yours always so warm?" Maleficent counters.

Regina dares to glance up into Maleficent's eyes. Maleficent is smiling subtly. With her free hand, she waves away the tea table between them.

Regina stands. Maleficent follows Regina's lead and stands, too, but she does nothing else. Regina moves closer, eyes downcast and half-closed. She feels Maleficent's other hand resting lightly upon her waist and it makes her shiver.

Still clasping Maleficent's hand, Regina moves even closer and raises her head enough that she can see Maleficent's jaw in the narrow line of vision she has created for herself. She wants to look up, but she is far too nervous. Instead she leans her head ever closer, painstakingly slowly, until she can feel Maleficent's breath on her cheek. Maleficent leans down slightly so that their lips are on the same plane.

Regina closes the distance between them and she feels a jolt of pleasure running through her entire body. It surprises her so much that she pulls away to gasp. She still can't bring herself to look up into Maleficent's eyes. She slowly manages to let go of Maleficent's hand and places her hands instead on Maleficent's shoulders to steady herself. Maleficent caresses Regina's cheek lightly, then threads her fingers into Regina's hair. Her hand finds a resting place at the nape of Regina's neck and she gently pulls her into another kiss, this one even more thrilling than the first.

Regina twists one of Maleficent's perfect curls between her fingers. After a little longer she holds Maleficent's face, and at some point—possibly related to the point at which Maleficent's tongue brushes against hers—she dares to run her hands down the sides of Maleficent's body and pull her closer.

Maleficent breaks off the kiss and nudges Regina's head to the side so she has a clear shot at her neck. A small whimper escapes Regina's lips and she feels Maleficent's smile against her shoulder.

She isn't sure why, but she feels the need to speak her thoughts. "I was so…" she gasps "…worried…that you were going to…find out…"

She shudders as she feels Maleficent's lips just below her earlobe. "Yes, that would have been horrible," she murmurs into Regina's ear. She takes one of Regina's hands and places her other hand on the small of Regina's back, leading her gracefully, as though in a dance, her lips never more than a breath away from Regina's ear.

Maleficent's bed does not surprise Regina—it fits with her character. It is covered by a dark canopy and all of the bedclothes are Maleficent's signature shade of deep purple. Continuing their dance, Maleficent twirls Regina around under her arm and catches her by the hips. She presses her lips gently against Regina's as she backs her into the bed with slow, almost rhythmic steps. Regina feels the tingle of magic at her back and realizes that Maleficent has unlaced the bodice of her dress. She breaks their kiss long enough to whisper, "May I?" but of course she already knows the answer before Regina nods and feels her clothes begin to fall away from her body. Her eyes follow her dress as it sinks to the floor and she quickly sets about trying to mimic Maleficent's spell.

After a moment of fumbling, she succeeds and peels the dress away, revealing Maleficent's long neck, pronounced collarbones, and small, shapely breasts. Regina bites her lip and averts her attention to Maleficent's dress as it slips down her body to join her own on the floor. She thinks she might have stayed that way, staring at the floor, for some time longer if the sight of Maleficent's bare legs had not caught her attention. They are longer and leaner and lovelier than Regina could ever have imagined and Regina cannot help but rake her eyes luxuriously over them, almost subconsciously reaching out to pull Maleficent against her.

The feeling of flesh against flesh-of Maleficent's breasts and hips and stomach and thighs against hers-is almost too much to bear. Regina is trembling by the time Maleficent pushes her gently back onto the bed.

She's never had an orgasm quite like the one that follows. When the world has finally stopped spinning, she tries to return the favour and imitate what Maleficent has just done for her, but Maleficent catches her hands and pins them to the bed, kissing her soundly before she whispers, "Another time. The sun will be setting soon."

That night, when Leopold has gone to sleep and Regina has scrubbed herself clean, images of Maleficent begin flashing through her mind, now composed of accurate memories complete with the feel and the smell and the taste of her skin, and impossible to ignore. When she drifts off to sleep, she feels something remarkably akin to contentment, and for once her happiness does not come from thoughts of revenge.