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Title: Rainy Days

Summary: Naruto offers to hold the umbrella for his father. Too bad he didn't see the height difference, but that made it cuter.

Rating: K+

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto. Kushina, Minato and Masashi Kishomoto do.

Minato looked out the window. It was time to go home, but it had started to rain. He smiled, thanking Kami he listened to Kushina and brought an umbrella. He had put his stack of paperwork away, it would be ready to finish tomorrow. Minato took off his white coat with flames and hung it up neatly on the coat rack. He started picking up various toys and games off the floor Naruto had played with and tired himself out.

"Naruto" Minato cooed, gently shaking the child awake from his slumber on the couch.

"Tou...san?" Naruto asked, rubbing some sleep out of his eye.

"Time to go home, Naru-chan. Grab your rain coat." Minato helped Naruto put on his rain coat and rain boots.

Minato grabbed the umbrella and picked up Naruto leaving for the door. Before Minato could open the umbrella and step outside, Naruto fussed.

"No, Tou-san. I'll hold it."

Minato gave a questioning and shocked look at Naruto.


"I'll hold it. You must be tired. I can do it" Naruto smiled, already reaching for the umbrella.

"Minato, have a nice day" The lady at the front desk smiled. "Aw, Naruto are you holding the umbrella for your daddy?"

"Yup-yup! Daddy's too tired, I can do it!" Naruto beamed, thinking it was the best job in the world. "Come daddy!"

Naruto hopped out of the door and was perfectly dry but Minato had a hard time trying to keep under the umbrella, he was crouched down on his heels, his knees bent as he walked uncomfortably down the street. Naruto smiled.

"See, Daddy? I keep us dry." Naruto babbled.

"Yes...Good job, Naruto." Minato smiled, ignoring the fact that his whole half side was soaking wet, but as long as Naruto was dry, then nothing really matter to Minato.

"Thank you Naruto. This is an improtant job." Minato praised. Naruto's eyes widened and he smiled.


" how about I hold the umbrella-"

"No! I do it!" Naruto pouted.

"Okay, okay. Just...walk home fast, Naru-chan."

"Yes, Daddy."

Minato might need a hot shower he was chilled and soaked to the bone and he'd need dry clothes. But, Naruto looked so happy holding the umbrella. Minato was given adoring looks from single mothers and girl teens and he tried not to look their way.

"Aw~ The Hokage's so sweet to do that!" one girl blushed.

"A real father." One girl squeeled.

"Why can't you be like that!" Another woman screamed at her husband.

"Oh...god." Minato graoned.

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