That weekend the four girls combed the mall. They had seen the princess's huge wardrobe, and it was the first time they realized that she didn't have a bad fashion sense. Rachel just didn't know what was appropriate for Humans, and only had two very gay men to show her the way.

The girls came back to Rachel's house after hours at the mall. They now had a large collection of outfits that would show off the best of the brunette. It consisted of only skirts and dresses, and if pressed Quinn would just glare. She wasn't going to admit that she loved looking at the girl's legs. She in no way orchestrated major distractions around the pants section. That was her story and she was sticking to it.

Monday morning saw the four girls getting out of Santana's car. They were prepared for the worst. Sure Brittany had given the other glee members a verbal beat down, but none of them knew what they would be walking into. Unbeknownst to the others Rachel had decided that today things would be settled one way or the other. The gloves had finally come off. She was no longer worried about if her mate would decide to stay with her. That meant she no longer had to censor herself. Heck, the only reason she was still going to the stupid school was to spend more time with Quinn.

The three Cheerios were in awe of the small girl as she moved down the hall. People were throwing themselves against lockers to get out of her way. She was putting out a vibe that they had never experienced before. Quinn didn't know what had changed, but she felt that this dominant Rachel was sexy.

Rachel bypassed her locker and headed straight for the quartet surrounding Mercedes locker. As she walked towards them Kurt stepped forward and attempted to apologize, "Rachel, I'm sorry about what happened Friday. The way it happened was uncalled for, even though some of it still applied."

Rachel stared at the boy before shaking her head, "Okay, I understand that you guys don't like me. Personally I don't see why because I'm awesome, but whatever this isn't about that. This is about how things are going to be from now on. Each of you will keep your opinions of me to yourself. I don't want to hear them, or about them. I don't care how much you hate me; you will keep it to yourself. In return I will forcefully make the unbearable Schuester give you solos. I have tried numerous times in the past to make this happen, but you have never seen it because I, unlike some, was taught manners by my parents. One of the fundamental rules was that you critique someone in private where only they can hear. As you did not extend me that courtesy on Friday, I have not extended it to you today. You will do as I say, or you will not like what happens. That is all, you may return to your day." With that the small brunette spun around and walked back to her locker leaving seven flabbergasted teens.

"What the hell just happened?" Mercedes asked.

"I don't know," Quinn told her, "but she had one thing right. If any of us hear you or about you talking bad about Rachel you won't like the consequences. We will make your life a living hell, and you know that we can."

Quinn glared at the four until they all nodded their acceptance before walking over to her mate. She got closer and placed her hand on the small of Rachel's back as she stepped around her. "You know that nothing will have changed, don't you?" She asked the girl.

Rachel shrugged as she got her books out, "I know. I dealt with something like this when I actually went to school. They thought that because I was the Princess I thought that I was entitled to everything without working. They judged me without knowing me, and I allowed it for a while. I thought I could prove myself and change their opinion. Unfortunately it did not work. They did not see my success as my hard work, but rather as freebies from our professors. Finally I stepped up and did what I was born to do, tell people what to do. I had to make examples of a few people, but when they stopped talking about me they started seeing me. By the time I finished school all the people who hated me liked me, though I never trusted them. I feel it will be the same here."

"So what are you going to do to them if they don't do what you want?" Santana asked.

A huge grin split Rachel's face, "Why I'm just going to have to use a little magic. As you all are aware, I am not averse to using my powers to get my point across. For them it will be subtler than shrinking, but it will be effective."

Santana shared an evil smile with the girl. The more she got to know Rachel the more she liked the girl.

Rachel's tactics worked surprisingly well, up until Glee that is. Kurt, Tina, and Artie all seemed to accept what they had been told and genuinely felt sorry about what had happened on Friday. Mercedes on the other hand was a completely different story. She couldn't fathom how Rachel's popularity had shot up so fast. The more she watched the small girl move through the halls as if she owned them, and everyone else letting her, the more upset she became.

The girl really did try to keep her mouth shut. She knew that the Cheerios threat was real and that her life would be hell. As soon as she walked into Glee that afternoon she knew she wouldn't be able to control herself. All of her friends were surrounding the infuriating girl and didn't move when she walked in the room. Even Kurt's response was a small wave before he went back to his conversation. That hurt worse than anything else. It was supposed to be her and Kurt against the world and here he was abandoning her. That just wouldn't fly.

When Mr. Schue asked if anyone had a song they wanted to sing, Mercedes was the first up. She had something to say to Rachel, and the perfect song to say it. The band and Brad started playing the opening bars to Janet Jackson's Control, and the dark skinned diva smirked. She knew she was playing with fire, but she was not going to take this lying down.

When she finished the song Rachel was the only one to clap. The others knew about the warnings and waited with baited breath to see what would happen now.

"That was fantastic Mercedes. You're control was fantastic and the feeling behind the song was superb. I do believe we have our solo for Regionals. What does everyone else think?" Rachel asked as she stood up.

Mercedes looked dumbfounded so Rachel took pity on her, "Look Mercedes, it's like I told you earlier. If you follow my very simple rule of not speaking badly of me, then I will make sure that everyone here gets a chance to shine this year." Rachel looked over at Schue who looked slightly taken aback. "And I do mean that. I will not have a major part in the following competitions. I have a set plan for my future and it does not include singing, though I am good at it. Therefore I will quadruple my effort to make sure that everyone shines. I will also help those who ask for it because despite not wanting to make this a career I do have extensive training. Do you understand and believe me Mercedes?"

Mercedes mutely nodded her head before going back to her seat. If the smaller girl really meant what she said then maybe this wouldn't be so bad, but if she didn't Mercedes would let all hell break loose.

Several weeks passed and Rachel was true to her word. Mercedes had the solo, while Kurt and Tina belted out the duet at regionals. Everything was going great, well for now. Christmas break had finally arrived, and Quinn decided that now was the time to tell her parents. She knew it wouldn't go very well, and she was scared. Santana and Brittany had told their parents over Thanksgiving break. Brittany's family hadn't batted an eyelash, claiming to have known forever. Santana's parents were a different story and kicked the girl out before she even finished. Santana had moved in with the Berry men for the remainder of the year, and Quinn was afraid that that would be her fate too.

It was the first day of the break and the sun was shining. Perversely Quinn wished that a blizzard would hit. It would more accurately match the way she felt. The blonde had decided to get this done with quickly so she would have the rest of the break to recover from the heartbreak. Rachel was coming over at five and Quinn was anxiously counting the hours. She just wanted this to be over.

Five came around very slowly, but as soon as Rachel arrived Quinn felt like she blinked and it was six. Dinner had been served at six at the Fabray house for as long as Quinn could remember. Quinn could barely eat she felt so nervous.

Finally after only fifteen minutes she set her fork down and cleared her throat, "Mom, Dad I have something to tell you. It's something very important to me, and something that I am not willing to change. This year has come with a lot of hurdles that I have painstakingly made my way through and I feel that I have come out stronger. So, I am just going to say this; I am gay. I am gay, and Rachel is my girlfriend."

Russell Fabray stood up so fast from the table that his chair slammed backwards into the floor, "No daughter of mine is going to be a vile disgusting homosexual. You will get out of this house right now before you defile it any longer. You are no longer a Fabray. You disgust me."

Quinn sat there with tears streaming down her face. Rachel had to bite her tongue to not speak as Quinn had asked. All the small brunette could do was hold her girlfriend in her arms.

None of them saw Judy stand up, "Russell Fabray that is enough. You will stop right now. That is not how you will speak to your daughter in my house."

"Damn straight I wouldn't talk to my daughter like that. That vile heathen sitting across the table is not my daughter." Russell said turning to his wife. The girls were sitting there confused now as they watched the conversation play out.

Judy simply nodded her head, "I thought that was what you would say. I am sorry about this Russell. I do love you, but I love my daughter more. I would like you to leave tonight. You can come back later, when Quinn is not here, to get your things. I am afraid that if you cannot accept your daughter then we will no longer work."

Russell turned red before storming up to his room to pack a bag. Moments later he slammed the front door as he left the house.

"I am sorry about that dear. I do want you to know that your father does love you, he just…"

"It's okay Mom. I knew he would react like that. It's why I wanted to get it over with. I just… I just never thought you'd be okay with it." Quinn said as the tears slowly stopped forming. She had truly never thought her mother would be okay with it. Her father had never been shy with expressing his opinion and Judy had never once said anything against it.

Judy shrugged before resuming her dinner, "I have a cousin who is gay, and we were best friends growing up. I still talk to her every week. I love your father despite some of his more ridiculous ideas. I overlooked them when they had no impact on our lives, but now that they do I cannot tolerate them. You are the light of my life Quinn, and I would do anything to make you happy. It's been quite obvious to me that you have been happier lately, and I am glad that you have found someone regardless of their gender. So Rachel tell me about yourself."

Rachel slowly began telling Judy about herself. The princess had made a snap judgment that Judy would be okay with all she had to say. Rachel dove into the history of her people and her own personal history. Quinn slowly calmed down and joined in the conversation when she could. By the time the evening was over Judy knew everything there was to know about the Pari, Rachel, and the princess's relationship with her daughter. It was a little overwhelming, but with a small display of magic Judy began to accept everything she had been told. She had always wanted the best for her daughter, but never thought that she would one day be a queen.