Ice Cream

by Satin Ragdoll

Spock had taken Jamie, McCoy's half-Vulcan grand-daughter, to the park. He had a surprise for her.

She was trying to get as close to a local species of butterfly as she could without spooking it, when she heard a familiar voice.

"How's my Jamie?"

She turned to see a familiar grin, and returned it with one of her own. "Great Uncle Jim!" She ran to him and jumped into his arms.

James T. Kirk, former Captain of the Enterprise, almost fell over. "Woof! You are one compact little lady! Maybe I'm getting too old for this."

Jamie cocked her head. "You will not be too old for this until you are one hundred twenty seven. And a half."

Spock almost rolled his eyes. He knew it was a "running joke" for them, although he failed to see how a joke could run.

Kirk swung her down, eyes twinkling. "How about some ice cream? My treat!"

Jamie looked up at Spock, eyes pleading.

He cocked his head, "Seeing as you have had your supper, I can see no harm, as long as it is not chocolate." Chocolate had an inebriating effect on Vulcans.


Jamie ordered a mixed berry and almond cone, Kirk got a banana split, and Spock ordered a raspberry gelato. Everything was fine until Jamie noticed the middle aged woman at the register eyeing the two men with suspicion and disgust.

Her face draining of expression, Jamie looked at the woman with eyes that were pure Vulcan steel. Loudly enough to make her point, she exclaimed, "James T. Kirk, former Captain of the Enterprise, and Mr. Spock, his former First Officer, are my honorary Great Uncles. I love them dearly. My poor Grandpa is nursing his wife, who is near to death. Isn't that sad?"

The woman paled, then reddened, and muttered that it was very unfortunate.


Leaving the place, the tiniest smile found its way to Jamie's face. Spock raised a brow at her, "Another example of emotional mastery?"

Kirk chuckled, "No way. That was manipulation, pure and simple. Nice job, by the way. I thought she was going to eat us."

Spock looked at him, shocked, "Surely, not literally!"

James waggled his eyebrows, "I dunno, Spock. She was pretty skinny!"

Jamie almost fell down in laughter, although she never lost control of her cone.

Spock sighed. Humans.

Jamie got control of herself and lifted a brow at Kirk, "Although, what is manipulation but emotional mastery of someone else?"

Kirk widened his eyes at Spock, "She's got us there, Spock. Good grief! When she grows up, she's going to have her finger on everybody's buttons!"

Jamie just chuckled while Spock wondered why an adult Jamie McCoy would have her finger on anyone's button.