REWRITED This is the my second attempt at a Naruto story. I hope you all enjoy!


"Naruto"-speaking of humans and demons in human form

'Naruto'-thoughts of humans and demons in human form

"Naruto"-demon/sentient talking in demon form

'Naruto'-demon/sentient thinking in demon form

"Naruto"-demon/sentient speaking through mental link

Chapter 1

Ameyuri Ringo, a fifteen year old girl, stood at the gates of konoha, one of the strongest hidden villages to ever exist seeing as the ones who created were considered god-like. This was her first mission as a member of the seven swordsmen of kiri, an elite group of the best swordsmen in the village. After she turned twelve and graduated Kisame (the head of the group) taught her to use the kiba's. These swords were a bit different though. From the handle it had no guard, then a small piece of the blade hooked upwards two inches from the handle on the backside of the blade and another did the same on the front, four inched from the tip and both were close to four inches in length.

At thirteen she had gotten very skilled at using them and it felt natural to her when she learned about them. She had some water jutsu and could take down a mid level chunin at full power and she felt proud knowing that she was only thirteen and could take some adults down.

The mission she was on was to bring a scroll to the hokage about an alliance with the seven swordsmen. As she walked through the village she admired the villages peaceful roads, even if crowed seemed to have a feeling of friendliness about it. The village also had been the first village to seal bijuu in the history of shinobi. Specifically the strongest of them all, the nine tailed fox, Kyuubi.

The people seemed to be nice to everyone, even complete strangers, unlike her home village, Kiri. They were all very distant from each other, except the seven swordsmen. The main reason Konoha was so crowded and bustling with life was because the Yondaime had brought it to new heights in his short reign.

He was also a genius in battle, taking down a whole battalion of Iwa Nin by himself using what made him the fastest in the elemental nations, the hiraishin. He even sacrificed his life to kill the kyuubi, which somehow had escaped from its previous host for reasons unknown to any.

She saw how friendly everyone was to one another and smiled to herself, thinking how nice the village and its people are, or so she thought.

In another part of konoha a boy around the age of ten was running as fast as his tired legs could carry him. This young boy was Naruto Uzumaki, the jailer for the Kyuubi no Yoko.

His spiky blonde hair caked in mud flared around wildly as he ran in all sorts of directions to shake off his pursuers. He wore a tattered and dirty black shirt with an orange swirl on the front of it, a torn pair of white shorts just as dirty as his shirt, and a pair of old worn out shoes that looked nothing like shoes but just some cloth around his feet.

As he ran he could hear the shouts of the mob behind him

"Kill the demon" shouted a butcher from his shop as he threw a few large knife's at the fleeting image of the boy. Most everyone in the village did not like the boy and when he tried to steal from them they would usually shout a few things and beat him before taking their stuff back since it couldn't really be considered a crime seeing as he did steal and the anbu who enforced the law only stepped in if he was in dire need.

He wished he could find the few that cared about him like the hokage, or Ayame and her father Teuchi. He knew that they were too far away for him to run to so he kept running hoping that the man would not pursue. As he rounded a corner… BAM! He ran straight into a person and fell on his butt.

He looked up to see a girl he had never seen in the village before. She had dark red hair held close to her head with a forehead protector that held an emblem on it he had never seen before. She also had two pieces of cloth on either side of her head that held two pieces of hair protruding upward while the rest fell freely down her back.

She wore a loose pin stripped long sleeved shirt with a black obi wrapped around her waist and black pants that got looser towards the bottom resembling a hakuma, and stripped leg warmers. She had pale white skin with no blemishes on her face and had light blue eyes like his.

She looked to be around 13 and stood roughly at 5'4 and had a nicely shaped figure but she was still growing. The thing Naruto noticed the most was the two swords strapped to her waist on each side and her shark like teeth.

She looked surprised at first then held out a hand to help him up to which he accepted with a nod of his head. Then faster than the boy could follow the girl pulled him out of the way and deflected a knife sent his way. She looked forward to see the butcher looking shocked at the turn of events but before he could say anything he was pinned to the wall by a cat masked anbu member. She tied up the man and gave him to another anbu who disappeared in a leaf shunshin.

Once the anbu left the cat masked anbu turned to the girl "I would like to thank you for protecting this boy from the knife. I can tell you are the one from Kiri that has come seeking an alliance with us so I will take the boy and you can follow me to the hokage's office."

Then Ameyuri put up her swords and felt a tug on her sleeve to see the boy looking at her with pleading eyes. She realized that he wanted her to take him to the hokage's office so she knelt down and let him climb on her back and the stood again but she did notice how light he was even for a child.

She saw the anbu jump off and she followed him to the hokage's office with Naruto on her back. Once they got there she opened the door and ushered her inside and she thanked her for holding the door and walked in.

She saw the aging hokage sitting at his desk signing paperwork. It was kind of funny how the 'professor' of ninja was reduced to signing papers instead of fighting like he used to. He looked up to see his 'grandson' on a girls back and from her headband she was from Kiri, the village that had someone coming over to form an alliance of some sort.

"What do I owe the honor of this meeting, miss…?"

"Ameyuri Ringo, recently appointed member of the seven swordsmen of Kiri. I have come to deliver an alliance for the seven swordsmen and konoha because the Mizukage, Yagura, has been acting very strange. We would only like to know that if something happens we have safe haven in Konoha and if you allow us that we will train one person to become a member of our group and he can train whoever he wants but only by his choice not someone he is forced to teach."

Hiruzen looked thoughtful for a second the spoke "I agree but I would like to know why young Naruto is on your back."

"Ah yes, he ran into me as he was running from a butcher which I assume he was getting food from and I just moved him out of the way before anbu showed up" said Ameyuri.

"Well thank you for doing that, not many would help out the young boy for certain reasons. Now Naruto would you mind getting off the young girl and sitting on the couch because we have some things to talk about."

Naruto nodded his head and climbed off her and sat on the couch to the right of the hokage's desk.

"Now, why weren't you at the orphanage Naruto?" asked Hiruzen.

"I was kicked out two years ago, jiji. I have lived on the streets for two years now and haven't had water or food for a few days. These clothes were the ones you gave me two years ago and I never had money to buy new ones since everything was so expensive."

Then KI radiated from the hokage making the anbu go on high alert and Ameyuri seemed to sweat a bit from the quite large KI rolling off of the aged kage. The hokage then realized something from the two conversations he had just had and knew exactly what to do before he stopped excluding KI.

"What I am about to tell you all is a SSS class secret that I trust you two will not tell anyone about. When the Kyuubi attacked long ago it was told that the Yondaime killed it but it was a lie to keep the other villages from knowing the truth. What really happened was that he sealed it inside of a boy since a regular container could not hold the full power of the mighty beast. Naruto, the boy he sealed it inside is you and I will apologize now for not telling you but I feared that you might let it slip since you were a child and that would get you kidnapped or killed."

Naruto stood there for a second then looked down "So I am the demon they all say I am."

Then he heard someone speak from behind him "I may only have known you for a few minutes but I highly doubt you are a demon in any shape or form. If you were you wouldn't have run from that butcher but attacked him or at lease done something to him." said Ameyuri.

"Ameyuri I have made my decision, I would like you to take Naruto with you to train with the seven swordsmen. I believe this would be best for him to be able to be free of this place and experience life with more…..understanding people. Just make sure to come back in a few years for him to go into the academy and if you want you may be on his team if you would like" said Hiruzen.

Ameyuri smiled and said "Thank you hokage-sama I appreciate letting us take him and allowing me to be on his team when we get back. Naruto get on my back, we need to go and gather my friends and then we will travel the elemental nations as we train so that Yagura doesn't find out about you."

Naruto nodded his head, climbed on her back then she jumped out the window toward the village gate. Once she passed the gate she sped up and continued for another couple of hours then stopped to make camp.

She set up a tent and made a few water clones to watch over them, laid Naruto down on the side farthest from the door of the tent and she laid the closest to it. She drifted off to sleep and Naruto followed suit but his dream would be much more real than Ameyuri's.


Naruto woke up and looked around to find himself in a sewer with water up to his ankles. He saw that the only way was forward so he shook of the dust from his dirty shorts and walked forward until he reached a large room. In the room was a two large doors that seemed akin to a cage and the only thing holding the doors together was a piece of paper with the kanji for seal on it.

He looked around then saw huge red eyes appear high in the air and then the beast moved forward into the light so he got a better look at in. It was a humongous fox, at least five stories tall and had nine tails swaying behind it.

"What do I owe this visit?" said the beast in a loud echoing voice.

"Um, I just woke up here so I followed the tunnel here. I assume you are the Kyuubi no Yoko?"said Naruto.

The large beast nodded its head "Yes, I am. I would like to apologize now for anything I have done indirectly to you. I know the villagers have treated your horribly because of their foolishness and hate and for that I am sorry, I would have helped but the seal prevents me from doing so." Then before Naruto could speak the Kyuubi was bathed in bright light.

Once the light died down what was there now shocked the young Uzumaki. In the fox's place was a crimson haired girl around the age of 16. She stood 5'6 and had on a black kimono with a gold obi that held the kimono together.

She had on leather sandals with straps winding around her perfectly shaped ankles and had slightly tan unblemished skin, a perfectly shaped body and red eyes with black slits like a fox, or a cat. She saw how he was looking at her and laughed a little breaking Naruto out of his trance.

"You done looking at me?" said the girl in a gentle voice unlike the dark and booming voice she had in her fox form.

"K-kyuubi?" stuttered Naruto.

The girl nodded her head "Yes but just call me Hitome."

"O-ok, well how did you transform into a g-girl from being a fox?"

"I am a being of power. I can be anything I want to be but this is my human form. I only use my fox form on people I do not know or do not like. If you're wondering how to gain some power from me, which I know you are, just tear off ¼ of the seal and you will have two tails of chakra available to you from me and your own reserves will go up to chunin level.

Also you will be faster, stronger, heal faster, heighten your senses, and have a mental link to me so just think what you want to say to me instead of coming in here to talk. Plus when you are seeing things like pages in a book I will see them as well and you can just ask me what they said, and I have access to your other senses as well."

Naruto looked shocked for a second then he spoke "I uh t-thank you, Hitome."

Hitome smiled at him "No problem it's the least I can do after the pain I caused you. If you need anything or just need to talk you know where to find me." Then he started to have trouble with his sight and his body started to dissolve. Before he completely dissolved he saw Hitome smile and wave and then everything went black.


Naruto woke up and felt someone hugging him. He turned to the right to see Ameyuri hugging him and mumbling about soft teddy bears. Naruto grabbed a pillow and quickly swapped places before he stood up from where he laid.

He walked out of the tent and did some stretches when he heard something move to his right. He turned around to see two ninja, chunin he guessed, and once they saw him they smirked.

"Well well well the demon is out of the village and no one is around. I can't imagine what would happen to a lone 'child' in the forest unprotected" said the tall one on the right as he walked towards Naruto.

"You can move faster and are stronger than before since you accepted the offer I gave you and the seal allowed me to give you a small boost in power. Punch the first one in the temple and then just dodge the other and wait until I show you the opening to attack" Said a voice in his head that he guessed was Hitome.

Before the man could react he was punched in the temple and fell to the ground unconscious. The second man saw his partner fall lifelessly to the ground and he assumed the 'demon' used its 'demon magic' to kill his partner.

He pulled out a kunai and charged the boy and Naruto barley dodged the first strike. He then dodged strike after strike and then jumped up and side, kicked the man in the nose making the chunin step back a few feet and hold his broken nose.

Having enough of the 'demon' the chunin discarded his weapon and started to go through hand seals. The man then stopped and gathered chakra to his chest, and inhaled.

Before he even said his jutsu's name a kiba blade pierced his heart from behind, killing him instantly. The blade was yanked out of the enemy and he fell to the ground with a dull thud. Naruto looked down at the body and saw Ameyuri standing over it with a worried look on her face.

"Are you ok?" she asked as she put her kiba back to her side.

"A little shaken up but I'm fine. It's only thanks to Hitome that I escaped without injury."

"Who's Hitome?" asked Ameyuri. Naruto motioned for her to sit down and once she did he told her everything that happened in his, as he called it, mindscape. Ameyuri just sat there quietly and soaked up all the information as he told her.

Once he finished she spoke "Well…uh that's quite an interesting turn of events. It's good that she's not evil or anything and offered to help you. That should allow you to get stronger faster than usual."

"She said that the next time we sleep just place a hand on me and I can take you to meet her" said Naruto.

Ameyuri stood up and packed up the rest of the tent then kneeled down "Get on my back. Even though you're faster you can't walk on trees yet so I will take you to where I am meeting the seven." Naruto nodded his head and climbed on her back. Once he was on she jumped off into the forest headed to the rendezvous point.

Well there is chapter one of my second story The Next Legend. I hope you like it and please tell me how this was because this is the first time I have written a story in this format.