"Naruto"-speaking of humans and demons in human form

'Naruto'-thinking of humans and demons in human form

"Naruto"-Demon speaking in demon form and any attacks

"Naruto"-Demons thinking in demon form

"Naruto"-anyone speaking through a mental link

'When a man learns to love, he must bear the risk of hatred' – Madara Uchiha

Chapter one

Thirteen year old Ameyuri Ringo stood at the gates of Konoha, one of the strongest hidden villages to ever exist. It's founders were gods amongst shinobi, its current kage even held the title God of Shinobi for his generation. She felt like a child here alone, this being her first mission as a member of the seven swordsmen of Kiri. After she turned twelve Kisame, the head of the group, noticed her skills so he took her in and trained her with the Kiba's she now wielded. Their shape distinguished them from any other weapon, having a single straight piece with an anbu style tanto slant at the top and two points that jutted out of the blade a few inches from the bottom along with two more at the top. The handles were rather normal along with the circular guards.

At thirteen she learned more about the weapons than she had ever expected to know but that wasn't all she had learned, Kisame had also taught her a few low ranking water jutsu. After all, a one trick pony wouldn't last long in the shinobi world.

As she walked through the village she admired the village's peaceful roads, even when crowed it seemed to have a feeling of friendliness about it. The village also had been the first village to seal bijuu in the history of shinobi. Specifically the strongest of them all, the nine tailed fox, Kyuubi.

Now, she wasn't here just to sight see. Her mission was to deliver a scroll from the seven swordsmen to the hokage. With how their relationship with the Mizukage was Kisame decided it best to keep an alliance elsewhere. As she walked through the village she admired the bustling streets, they were nothing like the barren wasteland the capital of Mizu was. It was strange, the first village to seal bijuu away, even holding the strongest of them all, was not as lavish as she expected. Her village used to bow at the feet of the jinchuuriki they had, they treated them as gods until the Mizukage snapped and began the bloodline purge.

As Ameyuri admired the more well kept part of the village she didn't notice the shouting and didn't pay attention to the change in atmosphere. However, she did notice when a blonde boy just a few years younger than her collided with her, knocking them both down. The boy, forgetting what he was previously doing, apologized profusely while he got off her and helped her get up. As he helped the girl up he got a good look at the seemingly out of place woman.

She had deep red hair that reached down to the middle of her back, two side pieces added that matched her hair to add style. She had on a loose pin stripped long sleeved shirt with a black obi wrapped around her waist, black pants that got looser towards the bottom resembling a hakuma and stripped leg warmers. The girl had pale white skin with no blemishes on her face and light blue eyes like his. The girl looked roughly around his age, maybe a bit older and she stood around 5'4", seeing as she was a little taller than him at the moment.

He was shocked when she pulled him closer to her and placed a hand on one of the two odd looking swords. Naruto was really confused by that point then he remembered he had accidentally knocked over some business man, resulting in the rest of the villagers surrounding him thinking he attacked him. Before it could escalate any further Naruto's guardian, Neko appeared between the two and the crowd.

"Leave" it was her one and only warning to them. They wisely dispersed, knowing not to invoke the wrath of the anbu. Once the last of the small group had dispersed Neko turned to Naruto and knelt down before wrapping his head with white cloth.

"You got hit Naruto-kun, did you not notice?" asked Yugao as she cut the white cloth and tied it up.

Naruto thought for a second then snapped his fingers "Ah, when I fell I hit my head! I…I don't remember getting hit when I was running."

Yugao stood and patted his head "Well, as long as you're safe everything should be ok. Now, who's your friend here?"

Naruto shrugged then looked to the girl and smiled "I dunno but she's nice."

"I'm Ameyuri Ringo, I'm here to see the hokage on behalf of the seven swordsmen" said the red head, smiling back at Naruto, revealing her pointed teeth.

"So you're the one they sent. Hokage-sama is expecting you within the hour, follow me please. Are you going to tag along Naruto?"

"Of course!" said Naruto enthusiastically. The three then began their walk to the kage tower, stopping to get Naruto a bite to eat at one of the small vendors stationed outside of the tower. Once Yugao had paid for Naruto's Sata Andagi(sweet, fried buns of dough similar to doughnuts) she lead the two up the tower and to the Hokage's office. She knocked a few times and felt a small pulse of chakra before opening the door and letting the two in. After Ameyuri and Naruto walked in the purple haired anbu closed the door and stood in front of it at attention.

The third fire shadow looked up from a mission request to see Naruto eating some Sata Andagi with the girl the seven swordsmen of kiri sent to him.

"Hello Naruto-kun, how are you doing?" asked Hiruzen, wondering about the bandages around his head.

"I'm fine, I got a cut when I fell today but everything's ok now! I met this nice girl and Neko-chan got me some sweets!" said Naruto happily.

"That's great! Now, I assume your Ameyuri Ringo of Kiri?" asked the aged Hokage, looking at Ameyuri. She instantly felt like a child, just looking into the eyes of the third man dubbed 'God of Shinobi' made her feel as newborn looking into the eyes of a predator. He had decades of experience under his belt, he had lived through two wars and his title of kage was a testament to his power.

"Y-yes, I was sent here to ask for an alliance between the seven swordsmen of Kiri Hokage-sama" said Ameyuri, kneeling as she spoke.

"Are there any terms?"

"You are to state your own, we only ask for asylum if necessary."

"I see" said the Hokage, contemplated what he could use as terms. Then he glanced at Naruto, sitting down next to her and tilting his head to look at her. He kept making faces at her and played with her hair causing her to smile a giggle a bit as she stayed kneeling. Then it clicked, a perfect way to train the boy and allow him to experience the world. When he's gone he can find his own way of life, his drive to live and excel in life.

"I would like you to take Naruto-kun with you and train him. He must be back here within three years time, no exceptions" said the Hokage, surprising the two.

"Really!?" shouted Naruto, jumping up.

"Really?" said both Ameyuri and Neko.

"Yes, I will write you and your group a letter. You may read it as soon as possible along with your group but once you have read it burn the letter. Neko, get Naruto's things" said Hiruzen as he began to write the letter.

"Sir, he has no things" responded the anbu.

Hiruzen stopped writing then began again "I see, please make sure to get him some new clothes as soon as possible Miss Ringo." Ameyuri nodded her head, keeping silent as she waited for him to finish the paper and copy it with a strange seal. Once it was copied he sealed one with the official seal of the Hokage and only closed the other before handing them to her.

"The sealed one is for Kisame, the other for you. Read it quickly and burn it, the seal will not allow it to be opened within one day. Will you need an escort to Kiri?"

Ameyuri shook her head "We are just outside the border of Fire country, and it will only take me a day to reach it with him on my back." Naruto ran up to the Hokage and hugged him tightly to which he responded in kind.

"I'll be back and better than ever old man!"

Hiruzen smiled "I know you will, be safe."

Naruto nodded his head then ran to Ameyuri "I will! She knelt down and let Naruto get on her back before heading to the door.

"Keep him safe, that treaty won't hold if he doesn't come back" said the Hokage. Ameyuri nodded her head before Yugao opened the door and let them leave before closing it back up.

"Are you sure it's wise to send out our jinchuuriki without anyone else? They don't even know that he's housing the nine tails" said the woman. The aged hokage picked up his pipe and took a long drag before blowing out a cloud of smoke and sighing.

"The letter explains what he is, but only that. Sending him off will allow him to gain experience outside of Konoha, he will be on a different level than the other genin. That's what I hope for, even as a jinchuuriki he will need to be prepared for whatever the world throws at him. With that group Akatsuki forming he will need every advantage he can get and being trained by the seven swordsmen will give him quite an edge. For his safety the group alone will ensure nothing happens to him, they could take on an army by themselves with little trouble."

Neko seemed to mull over his words before speaking "I see, it seems I was too quick to judge. I do hope he does get strong, for his stake."

With Ameyuri and Naruto

Ameyuri finished setting up the tent as Naruto crawled in to lay down.

"Tired already?'

Naruto yawned "Yeah, night."

Ameyuri shook her head and moved into the tent "Goodnight."


Naruto opened his eyes and this time he wasn't in the tent but now he was in some sewer looking place. In front of him was a large gate bigger than the Hokage tower and only a small piece of paper held the massive doors shut. Naruto moved to the bars and peaked in, only seeing an endless dark pit inside. He peered closer in, trying to get his head closer in before something jumped out at him. The sudden figure that moved caused him to stumble back and fall on his butt. He heard someone giggle which made him look up to see someone behind the bars that he wasn't expecting. A girl that looked his age stood there, covering her mouth with her hand as she giggled. Her deep red hair mixed well with her crimson eyes and black slit pupils. Her pale white skin was a stark contrast with her crimson kimono with gold trim and obi.

"Who are you?" asked Naruto.

The girl stopped laughing and looked at him, still smiling "Well I'm the mighty Kyuubi of course but you can call me Hitome." The way she spoke at first was how a mother spoke of a monster to children, not how a demonic entity would speak.

"You? You're too pretty to be that fox" said Naruto. Hitome's smile seemed to fade as he said that but the faint dust of red on her cheeks showed her embarrassment.

"While flattery will get you nowhere it seems you don't believe me" said the girl before Naruto noticed her eyes glow and something appear behind her. Towering over the girl was a giant fox, nine tails swinging behind it lazily and a giant grin on its face. As quickly as it appeared the giant fox disappeared, leaving only the girl who crossed her arms and smirked.

"Believe me now?" she asked and Naruto nodded his head furiously.

Her smile returned as quickly as it disappeared "Good, now we can get down to business. I'm sure you just overflowing with questions, so ask away before I tell you what I need to."

"Well…um….How are you a girl right now?"

"I am a being made purely of chakra, I can change my form at will."

"How…, why did you attack the village" asked Naruto.

Hitome's frown fell "That is a…..complicated one. For now I will tell you part of the truth, the rest will be told in due time. I was not myself during that night nor did I choose to willfully attack the village. Anything else?"

"Since you're so strong, can you train me too?" asked Naruto

Hitome's eyes seemed to shine again briefly before she spoke "That is what I needed to tell you, my offer. I can agree to give you my power, or as much as this blasted seal permits, in exchange for my freedom. At one point or another I want to see the world with my own eyes, feel the wind with my own body, not through your own senses in this disgusting sewer."

Naruto, still being relatively young nodded his head "Sounds like a deal. I do have another question though. Where is this place?"

"Your mindscape" responded Hitome.

"So, if it's mind I should be able to do this" said Naruto before the room around them shattered and reformed quickly. The large gate and the sewer were no more, instead of the gate was a small seal etched on her neck. They now stood in peaceful area, a small island with a stone Yin Yang template pressed into the ground surrounded by bamboo. A red bridge connected it to the main land and a wooden walkway that lead to a small wooden two story house. Both levels were not big but spacious enough to hold three people comfortable. The bottom level was part living room part dining room and kitchen while the upstairs was the bedroom. All around the mainland was an empty field for training, the other side being a lake to practice whatever necessary that needed water.

Hitome examined the area and seemed astounded at her surroundings "My my, this is certainly something else. How did you come up with this?"

"I read about something like this in a book Neko gave me" answered the boy.

"Well, this is much more than I was expecting but it seems our time is up. You've been asleep for some time but before you go let me tell you something. If you need to talk to me just think it, I established a mental connection once you agreed to my deal. Good luck, I'll see you soon" said Hitome, kissing him on the cheek before he disappeared from his mindscape as he awoke.

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