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"Naruto"-speaking of humans and demons in human form

'Naruto'-thoughts of humans and demons in human form

"Naruto"-demon/sentient talking in demon form

'Naruto'-demon/sentient thinking in demon form

"Naruto"-anyone speaking through mental link

Chapter 9

Yugito was in the corner of the tree, well the farthest part from the opening seeing as the tree inside was circular. She sat with her back on the tree and her legs close to her chest as she watched Naruto's chest rise and fall slowly, showing that he was deep in sleep.

Now she wasn't in love with the boy nor did she harbor very deep feelings for him. It was the sight of seeing someone who she knew sacrificed his self for her safety and the small attraction to him just made the pain worse.

Then the sound of a struggle brought her out of her thoughts. She knew that everyone on her team as well as Naruto's had left to get food and supplies while her and Sakura stayed behind. She quickly got up and stepped outside to see Sakura on the ground while a strange guy in green spandex and a bowl cut lay on the ground in front of her.

The boy seemed to be slightly injured while Sakura's hair seemed to have been cut. She could sense two other people in the trees and three in the bushes behind her. In front of Sakura stood three genin with a music note symbol on their headbands, none looked like they got along well.

"It seems like these kids just crawl out of the wood works" said one genin that resembled a mummy with strange gauntlets on his arms. The only girl looked pleased as she held a hand full of pink hair, obviously Sakura's hair.

Another boy stepped forward "Look just hand over Sasuke and nothing bad will happen to you guys anymore."

"What makes you thing that you can beat us?" asked Yugito as she charged the kid.

"Dosu" said the boy back to the other boy who looked like a mummy.

"Yeah I know" said Dosu before he channeled chakra to his gauntlets. Yugito got within a few feet of the boy before she fell to the ground feeling extremely nauseous and dizzy while suffering from a huge headache.

Yugito looked to the mummy boy he spoke "My gauntlets use sound to distort your senses." Zaku raised his hand and she saw the hole in his the center of his hand.

"Well it seems I can beat you huh?" said the boy with a smirk on his face.

"Hurry up Zaku, we don't have time to play around" said the girl.

"Quite Kin, I can do what I want" said Zaku. Then they all felt malicious chakra start to emit from the tree Yugito came out of. Everyone close by saw Sasuke walk out of the tree but now there were black marking covering his body.

Sasuke walked up to Sakura and spoke "Who injured you and the other two, Sakura?" Sakura pointed a shaky hand to the three genin that stood in front of him.

Zaku smirked "Good now we don't have to look for you. Just come quietly and no one gets hurt like these three."

"I should say the same for you" said a voice from behind Zaku. Zaku jumped forward to get distance from however was behind him. He turned to see Sasuke standing there with a smirk on his face.

"Take this Decapitating Airwave!" said Zaku as he held out his hands. A stream of high pressured air was sent from the holes in his hands towards Sasuke. Sasuke smirked before he disappeared in a burst of speed the genin couldn't follow.

Then someone grabbed his arms and pulled them behind him before saying "It seems you like your arms quite a bit. How about we take care of them for you" said Sasuke. Then he pressed his knee on Zaku's back before pulling on his arms and everyone heard two loud pops, signifying that the boy's arms were dislocated.

"Now time to have some more fun" said Sasuke as he started to walk to the other sound genin. Before he could get even ten steps a huge explosion of malevolent chakra came from the chakra. They heard movement in the tree before a hand grasped the side of the opening of the tree. The hand was covered in red colored chakra and was so corrosive that the tree released steam showing how hot it was getting.

Then slowly the whole figure stepped out into full view for all in the area. Naruto stood tall but now there was red chakra surrounding him in the shape similar to a fox with five tails swaying behind him.

"That's enough Sasuke, we don't need to kill them" said Naruto. Now Sasuke being partially controlled by the curse mark was just looking for a worth challenge and to him Naruto seemed like the best choice. So Sasuke ignored what his instincts told him and charge the blonde haired boy.

Before he got within a few feet of Naruto, a tail moved and caught Sasuke by the throat.

"Naruto, Let Sasuke-kun down!" yelled Sakura. Naruto ignored her before he slammed Sasuke into a tree to his left. Then to his right, to the left, the right and to the left again before throwing him high up in the air. Naruto stared straight ahead as Sasuke's now limp body fell to the ground behind him, the strange marks on his body receded back into the seal on his neck.

Naruto walked up to Yugito and helped her to her feet before speaking "Get lee and go rest for a bit, I will take care of these guys." Yugito wanted to say no but the look he gave her told her that he could handle it so she backed down before grabbing lee and going inside the tree.

Faster than anyone, even Neji, could follow Naruto disappeared only to reappear in front of Dosu with Oblivion drawn. Dosu was shocked at how the guy appeared in front of him so fast but his attention changed to the now screaming pain coming from his chest area. He looked down to see a large slash mark across his chest, and the sword in Naruto's hand.

"That is for what you did to Yugito and Lee. Now you can leave your scroll and take your teammates or all of you die here. Choose wisely and quickly" said Naruto.

Dosu instantly knew his decision and set his scroll down before Kin grabbed Zaku and the sound team left the area. Naruto sighed as the red chakra that surrounded him started to disappear just as his team and Yugito's arrived.

"Naruto, what are you doing up and what happened here?" asked Ameyuri as she walked up and hugged him.

Naruto hugged her back and said "Just some guys looking for Sasuke but Yugito and Lee got in the way. Sasuke woke up with the curse seal and attacked the sound team then I woke up. I used Hitome's chakra to open my chakra points so I could move again before stopping Sasuke and the sound team."

"Wait how did Sasuke get the curse seal and what did you mean about opening your chakra points?" asked Yugito as she walked out of the tree, along with Lee.

Naruto waved her off "I will talk about this later on, to many people around here. Yugito are you strong enough to move on your own?" Yugito felt a little weak and nauseous but she figured she could make it to the tower.

"Yeah I feel good enough to make it to the tower."

"Alright, then let's go ahead and go there. I need to get some more rest after using that much of Hitome's chakra at once and the rest of you are bound to be tired as well." He waited till everyone had gotten anything they left in the hollowed out tree before jumping off towards the tower, followed by the rest of his group.

It was a short run to the tower, they only had to avoid a few traps set by other teams but other than that it was a quite run.

Naruto led the group to the double doors of the tower and held the door for the others to enter, before going in. Once inside he knew that the rule of not opening the scrolls was something that didn't count here. He saw one laying near a knocked out genin and figured it was just a simple summoning scroll. You open it and it summons someone to congratulate you and if you are not in the tower they knock you out.

"Hey guys, open the scrolls you first got" said Naruto.

"Didn't they say not too" said Karui.

"They did but I think this is what we have to do. So at the same time we open the scrolls." Yugito, who was leaning on Karui for support gave her scroll to Omoi. Naruto pulled out his scroll before looking at Omoi then they both opened the scrolls and threw them on the ground.

As soon as they landed on the ground a cloud of smoke appeared from the scrolls and then disappeared to show Yugao and a strange man that Naruto and the Kumo nin knew as Killer Bee. (He will not rap in this. I can't rap and I just hate it that he does rap.)

"Bee-sensei!" shouted Omoi and Karui in shock.

Bee smiled before looking a Yugito "What's wrong?"

"Just got attacked with some sound attack but I should be fine after some rest" said Yugito.

Yugao looked over her team before speaking "Well I see you all did a good job in the forest. Naruto, how are you holding up after releasing so much chakra earlier today?"

"I am doing better than before. I found out what was wrong and I can fix it after the second phase of the exam is over. How are you holding up after what happened?"

Yugao looked down and spoke quietly "I am doing better. It hurts a lot but I am getting better slowly."

Naruto nodded his head "I am sorry he acted that way towards you. I could tell he was bad but you kept it secret so I sent a clone to follow you in case he did it again. When he did I made sure only to subdue him and throw him out. I will have a clone follow you around in case it happens again Yugao. "

Yugao nodded her head "Thank you, I don't think it would have ended well if you weren't there."

"If you need a woman to talk to I'm here" said Ameyuri as she went up to her and hugged her.

"Thank you" said Yugao before she let go of Ameyuri.

"Is everything alright now?" asked Bee to make sure they had resolved their problem.

After getting a nod from Naruto he spoke "Alright well congratulations to everyone for passing this part of the exams. I wish you the best of luck, now just go through the doors to your left and you will wait there for a few days."

As Yugito's team went through and Bee left Naruto turned to Yugao "Just let us know if you need anything." Yugao nodded her head before disappearing in a leaf shunshin while her team walked through the door.


"Alright does everyone understand the rules of the preliminaries?" asked Hayate, the proctor for the preliminary matches for the third phase of the exam. Naruto however hated the man with a passion but he kept it under wraps. No one needed to know of his affairs besides his team and a few others.

Naruto had gotten enough rest to allow him to fight this one match before he needs to finish his healing process. Yugito had gotten better over the past few days, her body healed and she could function fully without holding back to much.

Naruto and Yugito's team had time to relax and recover their spent energy for having to support Naruto and Sasuke for while. Naruto was extremely thankful for his team along with Yugito and her team for taking care of him, he didn't really care for Sasuke and Sakura although he did give Choji some food and medical ointment.

"Alright please direct your attention to the electronic board; it will determine the match ups." Everyone watched the board go through names before stopping on Naruto and Kiba.

"Will these people come down to the arena" said Hayate before Naruto and Kiba walked down the steps. Naruto stood about twenty feet away from a smirking Kiba and Akamaru.

"Ready? Begin!" shouted Hayate before he shot a quick glare at Naruto then jumped back.

"Haha man I am so happy we get the dead last to fight Akamaru" said Kiba while Akamaru barked in agreement.

"I may have been but things can change Kiba" said Naruto in a calm manner.

"Ha as if, you are a clan less nobody that no one cares for. You were born only because of a one night stand, you are just an accident and that's all you will ever be!" shouted Kiba while Naruto stood there, his hood covering his eyes.

"Kiba, that's enough!" shouted Kurenai from the stands. Kiba was about to say more before an explosion vile chakra excluded from Naruto. Akamaru tried to hide behind Kiba's leg as to shield him from the man that stood in front of them.

Naruto removed his hood to show his eyes were now red and had a strange design in them, showing he had activated his doujutsu.

"You have gone too far this time Kiba, I will not show you any mercy" said Naruto before the black dragon on his cloak started to wrap around the right sleeve the jumped out and into Naruto's hand before forming a sword.

"I bet you are wondering where all this vile chakra is coming from, well let me tell you a secret. My sword Oblivion can exclude chakra on par with the bijuu when I need her too. I will show you something that I have never used on human."

By now Kiba, along with all the occupants in the room were scared. The chakra that the sword excluded and the way Naruto talked was something that scared even Ameyuri.

Suddenly all chakra coming from the sword stopped then Naruto spoke "Darker than the darkest night, colder than the Shinigami's soul. Show the world your mighty powers of darkness, Oblivion." Then before anyone could even blink everything was dark. No one could see or use chakra.

"What's going on!" yelled Kiba. Before Kiba could say anything else a white moon appeared above everyone's head, the light shined directly on Kiba.

"This is the world I created with Mika-chan. This move transports anyone that see's my sword to this world and I have complete control over it" said Naruto as he appeared in front of Kiba. Everyone else was standing a good distance away from the two.

Then a woman appeared from the ground next to Naruto. She was a pale woman with crimson eyes, wearing a jet black cloak, no shoes while her hair was jet black and reached mid back.

"This is Mika-chan; she is Oblivion or really the sentient being that holds its powers. This is her domain, her world and she controls all of it just like me. So let's show you what real pain feels like" said Naruto before he appeared ten feet behind Kiba in a burst of speed.

Kiba turned around to see Naruto walking towards him with his back sword drawn then faced forward to see the new girl with the same sword walking towards him. Before he could act Mika appeared in front of him and delivered a diagonal swing to him, leaving a large gash in his chest. While Naruto did the same to his back which left a large gash there as well.

Then Kiba felt the sword pierce his leg from behind before Mika pierced his other leg at the same spot. The next few minutes was everyone watching Naruto and the new girl Mika maim him from head to toe, using shallow cuts to keep him alive but only to cause more pain.

Now Kiba could hardly stand up as his whole body was littered with cuts, no place was spared from the two people.

Naruto and Mika backed up a little bit before both charged and said at the same time "Twin decapitation." Kurenai, along with many others, screamed at them to stop but to no avail. All the genin watched as Naruto and Mika decapitated Kiba and his head was sent flying in the air.

The jonin were now in action and ran at Naruto and Mika before Naruto spoke "Kai." Everyone took in a quick breath, they were all back at the arena and Kiba was alive, just standing in front of Naruto who had no sword or doujutsu activated.

"What was that" asked Kiba as he tried to regain his breath while Akamaru wondered what was wrong.

"The attack I used was just an extremely strong genjutsu not even the famed Sharingan could break. I used my sword and the being in it to make a world that I can use my genjutsu on. Only I can make this seeing as I have a doujutsu no one else has. Now are you ready to fight Kiba?" asked Naruto as he watched him with his calm blue eyes.

Kiba calmed his nerves as best he could before speaking "Yes, and I will show you how good I am and how bad you are. All you can rely on is genjutsu and I have plenty of attacks. So let's do this dead last!" Kiba ran at him and then jumped in the air and started to spin.

"Gatsuuga" said Kiba as he neared Naruto. Naruto sighed before he disappeared from sight in a burst of speed. Kiba didn't see him but everyone in the stands saw Naruto appear about thirty feet in the air while weaving hand signs.

"Katon: Gōka Mekkyaku" said Naruto before a stream of fire was expelled from his mouth. The fire grew larger and once it hit the ground it covered the whole floor besides where the hokage sat with the other instructors. That went on only for a few seconds before the fire stopped and it showed Kiba and Akamaru on the ground with severe burns on their backs.

Naruto landed on the ground right as Hayate spoke "Winner, Naruto Uzumaki." After he said that, Naruto seemed to sway a little before falling to one knee and coughing up blood. Ameyuri along with Yugito and her team were about to go help before red chakra exploded from him, blinding the occupants from the intensity of it.

After a few seconds the light died down and everyone saw Naruto stood but he looked weak. He was quite pale and looked as if he could barely stand up on his own. Hayate was happy that he looked sick, the longer Naruto was bed ridden the longer he could make Yugao submit to him.

"Ameyuri let me know what happens after all the matches are over. Yugito, I will take you and Ameyuri on a date once I finish up with some stuff. Also I need Ameyuri to watch over 'her' because something might happen" said Naruto. Ameyuri and Yugito nodded their heads before Naruto disappeared in a swirl of black and white fire.

Mito was sitting on the couch while drinking sweet tea and enjoying the silence. Hakai was in the back, practicing with her sword to get better at it and hopefully be able to take on A-rank ninja before they left. Then Mito heard Hakai come inside through the sliding door and sat down on the seat next to her and grabbed glass of tea for herself and leaned back.

After a few minutes of enjoying the silence they felt a gust of wind signifying someone had arrived via shunshin. Both turned around and were extremely surprised at the sight, Naruto was leaning on the wall and looked horrible.

Mito got up first and put his arm around her shoulder "What happened?"

"I just used too much chakra and since I have little left I am not well. Also using any chakra hurts me so I didn't do so well after using that much. Just take me to the room you put all those chakra seals so I can fix all this. It will be a while but I should be mostly healed by the time I get out."

Mito seemed reluctant at first but nodded her head "If that is what you believe is best then we will do it. I hope you will keep to the promised me before you left to get to know me better."

Naruto nodded his head as they were now at the room "I will Mito-chan. I will make sure to take you, Ameyuri, Yugito and Hitome on a date before the exams start. I owe you all that for not spending time with you girls."

Mito smiled a bit before kissing him on the cheek "Well I can't wait Naruto-kun. I hope to see a health you walk out of that door." Naruto nodded his head before walking into the room and closed the door then examined the room.

There was sealing tags with the kanji 封印札 showing they were chakra seals. Naruto sat down in the middle of the room in a meditative position before closing his eyes. Blue energy started to flow off of him like flames before it exploded outward, covering the entire room in bright blue energy. Naruto knew that flooding his chakra system with his own chakra would be best to cleanse his system of the bijuu chakra. He would have to force himself to use every ounce of chakra he had, no matter the pain. After he runs out he should have cleansed his system of the Sanbi's chakra and he could use Hitome's chakra to heal him and not hurt him as he had her in side of him unlike the Sanbi.

'Well I might as well train with Hitome and work on that new invention of mine. If I finish that only the highest people in my group will be able to use them. Let's just hope I can finish the basic model before I finish with cleansing and healing my chakra system' thought Naruto as he excluded less chakra to create a steady and long lasting flow of chakra.


Ameyuri, Mito, Hakai, and Yugito were enjoying some pocky and sweet tea when they heard a door open even though they were the only ones there. Realization hit them and they ran to the door that had opened up. Everyone smiled when they saw Naruto step out of the room and he smiled back at them.

"Did you girls miss me?" said Naruto as he opened his arms to invite the girls to a hug which they all did. They all stayed like that for a few minutes before separating and asked their questions.

"So did everything turn out ok?" asked Ameyuri.

"Yeah, I am a lot better but not completely healed yet. That might take some time but I can still take on a jinchuuriki or a kage if necessary."

"Did you train at all?" asked Mito.

"Yes, in my mindscape with Hitome. I trained in some new moves I was taught by Makoto and made a new weapon that will change the balance of power in the elemental nations. Now enough of me, what are the pairings for the final exams?"

"Well Yugito and I are paired to fight at the beginning then you are supposed to fight Neji Hyuuga. Shikamaru get's to fight Temari after Sasuke fight's Gaara and Shino fights Kankuro of the sand" said Ameyuri.

"Well you and Yugito get to fight, eh? Now I would love to see you two fight" said Naruto as he teased the two girls a bit.

"So are you going to show us that invention?" asked a curious Hakai.

"No, I am waiting till we leave the village to show everyone. I want to shock everyone with it and show them what an Uzumaki can create with seals. That and I want to see the look on your face when I use it" said Naruto as he smiled at everyone.

"Oh, what happened to Karin? She was with you when you left me in the forest before fighting those root anbu I told you all about" asked Naruto.

"Well she decided to leave the exam and head to Uzu with a few clones of ours to unlock the whirlpools. She figures she would be of more help there than here" said Ameyuri.

Naruto nodded his head "Alright well tonight I will take one of you on a date seeing as I promised all of you. First I will take Mito then Yugito and after that I will take Ameyuri then Hitome since I spent more time with her."

Mito's face seemed light up before she spoke "Well then I should go get ready. It's almost five so we don't have forever to get ready. I will see you in a bit Naru-kun." Everyone noticed the way she said his name and all Naruto's girlfriends glared at her as she walked away. Naruto shook his head at her antics, not pegging her as the one to show off her privilege like that.

"Alright well I need to get ready as well so I will see you all soon. Don't kill, maim, or injure each other while I am gone" said Naruto as he walked off into his own room and got ready to go. As he was about to take a shower he made two clones.

"One of you is to go to the weapon shop and ask to use their tools to make out weapon. The other is to make a reservation at a nice restaurant for tonight, and the next three nights there for me and the girls." Both clones nodded their heads before disappearing in a burst of speed.


Naruto waited in front of the door all dress up. He wore a black suit jacket, crimson dress shirt, black tie, black dress pants and black dress shoes to go with it. He figured it would take her a while so he leaned on the wall but then he heard the tapping of heels on the wood floor then straightened up as soon as he saw Mito.

She had her hair down, which Naruto really liked, red lipstick on that seemed to bring out her eyes and her creamy white skin. Mito also had on a stunning strapless red dress and black high heels that made everything about her stand out. Her figure was accented highly with the skin tight dress, showing off her flat stomach, toned legs and high C-cup breasts.

Naruto had trouble keeping his blush from showing "Y-you look absolutely amazing Mito-chan."

Mito blushed and brushed her hair behind her right ear "Thank y-you Naruto-kun, you look amazing as well." Naruto smiled even more before holding out his arm and Mito wrapped her left arm to his right arm.

"Alright girls we will be back soon so don't burn anything down or kill anyone before we get back" said Naruto before he shut the door. The couple walked down the street and Mito got very confused, no one was on the usually busy street.

"I used a small genjutsu to put all civilians to sleep and an extremely strong one to keep ninja away from this area. The owners and workers are good friends of a buddy of mine back in Kiri so they know me and they were told to keep quite. This way we can enjoy silence and no one will bother us, even at the restaurant seeing as everyone is asleep or too scared to get near" said Naruto and Mito smiled a bit before leaning into him a bit.

"You know, even though I barely know you I feel this weird connection between us. I don't know why but I just feel like I can trust you just as much as I trusted my father. You remind me of him so much yet you look so different I can't compare you two. I guess I am just trying to say thank you for accepting the marriage at Uzu. I am happy I get to be called your girlfriend and I get to be so close to you" said Mito.

Naruto smiled a bit before speaking "I have felt the same way Mito-chan. I don't know you all that well but I feel a deep connection, like we were meant to be or something. I am happy I met you and the other girls. You all bring happiness to my life I couldn't image living without. I never want to lose you or any of the girls. Everyone means so much and I just am starting to get to know you so I can't lose you this early on or ever. So let's make this night a great one!" Mito smiled at his speech before nodded her head at his words.

After ten minutes of walking they finally made it to a large two story restaurant that looked extremely expensive. Everything was gold, green, or black in color and the size made it seem even more costly to the eye. Naruto walked in and stood at the front before a man walked up to them.

"Ah Mr. and Miss Uzumaki, we have been expecting you. Please follow me; your table has already been prepared" said the waiter before he walked off and the two Uzumaki's followed him. They walked passed many empty tables and walked of a flight of stairs before sitting down at a table that showed a good portion of the village.

"What would you like to drink?" asked the waiter.

"Sweet tea is fine" said Naruto.

"I would like the same as him" said Mito. The waiter nodded his head before walking off to grab the drinks.

"Since when did you crave sweet tea?" asked Mito as she scanned the menu for something that suited her tastes.

"Well after I got some personalities from someone Makoto fused with me after I fought Yagura. Once was the craving for sweet tea or any tea. I seem to act a little more formal at more serious time and when I eat or drink."

"Oh, who is this person you now take the traits of?" asked Mito

"His name was Cadis Etrama Di Raizel, he was a noblesse; someone that has the power to destroy the noble's of his clan. He died many millennia ago while fighting to protect some of his closest friends from another friend that was brainwashed. He had powers that couldn't be matched by anyone here and Makoto wanted me to carry on his legacy by using his powers."

Mito stared at Naruto with wide eyes "W-wow…that's amazing."

Naruto chuckled a bit "He is, I have his powers but they are sealed away for when I chose to use them. I might use them to fight Orochimaru but it will change how I act slightly. It would not be drastic, I would only crave more tea and act a little more noble in some situations like drinking tea as well as eating ramen. I don't think his emotions should affect me much seeing as I really only got his powers.

Mito grabbed his hand and squeezed it "We-I would not care if you changed because you would still be you. The person I am betrothed to and you would not stop being a caring man, nothing can change that."

Naruto smiled at her and leaned over to kiss her cheek "You are right, I guess I was worried over nothing." Then as they finished talking the waiter came up with the drinks and placed down a few cups of fine china and poured tea into both.

"Have you decided what you would like to eat?" asked the waiter.

"A 12oz steak, medium rare would do me just fine" said Naruto.

Mito studied the menu before sighing "I will have what he is having please." The waiter nodded his head before walking off again.

"Sorry, I talked too much and you did not have enough time to chose your food" said Naruto as he scratched the back of his head.

Mito waved him off "No, its fine. I don't mind it, I have never tried steak before anyway."

"Well the man I know who is a friend of the owner sells food from a time long ago. It was a western food place; the food was fattening and not good for you unless you were a ninja and worked it off. This is one of the menu items he sold down in Kiri."

"Ah, I would really want to try this food now that it is an old recipe from ancient times" said Mito. They sat in silence for a few minutes, both sipping at their tea and watching the stars from the window next to the table.

Mito turned to Naruto and was a little shocked at how he looked. He seemed calmer than ever, the window was open and a gentle breeze flowed in through it. Lifting his hair up and making his bangs seem to float in the crisp night air.

Naruto felt Mito starring at him and shook his head out of his daze "Sorry, Raizel seemed to like to watch life through a window and I seem to inherit that trait. I find myself doing that from time to time or I stop to enjoy nature when I was in my mindscape."

Again Mito waved him off "Its fine, it was no bother to me. It was you just seemed so at peace and calm when you looked out the window." Naruto scratched the back of his head nervously before he heard footsteps and saw the waiter arrive with their food. Once the food was in front of them they enjoyed the silence as they ate. Mito had stopped for a minute to look outside and Naruto took that time to admire her beauty. Her pale skin looked amazing under the moon light and with her hair down she looked even more dazzling.

Mito turned around and Naruto went back to eating his food. After twenty minutes they had finished their plates and both headed downstairs to leave. As they neared the front Naruto stopped abruptly and Mito turned to face him.

"What's wrong?" she asked.

"Someone broke through the two layers of genjutsu that I had placed. I don't know how many are here but I just know someone has broken part of the wall. Mito I need you to go home and don't tell anyone what has happened. I can't have the girls coming down after me, I can handle this on my own. I have already placed a seal on you that hide's your presence so just get home as fast as you can" said Naruto.

"Naruto, I don't think you should do this on your own. You just got healed" said Mito with a worried expression on her face.

Naruto patted her head "I will be fine, promise." Naruto leaned down and kissed her on the lips, both enjoyed the kiss for a few seconds before pulling back.

"Ok, just be careful" said Mito as she walked out the door.

Naruto turned to the waiter "Follow her home and watch the area around the house. I don't want anyone getting near it, understand?"

The waiter nodded his head "Yes, Uzumaki-sama" before he disappeared in a swirl of leaves.

Naruto unbuttoned his jacket as he walked out the door "If they aren't konoha or Oto shinobi they're dead for ruining my date." Once outside he disappeared in a burst of speed towards the direction of the chakra signatures he sensed.


Four figures were moving at high speeds towards the edge of the village.

"If that stupid Uchiha didn't fight be we wouldn't be rushing to get to out of here" said a large and fat man with an orange Mohawk.

"Can it fatso, it was this double layered genjutsu that caught us up. If I wasn't here we would be dead as fuck" said a foul mouthed red head.

"Language" said a boy with six arms and one with a second head.

"Go fuck yourselves" said the red head. One of the figures was about to speak but they immediately stopped in their tracks as they sensed someone right in front of them. They looked up from the slanted roof to see a blonde haired, blue eyes young man.

"Who the hell are you?" asked the red head.

Naruto chuckled a bit "You must the Tayuya."

"How the fuck do you know my name?"

"That is not something I can discuss right now. All I can say is you are all extremely lucky."

"How" asked the fat man.

"Well Orochimaru and I have a peace treaty until the third exams start. I am not allowed to attack his men unless provoked" said Naruto.

"I would count yourself lucky. We are his best guards, you couldn't take us on by yourself anyway" said the boy with six arms.

"That means nothing, you are all high A-rank at best. I am at least an S-rank right now so you should count yourself lucky."

"Why you-"

"Enough" said the boy with two heads. "We cannot attack him or face his wrath and Lord Orochimaru's as well. What is it that you need?"

"Well since you all ruined my night out I might as well examine you four. Don't worry, this involves no touching I only use my eyes to examine you. If you are wondering I carry a doujutsu that no one else has or can have. Do not move or attack unless you don't want to make it back on your own feet" said Naruto as he activated his doujutsu and walked up to the boy with six arms.

Naruto looked him up and down before moving to the boy with two heads and did the same. Naruto walked up to the large man and took a little more time before arriving to Tayuya. He studied her chakra network, she was an Uzumaki but a distant one, possible a cousin was an Uzumaki. None the less she was part of his clan so he had to take her before he left the village. As he traveled up he looked into her eyes and she looked into his with her own brown eyes.

"Tsukuyomi" whispered Naruto and everything went black for Tayuya.


She opened her eyes again to see herself in an empty plane that seemed strange. The world was just a barren wasteland, only dead trees and the moonlight were around her.

"What the hell is going on here?" said Tayuya.

"This is a world I control" said a voice from behind her. She whipped her head around to see the blonde from before leaning on one of the dead trees.

"What the fuck do you mean?" asked Tayuya.

"I have a doujutsu that is a mix of many doujutsu and one of them is the Sharingan so I can use moves like this. Now the reason I did this is so we can speak in private. The reason I know your name is because a friend of yours, Karin I believe, said you might be an Uzumaki and I plan to gather them up and rebuild Uzu."

"How the hell did you know I'm an Uzumaki?"

"I used my doujutsu and sensed Uzumaki blood running through your veins. I am here to either help or hurt you. I can get you from Orochimaru and take off that curse mark then you can come with us. I can also just attack you along with the snake. You only get this one chance, take it or leave it."

Without missing a beat Tayuya answered "Hell yes! I can't get away from him because he would use the curse mark to kill me before I could get to his sorry ass. Besides if I can have some family and Karin I sure as fuck will go for it no matter what."

"Good, I can also give you something but I will inform you of it once we are out of the village. Now do not act any different than before until I tell you. I will meet you after Orochimaru started the invasion so is there anything you want to ask or inform me of?"

"Yeah, when he starts to fight whatever kages come he will have us set up a four star barrier that burns anything it touches. I assume you can find a way around that?"

Naruto nodded his head "Yes, now come here and let me examine the seal on your neck. I will start to make the seal to remove it before the finals and I will send you the seal so you can put it on." Tayuya was a bit hesitant seeing as she didn't know this man at all but remembered she couldn't do anything in here anyway. She got close before she turned around and moved her hair out of the way so he could see the seal but nothing else.

She stood there for a few minutes before he spoke "Alright I got the basics memorized for now. I will release the jutsu and only a few seconds have passed so no one knows about this. Remember to keep quiet and don't act any different from before. I will send you a scroll to release the seal and how to use it once I finish it. Good luck Tayuya, I left you a gift in your back pocket." Then everything was shrouded in darkness again.


Tayuya blinked her eyes to see Naruto's doujutsu activated and starring right at her. Naruto backed up away from her and looked at the four.

"It seems he chose decent guards for protection. I hope to see you all soon so I can see how strong you really are" said Naruto.

"Ha I will beat your sorry ass into the ground" said Tayuya. The kid with two heads raised his arm and went to slap the girl but faster than anyone could follow Naruto appeared in front of her, grabbing the boys wrist to keep him from moving it.

Naruto's eyes glowed red as dark energy started to pour off him and he had a malicious smirk "Don't you know it's rude to hit women? Next time you try to do that in my presence I will show you why many fear my powers." Everyone around him gulped in fear, the vile energy he excluded was getting close to Orochimaru's level.

"It won't happen again" said the boy as he tried to remain calm on the outside but on the inside he was starting to get scared.

Naruto smiled and let go of his hand "Ok, good. Now I hope you all have a nice night and don't worry about the genjutsu anymore. I took it down a second ago so you could all leave in a hurry so run along." As soon as he said that all four jumped off towards the edge of the village.

Naruto sighed "I hate my tendencies sometimes but they are quite nice ones." A few minutes later the four made it to the edge of the village and hid in the tree line before using a reverse summon to appear in one of the small bases inside Konoha.

They all kneeled down as two snake like eyes seemed to glow in the darkness.

"We moved ahead of schedule and talked to the Uchiha before the final exams and planted the seed of power into his mind. He should come to you after the final exams are over" said the two headed boy.

"Kukuku good job Sakon, you may all go rest" said Orochimaru.

"Also we encountered Naruto Uzumaki on our way back. He said you both had agreed to a peace treaty until the third exam. We did not engage but he seemed to have simply examined us with some strange doujutsu that he said only he could and will ever have" said the six armed boy.

"Yes we do have a peace treaty and it was good you didn't attack him. He is way beyond your level, even if all four of you attacked him. He took on the late Mizukage, forcing him to transform into the Sanbi and even then beat him with an extremely powerful jutsu I have yet to see. Be careful if you encounter him after the third exams, he is a force to be reckoned with" said Orochimaru before the four sound ninja left the area and to their private rooms.

Tayuya sat on her bed but felt something on her butt as she sat down. Knowing she had no back pockets she knew there was only one place it could be. She stuck her hand in her shorts before finding a piece of folded up paper barely inside her panties. She pulled it out and read the note in her head.

Dear Tayuya

I see you found the note I left you. I am only here to inform you that we will meet up right before the exams to talk about what we will do when my group leaves the village. Meet in the forest behind the hokage monument, I will find you. Now just remember, don't act any different and do not let anyone know about this note.

Tayuya knew how secret notes worked and was about to set it on fire with a small fire jutsu when she saw something written on the back of the slip of paper.

You have quite the body Miss Uzumaki, and I like the lacy wear. It suits you so well said the note with a chibi version of Naruto next to it doing a thumbs up.

Tayuya ripped the paper to shreds "I AM GOING TO KILL THAT FUCKING SHITHEAD!" yelled Tayuya making the walls around her vibrate a bit. The sound four and anyone else in the base just assumed it was her time of the month. Anyone in konoha assumed it was an angry women and they needed to stay away from that area.


Naruto was walking in the forest towards his house when he heard "I AM GOING TO KILL THAT FUCKING SHITHEAD!"

Naruto chuckled a bit "So she found the note, eh? Wonder how she will work out with the other girls, I don't like bringing girls into my group of friends but I need more Uzumaki's to help rebuild Uzushiogakure, after all I can't do it by myself, harem or not. Ugh, I pity anyone who has to deal with that girl in a relationship, Uzumaki or not they will need the strength of a god to deal with her."

Naruto got to his house and opened the door by just sending chakra to the seal on the gate and once he cancelled it the gate closed behind him. Naruto walked slowly to his house, admiring the beauty of the cherry blossoms around him. He had planted all of the m to take up a good portion of the front yard so he could have a place to relax.

Naruto opened the door and instantly he was hugged tightly by someone. He looked down to see short red hair and knew instantly who it was and hugged back.

"A-are you ok?" asked Mito.

Naruto chuckled "Yes, I told you everything was fine. I didn't even fight with the people."

Mito looked up at him "Then why is your eye bleeding?"

"Oh, well I had to use Tsukuyomi on someone so I could talk to them in private. Remember the girl Karin talked about?"

"Tayuya, the possible Uzumaki?"

"Yeah, she was a pure blood Uzumaki Orochimaru had as one of his guards. I was talking to her and she agreed to come with us."

Mito smiled then she frowned "So, the scream I heard was her then?" Naruto nodded his head.

"Really, you just started going out with me and now you have another?" said a voice behind Mito. Naruto looked up to see Yugito in a purple tank top with black short shorts and her hair was untied.

Naruto scratched the back of his head "I didn't go out with her, it was the only spot to put it in, she had no pockets anywhere"

"So no new girls I need to know about then?" asked Mito.

"Haha no, I think the ones I have now are plenty, you all have your quirks I just love. I hope to have a family some day and it will be one big family indeed."

Suddenly Naruto became serious "So, did anyone come near?" A figure stepped out of a dark corner making both women tense.

"You, you were our waiter!" said Mito in shock.

The man nodded his head "Yes but I am also the security of the establishment and I am under Uzumaki-sama's command. He asked me to follow you home and watch the area in case anyone noticed you. I did take a couple of black masked anbu down but no one else had appeared."

Naruto nodded his head "I assume the root anbu were here like always. They like to try to get inside somehow with different means each time but they never make it. You may return to your establishment as I took of the genjutsu so people should be showing up soon." The waiter nodded his head before disappeared in a swirl of leaves that burned slowly to leave no trace of his presence.

"Alright we need to get some sleep, I have not slept in a long time. I had to focus on expelling chakra so I could only rest a little once I got done but I still trained in my mind." Both girls agreed before giving him a kiss, Mito on the lips and Yugito on the cheek, before heading off to bed. Naruto walked to his own room and laid down only to feel lonely. He usually didn't but tonight after staying with Mito he missed the comfort of someone close to him.

"We can help with that Naruto-kun" said two voices before he felt weight added to his covers in front and behind him. Naruto opened his eyes to see Keyomi dressed in her usual all white Kimono that was now riding low on her shoulder revealing quite a bit of cleavage.

Naruto felt Mika lying behind him if the two orbs of flesh against his back was anything to go by.

"Now go to sleep Naruto-kun, we haven't been able to get out and lay with you for some time. I hope you don't mind us but we will not be here when you wake up" said Mika.

Naruto chuckled and pulled Keyomi closer to him "I don't mind at all. It has been some time sense we have been able to see each other in the real world. Just remember once we are in Uzu you can be out as much as you want." Both sentient spirits nodded their heads before all three drifted off into sleep.


Naruto woke up feeling a little cold and moved around to find something to warm him up. He grabbed something warm that was at the edge of the bed and instinctively brought it close to him and hugged it close to him. He heard someone squeal or yelp and that woke Naruto up enough to open his eyes.

He looked in to see what he was holding and found it was Yugito wearing the same thing she wore last night. Her face was bright red at how he had suddenly grabbed her and brought her close to him and snuggled for a few seconds.

Naruto let go of her waist "Ah sorry Yugito-chan. I didn't mean to do that." Yugito shook her head and sat up and crossed her legs.

"It's fine but if you need something warm to sleep with you can….well..I can… I c-can sleep w-with you…if you w-want me to" said Yugito as she got quieter and her face got redder.

Naruto smiled before hugging her "Of course you can Yugi-chan. I would love to have you sleep in my bed." Naruto kissed her forehead and she smiled before leaning into his chest and enjoyed his warmth. She stayed like that as Naruto slowly brushed his hand through her long and untied hair.

They stayed in that embrace for over thirty minutes before Yugito sighed "I need to get some supplies for the finals and I need to get some clothes to wear for tonight. How about we just lay like this tonight?"

Naruto smirked "Works for me, I get more Yugi-chan tonight." Yugito blushed heavily before she left and Naruto got up and put on a pair of black anbu pants and a mesh shirt before walking into the living room and sat down on the couch. Naruto watched as Yugito left and as he felt her leave the house Naruto sighed.

"Ameyuri please catch up with her and follow her. Danzo will get desperate as time passes and I can't let any of you get taken by him" said Naruto as Ameyuri nods her head and disappeared in a swirl of water. Naruto takes a sip of tea Mito had left for him before he walked outside and sat under one of the cherry blossom trees. He let calm energy flow into his body and slowly started to relax all of his body.

Naruto stayed like that for a good portion of the day. He meditated so his chakra coils would heal better in a calm environment and one with more nature energy around to help out a little. He sensed Mito join him quite a while ago and Hakai had joined no more than an hour ago. Then they heard the gate open and turned around to see Yugito and Ameyuri carrying bags of stuff.

"So I assume your trip was a success?" asked Naruto and both girls nodded their heads in delight.

Naruto smiled "Good, I can't wait for tonight Yugito-chan and tomorrow Ameyuri-chan. I will wait here until we leave around six or so." Both girls nodded their head and walked inside followed by Hakai who could not sit there as long as the two Uzumaki's did.

"How are you feeling Naruto-kun?" asked Mito as she meditated under the trees.

"I am doing better, meditating here seems to help quite a bit. I will definitely need it if I am going to face Orochimaru and possibly other kages to get us out of here safely."Mito frowned a bit but yelped in surprise as she was picked up and sat in Naruto's lap.

"No need to worry Mito-chan, I won't be going anywhere" said Naruto as he wrapped his arms around her body. Mito sank into his lap and leaned her body on him as her chest lay on his shoulder.

"I know Naruto-kun, I know." Both enjoyed the serene nature of everything before Naruto got up and set Mito down on her feet.

"Well I need to get ready myself seeing as I am leaving soon. If you need anything you know how to contact me" said Naruto then walked inside before Mito did the same. She sat on the couch and just sipped at some tea while examining Hakai's seal. She was finding different problems she could fix to make it better.

She heard footstep and saw Yugito walk down the hall in wearing a purple cocktail style party dress. It was a short dress, only going to mid calf in length with a single strap of cloth over her right shoulder three inches wide. Her hair was in a pony tail and she wore no lip stick like Mito did.(URL to picture for better look.)

Mito smiled at her nervous look "You look fine Yugito, no need to be nervous."

Yugito smiled at her a little "Thank you Mito, I am nervous since this is my first date."

"Really?" said a new voice. Both women turned to see Naruto wearing the same suit from before but the dress shirt was now purple instead of crimson.

Yugito looked down "Y-yes, no one wanted to ask out a jinchuuriki like me. Bee was the raikage's brother so he was seen as normal but I was seen as a demon in human skin. They never treated me badly I just never got to know a guy like I am getting to know you."

Naruto smiled "Well I am one lucky guy then, huh?" Yugito blushed but smiled at his words.

Naruto grabbed her chin and lifted her head for her to look at him "I don't care what happened in Kumo or anywhere you were. You are with me now and I care about you enough to take you out on a date to get to know you a little better and strengthen our relationship. Now let's get going, we don't have forever." Yugito stared at Naruto for a few seconds before hugging him tightly then grabbed his arm and walked towards the door.

As they walked towards the gate Naruto spoke "Ameyuri please watch over Hakai along with Mito." Ameyuri, who was meditating, nodded her head before the two blondes walked outside and the gate close.

The two walked to the restaurant arm in arm, both smiling. Yugito was finally happy as she met someone who saw past her burden. Naruto was happy he could finally get to know her more that he already did. The couple arrived at the same restaurant and sat in the same place as Naruto had the night before.

"I would like the usual to drink and for you Yugito?" said Naruto.

"Milk would be great" said Yugito before the waiter bowed and walked away. They both sat in silence as they examined the menu for something to eat. Once the waiter came back with their drinks they gave him there order.

"I would like the sea bass please" said Yugito.

"I would like the grilled catfish" said Naruto before the waiter bowed again and left the two.

"So how was life in Kumo?" asked Naruto and Yugito's face seemed to fall.

"It was not the best memories I have. I was usually ignored by everyone but my own team, the raikage and his assistant. I kept to myself because if I was alone at night they would try to attack me but one of the anbu that guarded the raikage was usually around so they stopped trying. I never made any friends besides my team members and the Raikage" said Yugito as she seemed to get more and more depressed.

Naruto grabbed her hand and covered it with his other hand "I promise you will not be treated like that once we are out of here. In Uzu people will look up to you in admiration not fear, it will be a safe haven for jinchuuriki like us. I promise on my life Yugito-chan." Yugito smiled before leaning across the table and kissed him then sat back down as the food arrived.

Both sat in silence as they ate their food but both seemed more interested in one another that the food. Once they had finished their food and drinks both got up and walked downstairs and towards the exit.

However luck was not on their side "What are that demon and his girl doing here?" said some fat man eating at a large table only big enough for him.

Naruto stood facing forward but spoke "Seeing as this is a free land I can go where I want and do what I want. You cannot stop me or anyone close to me from going where we want so don't make a fuss about it or my friend that works here can kick you out." The man would have spoken but a dark aura came off of the waiter in waves making the man shut his mouth and finished his food. Naruto nodded his head to the waiter who nodded his head in return before Naruto and Yugito left the restaurant and headed home.

The way home was quiet, not many people were out at night so it was nice. Both just enjoyed each other's company as they walked back to Naruto's estate in the forest. They reached the gate and Naruto channeled chakra into it and watched the gate open before walking inside as the gate closed behind them. The couple stopped at door before speaking.

"That was fun Naruto-kun. Thank you for taking me" said Yugito.

Naruto smiled "It was no problem at all. I loved spending time with you and can't wait to do that again." He lifted her head and wrapped his arms around her waist before kissing her on the waist and she wrapped her arms around his neck while kissing back.

Naruto pulled back and smiled "That was nice, I can't for more in the future." Yugito smiled and nodded her head then Naruto opened the door and let her walk inside before going in and closing the door.

Hakai was sleeping on the couch while Naruto sensed Ameyuri and Mito had fallen asleep in their beds. He made a seal less clone that picked up and took Hakai to her room while Naruto walked off to his room.

He got into his room and all his clothes, besides his boxers seemed to disappear in black flames. He lay down in his bed and felt quite lonely and cold. Then Naruto felt someone lay next to him on the bed so he turned around to see Yugito in his bed and already under the covers.

Yugito caught his eye and smiled "I told you I would be sleeping with you from now on. I can tell you are used to be sleeping with someone so I will sleep with you, if it's ok."

Naruto smiled "It's fine, no worries." Then he wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her close to him before kissing her. He faced up and lay down and Yugito lay on his chest and wrapped her left leg around his legs and he arm around his chest. She was basically lying on top of him but not completely. Naruto didn't mind as she kept him warm and gave him someone to cuddle with. Yugito and Naruto slowly fell asleep as Naruto ran his hand through Yugito's long hair and Yugito did the same to his wild spiky hair.


Naruto sighed again as he listened to all the girls talk about why Yugito was sleeping with him. Ameyuri seemed the most ticked off while Mito mostly kept to herself by drinking tea and only adding her input every so often.

Naruto was trying to make some seals for his invention but it was harder and harder when the girls wouldn't stop arguing.

"Ok, enough already! Go outside or something, I don't care but just stop arguing already" said Naruto. All the girls seemed a little surprised then realized they had gotten quite into the argument.

"Sorry Naruto-kun" said Ameyuri.

Naruto waved it off "It's fine, just stop arguing over it. You can't change the past so there is no point in arguing in it. Ameyuri please be ready around five so we can get going. I plan to go somewhere a little far away from here." Ameyuri nodded her head before walking out back to train a little while the rest of the girls, including Hakai who had recently woken up. Naruto enjoyed the silence before going back to writing seals all over a large piece of paper.

After most of the day had passed Naruto had finished writing a seal all over the paper that even Mito had no idea what it meant. They eventually gave up on trying to figure it out since Naruto had sealed it up and left to get ready. After a hour of waiting both Naruto and Ameyuri walked out of their respective rooms dressed up. Naruto in the same outfit only his under shirt had changed from purple to royal blue.

Ameyuri wore something no one had ever seen her wear before, not even Naruto had seen her wear something this nice. It was a dress that reached her knees in the front and went down to her ankles in the back with white strip at the bottom about three inches wide. The dress was royal blue in color and had two straps about three inches in width. While the front showed a modest amount of cleavage and the bottom showed off her toned, yet smooth legs and she also had on royal blue, opened toed, four inch high heels on. Her hair was now curly and lay on her right shoulder making her look extremely sexy in Naruto's eyes. While you could see a bit of make up on her face, eye line, mascara and what not you could also see her natural beauty stuck out the most.

"You look amazing Ame-chan" said Naruto as he kissed her hand.

Ameyuri giggled a bit before speaking "As do you Naruto-kun."

Naruto turned to the door with his arm outstretched to her "Shall we get going?" Ameyuri took his arm in response before both walked outside and down the hokage monument to the village. They walked through the streets but were slowly getting more and more agitated as everyone seemed to be glaring at the two for what they guessed as Naruto.

Naruto sighed before picking Ameyuri up bridal style "Hold on." Then he took to the roof tops all the way to the edge of the village before going past it. Ameyuri was a bit confused but didn't talk, she only enjoyed the feeling of being in his arms. It didn't last long as Naruto ran up the side of a small cliff then jumped up and landed on top before setting her down.

She looked forward to see a breathtaking site. They were facing a waterfall that emptied into a small lake and the sun's rays cast a orange glow all along the horizon. She turned to Naruto, expecting an explanation of why they were here.

"Well, when I reserved that restaurant spot, I reserved the waiter, not the seat. It cost a little bit more than usually but being able to spend time with my girls like this is worth it. I knew you didn't really like to be in a crowded place like you did in Kiri so I figured this would be a nice change in scenery for you."

Ameyuri smiled and kissed him "I love this. I never would have expected this from you, or anyone."

Naruto smiled "It's only just begun though."Then a man appeared in a full suit with a scroll in his hand.

He walked to Naruto and bowed "Your order sir."

Naruto took it and bowed his head a little "Thank you, you may go. You know where to go tomorrow right?" The man nodded his head before disappearing in a swirl of leaves. Naruto walked to the edge of the cliff before placing the scroll down and channeled a bit of chakra into it and stepped back. Then a cloud of smoke appeared from the scroll and once it disappeared it showed a beautifully set dinner table.

Naruto pulled out the chair on the right side "Your chair, madam."

Ameyuri smiled and sat down "Thank you, kind sir." Naruto nodded his head before walking around and sitting down himself. On the table was two large steaks, both had mashed potatoes, corn, garlic bread and tea to drink.

"I hope you do not mind me picking out your meal and drink" said Naruto as he started to eat.

"This is fine, I don't mind steak and sweet tea is amazing" said Ameyuri as she also started to eat her own food. Every so often they would feed each other or try to steal the others food but it was never a success for any side.

After finished the food Naruto resealed all the table items and sent a clone to the restaurant while he and Ameyuri sat on the edge of the cliff with their legs dangling off.

Ameyuri leaned on his shoulder "It's nice, being able to enjoy this time with you. But all things must come to an end and we might as well get going. Seeing as we are already surrounded you need to be a gentleman and take care of the lady."

Naruto sighed and shook his head "Yes Ame-chan." Naruto got up and turned around to see a squad of root anbu. Naruto smirked, six root agents were good practice for the second invention of his. It was no wear near as good as his other invention but it has its uses.

The middle agent charged while Naruto stood still, his left hand in his pocket and his right hand at his side. As the root member got close he drew his sword and swung at him only for Naruto to hold up his hand as a blade protruded from his wrist, stopping the swords movements. Before the root member could move Naruto spun the sword around and kicked the root members feet out from under him then slammed his blade into the root members head.

The next few minutes Ameyuri watched as Naruto took down all the root members using the strange weapon and horribly brutal techniques. They were brutal but, efficient so she had no quarrel with his new method of killing. The weapon he had seemed more like an assassination weapon but it worked well when confronted and used in quick rapid succession attacks.

Naruto ducked under a swing from the last root member's blade before disappearing and reappearing behind him. Then shoved the blade in the man's neck, paralyzing him then killing him as he sliced the head in half from the neck up. Naruto sighed before flicking his wrist back and the blade went back inside the jacket sleeve.

Ameyuri walked up to him "What weapon was that?"

"I call it a hidden blade. It is strapped to my wrist and the blade is under it while it comes out by pushing my hand upward. It has poison on the blade so even if I only stab them with no intent to kill they will still die after a while. If you want I can make you one and have a clone teach you the taijutsu for it while I am gone."

"That would be amazing! I love how that weapon works and the style is so brutal it reminds me of how the original swordsmen were besides you, Mangetsu, and I."

Naruto smiled "Good now hold on." Before Ameyuri could respond Naruto picked her up and disappeared in a white flash. (I will still say white flash but his disappearing is like Obito's Kamui except his whole body basically caves in.)


Mito was checking the seal on Hakai's stomach that kept her bloodline from killing her but still kept her alive. Her bloodline allowed her to be cut up anywhere or lose anything but her body would make another within the hour. However since it did that it also slowly killed her and she as she slowly died she became extremely sore to the point she had trouble moving but the seal stopped those effects. Mito nodded her head, the seal seemed ok and was holding up for the time being. She got up and let Hakai get up and move around to loosen up her stiff joints. As she was stretching they felt two chakra signatures appear behind them both turned to see Naruto holding Ameyuri in his arms.

"How was your night out? You two were not gone as long as I thought you would have been" said Mito.

"Well we just ate and had a little root trouble but decided to not say out long. I think since I have so much time I will take Hitome out so I can have the last two days to make sure my body is ok and my invention is working ok" said Naruto before he set down Ameyuri and walked off to his room. Once he arrived inside he placed his hand on the ground before a summoning seal appeared and a cloud of smoke appeared from it.

Naruto waited a few second for the cloud of smoke to disappear and as once it did he saw Hitome dressed in her usual outfit of a black Kimono with a golden obi holding it together.

"What did you need Naruto-kun?"

"Well I figured I would take you on a date to your favorite place." Before Naruto could react Hitome jumped on him and only by instinct did he tense up and catch her without falling over.

"Oh my Kami, yes! Let's go right now!" shouted Hitome as she hugged Naruto tightly. Naruto chuckled a bit before they disappeared in a white flash.


Hitome saw the area around her change from a room to an open meadow. She smiled before getting off Naruto and saw a large field of flowers, all different kinds and colors. She ran through them before laying on the ground then as she did four adult foxes and one baby fox came up to her. She giggled and played with the baby one in her hands before getting up and running around again as the foxes chased after her.

Naruto smiled before doing a large back flip to land on top of a branch on an extremely tall tree. The tree was easily the size of Hitome in her fox form or possibly larger and the leaves at the top were colored a beautiful crimson color, like Hitome's hair. Naruto sat down on the branch and leaned on the trunk of the tree while watching Hitome play around. He had done this in his mindscape before making this place for her when she was out of the seal and she could actually experience it. He used some seals to make the trees grow extremely fast along with the meadow and found a few fox families nearby and made a small den for them to live here.

Once they were introduced to Hitome they instantly loved one another, they acted like best friends yet they only knew one another for close to a year now. Naruto figured this place would be perfect for their date, let Hitome enjoy herself with her friends then spend some time together before going back. Naruto stayed up in the tree for close to thirty minutes before Hitome jumped up on the tree limb next to him.

"What's up?" asked Naruto as he stood up.

Hitome smiled and hugged him "Thank you for this. I know it's for our date and all but still, I love that I got to go here."

Naruto smiled and hugged her back "No problem at all, now what do you want to do? I know you don't need to eat but we can if you want."

"I just want to sit in the flowers and watch the clouds float by for a few hours, and then we can go" said Hitome. Naruto did not say anything; he only picked her up bridal style before jumping into the air and landing softly on the flowers thanks to applying wind chakra to his feet. Naruto let Hitome down and then laid down in the meadow and Hitome lay with her head almost touching his. Both never spoke the whole two hours they sat there, they only enjoyed each other's company and watched the clouds pass by.

As night fell they still lay there, now watching the stars and the one rare shooting star they saw. Eventually Naruto stood up and stretched before looking at Hitome and speaking.

"Well I think it's time we get back. It's almost ten and I would like to get some sleep since I have to train tomorrow and the day after that." Hitome nodded her head while stretching then got up and Naruto wrapped an arm around her waist before they disappeared in a flash of white.


Naruto appeared in the living room of the house and saw something he didn't expect to see. Everyone was standing there, along with Kakashi and they all looked either angry or worried. Hitome disappeared in a poof of smoke so Kakashi would not discover her so Naruto just walked up to the group and spoke.

"Hey guys, what's going on and where's Mito?"

"About that, she is sleeping in another room. Hakai and she had left to explore the forest seeing as they haven't left the house in forever. They had a squad of Anbu attack them right outside the gates, Mito sent Hakai inside while she fought them. By what Kakashi told us she had killed nine of the ten but the last one seemed to evade her every move. He could tell she was injured and stepped in to help but as soon as he did the anbu left. Kakashi did not follow, he helped Mito inside and she went to sleep. I just got back a few minutes ago so Hakai and Kakashi told me what happened" said Ameyuri.

Naruto looked to Kakashi "What will you do with this information, Kakashi?"

"I will say nothing only that whatever you do I shall support fully. I may not know you well but you were my sensei's son and I will do my best to make sure his son lives on no matter the cost. It may seems stupid but he was like a father to me and you are similar to a brother so I will make sure to help in any way I can."

"Thank you Kakashi, now please take me to Mito. I need to see the extent of her injuries" said Naruto. Ameyuri seemed to hesitate but walked down the hall and to a small room that looked similar to the one he had been in with the seals on the walls. There was a single bed, a hospital bed that sat in an empty room with Mito on it. Naruto got closer and moved the bed sheets down to see she had no clothes on her chest but the usual chest bindings to keep her breasts out of the way but the other stuff he saw made his anger spike. She had gashes and cuts everywhere, even a few burns on her hands and worst of all was a large gash on her stomach but it was wrapped so all he saw was the blood stain mark. He moved more of the sheets to see her white shorts but her legs were riddled with more gashes and cuts. Naruto clenched his teeth together as he put the sheets back on before walking back into the living room.

Naruto was about to speak but then he activated the creator's eye and looked to the right. He could see multiple figures moving towards them, a few he recognized as rouge ninja he had seen before but never fought. The group of about twenty was mainly rouge ninja but they did have four root anbu, Naruto guessed they were running low on men so they recruited some rouge ninja.

"Everyone, stay inside. I have some business with some men outside" said Naruto before he left the room and walked outside. The gate opened for him and shut as soon as he left the grounds and once the gate shut all of the ninja appeared around him. Naruto spotted the anbu that faced Mito instantly, he-no she had her armor cracked and her clothes seemed torn while she favored her left leg. Naruto knew she would still be a problem so it would be best to face her last. Naruto summoned oath keeper in his left hand and oblivion in his right before sliding into his stance. His left leg forward and slightly bent along with his left arm with Oathkeeper horizontal while his right leg was bent slightly and Oblivion faced the same way Oathkeeper did. (Think Neji's stance but bring his legs closer together and bent a little while the swords both face right. If you play assassin's creed black flag it is the same stance Edward Kenway takes when using his swords.)

Once Naruto had assumed his stance the rest of the group in the house stood on the roof and watched. They knew he could fight but they wanted to watch incase anything happened and they needed to step in. Hakai and Yugito almost regretted going up there because what they saw made them sick to their stomach. Naruto used extremely brutal moves to cause tons of pain to an attacker before killing them. Sometimes he would just cut them a few times before slitting their throats but other times he would hit their arm, then slash their leg almost in half before getting behind them and stabbing them in the chest while lifting them up, breaking their backs. This type of brutal tactics was what Naruto used the whole time and when one anbu charged him from behind Naruto jumped up and landed on his back before stabbing him with his hidden blades.

As numbers dwindled down Naruto swung oblivion in a wide arc, killing the last three rouge ninja of the group and one anbu who was to slow to react. Naruto faced forward and saw the remaining two anbu were standing side by side. Naruto waited a bit before the male anbu on the right charged him, but it was a foolish choice on his part. Before anyone could blink Naruto had slammed Oathkeeper sword right through the head of the anbu and impaled the ground below. Then he brought Oblivion up to block a sword strike from the female anbu member before she jumped back and went through hand signs.

She spoke nothing before breathing out a large fire dragon that went straight for Naruto. Naruto stood his ground as he raised Oathkeeper before it started to become covered in white flame like energy.

He held it above his head and spoke "Pierce through the darkness, Oathkeeper" then swung the blade down causing a large white arc of energy to shoot out at the anbu. The attack cut through the fire dragon and went faster than the anbu expected but she jumped back far enough to sustain only a small gash on her chest. Naruto ran at the anbu and as he neared her Oblivion disappeared in black flames before he swung at her with Oathkeeper and she parried the strike with her own blade. Naruto saw her eyes for a brief second and knew instantly why Mito had such a hard time with her, she had the Sharingan. Naruto did not know how nor did he care, all he knew was she could not leave here alive and the body needed to be burned.

Naruto jumped back a few feet before he disappeared faster than even the anbu could follow. Then she before she could react he appeared behind her and stabbed her through the chest with Oathkeeper. She gurgled blood for a few seconds before slumping over onto his sword. Naruto used a small fire jutsu to light her on fire and watched her body burn before he made a few seal less clones to clean up the bodies around the area.

Naruto let Oathkeeper disappear in white fire as he walked back into the house. The others watching him fight had returned to sitting down in the living room while Naruto walked up to the couch from behind and spoke.

"Did anyone check on Mito while I was gone?" Naruto usually wouldn't ask but his fight had taken him almost thirty minutes seeing as he had taken on so many and killed them one at a time.

Ameyuri stood and her eyes were blood shot "We watched you fight then I checked up on her. S-she won't make it t-through the night. I used some medical ninjutsu and saw she had put H-Hitome's chakra in her. I assume she wanted to be able to use it again, or at least some to fight better. It reacted badly and that is why I think she sustained those injuries because her body was not recovered from the ch-chakra injection." Naruto stayed silent before he walked to the room where Mito was while everyone else followed. Naruto walked up to her and examined her once more, she was paler than before and she seemed to be frailer than before as well.

Naruto sighed 'I didn't want to do this but I guess I have to. Since the other bijuu's chakra is out of me I can use Hitome's to heal me after this and I should be fine by morning, or I hope I will be. Let's just hope for her sake this works.'

Naruto turned to his group "I am going to use a method I learned recently to heal Mito and transfer a bit of Hitome's chakra into her. Do not interfere and do not worry, I should be fine by morning." Naruto did not wait for a reply, he turned back around before he presses his thumb into Mito's stomach wound and got a drop of blood on it before wiping it on the corner of his bottom lip.

"Awaken" said Naruto before her body was bathed in bright light. It stayed that way for no longer that a few seconds before the light disappeared to show an unharmed Mito. But Naruto did not stay idle, he placed his hand on her stomach as the same seal on his stomach appeared and a seal on his wrist lit up. Those who could see from where they stood watched as red chakra was excluded from the seal on his wrist to new seal on Mito's stomach and this continued for close to five minutes until the flow of chakra stopped. Naruto stood upright from his hunched position and looked over her body before nodding his head in approval. Then everyone heard something stir and looked at the bed to see Mito was waking up.

"Ugh what happened?" asked Mito as she sat up slowly. She could tell her whole body was sore but other than that she felt fine, but why? She sustained a lot of injuries in her fight, she should be injured or worse. She opened her eyes to see all of the house occupants plus a sliver haired man but the one closest to her made her heart sink. It was Naruto, now he didn't look mad or upset, he seemed happy but he was bleeding from the right side of his mouth and his right eye.

"Naruto, what happened!?" asked Mito as she sat up and checked him up and down. He didn't move at all and he seemed almost frozen in place besides where Mito moved him to check his body.

"Ah I'm fine, I just used the powers I told you about to heal you and gave you the excess chakra of Hitome I kept sealed away, so about five tails worth of it. I wish you would have told me about doing what you did, I could have helped more."

Mito ignored what he said about the chakra, she only focused on his injuries "What happened though? You're bleeding from your mouth and eye and I can't sense much energy from you at all." Once Mito had said he was bleeding the others at the door moved around the bed to see if it was true and it was, along with him looked extremely pale.

"I used something Makoto taught me that Raizel could do. It is called Awaken; it heals and unlocks hidden powers the recipient did not know one had. It takes a tremendous amount of energy to do it and I used most of my energy to do it so the seal I told you about stayed intact. I just need some sleep and so do you too, using awakening and transferring bijuu chakra is not something you just get up and walk around after. So follow me, it's time to get some sleep. Yugito if you want you can come as well. Ameyuri I will lay with you tomorrow, Kakashi pick any room you want, Hakai sleep well and if anything happens to your seal wake me. Goodnight everyone" said Naruto before he slowly walked with Mito to the door while Yugito stayed to the side of the duo incase either one fell over. They took a few minutes to get to the room and once they did Naruto laid down in the middle, Mito laid on his left side and Yugito laid on his right side before they let sleep overtake them.


Naruto sighed as he let the wind flow around him. He stood on top of the one of the tall trees that surrounded his house. Today was the last day he would experience this because after the events today he would be going home, to his real home in Uzu. Konoha was an ok place with how it looked but the system was corrupt and falling apart. The hokage never did anything, hell he fought all the time in the forest and yet sent no one to investigate. The village security was so lax he had told Tayuya to meet him on this tree and he could sense she encountered almost no one on her way here, straight through the village. When he created the Uzushiogakure he would make sure that every measure possible was taken to protect his home. The whirlpools would be set larger and have men standing guard while having a type of force field that protected his home that could keep out intruders and keep villagers inside but letting shinobi out. He had high hopes for his village and he hoped they would come to be true so his mother's and wife's home would be even greater than it once was. Naruto had to cut his idea's short as he saw Tayuya appear in front of him but barley dodged a kunai aimed at his head.

"That is for putting that note where you did" said Tayuya as a blush slowly formed on her face.

"Haha sorry, I wanted to mess with you a bit, it means nothing I promise. Now, you know the plan correct? I will fight Orochimaru and as he retreats we will leave as well, meet here, and then take off. You won't have long to rest so be prepared to take off once you get here, understand?"

"Yeah, I will cast a few genjutsu along the way and around the house to throw anyone off our trail for a bit if someone decides to follow."

"Good, now get going. Orochimaru will be wondering where you are soon. Remember don't act any different, attack anyone not in that house so Kakashi, Yugito, and Ameyuri will be at the exams and off limits."

"Got it, see ya" said Tayuya before jumped off towards the village. Naruto sighed before jumping down to see all the house occupants at the gate.

"So Mito and Hakai will stay here and seal everything up while Ameyuri, Yugito, Kakashi and I go to the exams correct?" asked Naruto getting a nod from everyone.

"Ok good, if you girls need anything the waiter from before will be staying outside, just whistle a quick high note and he will appear. Let's go girls, we need to get there before it starts in like five minutes." Mito and Hakai walked back inside while the other four took off towards the exams.

"Hey Kakashi, weren't you supposed to be training the Uchiha?" asked Naruto as they ran to the stadium.

"It's a clone of me teaching him, I wanted to stop by towards the end of the month break and see what you were up to and I'm glad I did. So the plan stays the same as how we talked about it? I will help take out sound and sand ninja while Ameyuri and Yugito take on Gaara and you take on Orochimaru."

"Yes, after Orochimaru leaves we will group up at the house before taking off. I have a few friends of mine meeting up with us along the way to join Uzu. Now remember, act normal and don't do anything stupid. Yugito, I have already had a clone speak to the Raikage about what is going on so no need to worry about him because as of a week ago he is an ally of Uzushiogakure. All it took was a quite demonstration of strength and my problems were solved. Now be ready everyone and best of luck" said Naruto before Kakashi separated from the group while the others jumped into the small box that held the genin contestants.

Right as they landed a mad with brown hair and a senbon in his mouth spoke "Alright, rules are the same as the preliminaries genin. Try to go for knockout blows and if I deem fit I can stop the match and call a winner. I need Ameyuri Ringo and Yugito Nii to please come down to the arena for their match." Both girls jumped down and took up spots on either side of the arena.

"Are you both ready?" and both girls nodded their heads.

"Begin!" shouted Genmma before jumped back to avoid any attacks.

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