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Afterward about 2 years later…

Maki was sitting at one of the table in the diner flipping through a magazine when Nowaki and Hiroki walked through the door.

"Oh, hey!" she shot up from her sit and ran over to the door, tackling them both with hugs. "How are you two? Come sit."

"I would but I have to run to the restroom real fast." Hiroki smiled as he started to walk away.

"You know where it is. So Nowaki come sit. You have to tell about the honeymoon." Maki grabbed Nowaki's arm and dragged to a table. "Come on, tell me, tell me! You got tan."

"Yeah. I think Hiro-san did too. The honeymoon was really good. Kauai is really nice."

"I wouldn't doubt it. What did you do there?"

Nowaki sighed, "Besides going to the beach almost every day? We went… tubing down a river and through caves…"

Hiroki came back and sat down next to Nowaki with a sigh. "What are we talking about?"

"I was just telling Maki about our trip and what we did." Nowaki stretched his arm out and rested it on Hiroki's shoulders.

"Oh did you tell her about the plane ride there and back?"

"Not yet."

"What happened?" Maki leaned in closer to hear the story.

Nowaki ran a hand through his hair, "The plane to and back Kauai weren't the best. The plane ride there was supposed to be at least 8 hours long. Well this was probably 10 and a half."


"Cause we spent about two to three hours sitting at the gate. There were a lot of problems. First it was strong winds from a storm so we couldn't take off. Then sense the storm wasn't clearing up that much they had to find another route. They found one but then we were too 'heavy' to fly so they defueled and refuel. When they when done with that the sensor on the door to the fuel was messed up."

"Wow. That's ridiculous."

"Yeah. You're telling me. On the plane ride back we were pulling out onto the runway and the plane completely shut down."

Maki looked at Nowaki with complete disbelief. "What?"

Hiroki nodded, "Totally shut down. The lights, jets, everything."

Hiroki yawned and rested his head on Nowaki's shoulder. "Are we going to leave soon? I could really pass out right about now."

Nowaki smiled, "Well, I-"

Maki interrupted, "You know what I'm going to be busy with customers all night so I will defiantly talk to you two later."

About a year later…

Nowaki opened the door to his apartment to see a slightly worried Maki.

"I came over as fast as I could. What's wrong?"

"What do you mean?"

Maki walked in, "You texted me saying to come over now. I thought you were in trouble."

Nowaki smiled and closed the door. "Oh, no. We have to ask you something and we couldn't wait."

"What did you have to talk about that couldn't be said over the phone?"

Nowaki grabbed her by the arm and leaf her to the kitchen table. "Please sit."

Maki gave Nowaki a suspicious look as she sat down. Hiroki walked in and sat down across the table from her. Nowaki sat down next to him.

"What is this about?" Maki sat back in her seat and crossed her arms.

"Well we have been talking and," Nowaki and Hiroki looked at each other, "we know we only got back married a year ago but… we want a kid. And we were going to ask you if you wanted to be our surrogate?"

About 5 years later…

Nowaki and Hiroki walked down the sidewalk as they both swung their arms back and forth. In between them, holding onto their hands being swung, was a little girl.

She was the perfect height for her age and wore a kindergarten uniform. She had bright blue eyes and dark brown hair. She giggled as she was being swung back and forth.

When they reached the school Hiroki knelt down and gave her a hug. "Have a great day."

She clung onto Hiroki for a while before Nowaki pulled her off to say bye. The teacher came out to greet all three of them.

Nowaki put her down but she didn't want to let go.

"Ayane, it's okay. We'll pick you up after school."

Ayane slowly walked to the teacher's side and looked back waved to them.

Hiroki and Nowaki waited 'til she was in the school to leave. As they walked home Nowaki could tell that Hiroki was worried about leaving Ayane alone at school.

"She'll be fine. She's at a good school."

"I know but just I… I don't know."

"Hiro-san it's natural to feel that way." Nowaki put his arm around Hiroki and pulled him in close. "The thing I worry about is when she gets her first boyfriend."

"Oh stop. I don't even want to think about that right now."

"But I will feel kinda bad for the guy because then he has to deal with two protective dads."

Hiroki laughed, "Yeah, that's going to be fun."