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~ Normal ~

"Here's your usual, Agent Gibbs." Said the young man as he handed over the cup of hot coffee.

"Thanks Phillip. Have a nice day." Gibbs said as he took the beverage stuff the bill into the tip jar.

"Right back at you, sir." Yelled the young man from behind his coffee stand.

Walking toward the the building he noticed Tony and Abby walking up toward the entrance. It looked like they would enter before him but Abby dropped something from her purse causing them to stop just out side the door. Taking another drink of his coffee he walked up behind them just as Abby stuffed her shattered cell phone back into her purse.

"Hey, L.J." Tony said in acknowledgment.

"Hey, Tony." Gibbs responded unaware that Abby hurried ahead of them to catch the elevator.

She tried to hurry but the doors shut before she could get there.

"Oh, come on!" She yelled at the closed doors.

Tony and Gibbs walked up next to her.

"Abby?" Gibbs said clearly with concern in his voice.

"Hey, Jethro." She said her attention still focused on the doors.

Tony notice the worried look on Gibbs face. Placing an assuring hand on Gibbs shoulder he started to explain.

"She finally remembered that she didn't lock up Burt for the weekend." Tony said trying to keep from laughing. Scared that Abby might go paternal over her treasured hippo.


The elevator doors weren't completely open yet but Abby was already inside tapping on the button that would take them to the squad room. The agents made their way past Abby and stood patiently until the doors closed.

Abby leaned against wall beside Gibbs who couldn't help but ask.

"Abbs, don't you usually take 'him' home over the weekend?"

"After all the cases last week I completely forgot him. I must have been really tired because I left him all alone and I didn't even remember, until a few minutes ago." She said quickly.

Gibbs couldn't hold back a chuckle that made her look at him.

"What?" She asked.

"It's not like he's going to walk away or miss you."

Abby walked directly in front of Gibbs that made Tonys jaw drop. Staring at him face to face with her hands firmly on her hips she tilted her head as if to enter his mind somehow.

"Leroy. Jethro. Gibbs. That's not funny." She said sternly.

"I'm just sayin-" He tried to defend himself.

"Burt knows things. He knows I love him and knows everything that goes on in my lab. I miss him and and misses me, the same way I missed you when you quit... and DiNozzo close your mouth." She said taking her hand from her hip and pointing a finger directly at Tonys' dropped jaw.

"I'm sorry, Abbs." Gibbs said softly trying his hardest not to smile.

"Normally, I don't like it when you break your own rules but for Burt I'll make an exception." Abby said just as the elevator doors dinged.

Abby started to head out of the elevators while Gibbs and Tony stood quietly until they were sure it was safe to move.

"Morning Abby." McGee said from his desk.

"Hey, Tim." She said walking pass him.

Tony made his way to his computer ready to check his emails and clear a few tasks before the day starts. Gibbs took of his coat and draped over his chair and sat down to do the same thing DiNozzo was doing. Opening his account he was about to read his first mail when he noticed Abby was standing next to him. Looking up at her a bit confused he was just about ask what it was that she wanted when she spoke.

"What are you doing?"

"Working." He told her.

"Not until you say you're sorry." She said seriously.

Gibbs started to smile and looked in DiNozzo's direction who just chuckled and kept typing.

"You tell him I was sorry." He said looking up at her.

Timothy stopped his work and peeked over to this boss' desk oblivious to what they were talking about.

"Nope. Come on Agent Gibbs." Abby said as she pulled Gibbs out of his chair and back toward the elevator to her lab.

He didn't try to fight her because he knew no matter what she would always get what she wanted.

Ziva walked into the squad room catching a glimpse of Abby dragging Gibbs off.

"Oh no, what did Gibbs do?" She asked.

Tony couldn't help but laugh that everyone knew Abby too well.

"Well, boss man laughed about Abby forgetting Burt here over the weekend and now she's taking him to go apologize to her hippo." Tony said still chuckling.

McGee shook his head "Only Abby could make Gibbs talk to a stuff animal."

"Oh Burt!" Abby yelled as she picked him up.

Gibbs stood quietly at the glass sliding door entrance.

Abby hugged him and proceeded to walk over to Gibbs. "Burt, daddy has something to say to you." She said beaming up at Gibbs.

Gibbs couldn't hold back his rare smile hearing what Abby said. "Daddy?" He asked.

"I will hurt you if you don't accept him as yours." She warned.

Gibbs chuckled. "Who's the mom?"

"That's classified." She smiled while batting her eyes at him. "He's waiting Gibbs." She said holding out Burt to Gibbs.

Swallowing down the urge to keep asking questions he took Burt from her and held him up to his face.

"Burt." He said momentarily looking at Abby who was biting her bottom lip. "I'm sorry for what... daddy said and I'm sorry that mommy had to hear it." He said as he nodded and handed him back to Abby.

Abby happily took him and leaned up and kissed Gibbs' cheek.

"Awe. you're a good father." She said.

Gibbs stood there smiling shaking his head and started to leave her lab. Abby put Burt back where he usually sits and watch Gibbs head out of her lab. Just as he was going to walk out he couldn't help but tease her, stopping he turned around not hearing the elevator ding behind him.

"Hey, Abbs." He called out.

"Yeah?" She said as she put on her lab coat.

"When did we make our son?" He said leaning against the door frame.

She couldn't help but smile. Enjoying this too much she couldn't help but keep this going.

"You should know you were there and you loved every second of it."

He smirked at her remark. "Hmm, you never forgot it too I see." He teased.

"I think I'll come back later." Said a voice behind Gibbs.

Abby watched as her friend Carol came walking in.

"Hey, Carol!" She said happily.

Carol smiled at Abby and smiled at Gibbs who smiled back at her.

"Hey, very hot agent Gibbs." She greeted him.

"Hi, Carol." He said as he left the women in the lab.

Carol watched Gibbs enter the elevator and couldn't help but notice him smiling as the doors closed. Turning her attention back to her blushing friend she couldn't help but make an observation.

"I see some chemistry happening in the lab today." Carol teased.

Abby walked up to her friend. "and you'd be wrong, Carol." She said before hugging her.

"No, that was some definite chemistry there. I know you talk about him a lot and now my suspicions have been-"

"Your suspicions? What? You thought I liked Gibbs?" Abby interrupted.

"No. Not like I mean have the freaking hots for." Carol persisted.

Abby shook her head. "No, we were just teasing and what you saw was normal."

"Right, normal that you're talking about making a baby with your boss. Normal, that you tell him he loved every second of it." She pushed on.

"It is normal and for your information we weren't talking about making a baby. We were poking fun at the fact I call him a daddy to Burt." She tried defending herself.

"Mmm hmm, Abby you want him admit it." Carol said bluntly.

"Carol, we're just friends and we were teasing that's all."

"Okay, well if you won't take him off the market I just might." She teased.

Abby burst into laughter.

"Hey, you won't be laughing when you show up at his house and find me wearing his red hoodie and dog tags around my neck."

Abby covered her face. "Oh My GOD, Carol! Stop!"

Carol let it drop for now but she was sure that what she saw between them was pure chemistry and either both of them didn't notice or they were too scared to let the other know about their feelings. If they didn't do anything about it she was going to, she thought to herself. If anyone deserved happiness it was her best friend and she knew what was normal for them was definitely not normal in her eyes.


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