Ok, so there's a summary of an episode from "Once Upon a Time" in here. If you're overly sensative to spoilers, just remember that no one's making you read this but yourself.

Hoggish Greedly was pigging out as usual; another scheme had been formed and was to be put into action. Sitting at the kitchen table, he scarfed down his celebratory feast, happy as a pig in mud. He was going to celebrate later with more food.

That was not the only exciting event to occur the next day. His son, Hoggish Greedly Junior, was going to his prom. Greedly took his sons prom night almost more seriously than his new scheme. He had his suit at the cleaners and paid the most he could for the limousine.


"Yeah boss? Yip yip!"

"Get me those damn blueprints already!" Pieces of pasta flew out his teeth.

His buck-toothed lackie walked into the kitchen with a blue scroll. Greedly grinned as the scroll unrolled. Drawn in white was a drill like device hundreds of feet below the ocean ground. He turned his head to the only non-edible object at the table and picked it up.

"Just one push of a button and the whole Gulf is KABOOM!"

The hog started laughing intoxicatingly when his front door boomed opened, then bombed closed.

"Rigger, you better have picked up his tux from the laundry place already." Greedly remembered.

"No point anymore, Pop." Junior huffed as he entered the kitchen. "I'm not going anymore." He threw his backpack to the pink tiled floor.

"What do ya mean 'not going!' You paid for your tickets and I already paid for your tux and limo! And there are no refunds on any of them!"

Hoggish Greedly Junior was not popular at school. He was constantly bullied and nobody popular wanted to be seen with him. One reason was his fathers reputation and the fact that they were literally "Piggish." To have a girlfriend he could take to the dance in the first place was a miracle to his dad, even if she was from a different school.

"Madison dumped me!"

Greedly sighed as if that wasn't a good excuse. "Then go alone," was his uncomforting reply.

"Are you serious dad? I'm the biggest loser at school! If I don't have a date, it will be the worst night of my life!" Like most teens, Junior ventured towards the fridge.

"Why don't you find him a date, boss." Rigger suggested.

"Shut up Rigger, I'm thinking." Greedly snorted. "Hey. How about I find you a date, Junior?"

"Prom is tomorrow, Pop."

"Don't underestimate me boy. You will have a date, I promise you. Just tell me what kind of lady you like and I'll get her."

"Yeah, a nice lady! Yip yip!"

"So whadoyou like?"

Junior was silent, reluctant at what his dad was doing for him. But if he were to go to this dance, he had to have a partner. None of his few friends were going since they were the type who considered the dance to be a waste of time.

As Greedly was thinking, his eyes wandered on the blueprint. The drawing of the drill sparked a new idea. "Junior, I'm going to get you the best prom date ever."

"So now Belle has amnesia and is scared of Mr. Gold."

"Uh huh."

"And that guy who drove into Storybrooke, we still don't know who he is. Chances are he is not a fairy tale character."


"And I don't think they explained yet how Dr. Frankenstein got sucked into the curse."

"I know, when I found out he was Frankenstein, I was thinking 'wait a minute'."

"Da, they must explain that. I hate it when good TV shows stop airing new episodes in the middle of the season. At least we don't have to wait until September like Wheeler does."

The girls sat on the shore of the beach, letting the waves creep under them. They were discussing Linka's favorite TV show iOnce Upon a Time/i, which left off on a huge cliffhanger.

"So, have you been watching Revenge?" Gi asked. That was her favorite show. Linka shook her head.

"I prefer Once." she said. "Revenge just... there's too much reality."

Suddenly, a soccer ball came flying at the girls. Gi threw herself back, letting the ball barely hit the tip of her nose. Linkas nose however, was not so lucky.

"Ou!" she growled, covering up her nose. Ma-Ti, who kicked the ball, ran over guitily.

"I'm so sorry Linka! Are you ok?"

Linka sniffed. "I'll live." she told him. Linka removed her hand from her nose to see it was bleeding.

"I'll go get a tampon." said Gi. Ma-Ti looked towards her confused. Even though he was now fully grown, he didn't know much about how women took care of themselves differently from men. "It'll stop the bleeding."

"Woah, is she ok?" Wheeler walked towards them. Linka looked away after realizing he had no shirt on.

"I'm ok. It was an accident."

"Well Ma-Ti, I guess you are getting tougher."

"I guess I don't know my own strength."

Linka sat up, covering her nose again and heading towards the girls cabins. She hoped, since Gi was getting a tampon, that they didn't follow her.

"Here!" Gi came running out with a tampon. Then she noticed the guys. "You guys don't want to see this."

"What's so bad about it?" Ma-Ti questioned. Wheeler slinked an arm around him.

"I'll tell you later, little buddy." He turned Ma-Ti away.

"You still have to call me little?"

"Of course I do."

Linka shrugged and accepted the tampon. Gi opened the door to her cabin and Linka slinked in.

"Ok, when I first saw that movie, I didn't think this would actually work."

Linka chuckled. "Well they are designed to absorb blood."

"Good thing Wheeler didn't see." Gi plopped herself on the couch.

"Good thing no guy saw." Linka corrected. "That really hurt. I think I might have some sand in my mouth." Linka walked into the restroom, flipped the switch, and filled the glass by the sink with water.

Then a purple aura appared to the girls. "I need you both at the Crystal Chamber."

"It looks like Greedly is at it again." Gaia shook her head. The monitor in front showed his pink helicopter, a giant drill hanging from it. "He's at the Gulf of Mexico currently inserting a drill into the center. If that drill gets too deep, we'll have another oil spill. Get there, and get it out."

"Not so fast!" And image of the interior of the helicopter came into the screen as the five turned to run. Greedly's face took more than half the picture. Some of the guys jumped back when Greedly popped up on the screen like a screamer. "There's more!"

"What do you mean by more?" Gaia questioned nervously.

"Well you're all going to want to pay close attention to this. Especially you, Blonde!"

"Why is that?" Linka asked. Wheeler hung his arm around her.

"Yeah Greedly, why is that?" he repeated. Linka crossed her arms and muttered her phrase of annoyance.

"Because every move you make will be crucial. That drill will go off unless you go through with my instructions."

"And why just me in particular?" she questioned again.

"You remember my son Junior."

The stomach acid in her system swirled a little. "The one you almost killed with your Road Hog scheme? Of course."

A rectangle formed in the right hand corner, showing a teenage boys room. Junior was sitting in front of his computer. Linka tried not to pop her eyes at how huge he got. "Bozhe moy."

"He certainly got big." Gi muttered to Kwame.

"Puberty did not do him good." Wheeler muttered, failing to hide his cheeky smile.

"Junior, you there?"


"Alright blonde. Here's where you come in."

"Bozhe moy." She muttered again, her eyes widening completely. Her esophagus twisted.

"Junior's prom is tomorrow. His date bailed on him, so you're going with him."