"Woah, slow down." Wheeler cut in, bringing Linka closer to him. "What's that?"

"She's going to the prom with my son, Bacon Brain!"

"Vhat's prom?" Linka questioned to Wheeler. It didn't sound that bad by the innocence of the word.

"It's a school dance." Wheeler explained. "And that's up to her, Fatass. She can make her own decisions!"

"If she refuses, I will turn this drill on. And then you'll have a bigger problem on your hands."

Linka sighed. Everyone in the room grew tense. They must have been thinking the same thing. Why wouldn't Greedly just set it off then? He wasn't the kind of bad guy who played games.

"I have to." She told him.

"You're giving in like that?"

"I have no other choice Wheeler!" she barked, annoyed with his protection over her. "I'll go to this prom with him. Just, tell me when and where."

"Don't tell me. Let him ask you. Junior… And you Pyro, hands off her!"

He refused but Linka pulled herself out of him. The awkward spawn of the hog cleared his throat. Linka began to feel uneasy, wishing that she didn't split from Wheeler. Their incident may have been years ago but she was still not ok at the thought of him.


Well at least he didn't call her 'doll'.

"Will you go to my prom with me?"

Her friends could see the terror under her skin. Her Adams apple seemed to double in size.

The next eight words were like poison on her tongue.

"Yes, I'll go to your prom with you."

"Louder girl, I can't hear you!"

"I said I'll go to the prom!" she snapped impatiently.

"Good. I expect you to be at my place tomorrow at six."

The screen blacked out, as did the Russian Planeteer.

After she woke up from her mini-coma, Linka asked what happened. Gi told her she was going to be Greedly Juniors prom date. She had hoped that she passed out first, dreamed that Junior asked her to his prom, and then woke up. It just had to be a bad dream.

After he gassed Goodair's room where they were contained, Linka recalled being grabbed and hauled out. The smog in her lungs kept her from trying to jump off. That was when she was forced into his car and taken on the worst ride ever. And to think his near death experience would help her forgive him. Maybe he did change, but Linka wasn't curious enough to find out in person.

The Soviet sighed as Wheeler pulled in front of the Greedlys residence. "Yep, this is their place alright," he said speculating at the pink pig house.

"Vhy didn't ve assume that the house looked like a pigs head?"

"Because normal people live here too." All the other houses in the complex were built the way Florida houses were supposed the look. "By the way Babe… you look great." Though he was really hoping she "forgot" to shave her armpits.

Linka's dress completely exposed her back but covered her shoulders. It was the same color as her ring, which she hid in her clutch bag to put on later. She was thinking about calling Bjork before ask if she could borrow her swan dress. The idea of her walking into the Greedly's house with that dress hiding under a trench coat made her smile almost. She pictured how Greedly's face would change as she threw it off for pictures.

Linka turned over to the window next to the front door and saw Greedly standing there like an unimpressed drill sergeant.

"Wish me luck. I'm going to need it." she stepped off the Eco-Cycle and gave him her helmet. Her blonde hair fell down, for once hanging freely.

"Remember, don't let that little piglett touch you."

She turned on her heels. "Wheeler, I am a big girl. I've got this. No get to the others and find that drill."

"Alright." He revved the engine. "Have a wonderful night Babe!"

Linka turned around again and stuck up her middle finger. Wheeler just laughed. The Eco-Cycle circled out of the driveway and down the street.

She sighed again and walked to the front doors, ready to take in whatever Greedly was going to say.

"What the hell took you so long?"

"You told me to be here at six. It's six o' one." She argued. "So let's go over this deal again. I play your game, help Junior have a good prom, and you won't set that drill off."

"Don't get smart with me." He jabbed her collarbone. "Now here are some ground rules, blonde; One, do as he says. If he tells you to kiss him, you kiss him. Got it Eco-Brat?"

Linka swallowed. "Uh… did he not tell you about our little car ride?" she asked as she checked the area for bruises. "Because if not, you might vant to have a word with him about that."

"I know what he did." Greedly snarled. "I saw him drag you to his car."

Linka scowled and shook her head. "You are unbelievable." She wondered where Junior's mother was. Probably she left years ago, Linka concluded. "Excuse me, where's the bathroom?"

"First room down the hall to the right."

Linka grasped her clutch bag and rushed over to the restroom. Unsurprisingly, the walls had pink striped wallpaper with pigs. The whole house was pink with pigs. If the theme to the dance had anything to do with pigs or the color pink, she thought she'd lose her temper.

She gazed into the glass on the wall to see the nerves in her face were visible like veins. She checked on the zit hiding under her eyebrow to see if it got any smaller. For all the places she traveled to, it was a miracle that it was the only worrisome facial flaw she had.

Her bag snapped open and she inspected all the contents; her phone, ring, pepper spray and straws were still in place. The pepper spray and straws were probably not necessary, but with what happened before she could not be too careful.

Outside the restroom, she heard footsteps ascending down the stairs. Linka froze nervously.

"Where is she?"

"She went to the bathroom. Women." His father snorted.

"I'll be out in a minute!" she called.

"Shit women say." Greedly snorted.

"I mean it!" she hollered. "Give me one second!" then she realized that was just another line women used to build time. "I got hit in the nose with a soccer ball yesterday before you called!" She didn't know why she was telling them this, for they mot likely didn't care.

With one deep breath, she was out the door. Linka secretly prayed that one of her shoes would snap an ankle.