Dr Who Meets

Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy

The Heart of gold recieved something mysterious. '' We have a visitor'' said the computer. It was the TARDIS. ''Ok bring them in.'' said Zaphod. The Docter and Harry Sullivan entered the ship. ''Hey it's you docter what's up!'' yelled Zaphod. ''I'm here to see you Zaphod to bring you back.'' said the Docter. ''Who is this?'' said Arthur. ''This is an old freind of mine.'' Said Zaphod. ''You see Zaphod here is a timelord.'' said the Docter. ''I didn't know you're a timelord?'' said Trillian. ''I lived on the planet of Gallifrey. The Doctor and I went to school together. He succeeded of becoming a Doctor but I failed.'' Said Zaphod. ''Doctor we're reciveing a nearby ship.'' Said Henry. The ship was a Volgon ship. ''Quickly push the impossibility drive!'' Yelled Zaphod. They ended up being at the end of the universe. ''Hey are you guys hungry?'' Said Zaphod. The crew responded yes. ''Let's eat at Milliways.'' The crew went into Milliways and ate. Meanwhile Douglas Adams in the afterlife is reading this fanfiction and saying. ''Wow this is pathetic.''