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The night of the two little girls went by gently and easily. Alicia was able to sleep and dream easily being serenaded by her mother's gentle lullaby, and Kylee had her own little method of sleep that was calm and simple, but towards the middle of the night, her sleep and dreams were interrupted.

(Floccesy Town Pokémon Center – Alicia and Kylee's Room – 2:30 AM)

The room was quiet and gentle, the only light coming in was that of the moon, but as time grew and past, a shadow took form and shined into the room from the large window that was at the end of the room. While the shadow had formed along the very center of the room, it started drifting towards Kylee. As it got closer she started to shake and whimper, cradling and holding her Tepig tight. Once it was fully over her a thick and dark smoke cloud formed over her while deep red eyes seemed to glare at her.

"The Sire heir… That Wench of a princess escaped my grasp because of those damned knights of hers… but I will not lose my chance with her brat of a daughter… I'll get my revenge… and I'll do it by making her 'sweet precious adorable' daughter suffer…" an eerie and sinister voice said with a whisper as it echoed through the whole land. As the voice faded away the smoke lowered and hovered closer to Kylee, a little of it wafting by her nose and into her system as she quickly grew pale and began to squirm in her bed. Her breath becoming harsh and quick as she broke out in a cold sweat, her shaking became much harsher as rolled around in her bed.

"n-no… p-please d-don't g-go…" Kylee muttered as large streams of tears rolled down her cheeks. She continued like this for awhile as she continued to squirm around, it wasn't long before her Tepig quickly became aware and tried his hardest to wake up his young trainer. As the young Fire Pig Pokémon tried everything he could the cloud faded away as a shadow that mirrored the Pitch-Black Pokémon appeared and quickly faded. Once both dark images were gone Kylee quickly shot awake scared out her mind and shaking hard curled up tight. "I-I… I n-never have n-nightmares… at l-least n-none as real as th-that…" As he mind started to regain focus she quickly checked herself over to see if what she had seen had really happened. She was prepared to breathe a deep sigh of relief but that had stopped when she suddenly felt a sharp piercing pain and gave out a loud cry from the pain.

The cry was loud enough that it shot Alicia awake in a quick and sudden frantic instant. "What the, Kylee what's wrong?!" Alicia said panicked as she hurried over to her friend, she was about to touch the arm that Kylee was holding but she stopped as he eyes widened at the first sight she caught. The young Sire's right arm around her shoulder and upper arm was growing damp, but as she looked down her arm, she saw it, the scarlet red fluid that runs through every living being's body, blood.

The two girls rushed to the bathroom and got the pajama top off to show three scratch marks on Kylee's arm. They were a lot like claw marks in form, but they had been deep. Both of the young trainers were scared out of their minds. Kylee couldn't stop herself from crying while Alicia was on the verge of tears at the fear that she couldn't help her friend, as the issues got worse Alicia sprang to action trying to do everything that she could.

"D-Daddy t-taught me about this… I know h-he did… f-first… stop the b-bleeding…" Alicia muttered to herself as she gently touched Kylee's arm but panicked when Kylee let out a yelp and cry of pain. She couldn't hold her tears back anymore; as they fell she started to shake becoming even more scared. "What if I h-hurt her m-more…? Wh-What if I m-make things w-worse…?"

"A-Alicia…" Kylee said with a whimper as she gently took Alicia's hand. Alicia instantly snapped from her thoughts and looked to Kylee with tears falling. "I-I'm s-sorry for s-scaring you… p-please d-don't panic… I know you can do this… M-Mama and P-Papa t-told me about your p-parents… they're v-very smart people… if th-they were ever face w-with something like this th-they'd know instantly wh-what to do… I'm c-certain they t-taught you m-medical t-too… r-right…?"

"Th-They d-did… but n-nothing for something this s-serious…" Alicia said with a whimper as she started getting more scared, but as she held Kylee's hand tight her own started to glow.

"Don't b-be scared… I know you c-can do it… I b-believe in y-you…" Kylee said putting on a small smile through her sniffles and tears. This gave Alicia just enough confidence, she went through her bag and pulled some medical cotton padding out and carefully applied it to the wounds to suppress the bleeding while not noticing a small glow around the wounds.

"K-Kylee, please hold the padding with your other hand while I get the b-bandage…" Alicia said calmly. Kylee gave a gentle nod and applied pressure on the padding while trying to suppress the surge of pain. It took only a quick moment for Alicia to pull the bandage roll from her bag and start applying it to Kylee's arm. After another moment the bandage was fully applied and tied off putting pressure down. A little red from the blood began to show but it only got that far. "Th-There…"

"Th-Thank you A-Alicia…" Kylee said through soft sobs as she hugged Alicia tightly crying into her shoulder. Alicia returned the hug trying to comfort her friend.

"Kylee… h-how did you get h-hurt…?" Alicia asked becoming worried.

"I don't kn-know… I h-had a n-nightmare but it w-wasn't like any n-normal nightmare that I-I've had… it was s-so real… before I w-woke up, something attacked me… it h-hurt my arm leaving the three marks… I was so scared… I w-was all alone…" Kylee said whimpering as her tears started growing again.

"You won't ever be alone Kylee… I promise…" Alicia said as she comforted her friend. "Let's get you cleaned up and then back to bed…"

"Okay… thank you for everything Alicia…" Kylee said as she started taking several deep breathes to calm down. Once calm, Kylee started cleaning the blood from her arm before putting another pajama top on, but as she walked back to the room, a faint red appeared on her face. "A-Alicia…?"

"What is it Kylee…?" Alicia asked as she got ready in her bed.

"Um… c-could… could I lay in b-bed with y-you…?" Kylee asked as she grew a deep red.

Alicia grew her own soft shade, but just gave a soft giggle. "Sure, Tepig can join too." Alicia said calmly as she shifted towards a different side so that Kylee could lie on her left side and not hurt her right arm more.

"Thank you…" Kylee said keeping her deep red color as she walked over to Alicia's bed and laid down beside her while Tepig jumped over snuggled up into Kylee's arms. "I'm sorry if this is a bit odd…"

"Don't worry," Alicia said with a smile as she pulled the blankets up over her and Kylee after her Flamolf snuggled up into her arms. "When my whole family was living together, I would take Ethan to my room whenever he was crying and scared and I'd lay him down with me so he wouldn't be alone."

"You're a fantastic big sister Alicia," Kylee said with a smile as she nuzzled her Tepig before slowly falling asleep.

"Thank you Kylee…" Alicia whispered as she smiled shifting close to Kylee nuzzling her Embolf before falling back to sleep.

The two young trainers slept calmly through the remainder of the night with no further issues. But while Alicia had calm and simple dreams, Kylee was somewhat scared and worried that those nightmares would return. But even though she feared the return of the nightmare that had haunted her this night, she found solace and a peace when she nuzzled up to Alicia and felt her warm embrace while Tepig and Flamolf slept at the feet of their trainers after crawling out of their trainers hold.. The night flowed smoothly through with no issues. Both of our young Heroines were able to receive a peaceful night's sleep.

Day had slowly come and there were very few issues in the start of the day. After both getting their hygiene done through and Kylee's bandage looked after, they both settled on a decent breakfast with a bit of TV. The only real thing that caught their interest was a news story about a pair of people seen at random with a group of monkey based Pokémon around them. Curious, the girls decided to keep their eyes open, but they figured they wouldn't get their chance as easy as they thought they would.

As the day went on and around, they continued to look around for the EX champion, but he wasn't anywhere around, so the young trainers had come across a Unova original concept: The Battle Club.

(Floccesy Town – Pokémon Battle Club – 1:00 PM)

"What is this place?" Alicia asked as she and Kylee walked around the foyer of the large building. Different sounds could be heard all over the building. They all could be easily noted as Pokémon Battles.

"It's called the Battle Club Alicia, it's a place where trainers can come and train their Pokémon. It'll be fun to practice here before going back to challenge that Gym Leader Bianca told us about." Kylee said keeping an upbeat manor. "Mommy and Daddy took me to once once to see Aunt Hope train; it was so cool seeing everyone in action and battling together!"

"Alright, let's see if we can get things ready." Alicia said as she looked around the room.

"Excuse me little ladies, may I be of help to you two?" a large man said as he walked over to Alicia and Kylee. When the two girls turned to the man they say that he had a decently dark skin, a brown pair of eyes, short brown hair and a slightly bushy mustache, he was wearing a martial arts uniform that was mainly a dark grey, but it had a dark blue detail.

"Hello, I'm Alicia, and this is Kylee, we were hoping to get some training done." Alicia said smiling.

"Well of course, I'm Don George, the head of this Battle Club. I'll help you two get ready and settled." Don George said with a chuckle as he lead the two towards a computer system. "Just get your PokéDexes registered and your profiles made, then we'll get you two ready to battle.

"Alright," Alicia and Kylee said together as they walked to a pair of computers when a loud bang was heard from one of the battle fields.

"Get back here you annoying chicken!" A female trainer was heard yelling.

"What was that about?" Kylee asked.

"Oh just a pair of trainers I got set up a little while ago, one of them had a rather odd Pokémon… I swore I heard it talk, but I figured I was just getting on in years." Don George as he walked back to the front desk.

"A talking Pokémon…? Papa told me that some can be taught or can do it through special abilities, but I've never seen one that could before…" Alicia said as she entered the data.

"The Battle Club works by trainers issuing challenges to others, so maybe we can ask those two to a double battle and see for ourselves." Kylee said as she finished her data.

"Sounds good," Alicia said with a smile as she finished. "Don George, we're ready, but Kylee and I would like to request a double battle with those two that had the talking Pokémon with them."

"Alright then, go into the double battle page and send a request to… Ruby and Peter I believe their names were." Don George said calmly as he looked through his system.

"Alright… here we are." Kylee said as she pulled up the two profiles. "Challenge sent! Let's go find them!"

"Right!" Alicia said as he and Kylee took off to the arena's as the PokeDexes registered that their challenge was accepted.

(Floccesy Town Battle Club – Arena 2 – 1:45 PM)

There were two people at this arena, one a female and the other a male. The female had black, curly hair tied back in a pony tail at the bottom hem of her hat (Which mirrored Ash's Sinnoh version); her eyes were a soft and kind blue. She wears a red version of Ash's battle frontier hoodie, while the yellow button and hem remained as is, the main blue was red, the outside of the hood was black while the inside was pink, the sleeves were white, blue jeans with pink pockets, a pink waist pack, red sneakers.

The male had choppy purple hair, red eyes. He was wearing a white shirt with black long sleeves and a pair of jeans; he wore a black coat over his shirt, and basic black and white running shoes.

"Sounds like we have a challenge," The male had said as he petted his Quilava while looking at his PokeDex having gotten the message for the challenge. "It's a double battle."

"Accept it; we need the fresh practice for this region." The girl said while she was grinding her knuckle a Torchic that she held tight in the curl of her arm. The Pokémon was squirming around wildly trying to get free.

"Ruby stop it!" The Pokémon chirped as she squirmed around. "Oi! Stop it that hurts!"

"Not a chance, we told you to stay with us, and what do you do? You run off like a crazy chicken!" Ruby said as she ground her knuckle in more.

"I was curious!" The Torchic chirped as she finally squirmed free.

"Torchix this is a whole new region and location, we can't go wild, what would happen is you got lost?" The boy said as his Quilava went over to the unique Chick Pokémon. "What if we couldn't find you and someone else got to you?"

Torchix went quiet as Quilava nuzzled against her giving her a look. "Alright… I'm sorry; I guess I got over excited…" Torchix said with a sigh as she walked over and sat at Ruby's feet while Alicia and Kylee made their way over.

"Excuse me, but are you two Ruby and Peter?" Alicia asked.

"We are," Peter said as he stood after Quilava ran over to him. "You two must be the ones who issued us the challenge."

"Yeah we are; we heard that you had a talking Pokémon and we were hoping to see it, while getting some practice in before a gym battle." Kylee said as her Tepig stepped forward.

"Please, can we battle?" Alicia said as her Flamolf jumped forward from her shoulder.

"Sure, sounds like fun," Ruby said as she and Peter walked to one end of a battle field, Torchix standing beside Ruby and Quilava by Peter. "Oh, and the talking Pokémon is Torchix here."

"Hiya!" Torchix said excitedly as she jumped up and down.

"Wow! It really can talk!" Alicia said with a sparkle in her eyes. "Alright then! Let's go Flamolf!" Flamolf ran forward and gave a bark as he prepared for battle.

"This'll be fun! Tepig lets battle!" Kylee said as he Tepig ran over to the field and stood by Flamolf.

"A Tepig and a Flamolf," Peter said as he pulled his PokeDex out.

Flamolf, the Flame Wolf Pokémon, this Pokémon can often be seen as aggressive, but is actually rather loyal. While trying to appear tough to get past its cute form, it dreams of the day that it'll unlock its true potential.

Tepig, the Fire Pig Pokémon, It loves to eat roasted berries, but sometimes it gets too excited and burns them to a crisp.

"A pair of Fire Types, so a fire type battles it is then. Let's go Quilava," Peter said as Quilava ran over to stay beside Torchix.

"I'll ref this battle," Don George said as he stood at the edge and middle of the battle field. "This is a double battle between the teams of Alicia and Kylee, and Ruby and Peter, the winner is the team who defeats both Pokémon from the other team. Begin!"

A battle between our pair of trainers and a rather odd pair has begun. With the recent happenings that has surrounded our Heroines, what lays ahead of them on their journey?

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