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Disclaimer: I own nothing but the plot. Bleach belongs to Tite Kubo and Tripleberry au lait belong to Misaki Rioka.

Summary: Ichigo knew nothing about his older brothers until last year…how will he survive living with them now that they are the only family he has?

My Brothers

Golden rays of sunlight shined through the small glass window on the eastern side of the room. The streams of light hit a head full of bright orange colored hair, intensifying the bright coloring even more. The body of a young sixteen-year-old boy groaned, shifting in his bed and cover his face with a pillow. His eyes snapped opened, revealing a startling shade of chocolate, when the mattress dipped with added weight. Soon the boy was flipped over onto his back, his eyes wide. Before he could utter a single world, lips closed over his own in a brief kiss before they slid up to the tip of his nose.

"Yo, morning, Ichigo." Pale white lips pulled back into a smile as the body of the person above him moved back, straddling the boy's waist. The single golden iris on a black sclera darkened with untold desires.

Ichigo gave the white-skinned man a deadpanned look as he pressed his hands against the other's chest. "What are you doin', Kyo-nii?"

My name is Kurosaki Ichigo. I'm sixteen-years-old. I have no family other than my three older brothers Rei, Kyo, and Shiro.

Kyo placed his lips to the orange-haired boy's ear, his hot breath tickling his flesh, "Today is my turn to wake you up…" his hand slid down the young boy's flat, toned stomach, dipping into the waistline of his pajama pants and caressing his thigh muscles.

This is my brother, Kyo-nii. He's the second oldest with white skin and short white hair that spikes out in different direction. He may look like hardass with his multiple piercings – he has four in his right ear, three in his left, and a silver tongue piercing – and metal eye patch, but he's actually levelheaded at times. The patch came from an accident that occurred before I met them and the piercings was from his rebellious days.

"What the hell do you think you are doing?" he demanded, clasping his hand over the albino's wrist, stopping him from moving his hand any further.

The older boy kissed the area below the carrot-top's ear, tracing it with the tip his tongue and nipping softly – being careful to not leave a mark behind. "Changing your clothes." He flexed his wrist, freeing the appendage and continued to divulge the boy of his clothes.

Ichigo twisted in Kyo's hold, a bright blush burning at his cheeks as he gripped the waistline of his pants. "I can do it by myself!"

Kyo smirked, yanking the bottoms down completely off the teen. "It doesn't make a difference."


After a milestone of yelling, kicking, and a small game of tug-o-war, Ichigo finally manage to get Kyo out of his room. After giving a sigh of relief, the sixteen-year-old pushed himself off the door and to his closet, where he pulled out his school uniform. Buttoning up the white shirt and pulling on the midnight black jacket, Ichigo unlocked the door to his room, "Good morning…"

I knew nothing about my older brothers until last year…

The second Ichigo stepped out of his room, cool fingers gripping his chin, lifting his face up and was pulled into a long and searing kiss that left his breathless. His brown eyes peeked open to peer into the depthless gold on black orbs of the man before him.

"Mornin'." His voice had a chilling echo to it as smirk pulled at his lips.

The teen rubbed his mouth at the sudden painful, yet pleasurable kiss, heat searing at his cheeks. "That hurt Shiro-nii."

This is Shiro-nii. He's closest to me in age and acts like a total badass, but is really an attention whore. His white skin and hair that glistens the color of cotton and spikes out in a similar style of Kyo-nii make him stand out and his loves it. Not to mention his beautiful eyes…Those gorgeous gold on black eyes that my brothers share.

An arm wound around his slender waist as lips fell sweetly on his cheek. "Good Morning Ichigo."

And this is Rei-nii. He's the oldest and most serious one. He was long white hair that falls into his eyes carelessly and forelocks that rest against his chest and matching snow-colored skin with golden eyes that seem to see right through me. Personally he's my favorite brother.

"Good Morning Rei-nii…" he trailed off when Rei lowered his head to the crook of his neck and shoulder, placing a soft kiss to the delicate skin there. "Wha-what? Wait Rei-nii…"

Rei used his teeth to nip sharply at the flesh, before soothing the sting with his tongue. He wrapped his arms around Ichigo's waist, pulling him closer to his body. Feeling the teen tremble in his hold, Rei traced his wet appendage down Ichigo's smooth neck, leaving a glistening trail behind. A strong grip on his wrist stopped him from advancing even further. Dragging his gold eyes up from the cute face Ichigo was making, the older brother locked eyes with his youngest triplet.

Shiro frowned at his big brother. "You're prohibited to make a pass." He challenged Rei with his eyes as he wrapped his arms around the youngest Kurosaki from behind. His hands delved lower, stroking the orange-haired boy through his pants.

Ichigo exploded in an embarrassed rage as his brothers continued to grope him. "Where do you think you guys are touching?!" a bright rose color blossomed on his peachy cheeks as their touches got more aggressive. "Stop! Nii-chan!"

Rei slapped Shiro's hands away from Ichigo, but doing so allowed the younger triplet to snatch the orange-haired teen away. Shiro brought his stinging up to his face before a glare filled his eyes, which he directed at Rei.

"You got some nerve you jerk!" Shiro growled.

The oldest Kurosaki returned the glare. "Yeah, what the hell do you think?"

Ichigo quietly gathered his bags without the two arguing brothers noticing. "I'm going to school…" he turned around, hoping to slip out of the door while Rei and Shiro continued to fight, but ran into something solid. Holding his red and possibly bruised nose, the teen stared up into the single eye of Kyo.

They are triplets and the three of him…

Kyo's lips pulled back into a smirk. "Let's do something fun, Ichi…"

Have a severe brother complex! I know this will seem weird to those who do not know of our situation, but I will try to explain it the best I can. It all began when my father and younger sisters died…

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