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Summary: Ichigo knew nothing about his older brothers until last year...how will he survive living with them now that they are the only family he has?

My Brothers

After living with my brothers for nearly a month, I found out just how different they really were. They may share the same face, but their personalities set them apart. Take Rei-nii for example. While he looks the part of a kind and gentle elder brother, it's just a fraud. Rei-nii could be cruel and when he was mad even Shiro-nii and Kyo-nii cower in a corner.

"Nngh!" Ichigo cried out wantonly. "Shiro-nii...stop..."

Shiro smirked down at his brother, curling his fingers around the teen's hips, and pulling him back. His long blue tongue slipped past his lips and the tip of it traced down Ichigo's spine. The berry jumped, letting out a moan, and tried to pull away, but his brother followed, pressing him deeper into the mattress. Thrusting his hips forward, Shiro grinded his erection into Ichigo's ass; one of his hands moving from the berry's hip to the hard flesh between his legs.

Squeezing gently, the youngest triplet smirked sadistically. "Yer tellin' me stop, Ichi, but yer so turned on." he purred, nudging Ichigo's head to the side and sinking his teeth in the tender flesh of his throat.

The orange-haired teen opened his mouth in a silent scream, arching his back and closing his eyes in pleasure. He gasped when his brother rubbed him more firmly, stroking his member through his pants. In the back of his mind, Ichigo knew that what he was doing with his brother was wrong, but he did not care. The pleasure that Shiro was giving him was too great. Tilting his head over to side, giving his younger triplet easier access to his neck when suddenly Shiro's weight was lifted from his body. Turning around, Ichigo found Shiro being held by his eldest brother, Rei. The look on Rei's face was pure murder, his gold on black eyes flamed with fury.

"Shiro..." he hissed out, his fists clenched tightly. "What have I told you about leaving marks on Ichigo?"

Shiro looked at Rei, fear evident in his widened eyes and said, "I didn' leave no mark!"

The elder brother calmly walked over to the berry, his finger sliding down his neck, the spot where the younger triplet had bitten him. "You didn't leave a mark, huh?" he tapped his nail on the reddish bruise that was beginning to discolor. "Then what's this?"

"Oh..." the youngest triplet stuttered, cowering back from his brother's piercing glare. "Well...uhm...that was...that was Kyo!" he shook his head, placing his left fist in the palm of his right hand. "Yea' Kyo left that mark!"

Rei narrowed his eyes sharply before lifting his hand, causing Shiro to flinch back. A cruel smile tilted at the eldest brother's lips and he drug his fingertips down his younger brother's neck softly. "You are lying, Shiro." he murmured as he continued his slow caress down the younger's body. Rei leaned in closer, placing his lips close to Shiro's ear. "You know the consequences for lying to me."

Shiro trembled in his brother's hold, anticipating what was about to happen. While the youngest triplet was a total sadist with Ichigo but when it came to Rei, he was all masochist. Rei held authority over him and it turned his legs into jelly when he looked at him with those piercing eyes. He gasped and arched his back at the first stinging bite that Rei bestowed on his collarbone. "Ahh, Rei..." a low moan rumbled in his chest.

"That's one for leaving the mark on Ichigo." The eldest Kurosaki muttered, moving to the left side of Shiro's neck, giving it a short lick before sinking his teeth down into the warm flesh, breaking skin. Blood flowed into his mouth and he used his tongue to lap it up greedily. "And this is for lying to me." Pulling away to admire his work, one dark purple mark and another swollen bleeding one, Rei releasing his younger brother and let him slide down the wall. Turning back around, the eldest brother walked over to Ichigo with a pleasant smile on his face, though with the line of blood going down his chin from the corner of his mouth made him look sinister. "Good morning Ichigo."

I like Rei-nii the best out of all my brothers, but he can be one scary bastard! I'm just saying. I remember one time when Kyo-nii forgot to study for his Latin test and failed it, Rei-nii tied him to his desk with a remote control vibrator attached to the crotch of his pants the whole weekend. Or another time when Kyo-nii started to act rebellious again and Rei-nii merely looked at him with cold eyes and it straighten Kyo-nii back up.

Speaking of Kyo-nii, I learned that his personality is similar to Rei-nii's, but more tame. He looks the part of a hard ass, annoying older brother - which he can be - Kyo-nii is actually very level-headed and calm when he wants to be, but sometimes he slips into depression...

"Ichi..." Kyo murmured, holding the berry by the waist from behind as they sat on the couch with Rei and Shiro, enjoying a gory slasher flick.

The orange-haired teen hummed his acknowledgement, a laugh bubbling up in his chest when the killer sliced a woman in half, right down the middle and her internal organs slid out onto the ground. It escaped from him when the killer stabbed her, still beating, heart and blood spurted out everywhere. Ichigo raised a brow when he heard Rei's rich chuckles, Shiro's maniacal laugh, but nothing from Kyo.

Turning around the best he could in his current position, which just made him sit in the middle triplet's lap with his legs draped across Rei and Shiro. "What's wrong Kyo-nii? This is your favorite slasher movie and your favorite part just passed." Concern was evident in Ichigo's clear brown eyes.

Kyo sighed, placing his left hand over his eye patch. "It's nothing." a ghost of his usual mocking smile touched his lips. "Ya' know, you're cute when you're concerned about me." his hand moved to cup the berry's cheek, his thumb resting on Ichigo's bottom lip. Kyo's gold on black eyes darkened as he continued to stroke the teen's lip. "You need to be careful who you show this face to." Leaning in close, the middle triplet whispered, "Cause, I may take advantage of it."

And just as the murder started up the chainsaw, the machine roaring to life with a guttural sound that echoed throughout the small confinement of the living room, Kyo swooped in and captured Ichigo's lips. The kiss started out chaste, a mere touch of the lips, but it quickly escalated into a deep, searing, and passionate one. The middle Kurosaki gave the teen's lip a short lick before parting his mouth and swept his tongue inside. Kyo realized the second he'd first kissed Ichigo that he was hooked on the berry's taste. It was sweet and heady, like chocolate-dipped strawberries.

Kyo explored Ichigo's mouth slowly and thoroughly before twining his tongue with the teen's and started a seductive dance. His hand moved from its perch on the orange-haired boy's cheek to the back of his neck, where his fingers played with the fine hairs there. Ichigo let out a soft sigh as he angled his head for his brother so that they could take the kiss even deeper, a small trail of saliva escaping their joined mouths and trickled down the berry's chin.

"Oh? What's this?" an amused voice flowed from the left. "Kyo's tryin' ta steal away our Ichi?"

"It would seem like he is."

Kyo and Ichigo pulled away quickly, with faint blushes tinting their cheeks.

Shiro cocked his head to the side, placing his elbow on Ichigo's leg as he propped his head in the palm of his hand. With a smirk, he said, "No, continue. Looks like yer havin' loads o' fun without me and Rei." he looked over at the elder brother with amusement in his inverted eyes. "Ne, Rei?"

Rei nodded his head, grabbed the remote, and clicked the television off, the screen going black just as the killer was about to mutilate a couple having sex with the chainsaw. "It certainly looks like that." he moved Ichigo's legs off of him as he stood, strolling the short distance over to the teen and grabbed his chin, using his thumb to wipe at the glistening trail of saliva. "A very good time indeed."

Ichigo saw the way his elder brother's eyes darken with passion and fury at the same time and knew what was going to happen. Quickly, he scrambled off of Kyo's lap and made a beeline for his room. "No way am I going to take the brunt of Rei-nii's temper!"

How innocent I was back then. Back then all I allowed my brothers to was kissing and some heavy petting. I had a few close encounters with Shiro-nii, but Rei-nii or Kyo-nii always stepped in at the right time to stop him. Shiro-nii is such a sadistic bastard when he's around me - always teasing and tempting me. Once he even handcuffed me to the bed and blindfolded me! But I'm getting off subject.

Shiro-nii is the badass of the trio and he's also a total attention whore - but I'd never tell him that to his face - sometimes he can be narcissistic, but he denies it every time. Face it, if you're a guy and spend more than twenty minutes in the bathroom...then you know the rest.

Ichigo balled his fist up, striking the wooden door of the bathroom multiple times, his brow furled in a scowl. "Shiro-nii! You've been in there for nearly half an hour! Get your narcissistic ass out of there before I go get Rei-nii to drag you out! I need to take a shower!" It was already going on eight o'clock and the orange-haired teen still needed to get ready for school! His classes started at eight-thirty dammit! Raising his fist once more, Ichigo barely had time to stop his swing just as the door opened, revealing Shiro's smirking face.

"Wanna take one with me then, Ichi?" he raised his brows suggestively as he grabbed the berry's wrist, pulling him close to his bare chest.

A bright red color rose in the teen's cheeks as he used his hand to push away from his older brother. "Nice try, but I'll pass." he gasped when Shiro wrapped his larger hand around his wrist and yanked him inside the bathroom and locking the door, all in one smooth movement.

Shiro smirked down at Ichigo, his gold on black eyes glinting gleefully. Leaning down, he pecked the berry's lips, "Gotcha." he tightened his arm around the boy's slender waist and nuzzled his face in the crook of his neck and shoulder.

Ichigo bit his lip sharply when his brother licked up to his ear, which he promptly nibbled upon. The berry's reaction was instantaneous; his back arched off the door, fingers curled into Shiro's hair, hips pressed up against the youngest triplet's, and his mouth opened his a silent moan. "Damn you Shiro-nii..." he mewled, his breath coming out in harsh pants. "Using my weak spot against me."

The youngest Kurosaki triplet smirked as he slid his tongue over the shell of Ichigo's ear, his free hand moving to unbutton the pajama top. He popped open the first button and the next until the red shirt was hanging open. Shiro moved his lips from the berry's ear to his lean chest, tracing out the kanji for his name with his wet appendage. Ichigo jumped, his back arching even further away from the wooden door and a low moan slipped past his lips.

Sliding the top off of the teen's shoulders, Shiro yanked it away from the carrot-top's body before slipping his hand into his pajama bottoms, his seeking fingers circling around the firm muscles of the boy's thighs. "Still don' wanna take a shower wit' me, Ichi?" he flicked his younger brother nipple, twisting it between his fingers.

Ichigo shook his head side to side from the pleasure his brother was instilling on his body. "You sadistic bastard..." he gasped when Shiro took his ear back in his mouth, suckling and nibbling on the lobe. "Ahh, Shiro-nii..."

Shiro hummed, the vibration sending shivers down the berry's spine, "Yes, Ichi?"

"Rei-nii's gonna be mad if you leave a mark. Plus it's time for school."

"Fuck!" the youngest triplet jumped back at the sudden pounding of the door. Pushing the youngest Kurosaki behind him, Shiro cracked the door open to find the smirking face of Kyo. Narrowing his eyes, he said, "Wha' do ya' want, Kyo?"

The middle triplet merely widened his smirk when he caught sight of Ichigo's red pajama top on the floor behind Shiro and pressed his hand against the door. "Nothing." he grinned. "Just wanted to let you know that Rei's looking for Ichi and since I overheard him grumbling about you hogging the shower, I'd come and see if he was here." his eyes cut over to the spot where the shirt was lying harmlessly. "It's time for us to get to school." Pushing the bathroom door open, despite Shiro's struggle to keep it closed, Kyo reached in and grabbed Ichigo by the arm. "So, I'll be taking Ichi with me. He can shower in Rei's room today."

Shiro growled at Kyo, but quieted down when his brother only shooed the berry away to Rei's personal bathroom and looked back at him, his gold on black eyes darkening. "So, you want to play, huh, Shiro?" He smirked as his hand snaked out and wrapped around the younger triplet's waist. "Why don't you play with me for a bit." his lips widened until his teeth were bared in a mocking smile. "That way, we won't get in trouble with Rei." Kyo pressed a kiss to Shiro's lips, slithering his tongue into his mouth.

"Fine." the younger triplet purred. "But I top this time."

Kyo groaned. He had no problem with being the uke, but he was in the mood to be seme. "C'mon, Shiro, you topped last time." he groaned when he saw the defiance in his little brother's eyes and Kyo knew that he would end up walking to school with a slight limp if he kept badgering Shiro. Growling low in his chest, the middle triplet grabbed the back of the younger's neck, forcing his lips upon Shiro's. "Fine. But I'm being not being a submissive uke!"

That was all Shiro needed to heard before his maniacal grin spread over his lips and he yanked Kyo inside the bathroom, locking the door behind him. The second the door closed, the younger brother pushed Kyo against the wood, ravishing his mouth. Though it was not the sweet, heady taste that was sorely Ichigo, Kyo tasted of star fruit, sweet, but with a tart undertone, and Shiro could not get enough of it. He loved his brother's taste!

Sliding his hand under Kyo's shirt, Shiro found his pale nipple and twisted it between his fingers, smirking when the older brother gasped and arched his back, pressing himself closer to the younger. The younger triplet broke the kiss when he felt Kyo tugging at his own shirt, pulling it free from his pants. Grabbing his brother's hand, Shiro smirked, "Impatient?"

Kyo smirked back, "Maybe I am. We are pressed for time. School starts in half an hour."

"True." Shiro hummed. "Guess I'd better make this quick."

Shiro reached down, pulling Kyo's shirt up to expose his toned stomach. Kneeling down, the younger brother ran his tongue over the exposed flesh, pushing the top up higher and circled the pale nipple before closing his lips over it. A hand delved into his hair as his ears picked up on the near silent moan that left Kyo's lips. Shiro swirled his tongue around the tightening bud caught between his teeth while his other hand traveled down Kyo's waist to the evidence of his brother's arousal.

"S-Shiro!" Kyo gasped. "Stop fucking teasing me." he tightened his grip on Shiro's hair.

"Alright! Damn! Just let go o' the hair!" the younger triplet whimpered. He did not know why having his hair pulled by Kyo was such a turn on. It never happens with Rei or Ichigo, only Kyo could stir such carnal feelings in him when the middle triplet yanked his short white locks. Shiro slipped his hand further into Kyo's pants, dipping his fingers into the slit of the older brother's boxers. He smirked when he felt Kyo dip his body in closer to his seeking fingers. Finding what Shiro wanted, he wrapped his hand around the width of the middle triplet's arousal, pumping it slowly.

Kyo hissed through his teeth as he took his younger brother's shirt in his hands, tearing through the fabric and pulling the tattered remains off of him. Running his hands down the smooth white skin of Shiro's back, the middle Kurosaki used his nose to tilt the other's head to the side, baring his throat for the hot compression of Kyo's mouth. Teeth grazed over the tender flesh before sinking down, biting, and Shiro moaned softly. The older brother moved away from the younger's smooth neck, placing his hand on top of Shiro's head, using his strength to push him down to his knees.

"Blow me." he commanded, holding his manhood at the base, guiding it to Shiro's mouth. A groan escaped his throat when he felt the wet, velvety caress stroke the tip of his length. "Shit..."

Shiro smirked as he ran his tongue down the side of Kyo's erection, teasing him with small, short licks. His smirk grew wider when his brother growled in frustration and tried to force his way inside Shiro's mouth, but the younger brother merely knocked his hands away and slowed the strokes of his wet muscle. Licking the underside in a slow caress, Shiro decided to put Kyo out of his misery and took him fully in his mouth, easily deep-throating him. His hand came up and massaged Kyo's balls, rolling them between his fingers as he sucked harder.

The middle triplet purred, pressing his hands against the wooden door as his mouth dropped open in a silent cry. Dammit, Shiro knew how to suck him just right. Not too slow and not too fast. It drove Kyo insane with pleasure. Gritting his teeth, the older brother tried to fight off his impending climax, but the hot sucking pressure of Shiro's mouth made that impossible. Tossing his head back, Kyo's hand slid into the younger brother's hair, pushing him forward as his release surged forward.

Shiro swallowed every drop of his brother's sticky cum, dipping his tongue into the slit. He looked up at his brother's sweaty face before rising to his feet and stroked himself through his pants. "Ready?"

"Hurry. Only got fifteen minutes left." Kyo panted.

The younger boy nodded, reaching over to open one of the draws of the bathroom cabinet and pulled out a small white bottle. Pulling down his pants, Shiro squeezed a decent amount of the clear liquid on his shaft, flinching at the cold feeling that spread up his body. "Fuck! Rei got the cold shit again!" he mentally cursed his elder brother as he watched Kyo turn and present himself. Shiro placed one hand on his brother's hip, the other on his member as he guided it to Kyo's entrance. He snapped his hips forward in a single, swift, smooth motion, remaining still to allow his brother to adjust to the feel of him fully inside. Kyo's mouth fell open in a silent scream as Shiro hissed, "Shit yer tight! Relax some, will ya'!"

Kyo turned and threw his brother a dirty look. "Excuse me! I haven't been uke in a week." taking a deep breath, the middle Kurosaki felt his muscle relax from their previous clenched up position, allowing Shiro to slide in and out with ease. "Fuck, Shiro." he moaned. "You've gotten bigger."

Shiro pulled his hips back in a slow, lazy motion until on the swollen tip was still inside and pushed back in roughly as he pressed open-mouth kisses down Kyo's back, occasionally letting his tongue snake out to taste the sweaty flesh. Picking up a steady motion, the younger brother smirked at the mewls and cries that left Kyo's throat and he angled his hips to find that sweet spot that left the older brother screaming out Shiro's name.

"Fuck!" Kyo cried hoarsely, pushing his hips back to meet Shiro thrust for thrust.

Grinning sadistically, Shiro picked speed, going even deeper, faster, and harder as he hit his brother's prostate with each thrust. He pushed Kyo's hips up so that he could have a deeper penetration as his thrust became erratic and reached down to take hold of the middle triplet's neglected erection. Curling his fingers around the thick shaft, Shiro pumped it, moving his hand in tune with his thrusts. A hiss left his throat when Kyo's muscles tightened around his length and he sunk his teeth into the soft flesh of the other's neck. "Yer close, aren't ya'?" feeling his legs cramp up from standing in the same position for so long, Shiro backed them up to the toilet, sitting down, his hand continuously stroking Kyo's length.

Kyo tossed his head back, sweat glistening off his forehead as he opened his mouth in a wanton cry, "Shiro!" his climax hit him hard, spurting out over his stomach and Shiro's hand.

Shiro gave a few more thrusts before the tightening of Kyo's inner muscles brought him over the edge. He rode out his own release with deep strokes before stilling, his seeds filling his brother. Bringing his left hand up to his lips, his blue tongue snaked out and licked the thick, sticky fluid off his fingers. "Think we got time for a quick shower?" he smirked at his brother, who was panting to catch his breath.

"You're trying to make sure I have a limp at school?" the older brother teased.

There was brief knock on the door before it slid open, revealing a head of bright orange hair. "Kyo-nii, Shiro-nii. Rei-nii says it's time to go." Chocolate-brown eyes widened as a rosy hue entered his cheeks as he took in the position his older brothers were in. Quickly, he walked out of the bathroom and slammed the door shut. "At least give me a warning that you're fucking in the damn bathroom!"

Yeah, I know that it was my fault for not waiting for an answer, but Rei-nii practically demanded for me to retrieve those two because if they didn't hurry up, we'd be late for school. Anyway, that's about all I can tell you about my brothers' personalities. Rei-nii's the perfect brother on the outside but can be a total sadistic bastard given the right reason, Kyo-nii is actually very level-headed and yet a hard ass at the same time, but sometimes his missing eye causes him to slip in depression, and Shiro-nii is just Shiro-nii, i.e. a sadistic, narcissistic, attention whore. That's my strange brothers for you, but I wouldn't trade them for anything.

I bet after all that teasing you were hoping for Ichigo to be in the lemon! Nope! It's still a bit too early for our little Berry-tan to do the deed with his brothers. After all it's only been a month since he accepted their incestial relationship. But anyway how'd you like the ShiroxKyo action? Did I do a good job? Please review and tell me how I did!

~Kirei Ai Tenshi