(Ugh, I feel terrible, I got into an awful spat with a good friend of mine and well, I felt like writing something which involved royally fucking someone over… I don't know how long I'll update this, it will probably be a short story IDK.)

James Diamond could be considered one of the young bachelors to try to pursue. A member of the amazing boy band Big Time Rush, as well as acting in a Nickelodeon show of the same name, plus guest spots on another show called See Dad Run. James was quite the successful young man, money, fame, great friends and family, only missing one thing in his life. The one thing that money couldn't buy him was love of a woman that could understand his lifestyle and treat him well. What he needed was the love of someone who wouldn't expect a new gift every day. Was it really so hard to find someone that could just love him, and not what he had? There were of course the handful of women who thought he was similar to his character on the TV show, nothing but a pretty slut who only looked at himself in the mirror. Then of course there were those who saw James and saw huge dollar signs adorning his aura.

Except for one.

Enter into his life the missing link that he desperately needed. Jade Oliver, the young actress who had earned a guest spot on Big Time Rush, but was now in a starring role on another Nickelodeon show. The day they got to work with her was the day James swore his heart jumped from his chest and into her hands. She walked in as the timid girl amongst the loud outgoing crew, like a newborn puppy in a pack of wolves. With the way she walked in, she seemed so unsure of herself, but James felt intrigued by that. Sure he liked a girl with confidence, but often that was mistaken for being incredibly conceited and extremely self-aware of their looks or talent. However, Jade was different. When she walked in she was clutching her bag in one hand and had her other shoved into the pocket of her jeans. She was so casual, ripped skinny jeans, converse that looked like that went through hell and back, plus a simple white V-neck, and he thought she looked great. Her hair was chocolate brown color that fell down in waves to her shoulders; her eyes were just as brown, hidden behind black glasses. Her skin was a light tan, and to James, it seemed like everything about her just pieced together so smoothly.

James remembered watching as she spoke to the director who began to introduce her to everyone and show her around. Her habit was to shake hands and smile a bit before looking down at the ground and looking back up at the person.

It was a cute habit that he had grown fond of.

"Hey, I'm James." He had walked right over to her and stuck his hand out to her, her hand was so soft when they shook hands, and it seemed unreal.

"Hi James, I'm Jade." She smiled warmly up at him before looking at the ground, then back up once more. "I look forward to working with you today!"

"Oh no, the pleasure is all mine." James said smoothly, with his beautiful smile. He would never forget the way she blushed and moved her hair away from her face as she smiled and looked down at the ground. James would also never forget the light technician Jeff who quickly walked over and put a secure, possessive arm around her shoulders.

"James, I see you've met my girlfriend Jade." Jeff had nodded.

In that moment James was heartbroken even though he had exchanged only two sentences with her. Of course a cute girl like her was already dating someone, why wouldn't she be? Girls like her don't stay single for long, especially not in Hollywood; those are a rare breed to find. It's as though you're trying to find a needle in a hay stack, and the hay stack is as big as a football stadium.

The day she was there to film was a day James remembered so perfectly. First they sent her to wardrobe and makeup to become "beautified", but that was impossible, she was already as beautiful as can be. After she was all done up she had time to sit around on set until she was needed. Luckily for James, so did he. So the two took to getting to know each other. James discovered she had a rather large family, one brother who happened to be friends with Logan, that's how she got the audition, and as many cousins as far as the eye could see. He learned she was into video games, watching way too many movies, playing the guitar, and loved to take walks to explore. James learned that when she found something funny she would smile and her mouth would hang open a bit before she'd allow herself to laugh, then she'd cover her mouth with her hand as though she was embarrassed about her smile. James could see that had a loud laugh, and even though she was shy, her laugh was something that could always be heard. It was the type of laugh where if you hear it and you're in a bad mood, you just have to laugh along with it, because it's so contagious. James found himself falling for someone he couldn't have, and it bothered him every day for the next three months.

Jade had learned that James too had a laugh that made her smile. In fact, just looking at him smile felt infectious to her and it seemed as though it was unreal. Jade felt that someone like James just had to be married or dating, she felt that someone who looked as good as him just couldn't be single, and when she found out she was she was nothing short of amazed at how that could happen. Then when she got to know his personality, she felt herself growing feelings for someone she wasn't supposed to. Not only was this happening way too quickly, she had never grown feelings for someone as soon as she had met them, but she already had a boyfriend, and was forbidden of thinking of other males that way. But his personality just seemed too amazing to ignore. James was funny, and she loved that. He joked about everything and everything, always making light conversation to make her feel comfortable. Jade had learned that James was quite the athlete, with surfing, snowboarding, diving off of cliffs, he seemed to do it all. She had never done any of those things herself, but she wasn't opposed to trying. Jade could use someone to give her a bit of an adventure. Jade especially couldn't forget the way James acted around his beautiful dog Fox. The way he cradled him like he was a baby or how he got down on all fours to play with him. It was absolutely adorable and made her heart melt into a puddle around her, but she wasn't supposed to be feeling that way.

Of course, after her spot on the show James and Jade did keep in contact with one another. Since she was already friends with Logan, and was now becoming friends with James, she found herself hanging out with the boys on occasion. From swimming at Carlos' house to learning to surfboard with Kendall, she was the tag along that no one seemed to mind.

Now James sat, three months later in her dressing room watching her stylist wave her hair.

"James?" His ears perked up and he turned to face her. "Is something on your mind? You seem distant." She asked staring at him through the mirror.

"Nah I'm fine Jade." James smiled and put his feet up on the table. "I was just admiring how beautiful you look."

"Aw, you're too sweet." She smiled wide with her cheeks blushing a lovely rose red. "How's filming going? I heard Jeff busted all of the lights on set this morning."

"Oh yeah, he caused a huge shortage." James shook his head. "Gives us a few hours off which I don't mind at all." He laughed and so did Jade. "Everything is fine though, just us guys goofing off with our pranks as usual."

"Of course, how could I forget that infamous 'let's hide in the closet and scare Jade' prank?"

"I don't know, but that really is an unforgettable one." James laughed watching her smile and roll her eyes. "Hey, what are you doing tonight? I was thinking of seeing that new Die Hard movie, I wanted to know if you would come with? I know you have a weak spot for action movies." James grinned at her, begging for her in his mind to say yes.

"Wow, I'd love to…" She started to say, but James already knew the answer was going to be no. "But Jeff promised he'd take me out. The two of us haven't gone on a date for a while and he promised tonight would be our date night."

"Hey it's cool, don't worry about it Jade." James forced a smile and nodded at her. "I know the boyfriend comes first, do you know what you guys are going to do tonight?"

"Nope! He said it was going to be surprised, I'm actually really excited." Jade smiled at the mirror, she was genuinely excited. It wasn't often she would get a surprise, so even the mention of one was a real treat for her.

"Well that's great, I'm sure you'll love it." James nodded through his force smiled. "Hey, I'm going to go back to my set, enjoy your date tonight okay?"

"Okay I will thank you James! Are we still on for lunch today?"

"We're always on for lunch Jade." He smiled and kissed her cheek sweetly before leaving her dressing.

The two were just dying to hold the other, Jade would break up with her boyfriend, but it wasn't secure that she could have James. She wasn't sure if he actually did like her or was just that nice, she couldn't risk dropping her boyfriend for someone who might not even like her. It wasn't easy for her to grab a boyfriend; she needed to hold on to what she had. On the other hand, there was James dying to sabotage their relationship, but it would kill him to see her unhappy.