It started out simple. Jack was sitting on a nearby iron gate watching kids play on the playground. A light snow had begun to fall and most of the parents were huddled together over cups of steaming hot coffee while their kids chased each other down the slides.

"Adorable, isn't it?"

Jack jumped at the unexpected voice, but relaxed once he recognized it, his lips pulling back in a smile. "Yeah. Most of them don't see me, though."

Pitch leaned against the gate, his right shoulder brushing Jack's back, as he sighed. "Yes, well. You've only just begun to gain believers. Naturally, it'll take time for belief to spread."

"Yeah," Jack breathed. He pulled his hood up and leaned back against Pitch's warm body behind him, tucking his hands into his hoodie pocket. His staff shifted to rest comfortably in the crook of his arm. "It's just...I don't know."


Jack tilted his head to catch a glimpse of fluffy raven hair. "Yeah."

"As I said, don't worry too much. Things will happen in their own time."

And they stayed there in companionable silence watching the children play in the falling snow. And slowly, something shifted beneath Jack's back and then fingers slipped under his hoodie, brushing his skin.

They slid up along his spine drawing a contented hum from his lips. Jack forced his muscles to relax and enjoy the caress. He missed being touched. His head tilted back to rest comfortably on Pitch's shoulder, his eyes closing. They stayed that way.

Until... "Jack!"

Both spirits jerked on surprise, only to see a mother calling her son 'Jack' over to her so they could leave. Jack Frost drew a shuddering bath and cleared his throat to hide his blushing face.

"Curious," he heard Pitch murmur.


"You turn blue when you blush, not red like the humans. Endearing. I wouldn't mind seeing more of that."

"I'd rather you didn't."

He felt Pitch lean over so his lips brushed the fabric of his hood and his hot breath puffed against his ear. "Tough."

"Pitch? Pitch!" But the Nightmare King was gone. And Jack wasn't too excited about further meet-ups.


The child was asleep when Jack arrived to paint swirling designs on her window. And Pitch had to be waiting for him because mere moments after he began to draw, Jack was forced to brace himself against the house as Pitch proceeded to slide his hands all over his body until he was literally shaking with need. But luckily, Jack was able to control his voice.

That is, until he felt a soft nite on his throat. He yelped. His mouth w quickly covered as Pitch leaned in close and whispered, "So, your neck is sensitive. Better keep quiet, or you'll wake the child."

And Jack tried. Really, he did. But he was exceptionally glad Pitch left his hand covering his mouth, otherwise the entire neighborhood would've heard him whether they believed in him or not.

That w the first time Pitch made Jack come by kissing and biting and sucking his neck alone. But it would not be the last, or the most public.

Nope, this was only the beginning.


It was a perfect day. The air was crisp, the wind playful, the snow fresh, and the kids were happily throwing snowballs at each other. Jack sighed contentedly as he flit here and there watching the group and participating when he could. He'd started this fabulous game and he had to admit, it was great to watch.

It couldn't have been more perfect.

And then he was no longer floating. Instead his sight was filled by a shadow then the brilliant silver light from the cloud covered sky as Pitch attached his lips to Jack's neck kissing and sucking. Jack struggled at first but, god those lips... He should have known. Pitch always was the prima donna. Sexy idiot.

And then a hand cupped him and squeezed and suddenly it wasn't entirely pleasant. Well, it was pleasant but not appropriate. There werechildren just a few feet away. Jack struggled the free himself and managed to turn onto his stomach just as someone called his name.

"I'm here!" he called, forcing his head above the snow mound he'd apparently fallen behind. "I'm...ugh!" Damn Pitch and his tongue. Why did he have to choose now to lick a long...wet...hot...god!

"Jack? You okay?" Jamie. Of course it'd be Jamie.

Jack shifted so he could grab his staff. "I'm good." With a sound whack, Jack feed himself from Pitch's grasp leaving the Boogeyman to nurse a new bump on his head. Returning to the game with a brief apologetic glance, Jack summoned a snowball and proceeded to smack Jamie in the face.

Pitch merely stood and watched his lover flit about. Personally he was a bit proud of managing the lick along Jack's back. Although, perhaps next time he should try another method.


This time Jack was expecting the assault, he just wasn't expecting the place. But then, who would expect to be jumped by a sexy shadow while having a conversation with a believer.

There he was minding his own business when suddenly a hand wrapped around waist resting low on his hip, another hand captured his cheek gently tilting it to the side, and lips locked on his neck. He knew Pitch was following him, but he never thought the guy would molest him in public. Not on this scale, at least.

True, Pitch may be invisible but Jack most certainly wasn't. And trying to keep up a conversation while being molested was difficult. Have you ever had to continue talking about an annoying teacher to someone who has no idea you're currently being caressed, fondled, kissed, and bit? No, didn't think so.

But tried.

"...and then she told me I had to redo my homework."

Silence. Oh yeah, respond. "Aw-ah. Sorry kiddo...mm. Sounds...mph...rough."

The kid sighed despondently. Then snuck a glance up at Jack with hope flickering in his eyes. Oh crap, now Pitch was sucking. Thissss was going to be difficult.

"Could you make tomorrow a snow day?"

Jack winced as sharp teeth nibbled on his flesh. "Stop..." He whispered.

The child tilted his head in confusion. "Huh?

"Stop...um...stop the sun? So it...uh...snows?" Oh, yeah, wow. Nice Jack, nice. That made sense.

"Um...yeah, I guess. Could you? Please?"

"Answer Jack," another, soft voice whispered against his ear. Hot breath stirring his nerves and making it incredibly difficult to concentrate. "I'd hurry, if I were you." A finger tapped lightly on the tip of his steadily growing erection.

"Yes. Yes."

"Yush! Thanks, Jack. By the way, are you okay? You seem a bit..." The kid shrugged at the lack of words.

"Fine. Fine. I'm...mmnfine. Just...uh...busy. You know, places to go. Snow days to bring." Squeeze. "Mph! Bye."