Previously on Supernatural...

"Sam! Dean!" But when she blinked her eyes, all three men were gone.

Despite her best attempts, ten minutes after Sebastian had gone, Baby was still struggling to move even one of her limbs. All she could do was breathe, blink, and turn her head, as useless as a marionette with cut strings.

Now that her head was clear, Baby could remember everything that happened the previous night. She'd let this happen by letting her guard down, and after witnessing countless hunts, she really should've known better...

After bolting from Dean, Baby looked for a place to sit, gather her wits, and catch her breath. That was the bench she sat on now, singing softly to herself as she tried to stop the tears pouring out of her sore, puffy eyes.

Something's wrong, shut the light
Heavy thoughts tonight
And they aren't of Snow White

Dreams of war, dreams of lies
Dreams of dragon's fire
And of things that will bite, yeah

She couldn't shake the feelings that coursed through her body as thickly as the whiskey she'd drunk. The memory of kissing Dean (more like attacking him, she admitted to herself) made her feel simultaneously excited and appalled at her behavior. And it hadn't been because of the alcohol in her body; like her Dean, she could hold her liquor like a champ. No, the sheer wanting that had blanked her rationale was like someone had grabbed her wheel and taken her off-roading.

It had to be a spell. Whoever changed her must've hexed her to act like that. Pulling out Dean's amulet, Baby stared at the odd little brass head as she continued to sing to herself.

Sleep with one eye open
Gripping your pillow tight

Exit light
Enter night
Take my hand
We're off to never-never land

Sure, Baby had thought about kissing Dean ever since she turned human. But she'd never considered acting on said fantasy. The fact that she had was not helping her nerves to settle.

But then again, it was everything she'd ever imagined it to be. Her Dean was a phenomenal kisser, the feel of his lips against hers better than anything she'd ever felt before. Like the best gas was in her tank, the finest oil was in her engine, and she'd been freshly detailed inside and out. When he'd pressed her against the wall and deepened the kiss, she'd had the selfish wish that he'd never stop. She'd hoped that Castiel had been right, that Dean loved her, and that Dean would show her just how much he loved her.

But instead, he pushed her away. He said what they were doing wasn't right. Nothing had ever hurt her more than that rejection.

Skipping over the prayer part of the song for obvious reasons - Castiel really wasn't known for his consoling manner - Baby tried to use the next few words to calm her still-raging emotions.

Hush little baby, don't say a word
And never mind that noise you heard
It's just the beast under your bed
In your closet, in your head

"Paula?" Baby jumped to her feet and spun to see Sebastian standing a few feet from her, his hands up in surrender. "Sorry! Didn't mean to startle you," he said in apology. "I thought I heard someone singing over here...was that Metallica?"

"Yeah," she said, hastily wiping away the tears from her cheeks as she sat again. "Helps calm me down. What are you doing out here?"

"I heard about Madeline." Sadness filled his eyes, and Baby quickly gestured for him to join her. "It's awful what happened. Guess I'm not the only one who thought a walk would clear their head." Concern quickly stole over his face. "You've been crying?"

"Just had a little too much to drink tonight," she explained, coughing to clear her throat. "Hitting me all at once."

"I see." She noticed his eyes drifting downward to rest on her throat. "That's a pretty pendant you have there."

"Huh?" With a shock she realized she was still rolling Dean's amulet in her fingers. "Oh, it's my owner's." Or it once was, she thought fairly.

"Strange design," he remarked. "May I take a closer look?"

"Sure." She held out the amulet for his inspection. When he touched it, she felt a heavy coldness settle in her limbs. Growing anxious, she tried to pull away from him, but her body wouldn't respond. She tried again, teeth gritting as she fought to move something, anything.

"Now don't struggle." Sebastian's voice had lost its caring tone, becoming that of a master speaking to a disobedient servant. "You'll only hurt yourself...Baby."

Baby cursed as harshly as any seasoned hunter. She had to admit, Sebastian had played a good game, taking the amulet and sending her back with no memory of the incident and not realizing her treasure was gone. He'd waited until Sam and Dean were in his basement before he boosted her as easily as an experienced car thief. She'd been helpless to resist as he made her subdue Dean and Sam, and then he'd manipulated her jealousy and desire to fuel the decision to fight Rachel.

Staring at the ceiling in self-loathing, Baby let herself curse again. Her boys were in danger, and here she was, slowly dying on a concrete floor, utterly useless.

The panic flooded Baby as she flashed back all those years ago to The Accident. The abject wrongness as the semi plowed into her side, her frame crumpling like tinfoil, breaking her precious Winchesters and splashing her seats with blood. The dread that her broken, mangled husk would be abandoned, left to rot like all those other gutted heaps in Singer's Salvage. Bobby's long-ago assessment was still stark in her mind. "...sell the rest for scrap...frame's a pretzel, engine's ruined...barely any parts worth salvaging..."

It had taken many months before she recovered from that ordeal, and even longer for the fear to disappear. But now it returned, a thousand times more terrifying, because there was no Sammy to save her, no Dean to repair her, and nobody to tell her it was all going to be okay. She couldn't do anything - but call for help.

"Castiel, now I pray for you to hear - " She sucked in a breath and screamed, "GET YOUR FINE, FALLEN FEATHERED ASS DOWN HERE!"

The sound of flapping wings made Baby's eyes pop open to see the angel staring down at her in confusion. He looked from her to Rachel's body and back again, then knelt in front of Baby and propping her up against the fallen altar. "What happened here?"

"Sebastian, he - he hotwired me." Those damnable tears started up again, but Baby spoke past them. "He made me turn on Dean and Sam and fight that bitch, but when I broke free he shut me down and left me here to die."

"Die?" Castiel repeated, not following.

"Sebastian cut power to my engine - my heart. Muscles don't work and everything else is slowing down." It was getting harder to think and breathe, but Baby forced herself to keep going. "You gotta jump-start me."


"That thing the humans do with cables when we don't start. A jolt of power straight to my engine."

Castiel's eyes widened in realization. He placed his hands over her heart as if to do CPR compressions. "I don't know if this will work."

"It has to. Do it." Baby gritted her teeth, squeezed her eyes shut and nodded her readiness. Taking a deep breath, Castiel closed his eyes. Holy power gathered in his palms, causing his fingers to glow as bright as headlights in the fog.

Angelic energy was nothing like what came through the jumper cables. This was like being struck by lightning several times in less than a second, the power making her body buck and spasm. Everything in her body felt like it was overheating, her fluids boiling in her veins and bones shuddering in their joints. A high-pitched screech escaped her throat, sounding almost like how her brakes protested when Dean did those painfully showy handbrake turns he was so fond of performing.

Then she felt her heart restarting and her muscles responded to her mind's commands. Castiel pulled away and stood up, letting the Impala climb to her feet under her own power. "Are you unharmed?" he asked.

"I've got some dings and scrapes, but it could've been a lot worse." She looked ruefully at her ruined dress and her bleeding feet. "Well, now we know why the dead girls' feet looked so bad."

"Dean and Sam?"

"Sebastian took them. Said they'd be useful in his plans."

"Do you know where?"

"No, but she probably does." Stretching her tingling limbs, Baby stepped over to where Rachel lay motionless and squatted beside the bleeding car-woman. "Tell me where Sebastian has my boys."

"No! You'll ruin everything!" Rachel looked up at her, desperation in her blue-gray eyes. "Those two boys are the key to keeping us this way forever!"

Her words scared Baby. "What's he going to do to Dean and Sammy?"

"Baby, please! Their souls will allow all of us to remain human!"

Baby felt her insides go colder than the depths of a Michigan winter. "He's gonna use their souls?" she whispered in horror. She had a fleeting knowledge of the lore, but even she knew the power held within a soul. "Where are they?" When she didn't respond, Baby grasped the knife in Rachel's heart and gave it a vicious wrench. "Tell me!" she demanded over Rachel's agonized screams.

"I don't know!"

"Bull. You've been locked to his side this whole time. You know everything there is to know about this operation." Another twist of the knife evoked fresh screams. "You tell me where they are, you flashy little tramp, and maybe the angel will fix you up. Lie to me and I'll yank this out and let your fluids drain slowly."

Judging from the fear in her eyes, Rachel believed her. She licked her lips as if to answer, and Baby leaned closer. But instead of words, a glob of spit hit her cheek. The smile that broke over Rachel's face was nothing short of malicious. "You'll never find them before he rips their souls from their bodies. He's a god, Baby, and he is powerful."

Rage made Baby vindictive. "If that were so, he'd stop me from doing this." With that she yanked the knife free of Rachel's heart, flinching when oily blood spattered her face, and wiped it off on her dress. "Think about that, tart."

Castiel watched Rachel die, his blue eyes dark with anger. "And now we have nothing."

"Not necessarily." Limping over to where the forgotten grimoire lay, Baby picked up the book and collected a handful of the flowers from amid broken vase shards. "You read Greek, Cas?"

"I can read all human languages."

"Then let's go back to the hotel," she said, one hand gripping the angel's trenchcoat as she leaned against his steady body, the grimoire tucked beneath her arm and the flowers tight in her other hand. "We've got work to do."

With a flutter of his coat, angel and Impala were gone before the guests investigated the screams.

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