Hi everyone. This is my first attempt at the Buffy universe. I hope you all enjoy it, and as with everyone else I don't own anything.

Faith sighed, for six months she had been living in Sunnydale and could count the times she attended a research session on both hands. She hated anything to do with books. Faith normally avoided the meetings by claiming she needed to patrol, which was a valid excuse in her mind. This time, though, Giles had been insistent that she be there. She sighed again, this was getting boring.

"Hey Tweed what's the deal with the meeting? We gonna start it or what?" Faith asked clearly irritated.

Giles cleared his throat, "Well seeing as everyone is now here I can begin. I was reading one of the ancient texts in my library and I came across an ancient prophesy."

The scoobies rolled their eyes while Buffy said, "Just another world ending night in Sunnydale. I wonder when the big bads will think up a new plan."

Faith stood up and made as to leave, "Well you don't need me here for research, I'm gonna head out and kill some vamps."

Giles took his glasses off and began cleaning them before continuing, "If you are both done I can tell you that no research is necessary. I have already gathered all the information."

Willow looked a little crestfallen, while Xander, Buffy, and Faith all looked rather pleased. Buffy started to interrupt but Giles held up his hand to ward off her comments.

"Please allow me to finish. This is not or standard prophesy as it deals not only with the slayer but her sister. The prophesy states that tonight a group of demons will take the slayer's sister and use her as a ritual sacrifice to open a portal to a hell dimension to release a very powerful demon."

Buffy jumped out of her seat and practically yelled, "Why didn't you say that first. God I have to call Mom and Dawn, make sure their okay." Buffy ignored the others and ran into Giles' office to call her mom from the phone in there.

No one noticed that Faith also reacted to the news. See in six months of living and fighting the undead in Sunnydale, none of the Scooby's had ever tried to find out anything about Faith. If they had, they would know that Faith also had a sister, an older one who had always been there for Faith. When Faith had come to Sunnydale, her sister had decided that the Older Slayer and her Watcher didn't need to know about her. Faith's first watcher hadn't been too happy when she found out that Faith had told her sister, and the girl didn't want to cause any more trouble for Faith. Even after Faith had told her that Buffy had a group of regular people that helped out, she decided that she only wanted to be there for Faith. Faith's sister did what she always did and protected Faith by giving her a place that she could come back to that had nothing to do with monsters, human or demon. They had both started out in Sunnydale living in a rundown motel, but the older girl had quickly gotten a job and moved them into an apartment. The girls had been excited about their new home because they had never lived in a place that they could call their own before. Faith smiled slightly at the memory of their firs night in the apartment, then glanced up sharply as Buffy came barreling out of the Librarian's office.

"Mom and Dawn are both at home watching a movie with no intentions of going out. I think their safe for now."

"Now may I continue without further interruptions?" With a nod from all the teenagers present Giles continued, "Thank you, now as I was saying this demon is very strong and no mortal weapon can harm him. Therefore I think it would be best to stop the demons before they open the portal."

Buffy nodded her hand and once again rose from her seat, "Okay, Faith and I will go stake out my house and stop anything from getting too close."

Giles nodded in approval, "I think it will be a good idea for the rest of us to come along. From what I've read these demons are not very strong but there will be a lot of them, and vampires thrown into the mix."

Buffy started moving gathering weapons for the whole gang. Faith's mind was still in a fog, she kept repeating ritual sacrifice in her mind.

"Hey tweed, we sure that it's B's lil sis that the demons are after?" Faith asked with a hint of fear in her voice that none of the other picked up on.

"Seeing as Buffy is the only one with a sister I'd say it was a sure thing," Giles answered absently as he started cleaning a short sword.

Faith cleared her throat and shuffled her feet, "Well that's not entirely true." Faith scratched her head and looked at all the Scoobies before sighing, "I have an older sister."

All the Scoobies turned and looked at Faith like she had grown a second head, then Buffy laughed, "Now is not the time for joking Faith."

Faith just stared at Buffy.

Buffy took a deep breath, "Okay so you have a sister. We'll deal with why you waited to tell us until now, later. Do you know where your sister is? We'll have to split the forces."

Faith seemed to draw into herself for a second before making her decision, "No need to split forces B. Let's just stop by and get her on the way to your house. That way we can watch both."

"Are you sure Faith? If you didn't want to tell us about her will she want to go to Buffy's house?" asked the small redhead.

Faith pulled her stake out before flipping it and sticking it back in her belt, "I didn't tell you cause that's just the way she is. She won't have any problem with going to Buffy's. She'll just want to make sure I feel that she's safe."

The others seemed to accept the explanation and Giles cleared his throat, "Now that that's settled perhaps we can start?"

They all filed out of the library and piled into Giles small car. It was a tight fit, but time was of the most importance. Faith tersely gave directions to her apartment as she tried to get in touch with her sister. It was the older girl's night off and she was supposed to be at home relaxing. Faith could only assume that since she wasn't answering that she had already been taken.

As soon as the car stopped Faith took off and ran up three flights of stairs. What she saw at the top caused her to let out a feral yell. The door had been hacked off, and everything inside was in a state a disarray. It was obvious that there had been a struggle, and the younger slayer's sister had been taken.

Faith flew back down the stairs and stopped at the Scoobies, "Okay G-Man, tell me you know where they took her. Right now all I want to do is rip each one of their fucking heads off."

"Aw.. oh well I hadn't actually expected anyone to get taken. All I prepared was a defensive plan." Giles stuttered out shocked at the level of fury the young girl was displaying.

"Well aren't you fucking useless? Good thing I can always find my sister." Faith growled at the pale watcher. She pulled a necklace from under her shirt and took it off.

It was a strange little locket that made Giles feel uneasy. The feeling only grew when Faith took out a dagger and sliced her palm open. "I hope you know what you're doing. Playing around with blood magic is very dangerous." Giles said with concern.

Faith never even bothered to look up as she carefully dripped blood on the locket, "Yeah, well if any of you had tried to get to know me you'd know that I was being to be a witch before I was called. My sister is a pretty powerful witch in her own right. Right now I'm banking on that keeping her alive long enough for me to find her."

When the blood had been absorbed into the locket it started to glow a bright blue and floated out of Faith's palm. It began to move towards the street and the young slayer followed after it diligently. The others looked at each other before collectively shrugging and running after the glowing necklace.

They ran for about 5 minutes before the necklace stopped to hover over a sewer drain.

"I guess we're going down." Buffy said as Faith ripped the manhole cover off and threw it to the side like it weighed nothing.

The group climbed down to the sewers and continued for about ten more minutes without seeing any creatures of the night. The light began to dim and move slower. Faith knew that they were getting closer and motioned to the others to stay back while she took a look.

She came back and whispered to the group, "Okay my sister is in the middle of the group encased in some sort of bubble that I'm pretty sure is her doing. There are three big dudes in the middle calling the shots and about a dozen vampires, decent odds for the moment. Buffy you and I will take out the big dudes while the others take care of the vampires. If we attack from here they should be able to take them out as they approach. There's only one way I can see that leads here."

They all processed what she said and nodded, "Okay, but let's take out a couple of vampires too just to make it easier for everyone else."

Faith nodded, and everyone moved to get their weapons ready. They had prepared for fights of this nature. None of them had thought they would use it, but life on the hellmouth often threw them curve balls.

Faith took a deep breath before leading the charge. She and Buffy moved with precision and took out four vampires before anyone in the room knew what was happening. When the big guys realized what was happening they let out a roar that shook the room and startled everyone in it. The slayers shrugged it off fast and continued taking out vampires on their way to the big bads.

They took out three more vampires leaving seven. The baddies split up with one fighting each of the slayers and the third still trying to get into the shimmering bubble. The girls fought valiantly, but the creatures were a little too strong. They couldn't get the upper hand, though thankfully the scoobies had dealt with the rest of the vampires.

Faith was getting frustrated with the lack of progress, and moved towards the bubble. When she was close enough she reached out and touched the protective shield. As soon as the young slayer did that the bubble burst and the concussive force was enough to knock all of the baddies out while leaving the other alone.

"Oh, thank the Goddess Faith. I thought you would ever get here." The blonde girl said as she wobbled, "You should deal with the demons now. They're not going to be out for very long, and they're going to wake up in a very bad mood."

Faith hesitated as she watched her sister fall, but her common sense prevailed and with Buffy's help she killed the demons. When they finished she looked over to where her sister had been. Willow had made her way to the blonde and was making sure she was okay.

"Well guys I'd like to introduce you to my sister, Tara."