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Tara slowly stood and made her way to Faith, "Can we get out of here F?" Tara grabbed on to the surly teenager, "That field is really hard to keep up."

The Scoobies were staring at the duo. Their looks contrasted so much that none of them would have believed they were sister except for the way they interacted. Tara was currently checking Faith over to make sure she hadn't gotten hurt.

"Is there any way out besides the way we came?" Willow asked, done with the dank smelly sewer.

Tara nodded and pointed to the far wall, "Yes, they brought me in that way. Do any of you know why they took me? I went to take the trash out and they jumped me."

"You took the fucking trash out. T what have I told you about that. You're supposed to stay inside the apartment unless I'm there to protect so something like this doesn't happen." Faith yelled shaking the blonde slightly.

Tara raised one eyebrow and crossed her arms.

"Fine, you can take care of yourself but it would make me worry less." The worried brunette conceded. Her sister had taken care of her for their entire life. Now that Faith was in the position to protect her older sister she took it very serious.

"Back to my original question, does anyone know why this happened?" Tara asked the group.

"Yes, indeed I happened to come across an ancient prophesy that foretold of the slayers sister being used as a sacrifice to the open the hellmouth. There were other parts that led me to believe that the ritual would take place tonight. I gathered the gang and we were going to protect Buffy's sister when Faith informed us of you." Giles said while polishing his glasses.

Tara looked confused, "I know I had a protective shield on and everything, but they never once tried to hurt me. All they did was bring me here."

Buffy's eyes widened, "It was all a set-up. We spent all our time coming here while they were going to my house."

The realization threw the Scoobies and Tara and Faith into a frenzy. They quickly exited the sewer and ran to Buffy's house. They were only a few blocks away from the blonde slayers house and the two slayers soon outpaced all the rest.

The group reached the house out of breath to find Buffy pacing in front of the kicked in door.

"How did they get in?" Buffy yelled frustrated.

"There are plenty of demons that do not need permission to enter someone's private residence. Luckily we do not normally deal with such creatures. Unfortunately we are dealing with it in this case. We need to go back to the library to try and discover the location of the hellmouth that they are trying to open." Giles said trying to get the group to move in the right direction.

"Actually I think I can help you find them without having to try and find anything in a book," Tara hesitantly said.

Buffy picked up the surprised girl and spun her around, "Thank god, I hate research. I would much rather find my sister. Is there anything that you need? Maybe my mom will have it."

"All I need is something that belongs to them. It'll help me create a connection with them though I've never met them." The witch told the blonde slayer.

"Is it going to be like the spell Faith used earlier?" Willow asked.

"Yeah T taught me the spell when we were younger. Actually she spelled the crystal to look for her. She can do it so that people who don't have magic can use them." Faith said when Tara walked into the house without hearing the question.

Giles turned to Faith, "Your sister sounds very powerful. Why haven't you brought her to any of the Scooby meetings? I'm sure she could have been a great asset in fight. She seems to know useful magic."

Faith shrugged and turned towards the house, "None of you ever asked about her, and she doesn't have time to go to the meetings. She's too busy working to make sure I have a place to sleep and food to eat. Most people don't want to hire someone my age."

Buffy and Tara thankfully came out of the house following two glowing objects before Giles could question her any further. Faith didn't want to tell them about her sister, they didn't deserve to know. None of them had ever hinted at any interest in her life before right now.

Everyone followed the glowing objects as it headed right towards the high school. No one was really surprised as it was the site of a known hellmouth opening. The objects led them down hallways, through corridors, and into another sewer underneath the school. Everyone was moving quickly, but they were still keeping a vigilant watch for baddies.

The hyper vigilant slayers dusted five vamps before they made it to the hellmouth. They snuck in and took a moment to assess the situation. Joyce was lying on the floor and appeared to be unharmed, other than being unconscious. Dawn was tied to the floor in the middle of a pentagram. Tara looked at the scene with confusion. Dawn's aura was like nothing she had ever seen. It was a bright green pulsing light that seemed to fill her vision. She was hypnotized by it and began moving towards the girl. Faith yanked her back and everyone gave her a weird look.

"She's… she's not normal. She's special though I don't know how. It must be why they wanted her and not me. We need to get her out of there before they hurt her. It's really important but I don't know why." Tara whispered to them, the urgency was clear in her voice.

They all turned back to the ritual and tried to figure out a plan. There was a large green demon with huge horns leading about 40 vampires. It was going to be hard to kill all the demons without the two captured women from getting hurt. This was going to be a mess.

Buffy turned to Tara with a desperate look, "Is there anything you can do with magic to help us here? We really need a miracle."

Tara exchanged a look with Faith, "We..well there is something I can do, but it's not something that I do. It can have unexpected side effects. I've only done it once, just before Faith's first watcher found us. I'd rather try and think of something else first."

The group went back to thinking before Faith finally sighed, "There's no way we could get Mrs. S and lil S without harm. There's just to many of the and not enough of us. We don't have time to think of anything else."

Tara gulped and looked around the group. The hope coming from them was too much for her and she nodded her consent. "Okay, but I'm going to need help. All the magic I've done today has drained my power. I barely have any left." The blonde turned to Willow, "Do you think I could tap into your power. Normally I would do a lengthy ritual first but as F pointed out there is no time. It's going to have to be quick and dirty and it'll probably hurt."

Now it was Willow's turn to gulp and look around at the hopeful group. Everyone really wanted to rescue the two Summers without harm. Willow slowly nodded her head even though she had no idea what to expect or how exactly she was supposed to help. Willow had only been messing around with magic for a couple weeks and couldn't even levitate a pencil yet, but Tara was a real witch and she said that Willow could help.

Tara took a deep breath, "Okay, everyone needs to be ready to move once I start. I can only deal with the vampires. I'm going to take out the closest ones and move outwards. It'll be up to the rest of you to get the ones I can't. I don't know how long Willow's power supply will last. F, you and B will need to dean with tall green and ugly."

Everyone nodded and prepped their weapons. When the group looked at the demons they could see that the ritual was starting. Tara quickly whispered a quick apology to Willow before taking her hands. Suddenly the air was crackling with magic as the girls began to glow. The group watched as the vampires started bursting into flames. The ring leader let out a roar as he tried to figure out what was going on.

Faith and Buffy jumped into the fray, killing as many vampires as they could on their way to the Big Bad. What they missed was the innocent white glow of the two girls turning an ugly black. The vampires all caught on fire and burned without becoming dust as more power than expected flowed through her. Xander and Giles grew concerned and wavered in their mission at the sight of the burning vampires, but the slayers never noticed a thing.

Xander and Giles finally regained some sense and moved to bring the two Summers to safety as the slayers continued to fight the Big Bad. Soon enough the demon was decapitated and the ritual was over, but still the witches didn't stop.

Tara had never expected Willow's affinity for black magic. The blonde was pulling in energy straight from the hell mouth and it was taking her over. Tara stood up leaving the redhead withering on the floor in pain. Tara was literally ripping the magic from her veins as fast as Willow could replace it.

The now black-haired girl floated down from their hidden ledge. Her eyes were completely black and she was focused on the celebrating slayers. Xander cried out to warn the girls before Tara could reach them. The girls looked around and finally noticed the still burning vampires. They were also quick to notice Dawn floating back to the pentagram.

Buffy raced to grab Dawn, but the pull was even stronger than the slayer. The teenager was once again tied down to the center of the pentagram. This time she was conscious, and was kicking up a fuss. Tara couldn't hear any of them and continued where the green demon had left off. Just as she was about to thrust the dagger into Dawn's chest to complete ritual, Xander finally woke Willow. He was the only one who remembered Tara telling them that she had no power. The slayers had been unable to reach her, and they were desperate to save Dawn.

When Willow awoke Tara dropped to her knees crying. Faith rushed to wrap her in a hug. She knew that Tara had been aware and struggling against what was happening. It was similar to what had happened that first night she became a slayer. The vampires had attacked and Tara had done all she could to protect her baby sister, and it had nearly cost her life.

"What the hell was that?!" Buffy yelled as she gathered Dawn up, much the way Faith had done with Tara.

Faith practically growled, "She told you something like this could happen. Bad things happen when you play with magic without understanding it or being able to control it. She only did this because we couldn't find a different way, so don't you dare fucking blame her."

Buffy glared at Faith before finally nodding her understanding. The blonde slayer was more than a little freaked at what had happened, but she was grateful that everything had worked out. They all regrouped and worked on making their way home. It was difficult because half the group was not up to walking on their own. Everyone finally made it to their homes safe and sound ready to fight again another day.